Doug Thompson on LSU Baseball

Thursday, May 3rd
We talk to the color analyst for the LSU Sports Radio Network on the LSU Baseball team. Can the Tigers make a run to end the season on a positive note?

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I welcome back to the program we just heard from pulmonary an interview earlier today would Kristian garic. And Deuce McAllister we're gonna keep talking LSU baseball as promised here with the Doug Thompson of the LSU radio network dubbed you do and. Great man Ahmed our Little League ball actors that get it better. I'm I missed those they meant that. I'm sure you remember your eyes are wide and there's nothing like when you're young playing Little League ball manages the the whole world from evil old baseball carries in him. All he had a lot of fun watching these kids chunky in the right way and it's it would happen any other way. Suck about these tigers and I'll start off with Mikhail Hilliard with some positive here. But he staggers did you expect Mikhail to be disputed and when you watch him what what makes him so spectacular here's a freshman for the tigers. Well not a pick anybody could of could possibly expected how solidly then. The question is there it's it's one thing about their have a couple of games and even be dominant but to do it almost every week in and out as is prepared specially other teams you know to collect from the scouting reports they know what his is to get more used Alpert that and continue to be successful are bigger awards related series gotta incredible snapdragon opposite scope all. The bottom just all out of that he's able to sort negated overhead in the count which. Makes hitters become much more respect folate and Linux it's been ladies bouncing at located at well. And pitcher's counts and he and get strikeouts when he sued the it would is that all that's not overpowering but he locates it well use it. Are extremely well the setup is Coke also are not all that anyone in could have expected what he has done by he is and his what just a fantastic she's. ZR the freshman and newcomer of the year here in the SEC. Mark Kotsay you have to be in that conversation now with. Which guy you decide that and I wouldn't say that's debatable I'm not real sure. About all the other freshman around the weeks I really can't say that was certainly part. I turned to making an impact on a weekly basis if that's one of their prerequisites and material earlier this certainly fits the bill. Yet subtle breaks they optimistic duds I talked to James Moran earlier this week went through all the battle to some and a little bit but. Look forward and I don't wanna say next year to this year's not over pulmonary would certainly say that there's a lot of baseball to be played. The man Doug would I look at the future especially with this staff with Eric walker when he comes back second guess is in Hilliard and all these young guys Gore's latest. May happen LSU is going to be sold good. Very soon. They're not they will be you know you've got a great season next year or do like set. Well locks or turn guys who will have a lot of innings under their belt me. That a lot as he seeks. Any there won't be a ton of newcomers we're you know you've got and you cookware you got governors. There's a ton of guys offensively as well that obviously make an impact lectures and I think that's going to be. Are a lot of spot but again this year there's a lot to look forward to do so. Really basically got they help mixtures stream is there but that injury public features in its gonna be a struggle. In this league particularly the SEC. Our last so. Yes like the prospects next year round with those coach McNair mean if history proves itself then pulmonary at this time the has done a pretty remarkable things and you know this he's backs against the wall you've got a lot of kids in that lineup that we're in Omaha last year at supper that type art great. And you never know what you're gonna get out I mean I'm sure there's a lot of a lot of conversation with a hand. And like every pulmonary in the past a big eagle or these guys despite fight it out the variant. Dare to dream this fall and Ares says talking to Doug talk or hear on double coverage color analyst on the osu Sports Radio network for LSU baseball. And you know you've been through this before so many times like you just laid out pulmonary second half run description and the SEC tournament which is a few weeks away. Near my what do you think the tigers need to do here secure another regional bid to make sure Austin at home. What that selection Monday is come and gone. I think they need to get in a governor here 67 win in the SEC sure. They. I think at midweek game wins I mean a little bit more at this point as well I think they have to play. Certainly into the weekend in the SEC. To produce this thing out and a fashion that that maybe get a closer reach out that's a tall order but again. I remember a pulmonary chain efficiencies and twenty restraint when. Remember a win win Florida came in with a big pitchers we years ago we can't rate on Sunday. Got the big two in the first two days Mississippi State. Last year they swept you know right for the result. It's been done before and it's not the craziest thing in the World Bank the number one really good gonna come out our Canadian leaders are any I mean it happened or that he has that type of back against the wall. Our mentality to exit I think maybe had a chance to get it now. All of the bullpen Doug is this fixable we hear rumblings and stories may be in that nick sooner rather than later. What's going on here and how to fix it. Well I think you know I don't know there there's a wait of six a lot of guys is going up there haven't. Our first record first pitch in and a good person and very and then take it from there we. When their when the wheels seemed to all law you know you you always like to challenger for pitchers and cannot overtake banks trust they're stopping your trust a person and you hear a lot. As a pitcher and it's it's almost a cliche very difficult to do but it's it's true like you have to believe that they that the you have. Are good enough to win and you can't get out their press speakers. When Russians feel like you how. Our perform it's really talk about their mounts up and up anyway on our. To deal with you have an opposing team obviously up there trying to hit the ball so I am. Yes I. Look there's a lot of counts which is staff I was fortunate to play five or six years after LSU. Of course owners Prado or she's. And I don't know that I ever pitched on which step or every pitcher just about everyone. Brought their touched ninety mile an hour. There's a lot of talent out there and this team I think. I expected today. Is the green that no one what wanna square off against. Judge really appreciate the time I get back of that Little League game sounds like a fun out there that the much. Well we'll do it thanks a lot of the time and I you guys have a good night. All right thanks so much you can hear dog. This weekend as LSU back in action against Arkansas again dug the color analyst on the LSU sports. Radio network for LSU baseball we'll take a quick break here at Jimmy's been behind the glass gathering up all sorts of questions to make me look like a fool like he usually does in two minute drill. It's two minute drill two minutes of sports and maybe a little pop culture trivia eight questions two minutes next on double coverage.