Emojis are the newest front in sexual harassment policy

Friday, July 20th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about whether or not a sexual harassment charge could be brought against someone for inappropriate use of an emoji

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It is a very hot afternoon is going to be a blistering hot it's weekends and there is virtually no chance for Saturday or Sunday so. I know released from that what are you gonna do to keep cool this weekend and and again Matt our thoughts are with all those people who work to make our lives better. And they're out in this weather. Doing their jobs. I mean it's like it's it's nice to be in his air conditioned studio it's nice to be in your air conditioned car your air conditioned office share. You're air conditioned home how many of us are an air conditioning requirements but there are a lot of people out there who work in this heat. And so my respect goes to urge all of you router thank you for doing your job even though it ain't easy on a day like today. Is is it possible to sexually harass somebody threw an emotion. Is this a legitimate concern is this just. Taking sexual harassment 24 or talk about that before I get to that I wanna share with your story and I'm sure I'm sure you've heard the story. But I want to related to something that came up on the shelves this week. I'm quite often criticized for. Not standing up from my race. And if you don't know I'm like. And I can't help feminist when that what I'm proud of who I am a part of being a white guy. It's not that I don't stand up from our race it's that more important than standing up from our race is standing up for equality. Standing up for what it's fair. Because if the tables were turned that's what I would want. For somebody who was part of the majority. And I quite often talk about how unfair it is that somebody called this week in which trying to argue which means that. It's fair to stereotype of young black males. Because of this statistics and because of what we see on the news. There are other factors that go into these statistics. Of young black males committing crimes. They go well beyond their skin color. Being born black doesn't make you criminal. Having black skin. Does not make you a bad person or criminal. And yet that's convenient for a lot of people to believe that. But it's not true and and I just I thought this story this week really did. Really did prove how wrong it is to stereotype people and as I brought up on the air you know if if you wanna start stereotyping. Look at the people. There are arrested for child pornography. The overwhelming faces that you see. In child porn cases. Are middle age white men. I don't wanna be charged that way do you. Of course not. So this takes us to on a Birmingham college student's name is Walter Kerr. He's a Carville high school graduate right here and in the New Orleans area he wants to be in the Marines. He got a new job at job Dell hops. And his car broke down. He wanted to impress his boss. On his first day. So. He walked. Twenty miles. To get to work because his car broke down. In the dark he walked. About twenty miles. Don't processor is a moving company. And this is just an amazing feat at the the CEO of the company was so impressed he gave. Walter Kerr is. Low mileage start to fourteen or 2014. Ford Escape. And and and and Walter was just started to Mac I can't believe it's. But the CEO Luke mark when sent I'm honestly blown away by him. Everything he did that day is exactly who we are part encrypt so far he's batting a thousand. Walter Kerr is a young black male. And this is exactly why it's wrong. To stereotype people based on what you think. Is the case. Because to even consider. That this guy is a criminal type. Is an injustice to him. It's an injustice to humanity. And I just thought that was just took a great story that explains why I support the idea that it's wrong to stereotype. Regardless. Of the statistics. Joseph your under the W a good afternoon. Good. The role. That. Bill. Would. Yet the number. I think they do. Well. When they don't these. You. It. Yet Joseph look I I know this is just one of those are really controversial things because everybody takes up on asides and it is again this is just another reflection of the political tribalism. That that surrounds us today and it you know it's it's easier taste take citing an N and dig in and I'm not even gonna see the other side only gonna see it my way. Look I said many times the players. Are protesting a war peacocks. I mean that's a there's a problem of injustice in this country. And that's worth protest. They could've picked another place to do that as some say well look at look at the attention they're getting. They're getting attention but what the hell was being done about the injustice nothing. All we're hearing is all the noise from the controversy. As unless the sad part of this yet spring a lot of attention to the protesting but I think Joseph was just making this point that. What's lost is the real meaning behind the protest. And maybe if more was being done to solve the problem. Then may be fewer players what would even think about nearly. But see the the problem doesn't matter to those people who have strong opinions about this but the problem. They created the protest doesn't even matter to them what matters to them is the debate the argument about you should not do this. Or you should let me do that it's. And that's what San about these debates I look it's Friday afternoon free for all Friday on a show and let some. Let's talk about something a little lighter although I guess in some cases this kind of serious. Do you think it's possible to sexually harass somebody within him OG. Workplace sexual harassment by. And as a law firm in New York Phillips & Associates. And they wrote about this and they said that employers can be held liable for you Moochie sexual harassment. Conducted through direct messages on Twitter. Chats texts or the notorious FaceBook. Others inbox. In some cases a week Emo G. Is a simple sign a humor. But in other cases. It is a comma. Somebody knows he's have gained inappropriate connotation is such as the egg plant. Rich. I never thought of that some people. Think it's it's a phallic symbol. I mean I sauteed eggplant. Emotion here I'm just it was an egg plant. It has been designed to Barbara percent sexual interest in male genitalia. And then there's the the blooming flower. That is. Supposed to. The female genitalia. So I it is is just taking it too far. I think there's I think there's an MOG gets up appealed banana. First of all 71% of Americans this is according to a survey last year 71% of Americans. Use visual expressions such as Emo she's stickers or gifts. When texting or using mobile messaging. Applications. The MOG martini glass. Kissing cats. The banana. Big point of blooming flower. It can all be seen as sexual harassment. I so what's your take on this is just taking it too far or what if you're in the workplace. If I send a text to a female here in the work put out a tape where they started summer here at the radio station. Sent me. Semi an email on on some now Symbian Symbian email and she included this him OG. And I think the most he had a harder kiss or something like that at attached to it and it was just a sign of affection and she civil I hope this isn't sexual harassment. And that's when I I started find out more about this story. Doubt if I send it. If I sent if I sent a text. Or email to somebody here at the station. Some attractive female. And I said. Let's go out. And I've I've I've I've put the you know ET the egg plants ordered the banana. With that connote. Sexuality. More would if I did the gambler I did the martini glass and the banana. I mean we would with that is would you think that would be considered sexual harassment if you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon our numbers 260. One a seventy area code 5042601. A seventy text a seventy and seventy. It is hot. You know I'd honestly I see this both ways and I see that it could be sexual harassment because there is I know it sounds crazy. But man what come on if you're going to be if if you're a guy and you gonna put the egg plant or the banana a Felix symbol. Are not are not odd tweetering emails to a female. Ed your work. Then how could that not be considered sexual harassment. I'm scoots will be right back on Demi WL. I mean would it be wrong for read between something to somebody here at the station has served. Like to garden. Include a link to disarm them Ingrid I'd be pretty obvious respect. I mean I don't look on on paper it sounds really really stupid to say that all I was sexually harassed by an emotion. But think about what the intent is behind the emotions. Don't like and there are some people who woods. Would. Take something to the extreme. But yet there are going to be new rules I'm sure concerning you know he's in the workplace and look my advice would be just don't do it. Here's a Texas says I send the lips and the cat picture to my wife all the time. That's great sound like you guys have a great relationship. But would you do that to somebody at work three I think that's that's the difference. Here's a texas' if you send the martini glass. In the peeled banana you know she's someone. It would mean maybe you wanna have a drink it to the teens. That's. Love this audience. Here's a Texas says I think it's a little funny and other sex says Cisco you're laughing but I am really careful when sending certain Emo she's I always think before I sent. And I thought it was really sad because this this person the radio station. It's a really nice person. And you know I we see each other in the halls and doctors who talked each other just always very great pleasant exchanges. And we're very respectful to each other. And she was concerned I mean cats and kind of a joking way because she knows me. She was concerned about sending an MOG did might have indicated that. There were something. I don't know something beyond just. Giving me a message. And I didn't take it that way at all but then she she sent me this stories about the MOGs and and sexual harassment in the work place. And so we employment attorneys are now recommending that employers go over there employee handbook and consider whether or not they should start changing the rules concerning remote g.s in all office communications. Again I know it sounds absurd because it's an emotion but think about it if it's appealed banana. If it's the egg plant which does it looks a little on the failed excitedly I would've thought that but that's not what's on my mind. I don't even like eggplant. So. So if you send I mean are you are you sending a message and and why. Why send that as part of the message if you wanna join us for comment on numbers 2601878. Or text. Is a 7870. Here's a taxed. That says. Ex girlfriends say. It's closer to. That Kirk and tickle. Then the banana. From Gretna Sam welcome to the show. If you're. Now like your plan either well. Anyway. Thanks for a couple story in more detail unfortunately. Yeah the doctors object the people that we. Also stick. In the article about your post they're off on your blogger but there's references to an article people look at. Also the police sources now this young man. Two for our church for him waited about ten and actually treatment was India launched ago. And both positive and negative in action at least a couple of weeks ago. While mrs. Interact with police in the past. I had been tight police opposite. So it's not a power thing he has some people watching people around you and a thank don't discriminate in Boston and you know unfortunately. Pet detectives to Newt operatives good ones like kill them all but yet where you share the story. And just everything about the story you know guys boss please soaps are now being only breakfast brought searcher. And I had a bit before it ships ordered. Or that or Eric. Are people so. Appreciate you bringing that a Smart when fraud and since god there's been project idea. People don't have intentions. Singer and I I've been I appreciate bringing up for Terry you brought up appears attacks it's. Now I'm knighted I mean it's in some of these are start to read the minds on the and I just got to stop because like I can I mean I can't even go there. Take says time 43 years old on single I'm running out of time so I'm gonna read that we come back I'm scooter if you Arnold hang on we're coming right back for more. There is a Texas says son case code just want to like you know I love your show so much I'm sitting in a thirty by ten shop with no AC. Listening to your show great job. What way to better way. You can pick up to show outside of a thirty by ten shop with and always city. I mean especially of the radio dot com have you configure ceremonies and there. I mean is it the cement I appreciate you stuck in that thirty by ten shop with no AC listen to the show. But let's an implied that's the only place you could pick up the show I hope the later if you get to be it's an air conditioning. You can find the show there's wealth are shall we finish this Texan I didn't have a chance to finish because we had to break the news. She sometimes I have to cut off my own text to get two breaks. The tech says I'm 43 years old I'm single on the guy and I don't care I want women to sexually harassed me. Everywhere as bush is possible. And that that's said ingested and an and I get that. The reason that. That a lot of guys don't understand. Sexual harassment when it comes to women. Is because intrinsically. Men. On the average. Are. Physically stronger than when. And so as a species as a gender in our species. Men have traditionally. Been able to over power women on the average. Throughout time. And so it is that. Sense of being vulnerable. That women sense. That guys don't always cents. So we're talking about they're the idea that this is a new problem in the workplace sexual harassment by remote she is becoming more prevalent and there are problems. And lawyers are saying that yes remote she's can be considered sexual harassment I know that sounds ridiculous but but think about it. If it's yours if you're sending. The egg plant which is kind of curved in phallic looking if he said he debate the peeled banana or something like that you're sending that to somebody all what's the message. I mean you are you really inviting them to enjoy a client. Are you inviting them to enjoy a banana. We sounds like that's kind of I'm a message of sexuality. And while I don't like I'm I would love to be hearsay I'll know this takes it too far. But I can't help but think about the intent of those who send those emotions and and what other remote but I'm I'm not an emotion got. What are some of the other remote she's had might be considered sexual harassment. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. And are taxed. As a 77. Another is a pilot Peru and that makes me think of mr. hanky not not sex what you think of mr. -- on down South Park. But I know there's there's are kissing lips and a cat. And some guy said that he sends us to his wife fought on a regular basis which I you know that's really that's what we call. But I am not an emotion guy so I don't know the full range of emotions are there any other mode geez it might be considered sexual harassment. Because it may be what we could do here is alert somebody that hey you know what this this might be sexual harassment and you might not. Think it is again if you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 260187. Lead our text. Is 87870. Here is attacks to. It says is. Him. Since you're the guy exit date for thirty by ten shoppers out of that near condition it's a sweatshop yeah I mean I guess that's one way to describe it as what chuck hole here's a Texas says. That teach. Him OG. Okay. Yeah. I mean if if you hit it if you look at a peach of a certain way it might. It might look like a black. Shia peaches you know formed. Here's sent another one that says such charities. I'm I don't know you know maybe that one would be taking it a little luck a little too far. I just thinking about some of the other remote she said might be considered sexual harassment and and and you agreed that look if if you send something especially to somebody in the workplace. Why would you why would you meet a young and when she worked for armed. You know for for Michael Scott's. That Justin and Mike I don't Monday after what Alicia worked for it for Zemin in Scranton Pennsylvania me you know you just don't do this kind of stuff. For some people doing some people are getting in trouble from Metairie Stephen welcome to the show. Bay hill he Stephen. Yeah I would call in a book. Worked weight. And you know like five day. What he did he send. And that it's chocolate covered bell. And it. Would be inappropriate. And one in girls. And saying. What sexual about it don't art. Well it could be. Like a Jack Black belt I'd be at my. Well he OK I don't aren't ya okay we'll Steven you know way. Yeah I mean he knows it's. Yeah we had and that conversation prophesy don't appreciate you don't appreciate the comment and his fighting order laws of what takeover we had tuna created doubt that. The chocolate don't know is considered offensive and then I asked a dumb I asked a dumb question I mean letting right interested dumb question what's sexual. There's talk. John recovered don't like OK so I get it now. If you're on hold hang on to an address or your comment on this Friday afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy. Text number seventy base entity. I assume. Sent him orgies sent links to songs. I mean if I sent some some some remote yours or percent an email or attacks to. Somebody here in the office registration. Ten and had a link to this song. I'm he protect patients who sexual harassment. No if they know me they would just laugh. I'm skirts that hit the we'll be back on WWL. I remember at the Weezer concert or check champions square is one hot muggy night when he played that song I'm going to dog. Yeah it feels like summer. Guys hot. So we are all weekend. Find a way to stay cool. Here's a taxed this. Another text here says. The nose looks exactly like. Male genitalia. She. On that knows. No luck. There are some people define sex in everything. I really like I would've never have gotten a hold reference is it to chocolate covered don't. But she's not groups offended by Matta still thinking about it got a texture of the stars tonight on the I'm slow in order to get a or maybe a ritual later. On May be some point during the doing something we'll have it all he had no idea it for. And anyone explain it I mean this kind of and nasty. And you know we have crate to partition on the show. From the West Bank John you're on WWL. Yes I got out and tribal. And so on and they fished and still. To try to testicles. Yeah. Four. Oh I didn't. I used to seeing that. I like. Yeah that's really one of the most disgusting things returns at their delicacy and and I I do see it occasionally and it's it's recently said because it says a lot of doubt the owner and try for Austin truck. You know you could've sold to you do you know a young child or don't it's a tee back. And Ariel views you makes it out. Our motion bad UC rebel flag all of vehicle are. I've been there it would trouble. Well I. You know I understand it did the torture making it's it it's a little different because there are. Some people stats are or are displaying the confederate flag because they really do care about a southern heritage but in the context of the world that we live in today. It is certainly seen as a sign of white nationalist or mentality. But you know John brings up an interesting point and and I've seen that and I hit the first thing that I think about when I see there this the testicles. From Dave the back of the truck to your bumper. Bob predictor. Let them know that the idea that the bumper the the trailer hitch into trench. I see that dangling there. I think that there's no way. The owner and driver of that truck has it has an IQ and triple digits. Tommy there's no way army's gonna be around eighty. 85 a nine maybe ninety to ninety served the united triple digits I mean really. How many and us all how like dumb male macho do you have to be. And by the way I don't know whether you've looked in the mirror but that is not like the most attractive aspect of a man. And I don't know many women that that's exactly what they think about when they're thinking about. Something sexy. I mean. Didn't in an episode assigned Phil didn't Elaine described a male bodied and male body is like Kennedy is due to a terror. It's like a Jeep I mean it's like that's not really. That's really not a very very attractive thing. And it's a subsidy had a dangling from their trip so again. You know just I'm just explained that. This is Steve. The sign that the person behind the wheel of a truck. If shops are Smart. If you've got a comment or numbers 2601 a seventy taxed 87870. I've screwed. Yeah it's Friday and were actually like it. Toss aside. We'll be right back at every Euro. Cheap Trick in concert Saturday night at the sang her theater will have a conversation with Rick Nielsen the founding member and he. Very. Cartoonish kind of character in chief trickling he was just so different for Robin Zander. Lee guitars one hell of a guitar player on background vocalist and primary songwriter for chief trickle talked to a two repeals and in the next hour here on every W well. Here's an update on our blue runner how foods poll. Is a claiming sexual harassment by an MOG legitimate or is it taking the claim of sexual harassment too far 79%. Say taken it too far. Tony when percent say it's legitimate give us your opinion. Are going to Barbara certificate to well talk com. Here is the Texas says Cisco do you know what do tea bag years. Yes I do in fact I'm drinking tea right now and I've got the tea bag MIT. If you hurt right now yeah. See I told you about scoot he streaking team that Teaneck unit. I mean I I I understand what that is but you know but it's also a tee back okay. So if if you have to explain stuff to kids you don't have to go into great detail they see do know that. The steel testicles hanging from their DuPont for rich of a pickup truck. Did you ever see that you have yet to see him dangling from the book for each of of another vehicle is always a pickup truck. And I mean that's like stereotyping pickup truck drivers in fact I've got to Texas says sounds like you profiling to me. No I'm not profiling because profiling would be. If I saw some money in a pickup truck and I assumed that they would want the testicles on the back of their truck. Seeing the action take it doesn't mean I'm profiling it's like if you see somebody with a gun in their hand robbing somebody to you know what that guy's a criminal. I mean that's not does not profiling. So I'm I'm I'm pretty comfortable with the idea saying them. You're not very Smart to injure or Neanderthal. If you've got that dangling from the impoverished or your car and double digit IQ that's 75% of Louisiana hello well. Here's a tax levies scoot you make my day another text the testicle bag is definitely not. The crown royal bank. OK I guess I can go with that here's a text these silly and stupid. As you want today I needed to go to the last boy yeah I mean c'mon it's Friday in on Friday we try to act like sometimes we have to be serious but if you don't have to we're not gonna do it. I'm glad you're with us it's hard for the 1000 dollar Entercom national cash contest code word on the hour the code word this hour or is he yell. Text YE ELL. 27288 point that seven to 81 Tex now you can win a thousand dollars just for listening to the cohort. And a code word died nexus coming up right before the top of the hour news at 4 o'clock we never charge for text but individual plan text and data race may apply please don't text and drive. OK so a conversation with fabric Nielsen. He's a foreign fund guy and just an iconic kind of stage presence with the chief triple talk to him. In the next hour I'm scoot hang on we'll be back it's Friday on WL.