Domestic Violence at the center of mass shootings.

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, November 9th

Tommy talks to Mary Clair Landry, the Executive Director of the New Orleans Family Justice Center.


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Mary clearly and rejoins is right now executive director of the New Orleans family justice center in the morning Mary Claire. Good morning Harry you. I'd be better as a whole and I know somebody personally that is having a hard time with the restraining order with an ex husband that stalking her and I. You know I guy you always think the worst I guess does wonders if I'm gonna get a call one day signing on their dead. Tell me about the whole restraining order process. Its efficacy in it doesn't make things worse ever and is there anyway 60 this week and keeping their Claire for a while also. He jumped and where you feel comfortable hiring. Well you know this is. This is something of great concern to us right now you know up protective order is designed to provide safety for victims. And it's designed to separate the perpetrators from the victim and it is. Only got to work is is only going to be effective. If the consequences. Are swift. Immediate and consistent and what we have found. You know that the criminal justice system often times. You know it does not provide those consequences and so. Just right now I'm I'm you know very concerned that you know perpetrators of violating a protective order. Should not have upon that and should not be released from jail it is against the law. And yet we right now in criminal court are heading judges. Releasing perpetrated for a violation of the protective order for fifty bucks. And that's put the victim in serious danger and so. You know the criminal justice system past two is only going to be effective if the criminal justice system is going to be effective in. Following what the penalty should be. And be consistent on that and so basically the message is that clinic justice system that's giving to the perpetrators is. You know I can get away with this is not going to be any consequences. And it puts the survivor had great great dangers so. You know it is it will only be effective it criminal justice system. Has the capacity to really give the consequences of not to the victim to the perpetrators. And really put him in. I don't no can't statistics are not now mean can't you flat footed but. It seems to me I could see where and for a protective order restraining order same thing Mary Claire. Yes that is a restraining either yes it it's basically the same thing it could be differences in terms for the time period that's covered. Is the distance always same. Is it dates dates due to India within X amount of fear that person rang. Yes too early and that's going to be generally consistent means sometimes they're more stringent. Depending on you know how close that the perpetrators may be an obscenity that usually there is you know 50600. Foot. Restrictions that. And and that's really even the issue the issue is are there going to be any serious consequences if these violates that the newly passed legislation. That the second violation protect should be a felony so that we can have an enhancement. To really send a message to the perpetrators. That this is a serious violation and that the criminal justice system is gonna hold him accountable. But if they don't. And it is there and just a piece of paper that you and I keep victims safe. Have there ever been any studies is there any data to indicate that. Sometimes it's not good to get restraining order reaches just escalates the situation and I'm not saying. That the embassy it's on the victim man it's their fault I'm just saying in terms of protecting somebody. Light and I think that's an individual basis then made on an individual basis then and we have attorneys and legal advocates who work with us that the family justice center to help survivors. Really look at their options and determine whether that is a good option for them it may not always beat the best option and you know and you know we're talking about the success a protective orders in ad that required that the police that DA's office prosecution. And the courts are working in unison. And you know in implementing a sufficient response. To that and so if there's a failure in any one of those three systems. Then it is not going to be effective so. You know it is really required. The ability to hold accountable. To hold perpetrators accountable and to be successful in maintaining that distances that that they just get a slap on the Ian. And they get fifty hours in get out of jail then. Say it it will embolden them and it will put the survivor at much. And it seems like the more it happens the more emboldened they become. Absolutely because these are this this is issue around power control. And at the criminal justice system is empowering them and giving them control and they know that. They're not accountable to anybody and that's the worst possible message that you can have. If someone who is they perpetrators of violence. We have had some of the heard so many stories of you know what he kept saying he was in a killer he said he was in color and then what happens. Mary Claire when it comes to. The sexes or gender or age or are there really any. Trends you would seem to me it's any age and in terms of gender it's usually you know woman taking an outing and some man. That is definitely. About 90% of the victims who are filing protective orders are female and against. Male perpetrators. It doesn't mean that. You know women can't. Again misses an issue power control that whoever has the power and control in the relationship but to. Typically. By more than statistics bear out that it's you know that perpetrators are male and that victims tend to be seen. In terms of bombs the law. And weapons and so many elderly everything was so chuck from. The north's sure he said that he had spent when he won in daisy days in jail he and his wife for professionals that seemed like a tit for Internet. Divorcing where they head a restraining orders filed against the other he said he accidentally called very went to deal over 21 days in the he surrendered he is concealed carry weapon permit and I presume what it was a loss say about. People that against who restraining orders have been plays having guns or weapons. Well the legislation. It's states that any person who. Has been a protective order has been filed against them and is active. And any person who has been charged are found guilty of that domestic violence. Misdemeanor or a felony. Cannot. That's that's been done for ten years. So. Please. Again Larry cleric not doing that in the estate had they had to have violated and. No it if they are charged with eight misdemeanor felony charge of domestic violence. They cannot possess guns for up to ten years seems. We have good border is only during the period that the protective order is ballot. So once the protective order is is over then he can possessing done. Basically what we're trying to do is just take guns away from those that. Had any potential our high risk for perpetrating violence and so you know it you're responsible gun owning person. Who does not get any violence history or any domestic violence history. Then. You know you'd you'd give disaster that but we just did not want guns in the hands of someone. Who is mentally ill or who has shown any kind of propensity. And I'm trying to assert been married. Mean basically what worked what place you know and again if you are in America relationship that volatile and ears in a divorce proceedings. Counseling and work actually issues you know don't dump you know when Matt for you know. Provide you know putting on these restrictions for people who are just trying to resolve marital relationship. But there are more appropriate ways they using a protective order if you really are the pan am marital. If you try to separate and the issue do that in a way that's more appropriate not using protective orders. But technically it's really designed for someone who is really in fear of daylight and judges have to be very clear. And very consistent on who they're issuing protective orders against. It's not aid mediation tool it's not a tried in writes justice. And it is to provide safety for someone who has since fear their. In terms of enforcement of people domestic violent Juarez and restraining orders placed against them. Z is there are a lot of enforcement in terms of either of them turning in guns as part of the procedure K. How many guns the Ameren need to take now Moeller or. Follow to enforcement aware that says you know what I think he's got a gun it's veteran. Right right now. We were successful in getting legislation that says they are. There is it's an awful for them to disaster and. We were not successful on the legislation to provide any kind of mandatory. Tourney and a big guns and so right now it is voluntary process so it is up to the judge. To. You know make those requests during that that. Protective order hearings and make arrangements so that perpetrated to turn in his guns and then the judge. They have to hold him accountable for doing now. Clear out of time going into questions via text them come in. One does anyone provide conflict resolution for domestic violence cases where you keep they keep it release the attempt is to keep it from escalating to that point. And is there any protective custody for victims of domestic violence. So there. There are and that. If you go and get. Counseling services she can. You know you can't read the opposition is it truly is just a matter of situations. We do not recommend mediation Ford domestic violence situations because of that they expected. And on the second question. Protective custody. Protective custody yes and unfortunately we just slots are supervised visitation is where. Someone who is not a protective order if they can continue to have. Visitation rights with their children that basically. You know there's really no way to protect that victim. Unless the perpetrators who moved from. That's the setting instead the only way oftentimes is that instead jailed him. Satellite Gilmore question have you ever. Advise. Somebody who's being threatened. To get a gun arm themselves to be constantly vigilant honey do that. We we did not as a regular basis and recommend that victims. Arm themselves because typically what they have researcher shelling is that. Oppenheim in it will end up where the perpetrated what you Sudan against her so that is not something generally what we would do to try to put the the victim and the best. Safety is to remove her and move for the city move for jurisdiction with perpetrating it. Try to help our re establish. And existence somewhere where it perpetrated can't find her. And then to really use to criminal justice system to try to protector as much as possible. But generally we would definitely not recommend that that survivors. Arm themselves because. Most of the time they end up being the recipient of the united the purpose. Road and Mary Claire Landry executive directors new loans family just as senator I appreciate your time I know being comeback I certainly appreciate. What you do for some people that are living just absolutely terrified miserable lives and it and get a lot of attention until something goes horribly wrong if somebody needs some help along these lines under the contacting. Absolutely they can cop at 24 hour crisis line at 866. 9554. I just looked. On the web site www. And well that's JC dot org in enhance our. Services. We provides so please just reach out. Even if he'd just be an actuary lure victims just we can help work he did that led to seek help that's the most important thing. Again thank you Freetown god bless you for the work you do. You've been on a day Mary Claire landry's negative director new loans family justice center.