Failure to ban assault weapons

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, November 9th

Tommy talks to Andy Smith, Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center.


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Dianne Feinstein has introduced a bill that would ban or at least limit the sale. Of so called assault rifles and other being referred to his military style assault weapons. And the the gun people who are involved with the guns I think him an issue with that calling an assault rifle. And also bumps stocks. After the the Las Vegas shootings and now. The the latest to tragedy in Texas sandy Smith joins is right now director of the New Hampshire survey center a friend of ours morning Andy. We usually play a game of whether hold them before we begin so. I'm I know I'm all in 58 and drizzly. Well on the wild card because until it they'll be it today the Chilean coal but not to like Lindsay right now forty. Butler but we're. Kennedy wins again. She asked you. And he lets get serious now talk about the politics of all this let's go back historically maybe. To begin and talk about. Gun control they're good they're always has been one type of gun control the other in this country. To wit you can own machine gun I think unless Seattle federal permanence on. Easy canned you're immune to re braces serial number off of a weapon you can have a sawed off shotgun legally. Some day or at least there are limits to how long the barrel can be. Are assured me actually who knew what happened back in the eighties with an assault rifle Bain and how did they get it through the congress and how effective was. Oh I believe it was in India is that the eighties and early 1990 Bill Clinton was president and they try to put vehicle. Michael been true. Over the got through it and it expired. Republican never won 22 changes I don't think it was that effective necessarily does. They did the problem is the definition of what is in the so ripe old always. Critiquing. Heart to heart. Get your arms around as a governor. Because the most governors funny thing is essentially scary looking scary looking rifles they they really didn't operate in different way. Then did you know your your standard hunting twenty to. Thirty sexual whatever. But the that the political deal more than the begun itself. And so all the criticism. There's an argument that. Democrats have made it one of the major reasons that they lost in the senate 1994. Was passage of the that's. Done deal. And that. They did very hesitant to even bring up gun control the national level. Because the oh here we are what twenty some years later. Yeah and they're just started talk about it again. But they're not real position to do anything as there are. So the way the bill was crested and that might have been the only way they can get it through was so that it did sunset at some point. It in the sense that urea it was ten years. But it's something that but it was also at a time when you had a Democrat and Democrat controlled congress you just don't have that don't think you can be a group. Shooters and some of the deadliest mass shootings in US history Kerry models of the country's most popular types of weapons. Nine millimeter semiautomatic Glock nineteen we use that the Virginia Tech coach mass shooting course we all know it. And Las Vegas shooting was an assault type style weapon and Andy Smith there guess director of the New Hampshire surveys senator. You really have to qualify it when you talk about the weapon Indian on. I think so but you know that these types of weapons of their if that you're as you mentioned that there are there common they're not dumb like that these are. Period usual. He weapons that these folks are using they're fairly common weapons and I think that's the problem that obligated to be important that are discussing gun control and national what was how you know right. Legislation that walks somebody that is very popular and or the has so many of these. Al India in the country always like the genie is out of the ball. Gently put back. That's I look at it and if you reduce this year had go back to the mosque in days and then didn't very very tightly regulate wooden guns come in the country even veterans and how CI you do in 1989. Bid listening on April alone time drifter caring and Chinese very adamant AK 47 semiautomatic handgun. Karzai underground zoo an elementary school playground Stockton California. January 17 19895. Kids wounded. Five children killed thirty other students and teachers who owned and before he kills himself here we go gunman had a history of crime mental illness and drug abuse. So I mean I don't. There are some common denominator is here and I understand that but I think you have to look at each. Denominated denominator if you will and see how you you'd take care of either one of those and how does that relate to. I guess the politics this incident here led to a Dan on the assault weapons in California. And I AD is this something the states could tackle on their own or is it subject to Second Amendment. I'm protection which is federal. Well it'll it'll likely be subject to the 22 amendment issues will be some lawsuit with nothing knows no matter what. State does that. It's a matter of ability does of these legislators to craft things that they think can get through. A court challenge. But they did the more difficult problem I think and this is gets in the politics of this is that. What we've seen Europe Europe for years is that the hole and it took command control. Are much more politically. Motivated much more focused. In their opposition there are people who propose. And favored gun control legislation leaching the great mayor and public according to a public opinion polls has been incident fairly strong leads they uber. The increased gun control. Regulations. But it took the problem is that. They just aren't that concerned about it to the point where they're willing to out organize and really take retribution against a candidate to support decent. Exactly that's the fear. Part of legislators against the NRA. They acting bit. Because of the frequency were starting CDs and media started cracks on now. But I think it is going to be really difficult because the our ability to. In motive really. This year shock and horror. CDs mass killings it dissipates after awhile. Whereas those people who were are truly in favor of stopping in the increased gun control. Can hurt their focus is. It. Any appreciate your time I really do given the nature of the mid terms a year ago way rather than I don't I don't really see this happening politically do you especially the Democrats got spank Ford back in the nineties. I don't think so it's the timing isn't good enough they're certainly not improve coat who controlled legislature. And state center will try to do some some additional things. Or increasing already but the courts have said. The crowd recently certainly Chicago OK to use of the circle. The state and city opera to abide by. He entered their interpretation of the Second Amendment is a has complained in the what teacher able to do but I think we'll see that social club to beat posed. I thank you Andy have a good time and silliest it's possible. I'll stick or a go thank you Gina has Alicea and pats. You know. What we don't win out and have a good day my friend. Our they're talking again and Smith director of the universe University of New Hampshire survey center.