Does spanking work?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, June 13th
Tommy talks to Cathy Taylor, Director of the Violence Prevention Institute at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, about a new study on spanking.

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Cathy Taylor joins us right now under rigorous violence prevention institute at the Tulane school of public health and tropical medicine good morning doctor. It. Is a doctor. As a so doctor tailored tell me why this study. That universe at Tulane University researchers found. In terms of pediatricians. And children being spent. Are you hello we found me barricade. And he let PD trash and adding hair. And we found that three out of four and not at prayer hitting it in and you do quite economy. Can't speaking. And that could eighty protected and that he ain't never count him out in hot about I'm intricate. So well. Would they know that and I'm just trying to has some questions here of the survey saying thank you but how are you know in terms of how that affects children's behaviors they are only seen Intel for ten minutes now obviously. If there are signs of abuse and bruising on the child etc. I understand that. But how do they mean that that's not a good thing that how do they know it's just a day attempt on the rear end or whatever. Does not improve the child's behavior must there with some alive. Yet that the great questions that Sheryl yeah Pakistan. And people are happy and eager. He didn't act at this point in the like how he expert children. Think her hair and and we go out and heat your house. If it really clear at that point. All the bodies at pebble and I depend haired children. Where he African approach. And it did is how can parents and or market that frequency at hey it. They Pitney. Is kicked. Or hit more frequently. Actually. I yield higher we turn in their physical man island out the lower at that are out there. Sure it's hard Eaton Eaton and. TE ai along those lines I don't know if there's empirical data or it's just anecdotal but pediatricians. Occasionally see signs of if you wanna call it dumb corporal punishment maybe it's more of of an abuse thing I guess it's. What would people believe when it comes in their kids the dude dude pediatricians see a lot of bad and that has to be reported to the authorities and at what point do they deem then this goes far beyond. Discipline is of them object of singers and a subject of thing. Question in any work that I don't have agreed and it really. Mean treatment team that can't party is now. I believe that at and then paid for the apartment Ian I think in nineteen. January. This year. We're trying to interpret that. Victory tricky I mean Q. Look at it could be used in an EQ wrecked a crime even when he typically he. Errol. We eat right and turn out content actual where. People are his child. You know. Their physical harm actually matters and it actually matter I actually lasted access to. Yeah it is it's hitting against the actually seen. They're looking pyrite is taking their path it is strong agrees. I'll be happy. That he can't pray while they need to connect is definitely. Out. Judging partly. He became at which we can account. Went looking. External accumulated in the decade. You know I'm here any iron public market that Iraq invasion an issue because that's our long. Year. At a report about how he is how about. We never. Keating and even. At antennas and unfortunately. It's definitely eating more and. In terms of and I am trying to go from a micro saying to a macro thing year peoples say. That sometimes if you put on some lane deal punish them and the crime is not that serious what you do is teach them to be. A criminal so along those lines are you saying that. If you use corporal punishment spank you child to teach them not to be aggressive. Basically wanted to punish them for being aggressive basically what you're doing. He is teaching them that aggression morgues. You are exactly right you know open and strictly a matter being partly out and I play a public park approach. Let them at an. Yet your parent. And you want your hand you can have no right. If you're. A parent and this. Would be there. Right there days you may slightly in the tank and black and gay at. It senior behavior there XP and you're all he'd be here. It really hate the way when he how he can hear actually here actually right. Anything we're missing you'd like to end doctor. Yeah from previous where I stand not to let their people at that we now that pediatrician and our. One at and most credible an important part of that and that's who I apparent panic this year. I really like pediatricians who care about this study you know. You know we've really reached what we got lady equally on how protection you know. Any kids yet how EX a leaky defense and I think it pediatrician. Spread where when and parent and is he than. You know how I became apparent that. And nanny nanny. Age appropriate healthy sport is in a Andy Andy Murray at a clinic about teaching me I eat it right at about it here at out. Hurting me about race being healthy happy he can't in a lot about it right said. Wait did he act and and man to carry around. I appreciate you time doctor really you know be a good day. May we'll talk DN doctor Cathy Taylor director of the violence prevention. Institute at the Tulane school of public health. And tropical medicine.