Domestic violence victims seek asylum in the US

Newell Normand
Wednesday, June 13th
Should victims of domestic violence seek asylum in the United States?

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We're leading up to the Father's Day weekend what are your plans there're so many things to do around two Wallace this weekend if you're looking for some fund pay debts. An under appeared to answer but the New Orleans tango festivals going on. Over at the Astor June 14 please do the seven team that Thursday through Sunday check that out that maybe fund. Also the saints mini camp today and tomorrow from eleven to 120 at the doctor sports performance center at saints' headquarters viewing history. Gates opened 45 minutes before each practice. Check out the up and coming saying axes to what they're going to be able to put on the field. We've got a great show we're going to be talking to you. Representatives from the major county sheriff's association who were intent on having their annual convention thing right before the national sheriffs association convention. That's in town at next week as well. So will be talking to a few representatives from that organization is 21 of the trials and tribulations and the challenges that they face across the country each and every day. In the second hour we're going to be talking about. Senator John Kennedy's statements. And whether or not you know he's saying that the governor should resign. And in this hour we're talking about you know as a very important issue I spoke she just cannot make this stuff up. You know president trump when he talked about. Ice enforcement immigration enforcement. He talked about the dangers in this story says a revealing themselves suggests very telling in fact there was a round up in New Jersey. There were nationals. Of angry look. Bangladesh Cameroon Colombia Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ghana Guatemala Guinea Yana. Haiti Honduras Jamaica Korea. Macedonia. Mexico Nicaragua. Pakistan Philippines better who. Poland Spain Saint Lucia. Trinidad and Venezuela. That were arrested. And everybody wants to say that this is all about anything it's Golan is about. Just the Central American countries and the Mexican border it's not true. It's much bigger than that and in fact this roundup also. Netted. Folks that have been convicted of aggravated assault child endangerment. Criminal sexual contact kidnapping homicide drug offenses and other crimes. And they were over in 91 foreign nationals or continue to talk to us about this happenstance and the challenges that ice faces across the country is Jessica Vaughn director your director excuse me a policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies. Welcome to the show Jessica. I. Jessica I make the observation in the opening statement simply to make the point that everybody thinks it's only about what's going on in the border in this. Challenge in these issues are so much broader than that. What signal. That's exactly right I am mean illegal immigration is the problem from countries all over the world and all about 40% of illegal population living in the United States. How has come in on legal uses and overstate them and the big problem is is that in forced many in the interior of the country. Has been ignored. Or at least was ignored for many years prior to the trump administration. Making it a priority. But I think it's important for people to understand also that the highest priority for enforcement always has been. That's small fraction of the illegal population. That is. Committing other. Time to come to ice his attention because they've done something else that gets them a rested by state and local law enforcement agencies. And they admit that's why their priorities they want they want to use their resources on the people who are creating the most problems in the communities where they're living. That's not to say that they don't sometimes arrest other toward that. You know work site enforcement. You know is. Not also legitimate but this is the main priority for I. And they have to do many more of these operations now in the community. Because there are so many jurisdictions that have been these misguided sanctuary policies that prevent ice. From making their wrath of their priority targets in the jail where. It's safe for the ice officers since they've for the community now because of sanctuary policies that we least these individuals. They've got to go I have to go out and get up. Yeah you know I just. And I've had a number of shows on this issue and some people say and think that I had to Manny. But the fact of the matter is is that as a former law enforcement officer and and and sheriff. I am very much concerned. About the and as you pointed out I think this is a good distinction to. Is that it's a small faction. Of the number of illegals that are in this country that are having a huge impact in the quality of life in our communities across this country. That are wreaking Havoc because they are impact. Criminals. They are sucking the life Fata communities across this country. And why are we would want to protect those folks I have no idea. Right and in the people who are most harmed by sanctuary policies or other non enforcement policies and that end up. Protecting criminal aliens are other immigrants because these criminal aliens off since. Most often preyed on their own communities where they're living and especially new. One of people arrested in the operation in New Jersey was an MS thirteen member whose traffic in firearms and narcotics. He keep not coming in my neighborhood. He terrorizing people in his neighborhood where he can. You know his fellow gang members extort people but he found sexually assault people. They make life miserable in immigrant communities and so. Enforcement protects everybody. They're engaged in the same conduct they were engaged in from their origin country that just enabled and they move into these communities. That are the folks from other origin country that they can just. You know. Wreak Havoc on and take advantage of not unlike what they did back home. That's right and and some of these problems are too big for local law enforcement agencies to. Deal with on their own. And when you had members of the community who are in the country illegally they're very vulnerable to enforcement by I and that's why it's really important to have. Partnerships and open lines of communication. Between local police sheriffs and immigration authorities say they can work together. To remove these people from the streets because. Yeah especially you find the gang members. MS thirteen is truly transnational. Gang that operates across borders. And you want I can to come in and help deal with them you know local police department should have to try to cope without on the. There are sick series of articles done by a reporter I think his name was Mike Miller with the Washington Post as I call. And if he talked about a middle school. On the East Coast that had been completely taken over by the MS thirteen ineffective teachers the administrators and everyone else were completely. In fear. Of this gang and been in it like you said it was a small number of folks but they just completely. Wreaked Havoc in the name of the school is the William work in middle school in Riverdale Maryland. And India and it it's gotten to the point where there are people just thrown up their arms I don't even know what to do anymore they can't protect their kids. That it. Very very sad that it's gotten to that point that it's almost like in milk goes down in an MS thirteen is uniquely. Brutal gang and they. They have their power and intimidation. Abilities through violence because they're completely bloodthirsty and and brutal. And and they would get slit somebody's throat at the drop of the hat just to prove how bad are. That would end. And there presence in this country has grown very recently because. In 2012 there's and the influx. Unaccompanied minors and families with kids from Central America. That getting understood. That and lenient policies would result in teenagers. On being released when they arrived at the border illegally. And so they specifically read to recruited teens from El Salvador and Honduras especially. To grow the ranks of the gangs here in the United States. And on top of it all these other families also coming in here who were getting the album attempt to apply for asylum. Their kids during the same schools and they are very vulnerable to recruitment. By MS thirteen or eight sometimes eighteenth street other gangs. And and it is causing this kind of wild west atmosphere in these schools the public is permanent school. Authorities don't want to admit that they have bad gang problems that they don't wanna work with police because unity. Think the you know send the wrong signal of some kind. But the parents are very upset about it and it's it's got to be addressed and it's gonna take immigration enforcement and and other law enforcement action case to get these dogs out of. Just security it is this change in new act they say it's a change in policy as it relates to this asylum issue and it seems as though. They're trying to address loop holes there's been 872%. Increase in person Seeking Asylum since 2000. And pine. So where are we are listening audience where exactly are we in what I did and stay and there are five criteria that'll look daddy in trying to determine whether or nurture eligible for asylum in this country. That's right I'm in in early 2000 that and you like 5000 people a year who would show up the borders Seeking Asylum now it's. More than 90000 probably this year approaching a 100000 or more. So it's it's. Read and it's gone up so much is because of a chain that was originally made and the Obama administration. That imposed to catch and release policies that you know. Overturned. Decades of policies that you know we're gonna hold joint custody to hear cases decided. That was gone by the wayside so hence this surge from Central America. What and also under the Obama administration 2014 there was a decision by the immigration courts that found. Women do experience domestic violence. Or armed people who were. Com who who had witnessed crimes and lived in crime ridden areas in Central America. Could. Potentially get them here. And you know that also opened up the opportunity for people to come here and start making claims just you know saying that they were. Fleeing violence or fleeing their husband is nowhere ago. I'm so they had to leave their home countries and that the government would protect them what the attorney general has done to use his authority to instruct. Immigration judges on. How to interpret the law. And say that look we're gonna go back. To what the law actually says that was passed in 1980 it's says if you if you want. Refuge here you have to show that you being persecuted based on your read religion. Com. Citizenship. Or membership at a and a particular social group and that your government is enabling this persecution. That it's not enough to say simply that you do that you. Live in. A crime ridden area or that. Your husband BP that is those situations are that's not a basis for political asylum. Think that this is really going back to what the law intended. Rather than its current kind of you know. Stretched beyond belief form that we scene now and interest to impose them. What that attorney general calls legal discipline on this process that. We all sympathize and understand that there are. Countries that struggle to Millwood to achieve civil society and that people live in hardship. But beat the immigration laws of the United States are not remedy for that and you know we can't solve those problems by letting everyone here. And and they have other options can even if they are genuinely persecuted. They can apply inflate their countries like Mexico or Costa Rica Panama. Yeah it did that. Did you know it should not be you know highways people coming to the United States thinking that they can relocate here on the basis of these. Admittedly that's situations. But you know which are not really persecution. You know historically it's always been about government persecution or government action in in many cases and it seems as though now all. The detractors. To this policy change our defending. Kind of that did the defensive use of asylum. Especially while being deported if there and in deportation proceedings all of a sudden they seek asylum. And it's now been of the code word is government inaction so you know Central American countries they said the government's not doing anything and not. Well we could make the same observations about this country. And with that. Where are where our domestic. Abuse victims we where do they seek asylum if you're a US citizen and I mean Russia's acquires and I don't mean it. I don't mean to make light of it but the fact of the matter is is that. Their recent reports about homicides in this country about how many young go unsolved. And in in all of these other issues that we had where we're into our own citizens seek asylum when when they're being persecuted against by their. Form a loved one. Or otherwise. Well that's it that's been really good point and end it it and then line that you know I think we all. Feel. You know they. Sorry for. We need to have the same sympathy for people who are in that situation here in the United States and help our communities deal with those problems here. Is it just is not a solution to say you know that people can just sort of pickup and move wherever dateline. And I think we should be helping governments and Central America if they want our help. Deal with these problems. In the long run that's best for everybody and that should be the appropriate policy response for two problems in other countries like America. How popular with you know how we camp which you know we can't bring it in here. Thank you so much for joining us we really appreciate your insight and thanks for taking time out of your busy day. All right they just go on with the Center for Immigration Studies Canada materiel opinion poll a recent ice raids netted killers rapists and criminals would violent past was trump wrong. Colony MS thirteen gang members animals in 96% of the respondents saying now consider the following. Sessions. Is trying to change the principles of asylum as a as a relates to. Of the victims. Of domestic violence and understand. As it relates to. The victim's rights that this is a very serious illness situation. But when you consider the following is a relates to our own citizens we're gonna finance. The relocation. A foreigner. In this country. But we don't finance the relocation. Of the victims of domestic abuse of our own US citizens. If we can do it for them. At the tune of a 100000 folks a year. Why do we not have a system in this country where we can actually physically locate victims of domestic violence at a looking to escaped. From their. Former loved ones that are wreaking Havoc on their lives and lives of their children. I have these shows because I simply wanted to point out to duplicity. In our thinking. As it relates to how we're treating folks from other countries as opposed to how we manage our own affairs internally. Within the confines of the sanctity of our borders. Yes it is a serious and sensitive matter. Well why are we not doing more. For our own victims. And why are we in some cases may be and dare I say worrying less in her focus more about the rights of folks that are not even citizens of this country. Who were not getting Oren the door. Took commune. For protections. That we don't even afford our own citizens. You may agree or disagree with president trump. On a lot of things but you can't make these stories up. And maybe. America first. Is a lot broader. Than what was initially intended but that's spoken word. And maybe. It should be that we look at ourselves in the mirror. And look at ourselves internally. And understand or better understand. The deficiencies. Of what we're doing. I don't know in my crazy. Tell me 2601878. Or text me at 87887. Inning. You know and and let me know what you're thinking I just keynotes. Where this op. Typically asylum. Was set aside for foreign nationals that must establish that they have a fear persecution in their homeland. Based on their race religion nationality political opinion or membership in a particular social group you know it's it's a big. Controlled you know phrase and a category. And somehow or another this included. Victims of domestic violence and fear of criminal behavior in their own country. And now. Folks are Seeking Asylum here for government in action in from their origin country. I read article after article after article where our own citizens are talking about. Government inaction in their own respective neighborhoods. Why are we not more focused on that more and more stories are revealing themselves about the dangers of the group. The MS thirteen. And you can't make this stuff up. You know another president trump talked about it and we wanna hear from you 260187. Near Texas City 7870. On attacks on. Immigration without assimilation. Is invasion. Thank you for bringing up issues that are absolutely affect us as a people and a sovereign country. Come to America the right way and embrace our values and be. Prospers. Absolutely no attacks. You you you are crazy. Because you have a damn president talking about MS thirteen is as though their group taken over the world you know. That's a reason to get dumb voters out and out of fear. And and an expletive. You know. Is there really fear her I mean these are real life stories these are real life victims these are folks. That even though they may be here illegally the other folks of the members of the MS thirteen gang and other gangs. Are the ones that are wreaking Havoc on them that they're the ones that are terrorizing. This group of folks have said this before we have enough. Problems dealing with managing our own issues. Without importing them as well. Come to the country the right way. So that we can appropriately credential. You into this country say that you're going to be in a much better position to assimilate. Into. Lou the ways that we live in this country and out and oftentimes you hear the folks sitting here illegally. As a defense they say you know we're we're always living out of fear or are always looking over our shoulder Duff. Yeah it's the same thing if as a citizen you violate the law. In the law is looking for you always going to be walking around looking. Over your shoulder. Trying to evade law enforcement. Over a 100000 folks. In 2017. I think is what Jessica Vaughn said or 2018 are going to be Seeking Asylum. 872%. Increase in person Seeking Asylum since 2009. And should fear of crawling. In your origin country. Qualify you. For asylum in this country. I daresay that if we continue down this path. And I've said this. Often. And by the way just so that we understand. The complexity of this issue. The case back law in the immigration courts for asylum. 700000. Court cases. You are we correct. 700000. Court cases it is more than tripled in number. Since. 2000. So. Let us not think that this is not in the issue. This this is a huge issue. We have problems managing our own. A court case backlog in all of the local municipal state courts and federal courts across this country. And yet we're to have this. Creation. That is costing us. Valuable. Taxpayer money. In order to finance. This system and in many cases the delay. Because the call for asylum. Typically columns. Not typically but I should say a lot of times calm during the deportation proceedings when things are not going well. And all of a sudden we know that we can make a plea for asylum. In the wheels stopped. And will will move all on. As a row you know as it relates to them being able to stay. In to this country. At twirl a new executive director of the American immigration council said turning our backs on victims of violence in deporting them to grave danger should not be the legacy sought. By any administration. Why would that why would the rule of law. Be a bad legacy. And in fact. Under the Obama administration they're finding out that the singing. Strategies. In many cases were deployed then in his first term. As a related to immigration and in the positions on asylum and otherwise. There's been all comes a criticism about these camps being set up because the problem is so huge. That there's no place to put them. And then in many sanctuary. Jurisdictions. They are not allowing. Local facilities. Or other facilities that have historically been used to help immigration. In housing. While in the court proceeding. They're no longer allowing them. To utilize those facilities. And yet it's the same folks that are saying oh shame shame on the manner in which you're treating these folks where they have opened beds open facilities. That can deal with these issues in a much more humane way. I don't know folks you tell me is that hypocrisy. It sounds to me. Like it very much is. Many 3% of the respondents on the WWL opinion polls say that trump was not wrong when he called the MS thirteen gang members animals. You know. On attacks on Russians had their mafia Chinese had the Triad Japanese has the crews are c'mon let's stop all these groups and keep in America from being great again. And that's kind of why opened up to show this way is in talking about the this rate. The ice raid that that netted. Criminals from. All kinds of nationalities huge Korea Macedonia. The Philippines. Trinidad. Venezuela. El Salvador Colombia Cameroon Bangladesh. And geek and we'll. They brought it it it doesn't matter. What the origin country that is it's whether or not they're involved in criminal behavior in this country and whether or not their wreaking Havoc on our communities across America that's what is should always be about. We have June. Coach Herman is phone trees. One with Mexico. One with Canada. And those borders. Or are are the areas where we end up talking about. A lot of these issues and it just so happens that more illegal crossings happen on the southern border than the other. It's not that we want to just pick on a particular group these are the realities these are the in this is the empirical data that supports. The conversation. In the difficulties in the challenges that we're faced with. It's not just pine is sky where were pullen an issue out because. Folks are saying here. That on that I'm a racist and on this set on that because all talking about her or is that particular issue that is where. The numbers far. That's why it's always important. To look at the impair. Called data deceit what is driving. The Al calm the outcome is the what what drives it is the why. So when you focus on the why folks. It may be in an easy conversation. But it does it may. The challenges that we face any more palatable. We have to understand why. That led to these outcomes so that we can better address the situation. In its why attorney general just sessions is it is in addressing this political asylum issue I applaud him. It's one of the policies. Of the trump administration. That I really understanding get there a lot of others I don't quite connect the dots yet I'm still trying to figure him out. But that's just me but when it comes to this issue it seems to me and that. The U the US citizens that are victims of all of these same crimes. Where did they get asylum. And who's gonna pay for their relocation. In who's gonna bear the cost. Of the tragedy of their lives if we're willing to bear the cost for the tragedy of other people's lives around the world. We will continue these conversations and others when we return stay with us this is new rule and every WL.