E-Gaming The Next Big Thing?

Seth lets us know that E-Gaming could be the next big thing in entertainment. Plus, we update you on Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.


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But imagine the show final hour and it's going to be a fun one open lines all our for you 5042601870. Is the phone number. When you wanna talk about it's morally Annie. I'm at the pump with today. Because I read the saints pelicans the NBA Western Conference Eastern Conference finals would ever give me a call 5042601. A seventy and I'm loving what's going on. In this Western Conference finals game two right now for a multitude of reasons number one was like we're gonna have a better series than some thought. Right now other rockets pummeling the warriors by 27 points 118. The 91. Ands. It's also makes me happy. Because I love the quick disappearing act and we've seen on social media. By everybody who caps say and brutal last month. All of the warriors aren't sued guys do. Nobody can be done. It's is Xiamen makes they don't watchable. What Kevin Durant did the warriors made them completely unbeatable in the playoffs. Really. I mean really did you watch game one a team would not a one game one without Kevin Durant. And obviously they're didn't smoke with him putting up 38 points in game two. They'd be in a note to all here to the rockets. I cannot wait. I cannot wait. To watch at the Houston Rockets come back and win this series stem. I am going. To read the riot act to every sync I spend a month on the show going through tweet social media replays of everybody who said. Kevin Durant and ruined the NBA. Because he made the warriors two good look what's happening right now. I will say in the lawyers offense though in their last six playoff games going back to the Pallet in series. Only game 20 I'm sorry game three gets the pelican was the only close game the warriors have accidentally and every other games notable. No one way or the other yet and right now it's a blow out not in their favor gonna talk carrier being in just a little bit it's a told you. And the pelicans to possibly make a trade for counseling carries you may very bad rap. And the haters look a little bad right now tell you line just a little bit the JW on the cost way. Hopefully it's made it to the end of the 'cause they buy now outside the saints in that. Banks I'm the cause. Okay ourselves or negate your impression of what you thought that this rookie mini camp this week and who stood out that. Secondly. Which regards how can Harrier. A really huge deal but not promised it. No Intel chips we have a first round draft choice next four years this app has just wait first contract. Light beer they're. Not money we. Built. So our. Talent dude that can be sure. As much talent this year it was quiet here. But it will be and we can't get away our future. And I really don't tigers. Beat Auburn. I think picture in the series but I don't they'll they'll sweet but I think. Now is going to be. Okay thanks for all and acted Demi and thanks to listen and let's kill in order here to answer question about saints minicamp full disclosure I was not out there last week so I'm getting this from just people I talk to. Listening to Sean Payton in the other coaches talk we here's what I know about the mini camp number one. We saw tied and Deion yelled we're kind of flashing use count one of the standouts here so the saints are looking for an answer it tight ends we don't think Ben Watson's gonna be their long term not this year he's 37. While people wanted to see the saints bring in Jimmy Graham who did not. Draft one or sign a big name in free agency other than Ben Watson's that was kind of a question mark you're so. Pay attention to Deion Gelder he's eight developmental guy. He's a better blocker right now but Sean Payton like set about him and he sit out. Also Boston Scott attention he's the rookie at a Louisiana Tech whoever but he he's a running back people thought he factor in more to the return game many actual running game more saints running back coach jolt Thomas. Told us the actually thinks mosques and Scott can be a runner in this sleek people are comparing him to Darren Sproles I think it's a little unfair. But he's not a guy Boston. Scott now Marcus Davenport's. Not necessarily have a bad camp. Per say. But it's he didn't have a great camp. Didn't get to the quarterback didn't get to JT bury it we saw again that false step. We saw he's still very raw and a lot of work to do for Dennis Allen in the east fetched coaches so. They had a bad campus certainly didn't necessarily while everybody like some people thought. That was my takeaways. From the mini camp and everybody who I've talked to who was out there let's go to Mac in Metairie on the phone lines Mac you're on WW. Yeah it's a good outside Mecca and I think our student is from. What if we don't need another foreign situation. The most comfortable and. While he was this area. Oh it was this year but he didn't have that injury history at least big time injuries over in or in Cleveland. Like that without knowing that it targets and then there was. Far backward that do intently for extreme are. It was sort. It just seems to me is we thank you for what we would have have been all year and that your view it do. Be out there. Well here's a it will look that's certainly concerned year he had injury histories early on back in college like you said early on that. The when he was there with LeBron doesn't flare up in Florida again this year so is that a concern sure it's a concern and I sank like it I think it was a concern for Anthony Davis. With his injury history the first five years of his career we talked about that a lot it was a concern on the same side for Marchand while our RAZR. Legitimate questions I'm not discounting. Your concerns about carrier being but here's liable sick. And go back to JW's I guess that and answers of the questions here and so this'll answer some of those questions. Do I think giving up and here's what I think it would take this is completely hypothetical high in the sky. But I'm play a little fancy pelicans GM here's why I'm talking about this. And trying to get them another superstar in what it would take up and I think Tyreke fits the mold and you'd be that point guard should they lose Roger on Rondo. Can you imagine Irving Anthony Davis Giroux holiday Nikola Mirotic E'Twaun Moore here less starting five to be incredible. So injury concerns yes and here's what you have to give up. If what Danny Ainge gave up to give him from Cleveland is an indication probably given up 21 round picks. In 201920s. When he you don't have this year's. And then you're also gonna have to give up a role player. Probably a couple of maybe somebody like a Darius Miller Salma delta tickets contracts. But here's why I think it's worth it and why I would disagree a little blue JW saying your your mortgaging your future wolf first late first round picks don't pan outs. All lots into big time. And I NBA players certainly nobody of high res caliber you're just he's just not certain you're gonna hit on somebody like that late in the first round. And you're not really mortgaging your future right now you have to prove to Anthony Davis. Then he can win championships here and compete for titles long term because remember. 120 point one after that here he's gone. If he wants. Contracts up and if he sees the tokens toiling in mediocrity. Not getting past the hub in the western conference for the next three years. If I'm him do I really wanna be here. If for meg measuring just like we talked about LeBron with Kevin Durant measuring legacies are by titles is that something I really want. So here's why carrier ring would make a lot of sense for me you would give them a true Big Three year. Which apparently need now to compete mislead. And Cheryl is contract makes a lot of sense carries does. You're not gonna get saddled with a Max contract for 45 years. It's two YE a B 20000000 and 21 million he's got two years left on his contract. That would give you two years. To prove to AD hey we can win here and really prove to carry who's up for not a contract and maybe this somewhere I can win. And then look as an emergency escape here if for summaries and all goes bad. And AD still once down twenty Tony one if you made the deal that I'm talking and not give up when he in nineteen towards when he first round picks. Couple players. Well you can reset you can pull the emergency escape hatch. In 20/20 180 wants out okay not going to be good not saying I'd like it. But you can completely reset right then and there. Hi res contractor be off the books. Eighties contract would be off the books seamless Solomon Hill all these other ones you still have drooped joints will be pretty good piece to start to rebuild around. And you have all your draft picks in the future. So it makes a lot of sense to I think he can necessarily just somebody that. I heard is gonna happen dog's Final Fantasy GM. But as you try to add another big time piece of the pelicans. I think Tyree makes a lot of sense and I also continue to believe. That Danny Ainge with his willingness to wheel and deal. And with a piece is the party has in place there what the cornea RD has there and his love for first round picks. I'm pretty sure that Danny would you be willing to give up Tyree for the right price. Pretty sure he would. So I call on this and I think the a couple of first round picks is a small price to pay to bring in carrier ring to list. Speaking of Tyreke about oil or don't you think this. Not a potentially in this fancy GM pie in the sky you're a little bit but I think it's something that. If I'm Dell Demps I make in that call at least talk to Danny agency what. Carrier ring would cost you may call 5042601870. Bible for 2601870. A quick break here on the comebacks to get a Tyreke. All that hi Erie is overrated. Talk intakes we've heard from last year year and a half starting to look really bad right now. I'll tell you why. And set Dunlap it's double coverage on WW. Well back to the show I want to give Fletcher Mack a shout out. He's been Donna owning Twitter or some of these in the stalls or tweets or users bananas desk. And he found us I guess a cache of all sorts of old photos and video clips news clips it's it's pretty. That's pretty fights at a counselor promising get a kick out of it back to the program it's open lines where you all our 504260. 187. I think retiree Irving. Is overrated takes the we've heard almost nonstop the last year year and a half. Are starting to look really really bad until you line just a second but first let's go to those phone lines Norman Baton Rouge let's talk about Carrie norm here on WW dot. I'm sorry. There Matt. It would land are here on the smallest market. End itself that you will. With Eddie Davis and we will not put our arms. Demi don't be stupid move that it is not the maximum contract but maybe choke respectable contract that is and very. Well. And Alice LA for all continue but it's not just skip them. The pelicans are going to offer him any kind of contract what about some other team offers him the Max and he walks which I think is what he wants. Well. Two well. I'm the I look I think it would be silly if they don't offer him at least something. But I don't look at that Achilles and very norm you're not gonna you don't wanna offer in the mattress that's just too vigorous. Yeah it civic or after achilles'. And very yeah. I mean here. Deploy at all. Rondo walked out Rondo. And AT obviously. You have confidence and maybe. We've got a brand carrier ring. You know that is that. It is you know. Or edit or able to do it. And everywhere while ordering PG don't accept. Hollywood's and I know I'm not assured a duty and they I know you could technically fitted in. Under the luxury tax cap but I don't think the pelicans would go Max luxury tax here even if they go into it. I think I think norm if they were to do this. That you would be a situation where they didn't sign bogey cousins and they were to make some blockbuster trade like I said Epson probably couple first round picks. And a couple of rule players and Darius Miller. Maybe assault and Celtic off load its contract something like that pie in the sky yes but yeah I would get a little bit of it would definitely given a Big Three. I hear it's pretty mad gargantuan three. Tyree Anthony Davis and true holiday I mean I put that three up against anybody including a one over on Golden State and I mean I mean that's seriously. Now golds it would be much deeper still that New Orleans but at least that's starting five looked mighty dangerous and doc medical merits it's E'Twaun Moore also. The fun. So yeah these these carries overrated takes also like I said starting to look really really bad right now. Here's pocket. So I talked about the hate for LeBron and ran earlier how about Tyree so many times this year how many times. Have we heard it. The quote this proves Tyree is overrated takes. Usually from some of those yelled tame and guys on TV and I kind of real against a lot. There was really any meat behind those takes in my view was is easy fodder for. LeBron Twitter and LeBron fans who wanted to scapegoat for losing 23 finals of the warriors and Tyree was that I've really mean that. So Tyree is overrated hot. That's really the the tape that we've heard a lot and some people out there listening probably. Will here's what I see now. Cleveland is back in the Eastern Conference finals against the Celtics. Last year. They won the series 41 against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals and completely dismantled. That. Brad Stevens system manned team we've been talking about wit retiree when Tyree was on the cavaliers team. This year the Celtics have almost the exact same core of players back Horford rosier Smart brown all back that's their core. Erin veins and aired Kelly of 1 o'clock. Isiah Thomas was there he's gone but you've got Jason Tatum. Cats so basically the same quarter about basically the same team same system. Now the cavaliers. You've got basically the same roster bear plus. Crowder minus diary. What's happening now they're getting embarrassed. By the Celtics by Brad Stevens by that system. So how important is. This proving Tyree Irving was to the cavs last year. Do people really think that the cavs would be this dysfunctional in this series without Tyreke. So I mean this. We take a break from the retiree hate because it's overbearing it's obnoxious and it's a strong. And we need to stop making this series this Celtics cavaliers series a referendum on carries absence from Boston. And look if any thing. It's more referendum on how important Tyree was of the cavs last year. And I guarantee your still gonna hear it. When you turn on the TV listen in the national shows. Are some people look a little assay Alice is proven Tyree is overrated that you like about just what I said. Celtics basically the same roster back the same core of players minus Isiah Thomas. Plus Jason Tatum. Caps basically the same roster plus Jae Crowder minus Tyreke. Last year the cavaliers dismantled Boston with diary without him this year they're getting embarrassed. Like I said it's a referendum on Tyreke carries coming out smelled pretty good on this one. We'll take your phone calls on this 5042601870. Bible for 260187. You can text me and a 7870. V Western Conference finals game two complete rockets to point to point when one Tony 7105 that series heads back to Oakland's tied 11. I'm Seth Dunlap double coverage continues in one minute. Hey welcome back it's just a lab double coverage final thirty minutes here are pretty Mazda opinion poll tonight. What team and no actually we appreciate it is laurel Danny answer. We're just a laurel worry Annie we don't know we're talking about what we're talking about will have an. Skull on line. We evident WW LA MFM to what area and on my page continue to play Indian if you want what you hear one year when you hear this. You know what's weird about that Tim. I have never heard you any I'm Bob probably listened to that until onion hundreds of times in the last day. I finally heard nanny there. Just the first one I finally heard won the Annie followed by much laurels I am not even joking right now this incredible. Minnelli and have a bill on the phone lines at 504260. On its every now what did you hear their Nellie. Outer Jeter. Thinks that's a good but I tell you it's like a carrier that. Oh. Of course it. I. Or it would would be that way. The race. Upbeat. And eat it or. What. Oh. Why I don't think that Crowder iris it's crowd I don't think patent court Hayward would be on the block just because he's got that long term contract there are also think don't think knowing that you would be. As good of a fits. For the system right now. It's because if fate memory it's all about that that point guard position which is the reason why I think Tyree is interesting again trade target here. For the pelicans they don't bring back Rondo. They don't bring back Ian Clark can they bring backing collecting Clark is a the bench guy good guy off the bench not knocking clarkin ought thank you very important to this team down the stretch. But they would need and I could even argue even with Rondo you give you an upgrade for this team. So that's why now that's why I say carrier ring I'd still think that. But I don't know I'm not Danny Ainge but I would assume that he's much more on the part with Carrie turning them now longterm deal. I would Gordon Hayward. Our man baseless and of the show. A radio dot com have you don't have it yet it's telling it as silly SAI. Not to belabor this point but I know a lot of you. Get off this time and that's why it was in the show on your drive home service industry got a lot of man city New Orleans. He missed any of the easiest way to get it's the radio dot com to listen live but he also listened to our podcast versions. Of the showed there so download the radio dot com app from your apps store. And then you favorites WWL radio and can stream all your shows lied to the podcast chemicals on social media. FaceBook and Twitter also be sure you sign up for our text alerts for got a couple Korea. It cured wanna know breaking news on the saints Ellis who were pelicans sign up for our sports alerts text the word sports to 87870. If you want to get into our scores club also some oh you want sign up for that too because during live game action began announcing an happened during. SEC baseball player we do it for saints games during the season we do for the big pelicans games sign up for our scores alerts Dixon ward scores. To 87878. Get signed up there. They quick break here only come back. And talk about. But I don't know are you paying attention to. I ate did not really pay attention to. Yes need to start paying attention. Because. That runaway train is coming. And the viewer ship that they're getting. Right now. Is incredible I've got some statue gonna wanna hear. And why yes. WW. Back to the show. Again Western Conference finals game and number two tonight one point 7105 rockets. Keep up the series victory over the warriors also earlier today the NBA. Released their finalists for their post season awards and Anthony Davis. Files for a couple of boards as expected he's one of the three finalists for NBA MVP along with LeBron James and James Harden he's also. One of the three finalists port offensive player of the year. With Joseph well MB and Rudy go bear now AD and certainly a longshot to win both of those awards everybody expect true you'll bear to win. Do you player of the year and everybody thinks it's hard need be LeBron. To win the NBA MVP I'm on the record saying. That's I would you do give it to I'd probably units AD or LeBron I would not give its James Harden the look he said aid. Greats the great here yet Sam says you look LeBron every I know that it. Without Tyree I just got done Sam and Al important I think Tyree was this in how much they miss him what he's done without Tyree I think is purses worth. Even more you know I just for detection here it's. I was gonna talk reputable kick up changes next segment but it textures ask me to do now so look. For you the fans a do it now CNB NFL's GNU Volpe owners are on proposed rule changes to the kickoff and there's a bunch of on the still vote on. And here's just kind of a rundown. Of all the proposed rule changes. There is they're proposing to drop proposals no running starts. For anybody on the kick off team having at least five players on each side of the ball. At least two players between numbers in the past in the least to players outside the numbers that would certainly change when bill would get a running start can't have equal. Players on both side of the ball lemon guys finally sides in the kicker are right in the middle. There'd be a carbon neutral zone in the middle a fifteen yard to. Basically no blocking zone is what they're calling it so no blocking prior to the ball hitting the router being touched no clue include on onside kicks. Certainly changed the way onside kicks playing and actually probably. Make it's maybe a little more difficult although onside kicks balls in the grounds early anyways. Every interest and they were completely eliminate wedge blocks and they've kind of gotten rid that was rule changes in the past. That's another one but completely in Romania and then also they would have what's called a set up zones. Where the receiving team between the forty yard line their own forty and the opponents 45 of the 45 yard line of the teams kicking off. And the forty yard line the receiving team that fifteen yards right there. You have to have eight players in that set up zone she wouldn't be able to. Bring a bunch of guys back to set up blocks. So I think that would make you lose the big kick off. Returns a little more exciting loss eliminated some injuries. Let's run down of all these. Proposals here from the us on remember the owners can vote on that. Later this month you can find that said Jamie finally go and tweet that out at WW all AM FM. All the rules change you can find it on the NFL football operations Twitter at NFL football ops. We'll put that on the W real AM FM Twitter. Now also wanted to talk about east. The Mario league everybody knows that right does not know more if you don't know outsmart a shame on you. That was my my first it was actually Mario was adamant there's the regular Mario and actually played out with mine my dad my dad who never played video games for summaries and you'll about one. I know each sport league from Mario. But you pay attention to. Of which I am a millennial but barely. But younger than me and if you're one of those people out there probably agree with this you're paying attention to. A lot more than us older folk and certainly anybody who's. A little longer in the tooth that I am. Now there's two big leagues Al their two big games that they're basically arena games three have. Teams of players competing against another team of players. In kind of a battle arena. In different games as the best way to explain it one of them is called over watch. Which is a PC gaming also play on consoles PlayStation. And Xbox you've got. A group of six heroes playing another group of six heroes all sorts of different abilities and they're trying to. Basically let King of the Hill capture points to try and escorted payload. Down some roads in different maps that kind of stuff. And they also have a league of legends. And what's called the LCS is the other game the league of legends championship series. That's again you got Heros there they're just plain in an arena. Trying to capture points. And that's played on PC no console for that now those studio brought sleet in the LCS. And imperial tobacco way. Are becoming too of these consistently most watched. Events weekly out there and sports in the sky crazy never let me and I'll just repeat what I just said to see understand the over watched a league. And the LC yet which is the league of legends championship series goes to a series and advance. Are becoming Joseph the most watched sporting events are doing a class by that weekly out there. Now get this just for comparison. The over watched a league finals they have. A league about every two months or so. So I was season four was just completed the finals of bats. Averaged over 450000. Calm currently viewers. 450000. Concord viewers to be over watch league finals we said okay we'll how does that compare to some sports here. That is more. Than the average NHL playoff game but it's a few 100000. So the overwrought sleep files are already out drawing me NHL. You know it's also crazy thing a Major League Baseball regular season more people got that right. No it's not even close so last year. The New York Yankees had the highest per game average viewership. On the yes network their regional network got 238000. People on average would watch yankees games. Again what I saw you over watch a league had a 450000. Con current viewers. To this one of their last their recent broadcast. Again that is more than every single. Regular season Major League Baseball TV average. More than every single one. Potisk the train I know that you might not be into it might be like. I'll Oleg golf for me I don't really. I coverage and all I you do I don't really this really like watching golf on TV Timmy I'm not a NASCAR guy and you while growing our sport dread the week. We like or don't like like to watch don't like what I'm not. Discredited knew all or any thing for not wanting to watch. But here's what I will say. This train is coming and it's only. Charging me. Faster and harder down these tracks and it's time to start paying attention to this. Because ask anybody under the age of thirty. If they're paying attention to over watch legal legend ZZ sports 49 is Carolina. Another big one. But I'm certainly intentioned this because in consumer and I think sooner rather than later. We're gonna start to have major broadcast networks pick this up there's just too much viewership especially in that demographic. That's. The advertisers the TV networks are costly trying to bring in the eighteen to forty year old to be eighteen to 35 year olds. And there's just too many of them that love watching us. Does pay attention. States just because it's coming but I'm over watch stand of willow or watch kind of unwind at night. Sometimes what that I like to watch said they have a really like legal legends and I really over watcher and for the slasher like ridiculous opinions incidents. Is so popular TARP plan a little bit desperate is really fun. This is for casual. Video gamer like me nor to any pits and stimulus. Madden that's about it. Yeah don't letting you watch tell you Maddon right now believe they have this broadcast Sonny is on ESP and soon you're talking about. 100000 dollar multi 100000 dollar purses for some of those players. Probably madness that if you find a way to win not particularly cheese would keep on it win. There's ways of getting around certain things that's different from I guess you know legal legends and other games like apple I I guess that there's Jimmy new games more names that come after this right now it's over watched. And league of legends The Who the two big ones out there are four night you'll hear a lot about that I'm sure you've seen on Twitter and stuff. Like what's Ford nine heard about it only know that's just kind of a single player shooter warrior it's like 99 people going up against each other not really league though. So a lot of you'll watch seven his own league aspect to it the overall watch leave just for example they have actually twelve franchises around the world. Yet failure ten million dollar entry fee just to get those franchises started and they compete in like a basically what is a regular season. On in the playoffs on in the finals in those seasons quote unquote take about. Two months herself knew once as it started up so. This pay attention is its common and it's something we can stop its year and it may be the future of our entertainment sports and Tim always a part of it. Records show next. Would you be the final you'll a laurel vs Gianni poll numbers and then of course. You know what are mormons and the going to be right. Set them up stubble covered strap in and up next Honda VW. Chien. But he sports is here to stay. Over 450000. People watched the latest over watch league final. That's more than any Major League Baseball teams regional network per game average last season. And more than the average audience for an Ansel playoff game this season it's incredible. Biggest gold knights vitally speaking to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And expansion franchise. In the conference finals it's incredible Tim you watch Stanley Cup Playoffs I love it. I really do this this time I'm like well I know Bobby was in this the other day I'm in the exact same boat as him which are so much stuff down here we don't have an NHL franchise and this is why are really starts pay attention. And it's fun hockey is one of those sports minute hockey and I went to Nebraska you know I'd like under five years older age it's in it's an incredible. Experience. In arena. It really is it's one of those that I think is a much better experience. In person and in TV talk about the made for TV sports like football is made for TV. But basketball and it's kinda made for TV although I think in arena basketball's great and certainly hockey is as well. Baseball. Baseball is better in person personally. And it's kind of dragged to watch on TV I piecemeal one of those guys I was growing up canyon back home I will watch every sprinkle. I driven Zelaya resume mariners game went back when I was young arm and literally everyone. You do your DVR and I watch alive so's wants a 10260 games a year that seems very exhausted me now it implemented that real that Wafer cup champs. I mean I watch I have innocent basal since I was raised almost every day but that's just because I'm normal a putting its demise of normal but it's normal for me. What so I haven't NASCAR or what does that well we know can article ran yet Kevin Harvick won Doby and those there there's also Ariza Charlotte this. Is the subject it's Saturday night so I'm going to be an all star race one million dollars winner take all. One million dollars to call slaughtered adult. Coming Harvard so when the cigarette. He made the pro and all stories but he has it really it's not a mean I'm Newt. Yeah they was still Sprint Cup now it's monster monster and now of course Willits ran a mile. In eastern guy thinks the US Tim Zimmer you wrap up our show a great job Timmy. And master control thanks to Diane Newman. Tom Manassas. Program director assistant program director helping us out during the day thanks Alan Santana is well. Thanks everybody who joined us today thank studio audience also our guess Scott Alexander Teddy Cahill and James Moran if you missed any of the showed a podcast version on what every favor podcasting app is. Or WW dol dot com or remember. The radio dot com map I'm Seth Dunlap. Tomorrow LSU baseball the startup will be on the air after that after the post came right around 930. Will leave you with our moment exam our final Mazda Freddie Mazda Knuble by the way. 60% of you. Thought this was laurel. Not Yene period.