Doug Jones beats Roy Moore

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, December 13th

Tommy talks with Lara Brown, the Director of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, about a Democrat winning the Alabama Senate race.


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We're talking about Roy Moore and the election and Alabama yesterday Doug Jones was and it also matters 91 it. Mom and a write in vote could have had a lot to do with that board talking to you about that and also getting a lot of text about. Allegations. And did molestation. And timeframe and everything else Lehrer growth get back to that the Blair Brown joins us right now our friend director of the graduate school political management at George Washington University. Good morning ma'am. Good morning you know I'm all right thanks has taken a timeliness of course I'm happy to be here did you have do you have all your shopping onions. Outcry now having a hard night if you need any information. You know on me about what I like and don't like you notice that it. And please don't spend don't spend more than a hundred dollars we give me their promise. Crop hail that you. Tell me about the election last night did that Hillary yesterday in the results last night. Is that an indication of did people vote against Roy Moore kinda like people voted against Hillary Clinton. I keep paying people voted against storing more. But I think what was more important. Which really. Essentially what I've been talking about for awhile is it. There was eight to match or turnout and what we mean by that is that one party turnout is much higher proportions than the other. Relative. To kind of expectations. And what we saw I was in the democratic county. Very very very high churn out a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. In the Republican counties. The world counties there were not as strong turnout. And so even though. Some of the vote chairs in this world counties were similar to what they weren't twenty sixteenths. There weren't big numbers there because turn out just wasn't strong. Do you think people. It knew a lot about Doug Jones other than he was a guy running against Roy Moore. Yes I mean ninety and change. One of the things that get slot in the national conversation. Is how much they can candidates themselves. Are certain deep inhale and known among voters in Alabama is not a giant states. That count had. Successfully. Prosecuted. The individuals had been involved that the kkk. He was very much known in the state of Alabama. He also on hand and spent on because of super pac dollars more money. Then Roy Moore and a lot of that was about getting out the message about who debt chances. And what he hoped to do once he got the sun. In terms of political capital the president backed Luther strange who is they are now. Temporary replacement in Jeff Sessions seat. So he backed Luther strange against Roy Moore he did do my dad didn't happen Roy Moore won many back Roy morrow late in the election. Android moral lost as we what does that do you do the president's political capital and is that any kind of preview into the Tony eighteen mid terms. Well I think it's very clear that the president is trying to backtrack and say he was right all along that is why he originally backed looters strange. Not growing more and that he knew Roy Moore it's going to races. But of course that doesn't fit with his pattern of behavior over the last week whereby he did. Aids campaign style rally in Pensacola Florida which is right on the border. Op Ed all just Alabama Lara for people don't know most of this year due that's that Seattle and Alabama media market that's not. Florida that was to me a very disingenuous way to campaign. For lose some more without going to Alabama and the I don't know that he fooled anybody with that. Well that's right I mean he went Roy Moore on our way more you get. Essentially media coverage and he tried Q. Chin up that support for Roy Moore. In a essentially that very southern rural part of Alabama that does border that Florida Panhandle. The other thing though we should note which is something that happened in the election which is also went happened. In Virginia and New Jersey last month and that is. That college educated. Suburban. White voters who it's to hit that typically Ben voting Republicans. Chose. Did not vote Republican and this is where. One of the things that is really strike he'd. When you go to some of that county. In Alabama itself where there hide the lapels of college educated voters you can see. That. Doug Jones did better then Hillary Clinton did on. From a percentage standpoint and in fact. Doug Jones one of some of the counties that Clinton lost. To trumpet in 2016. And you could see that Roy Moore did not. Essentially meet the vote share of the Donald Trump did in some of these places. Including Shelby county. It was pretty striking Donald Trump in. 2016 got 73%. Of the vote there were more only picked up 57%. Of the vote there. Thumb in terms of preview toward mid terms when he eighteen from presidential endorsements and the setting of a candidate. Given all sexual harassment charges. Our party's more likely to look into the history of out of candidates passers is just a flash in the pan and then a couple. Years from now people won't care at least even a year from now. All parties typically have. Those who haven't had and kind of single issue special interest were or people. Who have been campaigning like Steve Bannon on the idea that essentially the establishment knows nothing. Well. There are problems when you allow. Really extremist voices on either party to take control. The election. There's on time old saying. In politics that came from a party boss is set I don't care who does the elect being so long as I get to do the nominee. And that is about the fact. That denominations are so critical we're one of the few countries in the world. Where nominations are decided by the people in primary elections not party's. Through essentially meetings or. Internal nominations so. We have a very open process but that also means that. Parties should be. Stronger. Pot. Could be kind of more relevant in the process that often times that people think. They are. We're both not a time getting to meet quick yes or no ancillary and is just from. I think it would be your opinion I don't know gut I don't know how she'd be able to tell this. If the women don't come forward if they are not the sexual harassment issues with Roy Moore is even news senator with yet Roy Moore. Is he the senator elect from Alabama this morning. And now I'm saying if the harassment charges did don't come forward to the women don't come forward. With Roy Moore do you think he would be the senator elect from Alabama this morning. Well yes I mean I do you think that that that is the case. There were a lot of issues with regard to write more and certainly that sexual harassment charges were an island cops and. Thank you Larry appreciate your time have a Great Dane a Merry Christmas happy new year happy Chanukah is whatever he's Albert. I have a great holiday.