Eric Edholm On NFL Preseason Week 2

Eric Edholm of Pro Football Weekly and FanRag Sports joined Seth to talk about everything that happen over the weekend in the second week of the NFL preseason.


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Joining us inside the program now is Eric at home and Ethel radical pro football weekly. And fan rag sports you find him on Twitter at Eric underscore. At home Eric a look at the program man two weeks of the free season down to ago. They're not too bad I'm ready for the real thing but yeah but that little awkward time for him ready for a long season that it brewer QB again. What's out seeded this week out throughout the league lead story lines yet Cutler get some snaps there. We obviously had Ximian when your quarterback battle in Denver but what's that Nazi. Yeah I mean I think the Denver thing is really into Spain and you know obviously. Could cut even handwriting on the wall there you know we still have a couple other quarterback situation to be figured out and Jack bill which would maybe didn't expect for the heat and you know or the training camp started. What what are they gonna do like Corel is going to be like Robert creek in the 2015. Where they get at them and don't wanna pay and that. Kick your option and they wanted to eat intact. Do you know what it had. What do they feel the best option right away that Tom savage and then you go to Shawn Watson at some point. I'm gonna get over the quarterback they get around the league and when you. You see somebody like Jared are playing well for the Randy gives you hope that OK guy can come back for about a poor rookie. He's in the rebound in and get it he may be the better marketing what a year ago. Yes speak gonna go off. You you said it he is for. It's performed. Pretty well this the offseason and got that eye on the show it kind of buried the last couple weeks. Perhaps new life there for. Qaeda big shot McVeigh had a lot to do with that obviously coming in and probably recognize the art here we've got to work on. You're what he does pretty well. Let's help him out as best we can I don't have to call be fair he played that. You know pro or Eugene you and your one meaning make pay that 31 year old head coach to. Mark you know that. The panel workable we have and they they built up the off with the wind a little bit you know seat and they added on top catching count they just traded for they Jimmy walking though. Don't let let's hit the ball looked playmakers hands and let them do work and then. You know Todd girl if you run the ball in light to do it we get a lot of second and three and it really. Build up the young quarterback's confidence to get off rolling it Smart play. And they are happier golf buddies that there's a little bit short there but. It could be really mean he's the area. Yes we gonna cornerbacks Eric so it's inching you have this divide now in the pre season are always. A certain sects of coaches they held a veteran quarterbacks that's understandable now that by the seemed even bigger you have teams. Or play in their star quarterbacks here in game two multiple series like Seattle Russell Wilson Tennessee Marcus Mariette. Other teams here in New Orleans guys like Drew Brees who's played in three seasons every other year hasn't played a snap. Do you see this as kind of a a philosophical war going on right now or maybe I'm not make a little bit to others as the ship were gonna forward. The other Libya. Small battle I don't know but yet it all depends on the boat and what their flaw he is the and it depends on the quarter economic he Drew Brees we know. Pretty much what to expect now may be it a little bit today it would truck right and if only he had or. You know it's got to know that going on there though it probably depends a lot factor. Do we think operating needs you know hundred attempts in the in the creek he's probably not too sweeping debris back category. OK we we sort of know what. The same time we all that get that chemistry down get that that game tempo down and you can't really mimic him in practice maybe you can do a little bit with. Would enjoy practice another team in the building that sort of thing but. That meeting it is always good to see how old teen approach. The second receiving in the third preceding game to their starter even get a nap in the fourth one and it could have very few by human thing. Yes speaking of speaking quarterbacks who play a lot which came this Winston 29 passes in that pre season game against. Jacksonville zeroing in on the NFC south year what stood out to you and I know or in a box here in New Orleans. And so we see everything that happens and for the spades we probably dissect that a little too much but. As a whole BC happening in the NFC south what's it. I mean obviously their defense can step up the other day we get it out you wanna use much of that potluck that the unit that everybody. You know I think is it holding back the tape on right I mean until they improve. Dramatically and that side of the ball and delete the you know the real evidence that there could be vastly improved there. Okay that's giving you a hesitation he withdrew breathed in and in on all the weapons they have on law and though. Yeah that that's one reason for pot the balked at updating it because. They've added offensive talent. Doug Martin looked good we know we not to be out in the first three games and their defense take that during that next general. They can be really good that he's in on and I know I know a lot of people are like. Excited but also to give that little pot on them so their carbon that in between category may be Carolina in the same category. Are they closer to the bull team two years ago are they more like. 79 outfit I think Christian McCaffery makes him better. And then the top and look I mean that that you've brought hang over the or line it probably going to be a little overdone a lot of overdone I don't know but. You know they. They're gonna be better defensively I think it's so even if there is a drop off offensively from one of the best unit life. Decade. I mean look you know I can call plays for up to bat right in and Julio Jones and probably put up 48 point though. I think they'll be finding the lap would be the favorite at this point so it's going to be a pretty loaded division I it looked like one of the better ones are papered me. Are gonna Eric at home NFL writer for pro football weekly and fanned rags sports gear inside double coverage yes and inching tweet that kind of mimics some stuff we've been talking about recently on this program Eric couple hours ago. You said this is your quote feel like. Off its line weakness had reached epidemic levels this series or maybe it's disperse absent. I seal yet what's going on here constantly. And I mean it it. You know it not just like Warner two contenders it's not just left tackle did not you know I mean it really seems like there are a lot of teams that. You look at you like ER and they've been the guy in Georgia fans if you watch channel op Ed it's not that the team last year you saw how. You'd heard thousand former basketball player of Miami Ohio and he's really. You know I had a you'd thrown into the fire like to probably unfairly though but it made such a big improvement this year that when they locked into it and ending injury. People there now are freaking now what do we do. Not help batted ethnic group represented about how bad things are there and they're not the only team I mean I look at the angle all the power they have on offense. Go to the line and hold them back mentioned ram pick with the same you know they're not the only team that cabinet stroke died in the fire because of injury inexperience. You know just a lack of talent the position overall. It's everywhere you know that that in the charter you're just saw mean. You know they lose a guy in the crease he's and then their second round pick who the star right away and there are another second round pick into play though. Yeah it did feel like about five or sixteen that have good did you know very good off at the line. And then everybody else that at least one question if not more than one though I don't know if that would want that thing that kind of without me in the preakness is that. But rocking it is going to be a problem here. Yeah and here we thought in New Orleans Eric that that was one of the the strength of this team not only at talent that I heard that line but a deep offensive line and that left tackles but man. If that's what concerns me and we watch Ryan Grant it I'm not sure how many snaps and as you saw yesterday. We talked about a turnstile there he looks completely. Overmatched and I think it's going to be an issue here norms as well. Well one year division one ball denied any looked so good last year with normal Micah. How could be a kid to me was really hard it can be tricky evaluation because he played that such a high level in the Big Ten. You know a lot of good defense today and got a good bill could be line talent. Now it and matched up against guys like if you want to practice you're not okay I mean. Maybe just is one of those rare. Haley's comet become can be three goes up to be one. Played great he is the one and a million advocate obviously the pass protection we're in the going to be the biggest Shiite. I'm not worried about it from blocking ability that that can be OK right now we wanted to know what Talbot. Yeah I mean Melvin lingered put them through the spin cycle it is. That could be the kind of thing where. Maybe you need help them out with a with a I didn't shipping our backer or. You know something extra tackle now and then I guess I I don't. Want you pull a lot of five man protection where he left on an island against you know and only conference probably got a great formula. You you heard me either. Finally Erica wrap it up with this is we look across the week here halfway to through training camp in the pre season who's next young quarterback I'm not really talking about the rookies who sometimes can't project those but the quarterbacks in year two years three and beyond the guys like Mary go to Winston or simian who could be that next guy. There were talking about playing edit Pro Bowl level and beyond the next assay of mixed Derrick Clark type quarterback. Right yeah I mean I think. If not mentioning Marriott and went that I mean that would be a mistake that both of Skype were were good last year but they can be really good bit he's adamant and you know poking dad receiving talent booking out offensive line that are coming together titans might be a little stronger upfront. And the box so you have to put those two in like you know the next wave of young guys entering their third year will be on the verge of stardom. On to meet Carson went that it could be special this year I know we're a little down on and the way he played at the end of year. I thought he didn't really have a chance the play calling issues there were some. Run game issues last year their receivers drop the ball left and right they faced upon a third long last year. They worked. The ball down field that didn't happen Acura and Buick so now you have. One of the best jump ball specialist Julian Assange effort so I feel like not gonna help. If you are traveling Johnson a tackle for her hopefully hole he's in now the picture it repeatedly back at some point so. Look I didn't figure that that it except maybe the run you'd still though a little but wait it's but I really picked Eagleton cork went could be primed for a big one so. That might be the god and that wave I'm not quite ready with whipped off yet act like you bill. You know needle time but we hire him by the end of the view that we are right now. Erik Holm and it's all right for pro football weekly and fan rag sports find him on Twitter at Eric underscore at home really appreciate the time man and only two more weeks to finally get to some real real football. And that there I can't wait you via real on the scene that I Burma.