Endymion parade crash driver goes free today

Under new Louisiana laws, offenders deemed non-violent only have  to service 35% of their sentences. Rizzuto served about 17 months of a five year sentence.

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Nielsen. Resumed. The man convicted of drunken make crashing his vehicle into a crowd of people at the end Demi and parade in 2017. Gets out of jail. Today. Dude you knew reforms in Louisiana. Sentence saying and time served laws. People deemed it non violent criminals under the law. Only have to serve. 35%. Of their sentence is that how the new law work that's how it works so. He is getting out of jail. Less than two years after the incident occurred. Right -- people are having trouble wrapping their minds around that particularly. Loved ones or individuals who were injured in that crash. I mean he just rammed an entire crowd of people and was incredibly dropped the line stink in the world for anybody according to the law he's nonviolent. House considered a crime of negligence not violence was how loyal law professor Dane seal Leno explained it to us so. Running over a bunch of people if you're drunk. Does not necessarily constitute a violent act under the law. So under the new sentencing guidelines and designer of the new times Serb guidelines that are designed to. Reduce the Louisiana prison population which is in the highest per capita in the nation for many many many years. No longer is by the way. Under these new guidelines. Nonviolent criminals get out. After serving barely a third of their sentence if they're good prisoners if they behave themselves behind bars. I'm interested to hear what our listeners think about this place text mandates 77. And let me now do you think this is right do you think Nielsen are his judo is a nonviolent offender. Do you think that it makes sense that people who commit crimes like he did should be getting out of jail serving less than half and actually barely a third. Of their time behind bars one person Texas today it's avenue it's on he says I am one of the people he ran over at the parade. I spent eight damn months. In the hospital because of this guy. And he gets out with a slap on the wrist WT. No says I don't think. That it's a violent crime it's stupid but not violent. And Ellis says there is zero cases that pervades sample of bad law making. And some and also is on his side texting a sedate seventies that 87 saying it is absolutely non violent crime in getting out is the correct decision.