Early returns on Saints' D and talking Kaepernick

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Monday, August 21st

Bobby and Deke take calls on the Saints' preseason win and Colin Kaepernick.


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All right little close I'm mouse and come to you Bonnie Allen Thomas the boats all the associate a 125 senior right anti debate that town rattles off what does that it was an LA issue. All day back to the phone to go BV was making his point before we went to the top the daily news Bibi go ready. Are not brag about China they all are all. Schneider these bigger what is there not been included on the in their ankles or anything the C said the yeah who would quarterback. Norm I think that scrapbook you know because he knows you know if. What is a starter and he's a starter and number of gains but. Yet about going to give ambassador Bassam mean that David is still going to be a good defense good charge by Tom Brady. Yeah. Or not and I think that they. A home it and mean it didn't pay it because he'd been what year I mean he's cute aren't saying he should be coming out like that. When he could be an all being. Well bubbly. BB BSE a one time be influenced them yet but I think you know in the white lies to get him I think he thought he was gonna get hit. Critical to hit the bank and yet he argued that green belt. Yeah any kind of did really followed through and kind of darted away and we ought to know Bibi to me. Republican McCallum McCown who it was a. And it yeah how did it on JJ Martin number. Burden of being good. In effect an off in NFL. And he didn't I mean he got to be is it got in the clip the item on their target and he brings the that they. Well I agree Miette didn't like you said the classroom. I think you know this offense. Light like a lot like my account how he works with drew. And includes Carmichael and a whole package. And I deadly got meg going form. Yes and another thing now and about. Is it hurt our chemistry with all its bad I don't know what they go and Corey is a little bit of bird. It would be that there are refusing aimed at the hole total albeit late to get their opinion and gather again feel. Took a vikings on Monday night he had killed. I mean like it's kinda thing is who bit that I've never been called and I never people bought I don't know how I'd do. Go public if they did give me your own I'll buy it in the I do that particular street like (%expletive) eighties have one drive that brigade are enabled full ride. Very rabbit that will get so we didn't know what the word we. Well later today if it depends a young quarterback gal get a lot you know rule more snaps or worse but. If you look I think you know they have an eighty Peterson and Drew Brees so. It is there reason why the reason why it has to be be the reason why they don't play in that fourth pre season game. And it's mostly guys trying to make the team is because they want him to be healthy. As healthy as a QB to Roland that refers game and that makes sense where if you get beat up on August 26 on a Saturday and night. That all of a sudden you have been the 27. Until August 27 until September 11 verses. Maybe September refers to September 11 he you know are they. What do we don't we're improving your fuel and we saw. Yeah I mean. I. And all that that. While there is some coaches I've seen in the past they say well. And you know wanting to in the decision a good note. Possibly go go into the ravens the first so one to two series possibly. Yet the. I Davey you good. I. Load dvd BD comments from the investment back to the phones we go. Game we will go do data does that let's go to the San Antonio Texas that's tied to an Alamo. And Daniel Daniel thank you for calling WW. There about. Hello Dan. Ago sold about it that well you know thank you column in the new GQ man Bono out. Look things are in now. Well it sure don't want our agency. It appears you guys keep the B of and it. Buy it border. Tomorrow and Tibet. To a place. Oh. I think according to the game plan. Coach Payton is gonna go with the hot hand. That data more gain their withdrawal in it marking the draw is known him Adrian Peterson. Tamara. I mean how big utilize him his base you know you you don't you don't realize it may think about is Daniel. Martin Ingram. Average over a five yards a carry Dallas fort bands in the NFL last year. Sami dot com Monday ET Al Jeremy got a first about a whole payment and I given up winning and there's like today is that it did they did it do a combination. Running backs. You know what they get into it but if you if you oh. Yeah. A well. I mean op with Wednesday in. A little thing you do it is to get to Vegas that next level or do you think he's so we had as many right. Number and Alia the bank of I think they are hole apparently brought it back on the map and you bet. We. About how you do that bush I would. I'm addicted to good and outlook Baghdad tomorrow I'll bet there. You know while I'm a Catholic cabinet would be that. Well well he he is not only has died tennis follow knows he's ran the ball nine times. For basically a hundred yards and that is averaging almost ten yards a carry. Yeah and the bullet and things. Bigger guy is only go McCaffery you bet it is what I. Call it dot. But I Daniel I think nibbles gonna do good. I. Bought it. Don't keep it built in you know. And beat the monkey beat bill to keep booty. Note that it can play out. Clinton is an. But it ought to pay it back up. He had had a doubt latest Linda C the production. Considering that Adrian Peterson has not. Senior defense that doesn't have eaten a box and everybody know box. Drew Brees well no article in the ball and exploit the defense. Dan in Texas may say thank you so much for the call from Texas and mighty Mississippi Biloxi on the coast. We'll go to Don Don thank you for calling WW yeah. All right thanks today look I'll wait awhile. It was yeah well you in on you receive. I know they're younger grades out smugglers interior Bruntlett with a polished and there just yet in our line around last night. Beat here. Looked it now look to see this could earn a quote cult cult is that we need to Gartner pretty equally true. Black it is artistry compliance all markets aren't around your record. But it won't comment on. Or on all the big grid. That we equality. It just kind of got me involved there a little bit in. And Bobby you use water. I'm here I'm closed here right now it is or right you're trappers players ever play it again I'm not from our quarterbacks. I'm I'm not count as players MI out in not watching game coming out go back though. Thanks might underlie date on the idea what you are one thing you know in mulch you completely out you play and I think most of the. He had to amateur. I had you know as Don the only F the million limitations and I and his team and and I had to play that way. I mean I knew I had to stand in the pocket and take the shots I mean. And the rules are good at the rules are what the rules are mean and have a stamina have vacant. He uniform across the manages the way it was in I just Democrat to do to play. There would be able to pull that their real hot soccer if you educators or its not slap our map I'm I'm things. And I cashed her that your the do appreciate it up and be a real. I also look at collars because. In doing used to is so much as of the Sox and got certain bank wrote ordered that wears PH broke here what are the years. It's not acceptable is not acceptable or in my opinion a lot of. A good idea colleague Karen it was played that a saints and he came out the price of those socks on pay would cinematic Kenny was being a town think all of those side. And then in our hope a lot of people 98% of people in 1989 and under what even great because there's a side except. That's what the community that could used up on the field you are honoraria. And I ordered funnel as Lance color they've made and make. Great point. But blood done like Don always try and beef where. And now I know I'm not the smartest individuals are realized I know history but I know our guys have I miss. You know did you ever talk as well with a low numbers and the numbers and I bingaman 1% of common sense. Don thank you so much fun to call RI AA command that we get Kevin and Tony Tony and David JP and senior writer anti debate dot com Brian as well. Sports star who rose all gotten to 8 o'clock tonight on WW. And welcome back let's go. No LO GT. They agree. Yes he did call. Me I would go to her New York you can ride he admitted console. All saying they're the owners. If tomorrow bring our little army. Thank you are or were looking pretty good equal per. And they're bombing yeah. Her Andy. Pick it seems to me like the jaguars. More Bobby created to applaud like he you know you don't like to turn it did the EE narrative is that him. And he gold. And iron young. They took Leo our partner. He had a fan base would be galvanized behind. It rarely bank and the jaguars play all those games and in England. They have many in Indiana Indian owner. And con. That's his bag grouse and India like international team so that's. You have the it and the. I'm achievement on the technical Artie amber are here. Think art out of twenty quarterback he may be an act and that number. Yeah and and we look at the movie and their quarterback rich people here. A moment and meet the approval. Legal. Man good could come on item and as I like Chase Daniel is a it's a no brainer if you don't I didn't that was out a scenario in the day was the best chance to win. Lou you had to be know rose got a fox is just a gallon now. You didn't even think people. That people we all emotional right now we get me motion instructor. Bill Maher but we've still giving people. I mean if he went somewhere. Because Malcolm Uga Malcolm bankruptcy he bidding now matters but yet Seattle it. JJ and K hang tight because I'm in bang nobody else of the desk I don't won't do you either come right next to you his CBS. All right gonna go to the AP top Tony five and LA should they were brown was on a few moments but JP was a wrap him up before the CB stick legal writing him a man. Yeah is. Coming. Cheered every as children knows where we eat coal. BP whim. I think you'd be comfortable if you forum of course you know where there are people going you know people aren't sure it would be a bigger. Right just you know a good thing is though or radio they'll take the low hanging fruit don't JP in the up. Instead of morning out like it the they'll be John the point out but all the clothes are losing because he did is in this or that knowledge the wind you know that's that's obviously that's that's that some might to meet as shortsighted and someone had done anything bad. This and what well it JP king and is there any any any distraction. Than traditional football what is the coach. Because you're coaching staff and he said owners who don't like that. Now if you are not a start to say college cabernet is on a team and he's not a star. And then it's constant national media attention because the governing very similar Tim Tebow. Members Tim Tebow he's a third string quarterback at one point and although wanna do is talk about two people. So all the summer comes about is that you distraction. He's not good enough to be starting quarterback so just subordinate be dead it's the sort of don't go that direction. Can't stand him you got what you nor do. Do for him have a chance it yet too much distract and that. You'll ever been abused you know. And if he if he's been somewhere where. People and people order. That you would hope Powell apps. Look JP you did note that in Vegas and got it absolutely no doubt about it no doubt about that will be a big part of biggest thing for him in any just seems like right now the biggest sort of famous just giving an opportunity. And if he did sit and again did you know and it this that's a story it looked like he was going to come into fruition in Seattle at some way shape or form. Vinik came in of course Seattle ahead one figure in their minds for him what they thought he'd be worth at the radar and stalled for years and he had another figure in mind so you know at the end of the day I don't think he's going to be immediate. Everything that he wants us from the concession stand point is exact page and so forth. You know what the restructuring was about here four years remaining on a 126 million dollar contract he signed in fourteen. Now what was or negotiate how much the physical meaning guarantees was left on that. I don't know but he did give up money and it seemingly he had an opportunity to already be gainfully employed aside from the country he opted out of with a team like it's the I would say Seattle I was a big shot but it didn't come to the figure that he won't it. Now I think it comes to stand in points to where you know I got to get on the field like you say JP get on the field do some things good. And come not this rust off it is behind you. Andy and everybody needs to give back to see and what we saw while we all coming to happen it would be good. And Dan. That'll come to the forefront and although almost opposite sides and it's gonna go away I was not gonna go wait. But he needs to be mole on him how he got his name he got his name for being the quarterback in the National Football League. That's how he got his name. Australia for Tony Tony thank you for calling WW yeah. Bob in ways they do limit. And good queens. The week it surprise and so and then of that but at least a week to week. Didn't couldn't believe we would like Soria sorry violence and back. Are published the struck more lies no one now against robredo who would like. I'm. I think on what he says or. Precision and I would definitely say that this. During the must decide. The against the vikings and and I've football. It. Yeah you know to me a good measuring stick would be the Texans come and when you look our whole season's schedule right. That and that. My site he added at a women's league is bright signs caught up in the well yea 1110 and in my Clinton might be Little Rock if we wouldn't actually in the few of those lose we might approach is. Oh possibly on the coast back in Australia the estates of Australian amateur is the vehicle the green and in the nine LogMeIn thank you for calling WW. And indeed in. A decent. Gulag they are. Yeah well you know. That Colin jeopardy. There's a lot of talk about whether he should be seen you know. Everything. What that really should. Is the end of what it's twenty. Saying that they're going to do well basically threatening or is threatening the NFL. Yes and and you know I'd support but in fact and in support a lot of what they do. But it's. Isn't something that is possible is that something. Fail no come home man because he didn't McCain did that because of how his it thing you know what what does that what does that or say you know we we don't negotiate you know which certain that we don't negotiate with his inaugural Busch. It day if you were to address something like that being new would be bringing attention to the NFL has not go bring attention and then they know him a lot of the people talk about. This and then it just because they don't address it doesn't mean they serve him though is serves no purpose to address hang. Land NFL players average American players that are playing in the National Football League whether it's 7035%. As Devlin is 70%. As far as the percentage. They not boycotting games because. They wanna get paid. The lifespan of a football player is less than three million a day at a hearing while they can ride billions of. Indian imagery sent. This country was built you know First Amendment people have a right three but you know I don't begrudge a man that because unmanned. May believe in certain things and he's he's pressured we should get out there and you should do look at the end of today to meet in the mourn obligation is just fan. You family you faith. Take care that and if anything is going to jeopardize U. In their capacity. To provide. The tenth and produced a yell family. Detail what everybody else is to you to do when they stop Daniel BO's and they stalled bill what do you know with music they want you to do DNA you would do would have a they want you to do but until that point in time comes. If you pass out. They don't pay your light goes to you gonna sing your kids a scoop Soledad they they they let him be they in UBU. You do what's right for you in your famine that's allowed these guys are doing is this no reason to begrudge him some people like to be fought in speak. Out some don't. There should be no pressure on people who don't wanna speak out because if fear of possibly not have the job. And so for especially in this game look you just can't go somewhere else and get a job like is there's not another Professional League. The other professional places but not gonna pay like this. This is the only neighborhood where you can get into a home like this it's a National Football League in the lifespan. Is 3.3. Seven years less than three and a three and a half. You've got to take advantage of that. The clock is tick. And not everybody makes millions of dollars so if you think about it minimum you make for a warning between four point 550 but three of four years. That's a great stall that's a great stall. You can live on NASA ever there's no way you paint. You got to gain why you can't we're letting him by jeopardizing your opportunity to make their money that the majority of people think that we're sports so continues. AP top 25 tiger commit thirteen Rollins all joins us next on WW. Out to matters that Kevin Kevin thank you for calling WWL. I think to take my call. I'll talk about a lot back I don't think we are back line around the like this year it's. I'm encouraged our own that. I don't know that it did it's gonna translating into lottery is and by page justice could defeat him even if it is. Well I don't care what you get it gives you hope. But it gives you hope and promise I mean you look we're refugee did Jonathan Vilma and all of them. No I think right now what he gives us is there and thinks. I didn't like you know what they're doing they're playing with confidence enthusiasm. I mean man tied tale look AJ Klein no big day they look hungry and they'd be taken advantage of this opportunity. How much how much I think that put upon which. OK and and might know. You know. OK you know there is good doctors and bad doctors and lawyers back dollars welders and good coaches and so some coaches so odd to me. A right wing Mike Nolan it to me as far as his knowledge. Being ahead coach Dusan Correa Lima coach. He's very very yep and well received a respected yet isn't one of them land bank has been part of the bad as the event is NFL history you know he knows ray Lewis and ought know he he's alive I mean he grew and it's probably mean the group in the lead he had no I've climactic -- thing is definitely agreed. You know sometimes you used so mean and people there's just anything when you were young all of you have kids if you get out may not. Look we all got avoid being nice is they did is dated but regardless you think that this. And nothing but good to come out you tell maybe. Hang around a certain place at work all hanging around a football team lying around basketball or some people at a small just the environment being around. Can you imagine that. Coach Nolan being around and all his life some of these young guys now you start to seek open and as football league. When their fathers will play in not some made some of their fathers are gone they play college in the hung around football team that there's only the you know you can only go. Good things and him being around football now pretty much always like these I've gotten more in me you know in the last twenty minutes I mean it was eleven though. Economic knowledge this about our line backing core you know these do better. What they have to do better tackle none on the iPad will be dealt with tackling good it and coach bill says that I talked to moral ones. He said you know what distinguishes the great players. From like a really good players he said AJ lines are really good color but to be a great putt or you know you gotta do. You got to take the football away only at what makes that great line Magnus how they punch in and out. Forcing turnovers. Given a ball again and no action he added that that's you truly get recognizes being great mid cities for Mike Mike thank you talk. And WW hill. Goodson. Yeah. Ever written comment on the cop on it happened and could. You know I'll. Be able to achieve victory in two more people feed. You know. You don't all of them you can trust normal. You know you're you know. All. But the problem in Europe and we will be Z. You know traumatic and so political. Law. All and so shall miss you know. I'm fine young men armed with what. Right yeah a little people out of probably the what he brought little or. Go open and edit your. Game you know the great. You know and the and it. Right. And our poor. My little on. I think he gave like go wanna say it was a life like a million dollars north. Might have been black Liza matter some cause he definitely. You know he was out there but he did in all received the showed he had like eleven million guaranteed to. Just of the top in my head I know he did give Baghdad a million for sure and we did that. Neither you know what you know you know he DC. Brag he's got so. You know do mystery. I am I doing this is much the same reasons. Although it could. You know our. Secondary. You know all. All. Been go go go go oh you know ball. Like golf but you like to kill before they would have used Russell from. Right in the culture you know all the Mike no evidence. We will. All what I want to see is what it all people are going to be hall to try to figure out what people keep motive and I'd go. An old crime that would betray your real goal like to go wrong. You know all of a ball that can track them off you know all you're that would limit on out and. So yeah you leave Lubbock they might not know we got three of the Peabody we wanna get to real quickly because they've impatiently waiting to. A militant and have Hamilton thank you for calling WWL. Points out. And so. These sort of more jobs. In the proportional force you century and read. It yet. A couple plays where. Back adequately block a sport that. It would. Not at all. That you let your ball actually contain I'll. Were you can't get that backside follow. Oh yeah you got to pursue coming up. Exactly you know if you get push the war in the lap back aborted due quarterbacks don't have to be excellent. You know they develop would be good enough about. Help all of a lot also and good job well. A lot of refused to step up and dorm at their job and really special. Because you know department you know or Brandon Coleman he's stated you know that's you know this this is that your as the date the guys on the you know you're not. Working you know average job making very ordered you're. You know you'll be okay you have the opportunity. To make you more in National Football League. You have the plate with that tenacity. That you need to. Exceed expectations. You know every day while work. You know what I really think to door unlocked the fact you know what was. Come in and you know sucks that captain nick I'm not get to and Depp would bet. The national. No sir. Well I edgy and you bring up Milton like branding called Cohen he realized that this is third gear gone into the leak. That is he wants to get paid indeed be a lifestyle you have to you have to do so he had to and can possibly play you know have a dozen years. Before the Associated Press top 25 is out no surprise Alabama is and want some some surprise only until it is so yeah basically that. Yet they do think according to voters in Austin team to take he would Alabama went on them in their conference. Because a team that's right it's close Alabama is and will Auburn and our LA she was at thirteen. Big day to day Bobby as the number one prospect in the state of Louisiana last year and one of the top four defensive lineman in the country. Gave a sigh of relief not to do was never gonna have in the coliseum in practice that they about it. For the first time big product had a Notre Dame a rose to fame Neftali cook a tremendous bowl is expected to be a contributor. Right away are thinking in various guys did not practice today about B and now reading up on some notes up from today. Now and breeding of rave reviews from the media as to some guys it just looked upon NIC what those guys get on the bus right allowed back could take a Phillips many people feel him analogy is Kim Bobby. Not that bad out I saw it but did just keep GC in football games you go light day it's going to be phenomenal. If he stays healthy. And he's out did this year onus here which at that he's factoring in everything dead and why is going to be one of the next. Great players from LA issued defensively in the Southeastern Conference. When this came with a soft moss saw him play when northwest and Amy Haskell he never came off the field by the never came off the field running back BA it's passes linebacker a throwback. Phenomenal phenomenal player based on the come into his own now just. I don't think he's one of those guys is gonna elevate. His delay in his role because. But the guy like Miranda and they're going to be guys that had been recruited. For many years and you kind of wonder what elitist I was forestall is down that but he didn't it didn't pan out I don't think you gonna have his media those noticeable ones that don't NN now. Moving forward I think Iran is gonna and you saw what he did last year and that was a special group. In his defense as you know looked they don't have a thought how come back but that didn't mean they can't be as effective long term move info or. Well I know I'd be looking at the coaches told the AP very similar. I mean we said you can now flip it. It didn't matter if Armon throw zealous she's thirteen hour. Our vice Versa look at Georgia fifteen. Florida won both sixteenth seventeenth today they're almost like identical. When you look at the rankings so bold AP and the coaches polls fours. When the thing about the SEC. All right thanks so much do among Menard. And Jim hands on the news these Jay Jonas tomorrow vause reports salty on WW Al non Deke Bellavia is always somebody they can embody a bear blogger Leila is all good light vehicle.