DXC Technology is setting up a digital transformation center, will this open up new opportunities for you, your family, and your business?

Newell Normand
Tuesday, November 14th

It's official, DXC Technology is setting up a digital transformation center in downtown New Orleans. With 2,000 high paying, high tech jobs coming to the area…and thousands of ancillary jobs being created as well…will this open up new opportunities for you, your family, and your business?

This Hours guest:
Don Pierson - Louisiana Economic Development (LED) Secretary
Michael Hecht - President & CEO, GNO, Inc


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We're back and in this hour we're going to be talking about it. It's official the accede technology is setting up a digital transformation. Center in downtown New Orleans with. Two opted 2000 high paying high tech jobs come into these area as well as thousands of ancillary jobs being created as well. And you know the the question for us is is you know this is really going to open up new opportunities that you and your family. Your business. I believe so. Joining us and studio this half hour will be. Don Pierson from new Louisiana economic development office say he has the secretary and in the second half of this hour. Michael Hecht president and CEO of G and 08. So Don welcome to the show. Oh you know Don when I think about this announcement yesterday one one word comes to mind huge. Two. Opportunity. Opportunity. Opportunity. You know and they said that the announcement at the acts sees technology technologies digital transformation center in New Orleans is the capstone on a decade long effort to make New Orleans and Louisiana. A new the technology and innovation. It is fitting that the exe is opening a transformation. Center because we fully expect the impact to be transformative. To vote the exe. As a new global technology leader and New Orleans as a new national technology. I mean I've pretty much sums it up as to the opportunity. Absolutely. And wipe out as the ultra complicated. It does but when you go dig in deep about this company the breadth and depth that across the world. And the recognition of this company publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange in over seventy countries around the world. The 110. Largest company. In the war. When you think about it in that respect. If that doesn't bring validation I don't know what does. Well thank you for recognizing that they are a fortune to fifty company. Today we're. Formed last April people 4017. So. It's not unusual that people don't recognize that being the exceed technologies. That was formally computer science cooperation. And part of the Hewitt Packard corporation. And two. Very big goal alliance formats scenes. And really did drill down and focus on this concept that I'll be happy to talk a little bit more about. Of what they digital transformation. Centered does. Day really wanted to focus on that as their core business model. And they've they've brought this the very powerful group together and now there they're actually using. Who have done that's exactly why I brought you on to tell us what is it digital transformation center. All of that try to. Make this. Fairly simplistic explanations so. For our techies that are listening out there mister a little bit hopefully not a lot. But it. We are all very very aware how the world you know technology is changing all around us. Let's start with something very simple like. Maybe use now as they've law firm or an accounting. Agency. Or you go to health care clinic and there are paperless. All those forums have have been digitized and that are there the operations. That company is operating now and in the digital formats so to speak. You take that the next. Step beyond that. And if you put. Maybe that thought of making things digital the middle and eighties surrounded you would surrounded by. A cloud computing. Which is making much more data available. And the rates of integrating it data. Faster and faster. And you bring new technologies on on an eighty something like a license plate reader. Being deployed by the police department. Maybe it's facial recognition. All these various types of new technologies are popularly Eddie a toolbox so to speak. So what a company that does digital transformation. Does for you ears. For your business. Today. Take your. Digital demands. Opportunities that are out there for you and help you optimize. Software applications. That bring about. Better faster mousetrap the way that we. Might go to a web site now combined airline ticket and computer in the cloud is crunching the schedule and the decade you've picked out against pricing against different airlines. Those kinds of things in think of the air and rolling out kind of technology. Against almost every industry that you didn't think of manufacturing. Service providers. All your thinking your financial services the insurance industry. Every consumer product imaginable. You've seen the tremendous growth of Amazon that's sort of related in a way to this kind of deployment of technology. This whole digital. Revolution that's ongoing in this age of acceleration. Network living here and these kinds. Applications are in high demand. For almost all kinds of industry and businesses and therefore the demand color. To get people solution focused. And bring about a new ways to solve problems or optimize situations for various companies. They're all about providing more efficiencies and more cost savings. In Seoul they have a tremendous appetite to engage companies. Either DXE or ones like them. Two to bring about these kind of programs. So what least the year we got to be as you mentioned a very very respectable player a major player on the scene. That is now declared that. They will operate out of the war in Louisiana it's gonna have a huge impact across the entire region. And they'll begin to hire almost immediately they hope to have at least fifty people. Employed Dubai via the first quarter of eight teen. And people can get more information about that if there're. So inclined at Louisiana. Job connection dot com. Backs apple slash B exceed. Know you know away. It's easier to be used to go to the LED web site opportunity that we cnn.com. And checked pattern news release all on this. Announcement of the exe and it's also noted. In the attacks of the announcement. We're talking to Don pierce and the us secretary total Louisiana economic development. Office and and one of the things that I found interest thing is some of the in Norman's that this state gave in in contemplation of bring in this group in. Was all about education and are really liked date that approach and back filling some funding to education for. What is called stems science technology. Engineering and help me out of laugh now ma'am thank you which is you know some of the more high paying jobs. High performing students that are in that area and it. It will serve I think is a great recruitment tool for our colleges in our area and throughout the state. That's absolutely correct and it was eighty. A very salient feature in terms of the governor's direction to meet in working with this company. The governor's Chief Justice making them very appropriate. Investment in our future. By investing in. Our workforce. By via. Providing the educational opportunities. Dead at southern and millionaires and Delgado. And even though and on and on throughout the region. And spilling over to or other universities across the state and as well. You LL issuable Arizona and the private universities as well. And it was this seamless integration. Of being able to bring all our educational. Providers or educational assets to the table because. Four company that's got to ramp up to 2000 jobs. They have to be confident that we've got a pipeline that over time can give them those kinds of very talented individuals and they are just intensity. Computer code writing. And there's going to be people for us so many different disciplines. Across the board that are needed to support. The exe technologies. Don we gotta get to a break if you could stay with this and we'll continue this conversation about the the value added in the technology world of what this company brings star region. Stay with this we wanna hear from you 260187. Or tech's 8787. This is new old Norman and everybody else. We're back door talking to Don Pierson as secretary of Louisiana economic development office at the state level works for governor John Bell Edwards. The Don one of the things that struck me in ethical some people miss this totally. This company. Is in has locations in seventy countries around the world. Has a 170000. Global employees in over 6000. Clients. And what that means to our local. High performing students coming out of our university system is that they'll have access. Team not just employment here in the city of New Orleans. But the open possibility of employment at their headquarters in Tyson's corner Virginia or in so many other locations around the world. That's absolutely correct that's can easily be neat career track. Four talented young people that. That are interested in this field. And again we. Today now begin to see. Click on the web site and you get a box delivered teetered toward the next day or so. He you'd step in the vehicle. Maybe year traveling there may be in the year poop or something like get. And you moved across town and you get in and now. Without even. Offering the the money it's taken electronically a year count your county take a picture on the track and it's and it's made as a deposited your count. These you're just you know the beginnings of the things that Tennessee and of course all of this have to be protected. You cyber security we all new data breach and those kinds of concerns. But the magnitude this year magnitude all of this growing. This company processed one point three billion health care claim documents last year. They've got just a tremendous amount of work to do they're going to be around very long time. And so for those people that. Deep into this field. They'll have a great opportunity with the exceed. War. Did any of the other fast growing tech companies that are around. That's part of what we wanna try to do it Louisiana economic development he is. The more and take very good care of our existing companies in our traditional industries. And chemical production. And oil and gas agriculture. And forestry are all very important and we wanna keep those strong. But we also app the local was arise in. And and be aggressive and securing jobs of the future for. Our children and our grandchildren and so. If for that patient technology very important to us. In advance manufacturing. These very same kinds of integration in the manufacturing are so important to us. And another target we have about there is around water management and I could speak a link that that as well but were really talking about digital opportunities today. Well we're doing you talk about the multiplier effect we get the opportunity. The possibility. Of bringing many of their 6000 clients from around the world. Two new war owns. And that may have a ripple effect of them seeing the natural resources that we have the rail system the waterways. The transportation infrastructure. And a lot of these things that may be of interest to them. That we are be able to sell all the deals as we go down this road with with the taxi. Well that's absolutely correct and you know one of the features you pointed out at the beginning of our talk was simply just that. These jobs or very well paying jobs that are or over 60000 dollars on average. And some will be even in this significantly more than. So we ring that payroll in two. The southeastern region of the states. It has a strong ripple effect for small businesses of all cons. In the region. So maybe you're not at tech here and maybe you'd think perhaps that this doesn't have some impact on yet. But absolutely we had elegy economics look at the the impact and we know that it'll translate into. 64 million dollars in need taxes to help with roads and schools and healthcare. And 868. Million dollars. In new core earnings here with the economic output of 3.2 billion dollars over that time frame from 2018 through. 20/20 five and so. Certainly a a really great economic opportunity for our state and practically for the region around the war. Well Don let me say congratulations. To you and governor Jon bill Edwards in the team that shall lead and bringing them here many kudos and many successes in congratulations and thanks so much for joining us tonight. You're very welcome and were gonna began immediately working on new projects. Thank you so much. We're vacuum where I've been talking about this very exciting announcement of DXC technology. Common to town is digital transformation. Center. And all that it will bring to us and folks let me just tell you it just a couple of things this was an eighteen month process led by. The Louisiana economic development office with the state G and a wake city in New Orleans and some other key players. We competed against thirty other locations across America that one of these folks to come to their town. And guess what. We want we got it this is something to be very proud of I think you know as we continue to. Two make announcements over and over and over again about where we are and and how we're gone about doing this and I think this was a big grab and join us in studio is the presidency. CEO of GM knowing Michael act. First let me start by saying congratulations. So mom thank you know come from you that that means a lot and success has many many authors in and year you're one of them so thank you and a huge team effort over really over a decade period of time. To get us here today. So when we. In I just head Don pierce and Allen talked trying to talk about things at the state level and what it's gonna ultimately bring out I'd really like that education component of a 25 million dollars span. There but when we think about. Low locating all of this here. And you know in in the way that this Connor was brought about was an effort actually I think you started. We GNOAAQ and yell actually wrote this digital media tax credit. Situation and so what does that mean and how did that get this. The impetus for this to get started. I'm would you have why I think it was a G and knowing gap for but it was actually pre me this was back in. 2005. And I think comes some locals including that wisdom with Turbo squid. Helped write this to other media that's correct or incentive and that really gave us though the policy platform and then. The state cannot whether blue ocean strategy. Which designated digital software is one of the key. Diversifying sectors for the state. Based on this. Our existing companies started to grow and prosper. Out companies lightly GO Santorum lucid a began to grow. And then we had some early success by bringing game loft the world's number two mobile. Game manufacture here on it was a funny get within. They love the fact that we were low cost of loved our culture but they were so uncertain about the ability to attract talent that they actually made us recruit. For the first fifteen positions before they would say yes. And we ended up getting seventeen hunter resonates. Which were as good in quality and quantity is near city for this for fifteen and they said yes and if done great here. Five years ago GE capital Naji digital was a huge watershed for the city and region and stayed in terms of having the fourth biggest company in the world. She's New Orleans over 47 other locations. We had a place based development strategy in partnership with the idea village back in 2008 open the IP building. We athletic conference strategy. Bringing collision here from Vegas a couple of years ago. We've been marketing and San Francisco New York Lundin. And so really when you look at this project yesterday. And it was a in a twelve Euro overnight success. So a lot of people don't realize that this technology sector. Kind of ban with here has been expanding. Exponentially. Over the last ten years economy and a silent way but it's really been drive and our economy and as we face the challenge. Of growing our economy and diversifying our economy. These surge that type of jobs that you always talk about it that there's some value added in this company. That we bring here. Today DXC yesterday. Is a value at a company and met in many respects you know technology world. That's a great point it's it's a solemn boy a public to makes this a company that. Works with global companies and governments companies like like Procter & Gamble moving them from mainframe to the web the Danish ambulance corps. Moving into additional technology Penske Racing team helping improve their engineering efficiency. They managed Medicaid for about 23 states today add value companies and governments in the point Royce trying to make is to. One that. Greater New Orleans and Louisiana needs more quality professional jobs and Dixie brings out and thousands but too we also need companies that create wealth. As opposed to many of our industries which exists asunder as a consequence of well thought the bigger the pied a more than they're able to do their business need more people bacon a pie and that's a DXE is doing to promote job standpoint. And it's it's it's a Grand Slam and answers the number one demand that we hear every day is that we need more professional jobs. Who we gonna continue this conversation we get a lot of attacks and of course everybody wants to know how much do we give up to get these folks here so we're gonna discuss that's a week and a lay. These fears 'cause I think our return. From what I've been able Asik is going to be huge have to we'll be right back we wanna hear pretty 260187. Or Texas 87870. This is Noual Norman under evidently well. We're back door talking to Michael Hecht presidency OJ you know wink and you know Michael one of the observations and I'll wanna make is that. Often times we think very parochial. And in this respect. Not very wise for us that it it what it it was wise for us not to. Because see SC Computer Sciences Corp. which is one of the companies that made up this merger. Actually has a location in Bolger Louisiana. And as a result of their experiences. And brochure. Is what really piqued their interest in staying in Louisiana somewhere and New Orleans was a lucky city to land. Now that's exactly right look economic development to do it like rock climbing you know you get a foothold are handled and look for the next one. And second twice fourteen CSC web crystal CSC alone. When he devote your CD into the cyber research center they announced 800 jobs they've done great they're they're gonna exceed that number. And it was a positive experience and familiarity with Louisiana. That imparts give them give us a head start for his third real locations around the country because hearing you liked and trusted Louisiana. Absolutely and so when we think about. What was given away I talked about the 25 million dollar incentive to the universities to help jumpstart. The training in order to be able to have folks. In both the fields of business analysts project manager software developers engineers systems administrators and many other roles. That we're looking to get the best and brightest to to funnel towards this. But. No other real incentive that most other companies don't already get that comes Louisiana anyway. You know him in those of the other one of their gun him and take most advantage of equality job incentive which is just got story incentive available to any company. Producing quality jobs that meet the criteria so no nothing special there but I'd like to say get about the 25 million it's going higher Ed. We had an experience to this we have the G and you know and who we find is that this type of investment with a project ends up being a triple win. The company in this case to exceed its custom trained workers the school gets a curriculum that is not totally market relevant. And the market as a whole gets students graduate in the ones that don't go to the company that end up in reaching thinking the labor market. So you end up having a triple win here and one of the benefits of having Dixie push all this money into our schools is the overall labor market for everybody's gonna get larger and better trained. Yeah I did that today it's all about validation. Ago spent four years that you you know and I come out and I have a job and in in the major that I man. That's huge it's. It's huge V. And I as a person a personal level somebody we have with two young children the ability to to keep your children in Louisiana. Without doing a disservice to their future is feeling what this is all about. And the jobs that are being brought here now by Dixie are going to. One provide 2000 media direct jobs is going to be over double that number of indirect jobs is gonna be catalytic for other companies and jobs. But it also and appoint a validation is a key one it validates Louisiana and greater New Orleans to the entire world as a global destination for tech. And internally for the people of new war integrated oral it's it should validate our feeling that we actually are world class competing on the world stage. You know it's injures thing you know when I look at the text line like oh why not look I have locate them in New Orleans east instead it downtown admiral we look we don't make that choice I mean they make that choice and obviously a lot of these. Companies deal lore is. They're urban downtown feel like New York City or Boston or Chicago or others. Restaurants around. Apartment housing. There are a lot of balloon deals. Got to imagine that are going to be involved in this the younger kids coming out because they're the ones that are the most. Proactively trained in these technologies. Pat in how I just how I just fine and has suck sometimes. It drives me crazy. That this skepticism in the cynicism. You know why not this instead and I mean we'll we'll look what I just freaking celebrate a that we got this huge company that's common hearing get over with at all well look I can do you one better just last week we had a triple announcement in New Orleans east would Boeing adding hundreds of jobs to do the mission to Mars. We've advanced cutting solutions and the company from Turkey and Liechtenstein. All announcing in New Orleans east because that's for they wanted to be absolutely so we'll continue this conversation when we return to 601878. Texas and 87870. We're with Michael Hecht president and CEO GNO this annual Norman on Davida via. Who Michael back and we'll give you the last word. Bill thanks so much I think I wanna. Explain to people we've heard from DX you know why they choose New Orleans off first was our low cost that's a fairly obvious were low cost market. Second was our high culture we all know that we almost take for granted but that really makes a special. But the thing is said are really move the needle for us and put us over the top. What the level of cooperation and coordination and trust they saw between the state the region the city public and private. The universe is all partners was unparalleled and Ross in the country so. It was our cost who is our culture and ultimately here's our cooperation to put us over the top. Got to think out of the box got to think regionally we're gonna succeed or fail together. Not a part and as long as we. Breakdown as parochial barriers and move forward and be receptive to open thinking. We're gonna have more successes and I'll know that try look there's no line team and is also no wind DX say thank you so much for Jonas Michael which really appreciate it we'll be right back thinking of.