Is is easier raising boys or girls?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, July 12th
Tommy talks with Dr. G, Deborah Gilboa, a parenting expert and founder of, about parenting boys vs. girls.

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It is nine when he born in new Gallup poll out says that says Americans in theory think larger families are ideals that are ideal rather unknown that's about the economy or not but. Four in ten Americans now say three or more children. Is the ideal family size. And that's up for the first time since 2007. Again may be related to the economy I don't know doc did G Debra gill boat joins us right now there any expert in family doctor. Good morning doctor G. I'm well thank you what does ask doctor Jeanne. That is the web site for parents and educators and kids from the house to ask questions about parent kid relationship. And that's why I AM asking doctor go bowler right now about the ideals family's size is there one or. Is it I guess so dependent on a couple weeks probably sounds like a dumb question but what about the dynamics involved with each. There is no such thing as the ideal family what makes sense that make it to the help that have I think there a couple of reasons I support it like. You're old you're execute how are asking for younger siblings. A payment as like a puppy that's that's worsen a puppy did that their delivery there's no reason they get a puppy just do your kids want one. Omar are mighty people have children because their kids 11. Compelling when your kids come you aren't like I would love it would be like to carry out and be so great and you're like. Home media attention it. If you don't like that is exactly Larry King for your family event I would remind you toys your child won it and how long based dating age group. Take care of the baby a three in journal and I knew each hit me and you wanna take care. A hold behaving. Obama. Racked up the out day we did dad died as a baby that's due to smells fine let's go do something else. I'm so tell me about the other bad reasons so wanna loses because you kid. And the other kids ask you to have won some of the others. Another treason in all you're doing this because you think or fixture relationship. You only knew who knew no one no doctor gee that another sign and do it. To paperwork you know it's a lot like he can get a bunch cluster together one child but if you don't have a strong relationship. We get communication and respect from both sides in treating each other well before you have a child it will not make it matter. If anything with a stress involved I would think it's gonna make it worse. How about some other bad reasons. Really I think is if you'd think that this is this child will do something or in the future you know this is going to be vacated. Who is that gender that I imagined or this syndicated gonna be the Olympic aptly that I imagined or this is it's it is going to. Wyndham my parents love for me right can't. How kids pit stop. Problem in your own. Emotions are here on past. Do people really do then. Happily and I can understand why. Sometimes people out child because they think you know I don't feel love anywhere else this will be of being met loved me and it's true albeit being on Cuba polite. Parenting is really hard work I think like like a lot of very difficult challenges in my view should only enter into it on purpose if you are mostly positive that you. We want to do it and you feel like it could understanding of the sacrifices and popped seek our. So again I'm no doctor G but I would think heavenly kids in lieu of 0401 K is not the great thing do the right thing to do. Right definitely waiting to having kids so that they can someday support you when your older I think that that is a real gamble. Because in terms of love and unconditional love I know it goes in the parent of the child period should. But it doesn't necessarily go back doesn't. And additional is appropriately. It's a lovely feeling and there are moments that for sure the kids are. Struggling you do really good job you're in the first tenure of their life and the and the tax and trying to figure I'd be separate from you and that can really feel like rejection. And don't. I do yet. That rejection can be really hard to you have to be strong and able to stand up and say on your parent ought to be exactly don't like all the time. But you have to treat you respectfully and it all. Looking for from your child is love and validation and very hard to beater her. Lama tell you what having in being the parent of a Tony two year old you know I'm preaching not acquire wanna tell you this. But it's kinda hard because I always looked headed as the Java parent was get the baby bird ready to fly from the nest in live on Iran ranked. Make ourselves out. Clinton has used to pretty empty ones at little birdie is gone and it's kind of hard to deal with sometimes. Particulates which is one of the reasons that we have to trying indeed three dimensional people even while we're putting out as flat and energy into raising our kids could be do you have. Either partner relationship or friendship and ways that we contribute to the community and again it is dependent car world as a parent. So that when they're ready to go oh we optional totally correct without them. And you can't expect them to be concerned about you every minute. As you may be about them considering you have this young personality in the you know the world and you've tried to protect them all the time that they were growing up I always sell people. Well think back to when you're Tony your Tony one did you really wanna hang out with your parents. And if you did want the week that luckily my wondering why they're not calling your texting. Fifteen times today probably means that degree fetal for some other ways to get validation in your life that are in children. I because my core clock management winning get to boys and girls he had time to hang on are you busy. I go and we'll talk about differences between raising boys and girls are new and a lot of interesting texts on that somebody text and then instead. You know I got three girls age six and one half considine emotional breakdowns drive me nuts amazing kids. But at least boy is changes toughen up. And yielding used to be girls or mean each other boys punch each other and a nose and it's over with but. In today's schools that's not necessarily the case will be back WL. I beg to doctor gee we go our parenting expert and family doctor ask doctor G dot com. Any guess some books so too don't you direct. I didn't actually. But can't get the behavior you want without a parent you hate out from he'd be house trained dogs left. Only my and it ticket darn long time. Damn man and a problem when Matt. Tell me about boys and girls is Gallup surveys says that. 54%. Of the people say boys are more difficult to raise 27%. Are saying girls do it again this is so depend on the circumstance or are there is some things some characteristics. Traits that cross so family lines. It in the generalization category I would say that a patient a mindset in recent years ago when it trees and little boys that made sense to me she said. Pulling it seemed to be more physical work from here it is six years old and girls seem like more emotional work especially from ten to sixteen. To do with the personality of the which feels more overwhelming Q keeping up with all that physical energy and climbing on things and trying to you know pared things down owners stick cart he's an electric socket. When they're little and keep them on what my kid's dad cult suicide watch at that. Where did the emotional. You know somebody let me and I didn't like what they sent them and hurt my feelings emotional thing. Think it's really important here point to it to mention that what matters is the personality of the kiddo and not cleaning things on gender. Bullies for the most argues would amount in the backyard blocked the door and then you'd done right I mean. I don't. But. That's not. A thud you just kind of like a well you got to do you just saying when you when you fifteen come back. And I know. No not sorry it's not that simple lightly than it was with my own kids to like totally pan the rules or get it done. A distinct entering part roster recognize that. It's relieved he would indicate about gender can think alike get this standard and the epic and it must be different entry child is different and gender is only one small part of. Does a nine dynamic change. If it's two boys and one girl two girls one boy oh boy zone girls. Personality so much more important to engender that. It's easy with a K I was going an only child who was content to the top of everything pointing down again McCartney's new electric track it. He can't say. This will go because I knew that the gender my child also. We're starting to understand. Chemical and environmental and genetic basis of gender really differently so. QBs need to put it in boxes and the options in. Still really important nuances of how to pass the breeze. So I don't think that a parent about what gender get to say a lot harder or activities here. I mentioned before the break about you know with the girls and and having gone through it with high school and clicks in this and that any other thing in groups and lunch groups and following sound in. Moving so on and so forth. Do boys go through the same thing or visited a different thing in terms of the teenage years. We go through that same thing but they are last. Tree could be it's sad about it. They have to pretend they're not bothered by it they have to do they're they are ashamed they talk about Schilling Kurt lonely and backed. They're really usually only let out a few emotions like anger or boredom or frustration and really ailing bullies and allies and our society. To the point where they have trouble opt in maintaining healthy relationships has had doubled because it's kids get worn lap to talk about some of their harder. So if you have a teenage boy and a team drove the approach would be in the same myth there's. Some kind of social issue. The approach is to try and get them to feel validated and communicate. Treat her respectfully and at what point time and really listen and not acting in the just because they are particular gender that it bothers them more or. And somebody texted this in. In terms. Relationships etc. if club boy goes through a breakup with a girl or girl goes to her breakup with the boy teenage. Why isn't how you handle that is a different was one or the other if it's a girl you yeah yeah understand saying that seems like I want. Nobody's ever good enough for daddy's little girl but boys maybe it's different. We definitely get our kids these expectations but based on their genders they should handle relationships. That I think that actually the right to do is. Ask other feeling they've been through ask that you can support them and still got them about maybe he could. Kids emotions are there their behavior we don't have a say in what is acceptable behavior and it. But if we can listen to their actions no matter what their gender is and then ask how can I help or how can export you what you need from me. And always board girls will understand that they're free to feel what they feel and still be kind respectful people to whoever they broke up with there. Attempt by but also to the parent. But about aging and and parent being in and being able to keep up with the kids and so forth this is geologic Healy. It's easy for me to save division by the body biology aside. Com any data to prove they younger parents are. Maybe more energetic older parents are wiser but not as energetic. To the nod toward either is being better. Actually you're exactly right what we see is that younger parents feel more. Likely to an excited to engage with kids in their physical activities and in their running around but also feel less. Comfortable. Being in charge being a parent they're more likely to feel like. Like Islamic denied the difference I want them to lake me as opposed to wanting meat like my kit and it Michael it's legitimately mean that I'm gonna. Down when my child needs to stand firm. Now those younger parents are older. Young arm. Older announces a much benign as active. Not gotcha thank you doctor appreciate your time is always a you to get to talking and doctor G Deborah doctor Debra. Gill blow up parenting expert Stanley docking gonna ask doctor gene died down.