Domestic Disturbances: Lethal for Cops

Newell Normand
Monday, April 16th

Did you know domestic violence not only impacts its victims but can be lethal for cops? According to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund ‘in 2017 more officers were shot responding to domestic violence than any other type of firearm-related fatality.’  They go on to say, ‘from 1988 to 2016, 136 officers were killed while responding to domestic disturbances…by comparison, 80 were killed during a drug-related arrest in the same period.’ Of the top ten firearm-related fatalities of law enforcement, domestic disturbance is number one.  


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Good morning New Orleans and a beautiful morning it says. French Quarter FS went great the best call of the year was canceling Saturday. I don't know about you but that was solemn. Really really ugly Le weather and fortunately we came through pretty unscathed we did this power interruption dozens and Cox cable and or options and a little bit of that a little bit of flooding and but for the most part in light of the amount of weather that we had moved through which I thought it was gonna move through a lot quicker and and ends up spending. Its entire day here. Looking back to the officials of French Quarter fest best call of the year thus far. Canceling Saturday night Tron and even deal with that has that would've been a mess. But from what I understand Thursday Friday Sunday went without a hitch and everybody had a great town. We got a great show for you you know we hit the national news again. Unfortunately this time it's about. B.s G Allen. And we gonna have state senator JP morale columnists. Pollen in and the comic clear up what's actually gone on as it relates to that bill it's been reported across the country on any number of news agencies so we'll see where that is. In his second our governor Jon bill Edwards is going to join us to talk about the impact of Medicaid expansion. And to give us an update on some of the budgetary issues as well as Louisiana's economy. And in the first hour we gonna be talking about domestic violence. And the fact that domestic violence holes. Or in fact the most dangerous. For everybody involved. Including the police. And a lot of the results of a number of studies have indicated that there are more police officers shot and killed. During domestic violence calls than any other type of Paula they respond to and joining us on the line at the present time is Mary clear lane entry. Executive director of the New Orleans family justice center to talk with us about not only that aspect of it but it. All Leo the issues surrounding domestic violence that we deal with and our community Tuesday and welcome to the show married caller. Let's first discuss and you guys have had you'll have some bills in this legislative session is correct. We do quick didn't follow up bills to decent clean up on some higher bills but most importantly. We we hit past. Really significant. Gun restrictions. On domestic violence perpetrators and those who violate protective orders. And so we're it would filing to really do. A relinquish meant. Bill that will allow. Step perpetrators to be able to relinquish it guns is it's one thing to say it's. It's outline that you're not supposed to have that we really need a process in terms have. How that happens for a law enforcement and for our court. So where is that bill now. It it has passed the senate and it's heading to. The house I think next week and so we'll be watching that very closely. Now that's a bill that Cheryl attempted in the past and had some issues in how we only able to media that it did in a posh two words passed the senate now. Well I think. We've done every year is you know go back to the people who hit some concerns to sit down and really looked at. What concerns are tailored a significant number of concerns by the chair conferences across the date. And so we sat down with them to really look at what the issues were. And to address that and you know that's been a successful attack tactic for us because. You know we want this to be a win win for everybody wants this to be a bird went one year. Everyone's perspective on you know what makes a really good deal and make it most successful in implementing. You know americorps I think that's why your organization has been so successful in moving legislation through the leg. The process because of that knowing that this test to weave into these organizations opera rationally so that it can actually accomplish what it hopes to accomplish. So we think about relinquishing. Where what is the posh tree of that and then who will be relinquishing. The instrumentality to whom. Well the way you wrote it is that the judge can order that that guns be relinquished to a third party. And they have and and the perpetrators have to report back to the courts to say that they have successfully done that. It could speak to this year that it could be to a third party that is mutually agreed upon. And so. You know we took the burden off this year opposite to have to go and a you don't go and relinquished that between really did want to do that we want it to be as. As. Voluntary it's possible alive the for the perpetrated be able to relinquish the guns and just just since this happened there was just no assurance that. Woods you know. Prohibited from having guns and there was. A raid on his house for another reason and they found numerous guns. That he had position so we know that we we need to do their job in this this one more step toward. Really holding perpetrators accountable that if they're not split its guns that we do everything in our power. In connection with federal officers and with local police officers to make sure that they don't hear a position that these guns. For the benefit and listening audience. Most people don't realize that from murder. Our most or relational the victim and perpetrators. Know one another and although a lot of times it's not classified as a domestic murder. The domestic conflict the drive certain things in a familiar unit that needs to that outcome. And it's well. Very much under reported don't have. I definitely do think it is and oftentimes when homicides are reported. And they determined later on that it was impeded domestic and in Indonesia still going to be classified as a homicide is not necessarily at that. Domestic I'm absolutely in and we know that. That connection with. What police officers and really anyone's if you look at and you want that these. Horrific situations that we paired with people doing actually things that are. You know perpetrating. Those kinds of crimes. That we are always seem to see disconnection back to a domestic violence history. You know the resurgence clearly telling us that we need to not connect these dots and that you know we really need to do earlier in the attention because he's their kids. You know that had been exposed to violence from its very early on and basically. What it does this just. Put them on projection. Skeptic on the perpetrators of that doubt and if we don't address that region. Alienation and oddly things that come from being exposed to violence in the home. Then that Lou really. You know change the protection. About six homicide to our community. Mary Claire we're gonna take a break and when we come back I wanna talk a little bit more about the environment and why it makes it so difficult for police and why it is so difficult in the assessment of what's being presented on the scene when we respond when we return. Where was Mary Claire Landry executive director of the new Wallace family justice center. We'll be right back after the break we're back or talking to Mary Claire Landry executive director of the New Orleans family justice center we're talking about domestic abuse and how it is dangerous for cops as it is. For those involved in in the abuse and are clear one of the things to punish drug me. Is that in 2017. More officers were killed actually responding to a domestic disturbance than than their war. Any of the other crimes and over the last thirty years I believe. More officers have been killed. In domestic violence as opposed thing handling narcotics interdiction. That's correct now and that is why it's so important. Four perpetrators. Especially that dangerous ones to not have possession of guns because. You know police officers are walking into the situation and you know when they have possession are that puts that police officer in great danger. And I think it's key to this Israeli again find higher risk factors and I think we've gotten. Much better. Understanding of who is going to be the perpetrators of that kind of violence and one of the major are red flag is attempted strangulation. We see a pattern. On all homicides where there's the history of attempted strangulation and so. You know we really do believe that these are going to be these future perpetrators. Homicides in. You know we're working very closely we are now doing forensic evidence collection here where we have survivors reports strangulation. That. You know that DA can have significant evidence. And that these slot cities. Cases can really. Brought to the fullest extent of the law because we do think that. These attempted strangulation are attempted murders and they're really not being prosecuted to the extent that they need to rethink this is going to be. One at highest risk factors. That we can really start prosecuting notes so fluid he spent. We believe we will begin to pick yet he's dangerous criminals. You know in jail along. Again and in the street are in the home where we're putting. Survivors and victims and police stopped just in danger. You know what it a lot of the studies have revealed that because of the emotionally charged nature of this. And that the the fact that the victim often times does not immediately. Seek the assistance of law enforcement. And it made that. The pattern of behavior may go on for a while before they finally have had enough for feel like their life is at significant risk enough in order to reach out and make that call and it's a tough call again it. And I I don't because you're you're really breaking the family unit up and in many respects but there's these studies reveal that the longer than it goes on. No more volatile nature in the more risky it is but the officer. All that will definitely this is that an escalating type of situation and it does happen overtime and we do need it the most. At risk. Victims and it you know it it does tend to escalate as time goes on. And and I think this is you know we have managed to get this right yet in terms that. You know at what point is because ethically. Control. Violent situation and that's why it's so important to not get them have access to guns because. You know these situations are very so and if there's a gun present. And the more likelihood that these. You know these situations are going to you know escalate and you know that this is difficult for the criminal justice system because you know we see thousands and thousands and thousands of an estimated cases going. Through the system and and it you know date we have not yet great success in being able to. Identify which ones it's really will become a homicide as many of them one. And that that's why it's so important for the system. To really focus on these pirates cases. I can't. A history of strangulation. And we've gotten much better at being able to identify these. And really work with the police officers there there are units on site here's the camera just the senate to really let them know that this is going to be pirates case. So that we can really work together an integrated fashion. To really. Whoever and wherever at this survivor is in the system. There or are coordinating communicating together so that we can identify these really high risk situations so that would not putting officers. You know and and again this is why it's so critically important that they not have access to guns because guns. In less regulation may definitely be part of the pattern. But that how they're gonna kill such as a way of controlling in letting the victim you know but I and Q you at any moment. But it's the guns eventually. Well. Well well you know and again these are emotionally charged situation then. You know oftentimes. Homicides worker. When they get out. Control it. Let's go to the talk I would talk to Walter earning meet online and on what say you Walter. Well I just want to illustrate. For example the gators. But in particular that illustrate that she's in my view but no actually you know. Whoever. I have a good friend need to see the you know of epic by GQ being. She left in me if you sit Q and pepper. And friends can be. So it is and if they do indeed should put the were on the street in new attitude and engineering. Unit Browning. Voted the other rumored courier sent them out or did he break it to appease them. No background should know waiting period no be no accord if rhetoric and that and our Obama than them and they're on which of course became the first must realize you're on the and put it back on the street. That is if you brought it back okay you're not only gave. Paper thing from happening by passing a law against it ought to get right this moment rated this against OK. If all these problems. You you on this now the problem in your realized that the people. Today are without the benefit keep parents and well. OK until your realize this in place this at 80% of black kid sitting apparent. Torn paper or get more apparent. That's your problem is you've got that problem. That followed domestic violence in this thing you know. Well Walter thanks so much really appreciate you calling in Mary Claire I can you stay with this through to break. I'll give you the opportunity. That to respond to that and if those that are on hold stay on home Alonso lining up and we wanna get to everybody. When we return the fact of the matter is is that I will say this is that. I don't disagree with Walter as it relates to. The moral compass of our families in the strength of our familiar unit in making sure that that our children are raised appropriately. But I think that there are things that this organization Mary Claire presents and others that do things in the short term to try and make a differences are gonna be the ultimate long term solution. No and I don't think they suggested that is is it's gonna take more than one thing in order to make it happen we'll be right back after the break we wanna hear from you 260187. Where America we're talking to Mary Claire Landry executive director of the analysts family justice center we're talking about domestic violence and the dangers. That and are involved for the Natalie the family but police officers as well and a lot of studies have revealed that. It's one of the most dangerous calls that a police officer tango on in mayor Clint let's get to talk with a line to talk to Ronald what's that you all. It. And it. So. There. Complaint. Is it would be. Now. When it resting that he knew. And members. They have children at. All year you know. Back in the ankle. It. Would. Be an iron. And then. Crew members and not all out mother. Yet they've gone the broader critique. Much. And I out in due out game. Britney when you in the court system don't. Count page the field that count and that my. Or Ronald thanks so much for colony Mary Claire when mature dress would Walter had to say as well Ronald. Well you know I I have to say I agree as well you know that there is not just one approached does that got to be in my outcry. Approach to it to try and stop this means you know learning. More and more every day about you know the dynamics in what's happening. You know that the children were grown up in single family homes. Obviously as a man and that home that is abusing. You know you know it's not he can't blame it on the single moms consists primarily of the men who are. You know perpetrating you know this terror on. Children on women's. You know I agree we have we down note that we need to really mitigate the outraged at these children experience Kenyans count. That's why we've created our children's program now that we provide trauma there the and it. And really tried to address the generational cycle of this. There's just many things that we have to learn that you know we have to do something and and now one answer is kind you know willingness to. Closure that we do we don't stop. You know what kids that are experiencing in the home when a top terrorized in the home. By by someone who supposedly on them this is gonna him a lifetime effect on that child into blame this on a single is just wrong I mean. You know it is about healthy relationships. There's enough blame to go around. And it on all fronts up. And I agree I mean Lou that that we get to two wonderful loving parents in the home. But the reality is we see this sin in very affluent homes sweet Jesus in. You know wide range. And for whatever. Reason. We just have to continue to addresses and that we need to do that on the criminal justice side we need to do that on. Healthy relationships side we need to do that with better trauma counseling. And and better identification. With the red flags are so. I noticed the problem is not unique to any social economic. Strata nor nor any demographic. Characteristic I mean a thing runs across all. Well out. You know. Domestic violence as its core and power and control. When there's an equal power and control and the relationships that that's what causes that so. You know looking at what what causes people tend to need to have to control art to. You know it is their power. You know is is something we could debate are sentry. That it thought about really having equality. You know. We learn how to get healthy relationships amino Howell. Did he use power and control and a healthy manner and we still have a long ways to really look at what's gonna really. You know. Chains that inner inner country that is it is about equality and it's about how to we'd bring about that kind of the quality across Robert. Well let's let's go to line three ND in Florida what say you Randy. Hey Andy. Excuse me. That this is. Show. Where particularly suited. In your guests today are questions about this bill. Landry is. My impression is that a lot lot better when there isn't an incident of violence supply. A partner is. A woman and now. Is espionage focal point it's not only is withdrawn. And there's you know it. I just wonder is that bill. Addresses. Situation where a while there's been. Attempted strangulation. Or boy beating. You're asking what happens if they reconcile if the thing direct hit they quote racquets exactly yeah and so what does happen in America. If the protective order is. You know Alan boys take a Yemeni paid. Release the protective market then. Gun restrictions when no longer be. Luka. You know one of the one of the dangerous things and and and I know that this happened. Many many years ago and gypsum parish when we eliminated the practice. The the perpetrated or get arrested the victim would then go and sign to perpetrate or out of jail. All one on a one of bond. And you know that seem like crazy to me. And I started asking questions about why would we allow this to actually happened as we were getting into this vicious cycle. Or resting. The perpetrators and the victim Golan inning getting them out of jail. You know and images heightened emotion and everything else in and many times when the victim went to pervert trader would walk on average daily star Whelan on the victim again in the middle of the street in front of the jail. Well there's no doubt these complicated. Relationships and you know many. Victim and that calling the police really agents were one of the. There with the incidental nobody incident. Right yeah they want it and they don't really understand it they're getting involved in the criminal justice system it is calling for safety at that particular moment. And depending on how that situation. For. Is going to determine how she's gonna interact with criminal justice system move info or so you know and again I think that. It if I guess. And let me interrupt you right there you can stay where it is we got to get to a break in and we'll continue this conversation when we return we have Mary Claire Landry executive director of the New Orleans family justice center we're talking about domestic violence in what it means to our community. We'll be right back this is new rule under and audio we're talking about domestic violence and Mary Claire Landry executive director of the new worlds family justice senator has been with this through the hour and we'll go to talk on the scuttle on wanna talk to Sar and in Marrero what's you. You. Use you silence are. Where Tokyo. All it and it. Mary click S their. Own sort of on tactic. Not the sort that grew Droid. Now on. His own you. Book all quote old polls tremendously historical terms of the book really churches on from all. Where they are in tribute to sit regional regional from. Mean and there you know trauma Jimmy down to read that it won't do fault the model. All without. A problem what is what are what are among all could actually be. Has now to register to vote for the all were wary and the book all such as are involved there ought trauma. Witnessing from a well one. All they experience and from slow right. Well personals now are rightfully you know involved. Well. He noticed that debris that on TV. Well the biggest union able. They see them in mobile. Oh you know. Minutes. And granite so problem well this could be a commitment to. Equity. Well. Pope. You know market as most excellent moment ago. That sort of grocers. To vote. In. Two words are looking. Inside there there's no doubt that didn't would you agree Mary class that. People that have experienced trauma the way that they process in motion from that day forward actually changes. Oh absolutely and and well we're studying right now is multiple trauma. You know it experiences. It and certainly race. Racism oppression and jets history. People who Democrats certainly have. Extraordinary trauma. Resulting from that that's part of the reason we can't really focus so much of our services and so much of that counseling that we do it to its specifically address comma bulletin children and then it down so. I absolutely agree and I and I agreed that that is. Something that really hands extraordinary impact on. People's relationships than their ability to enhance healthy relationships and there are. Abilities of the mentally healthy and you know we we really need to start addressing that trauma and and I think we've learned a lot about that over the last. Janet twenty years since I think we have to continue its service providers. To continue to address that and that's what we keep learning Tammy leaking it it's just not a crime against the issue it's not just remember how to issue. It's about how we make our communities safer and it's looking at it from all of those different aspects. Let me ask you this question require it has the incidence of domestic violence. Is hasn't gone down hours ago enough. Well I think it's pretty much stayed the same I think that you know. You know they're just lots and lots and lots cause every year I mean you know and outings paerson now we get you know 181000 costs just service for a domestic violence cases. So I mean you know that the reality is that people are struggling inner community and that. You know and it and there's no doubt that the ability it can happen living wage and to be able to. You know really deal it you know being able to live and healthy lifestyle is really challenged in our community. And and we just have to continue to address this community issues but it. It continues to grow. The thing that I am most proud we served over 14100 survivors last year. And if they get connected to services with that we did not experience one homicide. From that's 14100 survivors which we did get every single survivor whose. Out there experiencing. Domestic violence to get connected with the services. And I think we can keep him safe. It. That let us that's a silver lining to a very negative statistic. When you have 14100. Let me ask just one final question real quickly only got a few seconds. While the police doing a better job. I think though I mean we have done a lot of training with them we have done a lot of work with them two to partner with down. You know we have to domestic violence and the spectrum of in its front right at the New Orleans family justice center so we really able to work. Hand in hand with them in terms of identifying piracy cases we we do case reviews so that we can really identify those that really need. Been strong arm of the criminal justice system and I think the more we close those gaps. The more we communicate with one there and work with one another that there that we are to be able to address these these complicated issues. Well I I apologize. I do have to get to another break let me thank you for joining us staying where the whole hour I know that you guys are working very hard trying to make a difference each and every day and we appreciated so thank John enough. Thank you so much as my. All Roddy Mary Claire Lander executive director of the new loans family justice center have been talking about domestic violence got to get to break we'll be right back this is new rule on W Libya.