Ed Orgeron talks LSU's recruiting class

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Friday, February 9th

Deuce & Deke talk LSU's recruiting class with Tigers Coach Ed Orgeron.


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And good evening it is our number 20 sports saw the great one Deuce McAllister is here. I'm dig Bolivia. 504260187. He is the number to get him below you can text us at 87870. Operating in Mazda opinion poll is online at WWL dot com. The LSU football program do you think it's on the incline on the WW dot com and just a moment. We'll be looking numbered LSU football coach it always Iran also later in the program coming on tonight. We would talk about a Daytona five Arnold Thames Emma gives us he's back in the loop so to speak with his take what to look forward. And also be on new rules and new route changes going into the super bowl of NASCAR on Sunday at Daytona. And Sean deadly sporting news in the right also come with a college basketball scene catch on Denny will be what this talk about the NBA the pelicans morning grow road trip. And of course the impending NBC and the trades what does anything dreaming. Regroup and then get things together and knowingly go home to Miami. Deuce LSU football program. You think it's on the ink and all of the Klan or is it's always a coach always is is concern. This is first full class because the last class it was came in on the heels of coach miles. And this is a situation where is you know do you take a wait and see approach. I think you have to take a wait and see approach. You know I think that would be the Smart thing to do Amin. It would be foolish to say after really want in a half years and it's it's a declining program I know some people probably were not sick I mean we're not happy. With the the class that they signed the G after remember. Look at the guys they signed in December I mean they did address some needs and I think that's probably one of the most important piece. You know there's some concern and I mean no give her own you have to be concerned with with the deeply Tibet position. 26 and AM honestly probably running back position as well. Yet also very interesting when digging there's more money Ricardo tauzin we talked about yesterday one of the top. I recruited the state of Louisiana for 2019. It's considered the best offensive goal in the nation. He is setting it down saying death he is armed percent to Aaron timber sent an LSU tiger and he's shutting down recruiting. Process he's gonna focus and on his senior season with the kittens. Well LSU football coach it's always drawn and joins us now coach told thank you so much for joining me induce here on tiger radio WW how are you. The great can do is. Still good coach tell you Dolan. Great operas. Oh it's taken a look at it back to signing day. Your thoughts on your clans and to give or take out I know you spoke on a lot of people the same way it ranks here ranks day you kind of saying hey mister Lacey how it plays out. That's right week you know we bought this little we'd be open to. But will win out get the best junior college to open to start country. Will get the best junior college opus of gore country. Recited for Oprah's apartment. And it would resulted they've been to knuckles. We needed a kicker would get the best interest worker Kirk. Available shall we don't trust these noble and most. We approached. It was signed me up in order of the year so. Actually we had gotten where did you. Go. So to reasonable. Request. Or people question why use record. Would you be so accurate results and let them out. Well we transfer of drought for Britain vocal. Files as well. Real well but it's compartment opened your article quote don't sort or shall we had a planned well Google's culture of short. Obviously emotional Jordan that there Bristol ago we don't remember it shall. It. Hurt but to. Where. Already at some. Point. Coach when you talk about just look at the disdain right now. Moving forward depth wise or or what are some of the guys that you are looking forward to see in this spring net. May be able to develop that may be wrong word Richard guys that are you going to be depending on this at all. What you can about corporate greed and you have some algebra little politics they can do to. Ease go. Like a legitimate services. You know it's a joke or. Part it was a let me get through don't freshman. Government subsidies and so what has urged. Give them the corporate. We Revere court. Of article tomorrow the World Series and it. Well we were able to do. And I obviously. Would cope with Gerald well we're putting him he could put Xavier. What he's not a company and and I'd get some would carry this out so well done pretty programs are so well we lost two gold sort of mystical. And LSU coach in our round tigers are revving up recruiting this week with the one of the nation's. A top fifteen classes say close to the top ten in some indication that some assert recruiting services. Coach O joining us here at tiger is over of the season Saturday September 2 on this September 2 and Dallas against the Miami Hurricanes coach since we saw you last some adjustments in this bad. Getting a new deal for coach Randy talk about how important that was and also a sign ankle two bush oh we'll come and go from ruckus. To be in the secondary now coach. You're gonna have coach Raymond overlook call those ankle which bush. What to say geez is this something you felt that that this is that you've done this before this is some for the first time. Have you had two coaches that coach both those positions before mistake. Well obviously reforms score. I. But as Edmonton coach who would always call to people to article to revenue asylum practical. Quote. Gore was typical oh yeah most movement below which which is four quarters of a bird called. Well. Bill bush is an excellent street equalled. Our good record that you were paper before. You decide missile is just on the premise that does go to desperate to win these moral. You expect Korda beautiful uncle. Coach coach now when you talk about it let's take a look at explain to us and and we told you about his before. The recruiting process is now it'll draw is known for being one of the top crude is out there. Landing some of those big recruits to give us a little take on what's different now than maybe it was time teen years ago and I remotely she misspoke to you. You talked about look you gotta recruit more than the players and his mother and father. It's it's pretty much the entire fan how how difficult is that. Well big you know sore you know qualities. That works aren't they went to review that application so short. Limbo you know we thought we were 02000. Euros ought to go one as. Well they're cold we're talking to their children to review process but again. Do believe that and gentlemen. The decision. And also a term that they so you know we project. The guys at Whittle them gently of the. And coaches is there a situation where you you feel like you eat you you're in and a I don't you know because until you get their facts that comes over on the machine imports is not a done deal with. You feel like you're in good position you have to leave the U but don't just don't know how do you gauge on if you feel like a week we feel like this guy's gonna sign. You know you are. Incensed when gold when she is. A lot of guys or was. Of the Portland you know and we give the court of those. Is the government is. It'll you can tell but doesn't working remarkable but is local but aren't. Also because well it was just don't want to either of them which are a bit torture if it weren't. I don't think we you know gold domed structure. Could get very good retreat it would work but they're both. What the global good promotional. Sure but what. He would definitely understand that coat. Coach and I know deacons hit on some of the recruiting for the upcoming years. Gimme a break out player gimme a break out player for this spring they're two gonna be the count counting on and you know. With the disparity of the period number of defense of bat what's another gap that may be able to to help you there I know we talked about some sign he's maybe. Moving two for safety to corner but what's and other data may be healthier as corner. Candidates and recoup. All the little weaker nations that are pressing. Need in order to orange. In America good to go don't recoup public school it was a great option quote. And people skills. Bowl quarterback. Play some simple. Wang now and LSU football coach in always drawn. Coach us bring bowel is forthcoming talk about the date you set the tigers of course they had this scrimmage it angle purple and white scrimmage. Take us through spring Pamplona is going to be. It's going to be great don't put them you'll. Threatened by computers sold through Cuba. You're. Wondering great receiver coach Susan and the mobile world. Truman missile engines good show loyal order. Or because so. We're gonna have so. You always. Will be built in because were escorted. I'm glad record programs toppled into social. I'm just trying to possible pool street. All won't leave one more week British rentals we. Hey coach how important is it to take open guy and it is a so close to the program it in not far removed from. A big one of the all time greats not only in SEC history state college our State's high school full abolished but also for the New England Patriots and a guy like Kevin faulty is there. Game changer we. We. You talk about the development team as we you know we. But a couple guys that own management agree. It was a cool little program. More warm up stricker holed Disco ball when he spoke. Well. When he spoke there but. It is not only be because well. Obama is putting ability like cities so is there a clear Portugal. Argue implement or well. Music game to. That. Koji you you know loaded you know the things is kind of what have you done me lately you're able to keep all the top players in state this year. How impaired and then next year coach with its means being hailed as one of the best recruiting class is the state has a listening. There's still consider the plight. Like animals all these ultra coral personally. Popular we have the lead global. Also moral commitment to. Well we've got people you know trying to recruit girls are welcome to culture that's what a championship one. Alessio Ole. Miss rebels in Fallujah later. A great group do you record that would. But as it knows you. Have chosen to. OJ it would do you think they'll issue Berlin on incline. No question no question would be would want. You know look. We're career and do great there have been. Google search or a little slow but more important though a couple players it would have been. They don't want to win the game and important and important work you're. A minute trip shook but a huge supporter so I'm going to go out do believe they would vote internship program. It was district Corey crushed but mostly. War in the Gaza. Will be in the country put social. And coach every year there's this such a big deal about the coaches come into the clinic deuce and how they land she had Duce speak. Also Anthony Munoz I can imagine before long you're going to be announcing which how profiles because you have what did with the Haskell coaches are coming for the spring clinic every year. Just as important. As soon as always will be available at Google well. Bill ultra competitive shouldn't go. Coach inordinately do coach. I know no underpants that you haven't been a fan of the early signing period has that changed. Or you know what what what what steps do you think to junior staff can take. Two to make that one where you know you'd do enjoy that early signing period and it helps you to be able to focus on the upcoming class instead of that current year signing class. Don't know boos. Oh there was one point award goes out. There playing good so it made it so you for weeks to go as a portal organized. And you support the work to do so these proposals. And also. Moral teacher a principal goals what you've got to do and do a regular Q so of the to be able Google news and business or maybe mobile we took a big it would give the government as well. LSU football coach 80 drop coach oh thank you so much so that congratulations on take a good class. The 2018. And we look for the coming down for the clinic and also the spring game. It. All right Clinton goes on idea on tiger radio WW. In case you missed our conversation and LSU coach you don't try to be podcast are also feature on line WW dot com home mom and I don't put his book touch on his. And we'll replay it for you coming up later in the program good twelve minutes it was coach oak is a talking about the changes to his staff. Also recruiting his thoughts and look. I presentation means everything. And our respect comes with the game. You just don't. Ask the coach on as somewhat in debt level. Meaning hearsay or. Romeo all come off this light you know somebody it's. No no punt in the butt like called is called in some time in the then frustration book is not known that that's a former talk radio that all started. The guy who's got the father of talk radio. Probably the birth they gave to it with George Steinbrenner he will call into it to news shows in the New York area. And they were distance board questions and that led in turn to Sports Radio that's pretty much has portrayed you have to. But the point is you as coaches the questions. It's a way you present them you don't say will coach man yells play as was terrible. Now are you asking coach this is a low rating clients you know what what is your take on. Wait and see approach. Coach cornering is this something you've done before. Yes he said he has had two coaches that coached as secondary before and I was unaware that this and that and some about the players he lost out on do says about that. Aniston's court arraignment on a state he says yeah scoring is gonna state does he think his program on incline. You see dose or declines so. They have X and about debt. You know would they move a player to try his busy bee is that they. It takes to you know sometimes just. You know. I like to police refereed to can't win for lose and then. He would never admit is program is on the incline and decline Deke come on OK. So we Nicholas the man down. Mean we've we've got to ask you don't we. Is people like you to be like. If you do asking. Oh come out when you think is gonna say. If you don't asking why you ask you to enact some tough questions do you get you there isn't a quiz no we asked him the questions we in Essen Essen and degrading. But grateful five City Hall type away which you don't talk. To professional people like that you don't on Sar. You don't go to Doug has always involved doctors like that you know go Lloyd and dot to dot it's always like Daniel talked teachers like that you can't selected UK and you can save and I don't know to say about that call that duke. Now right yeah and you'll full reloaded and uncle Leo son failed. When he hadn't had. Have perhaps you just Cain did it OK but you do what you do they would do what we do okay that's why we have relations with these people. There we talked to on a regular basis and you know you could ask the tough questions. It's how you present them and of the economy sure want to and go Italian won the kind of point out but I just from this point wept. Who wasn't it was. I can't think of his name. Elvin. And Sandra McCain no ailments on the it was on. I need one that left me in any release of moaning. Denise. New beautiful niece yet when she left politician and she came back with Dejan and she was overseas incident you guys are total service is daughter and had a daughter of Wallace Sunday they go on any any cut she comes in and nobody else is what are they think Denise is back home. And then all of a sudden. That the hunt and remain confident that they don't know him mayor and and if you mean is related to the girl comes bearing as a mobile candid about his thoughts. Because she was so cute. And elves and a comedy and initially goes like okay make this beautiful state dinner yes they say in my status of everything laid out. And bring it to you on the inside of a garbage can lead. And nieces have advertising with a B and and the influence that that's what I mean the presentation. Italian prison in the tooth you could have presented this and in a much better offense and give NASA a better. Overall view of what you were trying to say. That's what it's about so what you had to present in this you can ask those questions but just because you don't like talk to like you owned. You know. And ruined the only show or liked this show out there while I'm big and bad slick Willie 77 alone and in the end Chad Chad showed groomed 38. I'm going to be bad behind his name on the eBay that is little thing and people know who you line trust me I'll he had anything you use these prepaid cards. Everything the government knows who you are they know you're I think ought to come to your house of value. They we trust and I know BI no B. I wanna go back to there's trash can't state. You need them ahead no good seafood on the good the lead of Petraeus gain. Well call this I this should probably just grant did Nick's. I hope you have to do is dream that would do not know if I'm Chris and I ultimately aerospace look I'm all all Petraeus I had coffee read all of you what they've had those big stick together and a cloak gobs of Beirut drawl hip for the coffee and yeah oh yeah I am definitely are. I got an all night home hold on you guys chase you put deer in audience you'll get all Montrae Escambia and didn't play early and even. I asked him to Andrews is to keep up Obama a pull alongside dues and so are the anyway this is it's a presentation it's how you present. And noted that we don't Nicholas Payton you know it's the same thing and it was a lot of fun this year on a coach he showed. They would to previous three years it was opponents you have saints. Because none of them ever talked to Thomas moss into the class act. And Thomas molested. Was sitting there and he's gone like you know is not form fitting that we don't like lose in. Nobody did the morale is low seat he's just you know everything's better when you win there's no doubt about it there is and we felt their weight issue. Did he was Vanessa when she Boca. That Janet yes dad nastier right you're exactly thank you so elements are appreciated astronaut office yeah yeah the one that was he was the main as mayor had his own may have his business and everything it's a screwed it Vanessa. Went 20 yeah thank you that somebody knows accomplish real group. 260170. You can Texas Eddie 787. Not Texas. Text us so to speak. Louisiana top recruit to 2019. Morneau Tom Cruise considered as the top ranked offense regarding the nation. Caught they'll Thomas he shut down its recruitment he says how much tiger when out of the sand thanks to all the schools recruited me he put his out on Twitter. Which prompted the other coaches. To let him know we're going to fit you. Knicks they missing in the message. Jim Turner in am I coached with coming even harder now. Auburn did offer him a scholarship. Parliament Coates doesn't laws and we don't care would come and acted so. Then you have to I guess as would Jim do you guys turn afoot to fall off. Take a turn to follow because have you seen Cordero. In some drills. He's company news news collar and and and I don't know how many states as a male caller no Mitt. Does he got no that you guys are numbered potential jurists. Written by about he looks like a rule when he did his hands on you and you don't yet. Yeah I do if he stalemated instigated you know you're not enough I didn't agree if he'd get his handle you it's so yeah. They got to give him and again and again payers son from from a terror links they get those kids. This huge own office of land because offense in my outlook looks really good which you've got to look you've got to you look anyway. They had success over the course of any course of time of an amount of time and they've had success on their alliance offensive in defense of Lance and almost thoughts. Veteran clay is depth so full. That's what Alabama has done that's for the Ohio State has done in state is doing now dues talk about claims look at Clinton did think Clinton the last entity is. They have had just as good a defense of talent as they had offered to tap right. They may have one of the best defensive lines in the history of college football come in this year I would love to see where they stack up as far as capital losses and an end and say only this year they were unbelievable. There's there's no bit of doubt about 26018 Cindy. You can take this and eights in the eights and Christian now Hillman. Hello Monday about Kona Thomas and those should players do that you know in the town was social media doing you know kids and we out to stay in touch at each other. You interact on Twitter and social media texting FaceBook all that time the stuff. Can you put the phone down because you got to figure a guy like colonial Thomas is now sub shoot I mean always top recruits in the states thing Libyan man from. Done on that the only way for them to not see it is to put the phone app I mean not gonna get as much mail as they used to they're getting emails probably. But you gotta put the phone down and not pay attention to that because. These are Meehan. Do said the current. As major of news. And is pro and college football used to be 25 years ago did that big now that's out that's how recruiting this follow this whole data networks. Goes from. 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening devoted just to recruiting the last could enhance its schools all over the country and that's what course of four days instead of war. Well another thing is yet to look at. A lot of room after the star and a lot of them I wanna be dead that five star player wanna be to no one player in the country. And so you know you you have to go to a lot of different camps for them to see you to be able to do that and have their Canon name recognition and that's where it gets hard to say I'm not on top of the schools because of I don't visit other schools in American office and so how can this player be the top players if you nobody is off. Or try not understand that makes a lot of since there also are you talk about it moving forward is that. It's eight year. Debt all the recruiting services or saying that this is going to be one of the misuse in the state Louisiana 2019. He could be the best when it's all sinned and five right now in the top fifty at a major recruiting services. Four in the top 25. And they you know once they start going to these different camps and so forth and he reset the the ratings in this pause in the composites. There may be even more than that it's going to be determined this year and then you gotta look at the attendance that. Attention that other kids on these teams will deduce you got to figure this there's some players that they're gonna. By virtue of this kid be recruited to do is gain by these two's goose is going to be a lot of more you know looks out there as soon as we thought the kids this. El Amin any time that you have a top talent and coaches come and look at him. Look at his tail away look who is that number nineteen you know we we were originally focused on 65 but who is number nineteen coast. While he's a sophomore or he's a junior or he's upcoming see if he was hurt he didn't play. XYZ and Soledad that that can happen you know whether he's good enough to play in a power five conference we don't know but that does happen. That's out the guys like John Randall Texas Rihanna. La'Roi Glover in retirements. I mean players like Daniel found. Because of what they needed it. When no other ones was supposed to be there now look Ricky Jackson and universe of Pittsburgh is greatest Ricky was as a pro. The issue green was to get a new green was ordered were looking who has yet what was to guess but who turned out to be the bit of pro and hall of Famer Rickey Jackson. They are missed that interview that's all right I'm gonna replay for you. Either 6 or 7 o'clock dial pharmacies collect out more of a of a drive timeout death before the parade gets rolling good our conversation deuce and I just had about twelve minute conversation. When LSU coach in oh draw. And let's see he did ambushed number five call reed and Omar prospect who does 190 you're all formats. You weigh all these will be one of the top ones yet you be one of the top us but it won't you know I don't know Melbourne is looked at Iowa instead of open yeah. Yeah yeah him in the knee at the young man from Cornell is nearly half from sun lamp and the young man from all. Don staying in the studio deal and I don't know I don't know more in the state will be. Always tell us on yes the payment program no doubt about it be 212 or three zone but look no one is. Signed more scholarships to pal class schools over the last decade didn't play as from in the call which leased estate at twenty. I will continue its bullets out to 8 o'clock tonight on WW. Added Mardi Gras to everybody coming in town you gonna have a wonderful time dollar drain Bobby had them alive for a traffic today I tell you what's. The city of New Orleans. The trained at Symantec station on Loyola. Mitt starts here and he goes at 55 foot to Chicago in these New Orleans at. He's about 130 in the afternoon and he gets to Chicago the next morning at 8:30 AM and on the way back. It gets to New Orleans. About you know to fortify 3 o'clock every day. It was pat I mean they were approval in gold and green all over that trained well in the seat side and the kids delays today's. To come into working yesterday there was a there was a few that would a lot of spots available today there was nothing I mean on and lounge called the sightseeing and top car anyway and coached to sleep lab knows everything was packed. Just to give you an idea so I don't think the rain has to tear anyone from coming to town. In deuce and I officially passed out these officially in I don't really want coronet movie he had a golden ticket we've passed up some special items. Tickets to hold the load these. Anybody they want and don't anybody wanna. This county we've given them the next five days all we will again as we as the golf. That we embody can have a good time and enjoy themselves so don't. Where now these small when you down here I'll take just the aids if you smile when you nuanced nothing's gone ahead I promise yet. You've got my work. You wouldn't go down adult street in a bad area. Anyway in mainly in Hammond punch tulip. Good low Jackson you you don't Dudek don't know and don't do a guy in there and and just be some huge commons it's eagle before and just we curve. You can Walt where caught plastic coat. And then builds his loans to wall. Yeah kick somebody rich and they're trying to get somebody which is to draft and ho would you showdown. Thank you yes indeed mean when wanna be flipping the script and in front of Leo the children's let's go to Mike in Zachary Mike thank you for calling WW. To. Donate. That much about it but it may well. Look well I didn't situation it's not my game plan. But did view him. Mike I don't think they don't know of tiny right there. Well yeah that really helped me now only happen. Oh yeah now about it I mean a promoter of good receiving tight end it would route would be. Yeah I think there's some up a couple of young guys that that they have in mind. The market is always going to be the question you know what will they pay and let's be on his no one saw. Then signing Kobe fleeing from Indianapolis a couple of years ago when they'd be it's on Kobe so. Look look at just some of those freeagent guys in. I don't think that the saints are are capped out as far as being able offer cash because I think that they will be competitive. But you know I just don't look I don't I don't see them signing Jim. Well I hope they get the money is that's so real good weapon in the middle. And on the corners but not against. You know broken it open and you know what. Oh yeah I agree Eminem that adds to this offense versatility and makes it even more dynamic. All right Mike thank you very much you exists in the hey I don't think. If it's any surprise but just. The way the way this thing it's ended when Jimmy Graham and all I'm like you do I don't see it coming how would never say never. But I don't see the possibility I agree with T I don't see it I don't you work and he asked a great wonders McAlister Ed B McCallister 16 on Twitter and Digg Bellamy got a lot of requesting his flaws to it. A replay any coach in oh drawing and you also a lot of people wanna hear parent coach Willis had to do we talk to the two big head coaches on the recruiting classes. Spring Barnicle it's changes they made to their stance and have both that coming up in the next couple hours. Right here on WW.