Drew Brees on his contract plus free agency moves

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, March 13th

Bobby & Kristian analyze free agency moves all over the NFL and talk with Drew Brees about his new deal with the Saints.


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Often run an hour two of sports talk here on WW LI MF amend dot com the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Kristian garic without further ado. Saints quarterback Drew Brees said down on him earlier today after making a two year. Fifty million dollar contract with the New Orleans Saints Syria's saints quarterback Drew Brees. I guess we'll start with first off congratulations on the two year contract with the city. Thank you see they're still there that the regulatory. I think that clip and they want it and yours just the matter. Okay to get the deal and you know the port they concede that live in. Q there's a lot to go to do. If the Osce can blow all the time and it give the people then who. Created see what I wait to go. After that I weighed. The umpire to call it the bad that you come all the let them create the and then that's what would you start to happen so. The only game got to cut back in the last week it. Lately it's been done you know obviously. Yesterday. Email Lotta people loved nose down here do you ever notice. Because I think it but the the only thing that I was gonna be Satan plan Colombia say polite and I feel I think the organization. This (%expletive) that that let go again it was just the matter coming together and make sure we got the right here about. Would you look at. You've been involved NFL players association. What is your take all only guaranteed contracts I didn't necessarily think. I applaud that I would see it but I guess that might very from position to position. Considering. We need to cousins is deal with the vikings. 86 million reportedly guaranteed over three seasons. If you if you look at it typical quarterback. Below you'll like it giants quarterback here. The other side of 86 year deal. With the first three years guaranteed anyway. Soul. I look at that deal is he he basically just. Getting a three year guarantee him any grief after that the vote that in two years that would really be the option of the club right hip. If you. Well Ed Ed and me but what we keep. It typically need just say all I've heard that the final years of the contract. In this case it seems like and you couldn't stop the position where he could make that decision victory here. Andrew look at that number of contracts is disconnected. Are does that correlate with the collective bargaining agreement that. You see a number of players. Looking at opportunities down the road that. That three year window. And then whats gonna go about that did you Clinton going read it might be a whole different animal so to speak. Part of negotiation that selected number of players are looking forward to the news TV agreement and and go over the three year deals. Thank you are not sure of that factoring into the baking it I guess that that really make bad. It sir. Warsaw that would be something I think the club would he be thinking about person players. Just because. You really really don't know what's gonna happen I mean but think trending upward like a bit weak revenues grow. The salary cap at the actual percentage of league revenue. The league revenues increased the salary cap increases until the play Daschle I think that players' salaries will continue to look at what. Now drill I tell the fans that. Think about the skins that you put on the wall and obviously you look at your best chance to win that set consumables here in the golden. Look at the roster where you're at right now in the NFC. Oh would that being said. When you look at where he had right now as far as. A commitment to the team and I told fans said who's given the saints a hometown discount. You know 27 million dollars this is a big guarantees in you know in the real world so to speak good. Now this should not may be headed to say to help them out there may be. To surround yourself on going forward also would have better supporting cast. Considering that you wanna go anywhere and you. Obviously. One to deal with the saints and gets an event to help the team. Yeah I did. My communication lit and it delivers a little bit based organization. During. In my contract and my contract discussions over the last three children early and then. Holy dip and then what Mostar and I think that there's. There's there's a great level of communication there's a great level of understanding. And there's red level person back as well yeah all the I think it all rotate that it was. Okay that's due to be done let's come together that's fine video that going to be the most fair play and organizations at all. And my objective with this deal was. So they got them live the deal is much that I could because they know the case then. I would be. A lot more flooding elsewhere in elevate. We never look any deal. From other places but the debate I was getting offers. You help out but BP objectively look I've I've told them they watered. I'll be indoors indoors somewhat archaic I love the opportunity we have. The the very that we haven't looked that bad. I'm just excited to be back. Then again the object of blood due to get a deal that was fair. Well you're leaving the building. I drew so. You mentioned other offers he never entertained and how much did when you look at this roster this this currency team how much did. Winning a championship motivate you to get a deal done with win with the urgency. Championship is what it called out I. I I feel like I've got a couple good years left and I feel like we've got a window and the dead and I think there are excited about you know we all do it we have a great opportunity. Clearly building up but the momentum last year. Iraq like we've got some young players that conditions there. If they continue to work the way that they were able to get better and Ed NBA positions Arnold wait. A lot of personal accomplishment and what building it accomplishment. Ed and as we continue to build the team create in the trap as well. You don't think you're always looking you're always looking to recruit or put it that Depp George looking to. Competition. To certain conditions. Are you today. Well I think what we will coached by it by coach Payton and our assistant coaches that. Foundation and we built in the culture you know that it that Carlyle group I think that we had a chance to accomplish great things yeah. Palin Drew Brees here on sports talk W to do well. In the same degree two year contract he's staying in New Orleans and drew what is pick your brain on something you have you thought about Jimmy Graham from the back to the world how would you feel about that. I think about this. I would love to have you back. Well yeah delegate talked and talked about the need to do it excuse me out they not be here this judge you're under the heat. Well. We're happy with the latest. You know they destroyed them. Obviously you got the relationship I would give me but I get back together he would rather be at well. Like you can't look at that you think the majority did that you know it took big big big big play and how a bit further. Little pick up games you have picked the candidate at the. Are you lobbying to Mickey Loomis to make that happen. I did I think well. All and that he our bit for the trading nobody but nobody looked Jimmie wouldn't be here and everybody would love to have a back. Should know would that be instead. And you look all the skins you have on the wall with this organization. When you talk about free agency or even the draft. Are you like part of the team always showed they indicate looms as they say drew what do you think about this and obviously we just talked allegedly grabbed it. Is that something be. Maybe talk to you about as far as we always been one of the most prolific offenses. Is safe legged Devlin will be in. You know but. Good blitzer that even with the video doesn't decision bet that they're making with a bad pitches that he and and Alex. Salary cap a good thing but it's. Don't. Let the let them and put it in the this building they're showing it very. But with me and I appreciate that very much political ghost conversation that it brought the that he. Oh yeah looking opinion of me every now and then you know it. A quick look at Jimmy I think we we don't exactly what we're getting yourself like we're talking about a player that night. At your way out. But Jolie in the past we've when we need to come out. Especially when it thought that the guy that shot Obama beat all of you know. It's. L but that's definitely a conversation about. So would you look at you career. Students said and done. I thought that was unbelievable when you looked does that cost is actually press conference that policy and he's retiring. And how he more the emotional high emotionally he got and then also you self. A day get a better and that we talk about a team's board and what you need to one another I had thought that was a pretty special. Considering how would you need to Zach Strief that would Zach Strief means to you. Considering. All the battles shell went through. That's what they're about no at all about those relationships. It took them that you miss most. I think we knew we knew beat Gasquet you know that's what that's what everybody says it's you know when they leave it to you just can't replace walker you know you. Surged further weight to replace the high of the competition. You know like game day and different things that's really hard to replace the French it's in the locker room and just. Be about time that you spent together and images that brotherhood you know it. I consider myself very lucky to have come in with such a great class of guys back in 2006. You know guys almost a company in coming into different ways you know. But but I really forming a very strong bond and I was she would wish to reach and I've been together for twelve years being part of that class but also. You're Indian guy in front of me to move to the you know put his health than body alive every week just to protect me to take care may have. Just to know to know his feelings. We really really special and beat the special god because I love him as a teammate there's really no better team that you could ever ask war. And actually. I'm. I'm excited that he can be close close by you know if you're trying to build in North Shore so. When you're below the facility still I think he's such tremendous influence on augment our younger players especially that allied world and just lets job. Such incredible human being I. I keep that's sort of saying it could be the mayor norm in twenty years I didn't they used to be available albeit campaign manager. But you just because you're so its first child a baby boy. In this like Charlotte and beautiful baby boy so he's done the next chapter of light which is father then resume the great thing about. Drew finally to run in the second but who won the water blue baseball. Mostly together and really yeah. At first that first double up properly when I couldn't wait outside like Norton actually makes perfect hedge you're gonna get ready anyway you might want to start playing each other what water group member of the ultimate. You know water blue baseball where the other destroy the mattress they are mega mix well the bat but it Billick left in my. You know to create a video of the kids very and then this year and as I headed out to capture the moment share. Drew Brees saints quarterback and new two year contract he'll remain in New Orleans. Drew congratulations and thanks for the visiting our sports talk. Brees and the saints a two year fifty million dollar contract 27 million. Guarantee Bobby Hebert Kristian garic this is sports talk. Here on saint radio WW well. I look back sports I'll hold you guys enjoy that. In who drew caught a little earlier today at 2 o'clock OK and we have a lot of text here they probably don't know about 245 or in Britain and look and look. We loved audiences they're still plugged and they know we're Jimmy Graham ultimately signed where with the agreement Packers but. The time of the interview we did know that so that's we asked about the what did you learn from ever write comments on grant. But it just goes to show you. You never won a cut ties there was no hard feelings between the saint Jimmy Graham. Drew Brees talked about her relationship with Jimmy Graham in the whole locker room. So no that's file what is seeded numbers. Because to me and I am a talk about that that a news. About the same Droid gonna may be are they weren't willing to pay. What the Packers page Jimmy Graham that makes it but I am elaborate on that after the news. Come back when Mitchell Lafayette also ran off and Dallas Texas phone lines are open at 5042601. A semi. Who benefit from the deal about the most breeze or the saints two years fifty million dollars 27 million dollar. Guaranteed money and Greece clearly took a hometown discount the sports talk here on W into LA enough men dot com. Free agency well under way. Will wave to embellish that's why coach. Will wade at 615. Eight Aruba. Too late defensive line and join us now hey how are it. Blew pretty good. We're good look what's the process like get ready for the NFL draft. Bingo putter goes so far you know this is he's. Well I'm into billions and did it just gonna do whatever it took them to do have been excellent so there's been books aren't going to do. And they'd look at Ed what you did it become bind kitchen everyone's attention. Yet to be proud of that when you look at the forty yard dash in. Considering he's six foot 62 or 62 pounds. You ran a four point six so those only behind mark is Davenport. Who was the name that was and got a lot of recognition going to come buy he ran a four point 58. And then you look at also. You vertically. What 38 and a half inches Roy jumped ten feet eight inches. Bull put a decimals and numbers of any divas sublime and the class but I just by having that and those unbelievable achievement. That's. You draft stock go up and all NFL teams are recognized who your coming on to blame. That and then Upton and put them on. Me talking more potent. What. Is called Deirdre and all the tunes on the that would mean what incident on me to do it like it and you mentioned. McClinton and also well we do what as it. Grows. About loan and so. Who's being UN Nader wrote from Tulane University. All of us on the radar for a radar for top of the bits of Lyman. And they eight outlook and and originally you move to America from Nigeria. To play basketball. But then how did that work out all of a sudden. You coming that are promised land so to speak. To play basketball but did you wanna get paid to playing in the playing football and now the opportunity day in if our dream that Wilson in NFL. And it looks a little during column through it means you are important. To our revenue on the web. It. And much more. Courts. He didn't want it would it would go go. Ball and come aboard the code. I think you'll you'll pretty if you wouldn't put it on how to do it. I'm not involved in them I mean I don't look at it. Or. Use it and what wouldn't critiquing. End up wearing. A mark what can you know when I'm usually eat. And from there. Grew on him but. More. Rated down. Bought going to be counted. On. It. Into these coaches one. On. And you know you wouldn't want to weigh about people will. Which to. Not knowing what it would. Knew what people are really involved when it comes to him. Again more putts that went on that and mean. I think I mean there's people that importantly what it did. True there nub of the problem. Well I you know the one thing if you could affect the opposing quarterbacking gets sacked Starr disrupt the passing game. You know everyone's. Is looking in the NFL the those diamonds in the Republican you had ten sacks as a junior. Only three senior year but it. Does Magen David you've probably heard givers now between a 34 where you have three beavis and Lyman Versa Ford three where you have Ford down David sublime and and that can make out there it's a world what you get those sacks or not and I'm sure you're aware of that. Yeah I mean that they'll move by the beginning the grew up in the cold when he called it an article more. Are up more. All respect. Mark but two. Bob you've been on the Tokyo it is suited Newton go on for people. And you want to bow out. Yeah. Given the go go completely true. Boy about me I design development. Will be. Followed one when he knew that include wanting to go up. Or. Didn't mean aggressive we can win it in. For me. Whatever that line is that what do we want to do. About it. Eight a ruling here Tulane University defensive line to get ready for the NFL draft and it what kind of interaction he had with scouts are coaches that they're giving it feedback on your talent where they feel like you need to improve on. What they like about it. They didn't like that and oh factor. I think more and more competent and well being beaten to me I'm. Paula Newton on the news or indecent. Then you won't know fruitful. You. More and so could do it but it. Wouldn't need a corset or. What they do that was recently and didn't bet he'd been cool to. More on the boat like people want you know want an action into. Well not much you know in it and like why did he blow it. On the animal abuse that deeply what we're trying to be cute little. I mean what did you do it in and don't big kudos to them. Two took its. And yet the record of and portable. Now any idea how have you ever bin. Ten NFL game professional game and milieu where. Well aware of the saints and how important right here in your backyard. You know to lay in the Mercedes-Benz superdome in New Orleans Saints. Have you followed the saints are they NFL's a hole in. Have you win does that compared to. Garvin the college level now to professional level of the had the best in the world. Yeah one decision in. On the open it. Stupid human life and I walked up and TV. Like he says it pollutants and implement it when. It Gorman. Could go. Only on the electable. Good reasons and there a common recorded according. To comment. Eagle. And it didn't know what he's going that there will be. Well and so would probably Hugo. I'm doing and he got that big is it shortness and it. But it wouldn't toward it would it would wouldn't it. To make much broader. On the go to Q does the probably that's our own we wouldn't do uncle easily. Into an the but what about. What do you. Patent war you don't. Know what in the attendance need to go there live will commit. How you've got your first name. I don't know but it all well and or no idea how we. ID. Although. I did tell me what's the meaning behind it. Pardon him. I'd implement Rio. De. Soul but what devices it is important that we. Didn't have so much being in mind these. The odd that it's important. Sorry any concern about what mark. Symbolized and if it. It's been in this the this team is currently. It's formula BC bulletin. The so does that mean Marmol. I dale rule here Tulane defense of Lima unit for the NFL draft. I date I guess overall how's how's your off the field history and your team's victories about that. Any issues. Yeah on the it that I did know something that I. I would. Group formula two and I'll put on them. Mitchell is so cold there were additional. While some that credential and need to see. In our media so important that the confidence quite some sort of ritual. Vegetables and don't know what India on the what is important. So. But. Two. And I day you know I know you know probably a little history. The NFL has a past history with the country of Nigeria and Africa. That you can be the Nigerian nightmare part two. And you've probably heard of Christian or call eight that would tell me please you heard of him right. You know. About it. And what it would be used. Right are people who aren't in you know. So and so. You want that but wouldn't next. As the thoroughly here to a defense of Lima get ready for the NFL draft look will be. We tracking him and we we will begin draft as early as possible in good luck to it. I've been broadened and months. You bet thank you please sound like he's ready for NFL locker room right now well that shows you innocence the NFL. Is international Latin MB level. They still gonna find news when every year it. However you come here you want that exposure and opportunity to play like you might come as a basketball players like well. You have more football bill. How like that letter I'll. I like that ally and I just first play. Be humble there have been an issue how low was communal and worrying you know he's pitching bullet still learned a game exactly and our new motto yes they've knocked him out of this is another version. They that I knew how to pick of the game late in America Africa and yes. Mitch Bob being a star Mitch call. Randolph and you to a 50426018. Semi tech's 87 needs and his saints miss out on tidy Jimmy Graham are you. Happy are satin work of the saints turn. Could be Kobe played there may be one more time sports talk rolls on here on WWL. I just wrapped up an interview with. And at. Tulane university of its alignment. Hissing cat meant. I think he went from a relatively unknown possibly. 67 rounder undrafted sit maybe even third fourth round guy with those numbers he put up the Kama well and. What's impressive. Is the explosiveness. And you look at divert oval what do you do in the broad joke. Now these are two names that are big names that a deal with the class. Knock on a stage Bradley child. Mark is Davenport. That's a direction directional school of the University of Texas San Antonio. You know not University of Texas in Austin right University of Texas San Antonio the road runners. Mark is that we're out of CNET news on around. It and to a three mock drafts going that are raiders at number ten pick. Well you look at her Rhoda. In his forty yard dash. Not Davenport ran a four point five B he ran a 460 child ran a 465. So when you compare that to six with 62 or 62 pounds. That he beat Amal. When you look at explosives and jumps what's the biggest wilderness indicator of a good pass rusher. Usually get off those companies most you get off 38 and a half inch vertical broad jump ten feet eight inches. Best numbers of any units of linemen in the class. So no. And he's he's not a diamond in the rough anymore. Simply because what he accomplice in the Kumble. I come back from mr. Paul Randolph when you took a 5042601. A seventy sports talk here on the beat him well.