ESPYS was a big disappointment for WHO DATS!

Neither Anthony Davis or Alvin Kamara received ESPYS on last night.

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David C radio on your radio so I had to run some errands last night after dinner. It was a rain laying it it took me a little while longer than nine it's expected that finally got home that's an all the SP zero. So I turned on the SP is to see if any of the saints Alvin Tamara was gonna win an award to see. It is by some outside chance Anthony Davis did win the Al award for best NBA player. And I turned it on just in time for a liver lousy skit that they did. On stage and then they gave out the award for the best moment who. Yeah in sports over the last year. And the Obama at a new moment for food that's now who really was a lousy moment for The Who dat nation and for saints fans. And you know the final play of the final game with the saints ran last season. When the Minnesota Vikings won on the last pass of the game and scored a touchdown to advance to the NFC championship. It was the only play they could win in the category daily put it up against about other weird stuff like hockey play in some women's basketball stuff and and it was like. I don't know and sure enough once again. And as I don't watch the play when it was nominated then when it won they played it again I then. Turn off the espy's and could watch another and yet didn't need to see the acceptance speech on that between I've been active fund the exam -- -- among and I were watching I watched it acceptance speech at couldn't get the remote fast but I think that's a fifty a an art what is current what happened for me is I collect everything. The first war that they actually is given out after the whole opening monologue from Danica Patrick what is the award for best breakthrough athlete so I saw Camaro did not win that and then. I kinda tuned out and Phyllis it's fell asleep so I miss the whole best moment thing I mean you. Beagle. FF I apparently heirs of total waste of tonight presents. There is what is Steve tells others you're running back to Santa sign is he gonna really be replacement. For the four game suspension that we have to deal with for running back Mark Ingram if Shane Vereen does make a team he's 29 year old player seven year vet. More of a pass catching running back. Along the lines of and Calvin Camaro or rookie Boston's got so I don't see him getting. Those power rushes up the middle like ma you would see marking from getting but another aspect of Marines game that I think will be valuable to the saints. Is his return skills on the saints are definitely needing helping their kick and punt return games. And marine may be the guy to end up in a sending to that role they've had an issue just locking down. Who is going to be in that irons and I are dead and win a bruising backing maybe the guy running back kicks stayed tuned folks. Let's see if that comes to fruition.