Does the removal of a statue change history?

Thursday, August 17th

President Trump’s tweets this morning show that he laments the taking down on Confederate-era statues. Does he mean that or is he playing to his base? How does the removal of a statue erase history? Full 3 pm hour.


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And this afternoon we have been talking about two mayor Landrieu and the whole situation where to sewage and water board and the fact that in my opinion. The mayor was into the fun parts of being mayor. And wasn't in twos and dirty part of being mayor of the stuff they had to be John had been had to be done. Like come taking care of things like. The Toms. The sewage and water board which you know we talked to Clancy do boasts a political analyst for a channel four and there's a lot of time in a series did WB well also the editor gambit. And he said that this Georgia water board. Was created by the state legislature which which we knew but it's a city agency. So we said this a nation. State unto itself. And you know when you were when you. Are in that kind of position it's almost like that's that's a fertile breeding ground for corruption and incompetence. Because it's like nobody is like directly on top of your. And it's interesting that. Dick when people can get away with doing a crappy job they do. If people can get away are we doing the absolute minimum. That's what they choose to deal. We may be you don't do that I don't do that put people don't go there are exciting aspects of my job. But third dirty parts of this job that I have to get Janet do every day and every night. John wecht our studio producer he's got a lot of dirty work to do with the other studio. You know the music and all the stuff that we do a lot of it sounds like it's it's it's fun and a lot of it is but. No matter what you do there's that dirty side of of the job and you've you've got to do that is well. And it seems to see if over the years the mayor has been more into playing the part of being the celebrity mayor. As opposed to getting down and doing the dirty work. Like paying attention to what needs to be paid attention to. And he says that he is. Staff didn't inform him with the right information. If you Ers in theory if your employer. If you're manage your boss. If your staff. Is not afraid. To deceive view about reality. Then that's your fault. If your staff does not feel like they have to be held accountable. That's your fault. And they're just seems to be out a lot of blame. To go around. Yeah I'm just disappointed that it it had to get it had to get to this point. Our president trump sent us some tweets this morning about Tehran. His. Sadness. About taking down confederate air monuments. Because it's a racing history. Does the removal of the statute change history. That's a pretty general opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. We've also been talking about a litter it's a problem that does contribute to flooding and that's something that you and I have control offer. But glittering as part of the DNA of our culture. And it's something there's always bothered me I think it needs to change. Got a text just a moment ago from someone that it was here where I'm from. I'm from New Orleans I was born here native. I lived in other great cities but I was born here spent most of my career here and I'm back here. I'm speaking as a New Orleans native. Littering is on acceptable. And yet it's it's it's it's part of our culture. And yet. Should doctor. Here is attacks that says somehow can I send you a picture of trash and if you wanna send me a picture of of anything. Won't OK no wait. I know this audience well enough to say it's NB a picture of anything because I know you I know what pictures I'll get I don't wanna see those. I don't see most of them are my email address this scoot. Past. Definitely don't dot com and a general mind you you can or join me on FaceBook. Scoop on the air. And mr. Graham screwed on the air. As well. So we'll we'll talk about that the new there's a new growing controversy about confederate air statutes. All over the country. And mayor when Andrew. Deserves credit. For. Being the one who. Started the modern trend of cities removing. Confederate era monuments and a sessions. Now there were more important priorities which doesn't mean that the statues should Johnny come down but there were more important priorities that we now warned about that the mayor should have been paying more attention to but that. Is somebody that's been discussed a lot. So. Statues are coming down everywhere some have Dan. Defaced. In the last time. A couple of days. This is one of the most controversial topics that we've ever talked about it on the show. And I know other people here don't every really agree with me this is the most controversial topic that we talk about. People are very very sensitive. And I don't get it. If something is so. Offensive. She won the problems is nobody wants to really see the other person's side. If something is so. Offensive that it hurt somebody. You can't be big enough to say okay. I guess we'll take it to. It's almost as if people feel like. Taking down a statue this offense and offensive to somebody else is is hurting them. It doesn't hurt you. Taken down a statute does not change history. They history in the books are not much not shifting around. And what should infuriate. A lot of people and should be understandable. Is this idea that there are a lot of monuments. A lot of monuments abouts. A segregated America. Where poured out at a time when integration. Was becoming the loss to went. And so these monuments to. Our past. We're not just about history. They are about. We want a segregated America. And if we're going to be immigrated there we're gonna put up these statues and make sure that you know who we York. That was a tremendous motive. Behind confederate flags instead she's going up. So if that's the reason behind them then I I understand. And I'm not gonna let a statue. Determine who I am. Or what I believe or or my history or my legacy. I heard people say well we used to gather around for more to go east to gather around the property lease stature. Did you gather around the statue because of the location of police circled. And the fact that it's a demarcation line where the uptown parades become the downtown parades. That that it's where uptown turns into downtown with the praised did you go there because it was Robert. And by the way Robert relievers they're. I mean I just can't imagine saying what we're not going their Robert release not dare. To think the American IE the people are not going to. You think you're not gonna go there now. And if that's where you went that's where you go I guess some people might like a lot of protest anyway. This is part of our discussion. Because. The president is. Again. Catering to. A base. That is insults. And I guess the question is. Why are you so insulted. Why does it bother you so much. If somebody else is hurt by something in our our look I'm not politically correct by any means. And an and we're always gonna be offended your life I get that. But if somebody really is. Hurt by something. You can be big enough to say okay. They take it down. It doesn't change who you are. I am no different. Now then I was when the statues aura. If you are different I'd love for you to tell me how ticking down the stat. She's changed do you. 260 when he said he text say 77 yard scoot will be right back on Debian your own. So until the 1960s. That has lyrics per day into today and we've been doing that the last a couple of days it's fascinating. So what do you think of president trumps. Tweet earlier. He said Santa see do history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. You can't change history. But you can learn from it. I would agree you can't look we can't change history. And you can learn from it. I disagree. With the idea that removing a statute changes history. Their history books are not being re Brittan. Because the sectors are down. And I I don't I don't think we're such shown a fragile country. That we are gonna be ripped apart. If certain things change. I mean changes to basis of everything. Change happens. And we shouldn't be afraid of of change. Something should change obviously and eight I know you have your opinion on this non life I have mine. And we we talk about it when it's an issue. And it's once again an issue. Members have taken down Nolan. The once you were the chief had to guess politicking down there. Confederate air statues here in New Orleans on the oddly they're planning a march on Saturday we'll know more about this tomorrow from Congo square to Jackson square. And there seems to be Pino on a lot of talk now about let's go let's divert a thought Andrew Jackson. And president trumka caused somewhat of a controversy when he. Equated property Lee was just to sing Robert Healy was the same as George Washington. And they played two completely. Different roles. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy area code 5042601. A somebody text 87870. And Randy here on WWL. And let you've got off. One helpers. One but one thing it's what you are hurt from bumpy but they were the city all. They. Don't work it and it is very vindictive and nobody wants to go at him because. You know she upcoming democratic. People's Korea engaged in Roy that go against them. But. Here are apparently hit a lot of people don't the real history. The colonels or my. And edit war. Or all went into that war. Yeah yeah. And he are back. About it wouldn't make it work. You're naked break and it kind of school which obviously settled. Randy. I'm gonna I'm gonna have to leave it there Randy I appreciate car I've just got news coming out but I'm I'm good I'm gonna come issue just keep listening because I'll I'll answer this we come back okay. All right thanks Freddy's gal while. Talk about that aspect of all of this we got applause winners will be overrun attack you know. Last night. Something happened that really. Really personified what I said at the end of the show yesterday. At the end of the show are gonna close the show was saying just reform what you you're only as. I said there are more of us. Than there are of them. And last night it was a peaceful vigil and march in Charlottesville. And I've poster that's on my own FaceBook racecar earlier. Thank every action. They did not post it on social media out of fear that white supremacists were try to disrupt it. But they were. More people Zaher for that. Is courting in my understanding. More people for that the peaceful vigil and march. And there were four. The protest the rally that turned violent. There are more of us. Then there are of them. Does the removal of the statute change history the president says she can't change history alluding to the ideas that removing the statues change history. As. Putting a statue opera taking a statue down. Does it change history. And yet we we we develop this commercial relationship with wit with certain things to the point where. People freak out over stuff they shouldn't freak out of I mean I've refused to believe that that that people are so. Fragile. That they have to have a statue. The statue decision was made. And your opinion may have been totally different and that's okay you're entitled to that opinion but I mean at some point we just have to get over it. Both sides have to get over if the statue state. Get over it the statues are gone get over it. Leader used so fragile that this is an has somehow. Changed your life. And every quickly. Randy occult had a similar to but the history of Robert. I don't hang on hang us in a writer on yeah I know there's a lot of on history that is is misunderstood by. Mean I guess the point is these. These monuments were put up with an intent. Any intent to. Make a statement. A statement that as life has evolved. Maybe we've learned that. The perspective changes. Roger here on DeVon WL. Year war in a new air. Robert. Was Mary true. Oh great granddaughter George Washington. Air rock marker. On mother's. Related to job for. A lot of Virginia allowable in the Arab world and each other. And we. Are. On on what all. This so. 10. Which was our job. To rhetoric. And who. Achieve. And so we get. Wherever. And certainly. As it is and you're out there to talk about the in addition. People. Groups they all expression. Yeah I don't agree that the children. These ninety K Serb took mu. Well so right Mo would change the political people America. And called. Could that be. You are at war. Yeah it was silly it was used by president truck a swirl during the campaign. And so I know where. We will work those schools say income DO these groups what he. You know maintaining. Conservative what that the conservative group had a problem. Because they have a significant. Element. Bet that the effect in the White House which we have. Sure that there has this as a group of school curriculum very substantial component. Of what it's all right talk politics of them. Right aren't there it is I appreciate the call it is a substantial group but compared to the country it's not that substantial. In fact it's interesting that exactly one year ago today. August 17 2016. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced a big shakeup in his campaign. He named Steve Bannon. Of conservative bright barred news to be his Chief Executive Officer. And promoted pollster Kellyanne Conway. To be campaign manager. If you're Arnold stay with a signed scoots fans will be back on every of I mean the argument can be made. Back to. Yeah I I see what's going on today and I I witnessed as there are young person really young person who witnessed what I witnessed it in the sixties and it's just amazing to me how much of this today. Were reflects that. And I don't know if I totally understand why but when I I I hear people. Become so passionate about. About change. It makes him realize that. Desperate they are opposed to. They're posing in some ways just to the idea of change. And the idea that that. Gays and lesbians could get married. For a percent or eight change from tradition. A tradition that many people were clinging to. And it it made him afraid it made an insecure. And I don't think we should be so insecure about change because a lot of things have changed. The time changes things. Time changes are our perspective. And that's okay because some things need to change. So you know whether you're for or against the statues. And don't let it Bali it's phantom Jackson bother you you want Andrew Jackson down an Andrew Jackson doesn't come down get over it. It's a decision was made the statues are down but the only thing that you could do would be moved into New Orleans. And have voting power to vote out those in the City Council that approved the measure to take down the statutes. The people of New Orleans of people they city have a right to make certain decisions about to sit you might not like that. But you might be doing things that they don't like. We certainly learned after the election that a lot of people were more we're not happy with the outcome of the election well get over it. Desmond here on Demi WL. You know I look at that situation. We record and went that you can't they were afraid. That their kingdom. It would do. To locations where he. Won't we won't be here. It well let's look at the coaching history. Well we're out there that you did that changes. When. You. It's. Encouraging. Note trustees'. Happen. I. Clapping and saying. Well we. Shall. Who do it. Again. If you'd I've been pretty in my pocket that the statute and in. It's flat bridge that conversation lately quality. You can war you United States. Are there in that. Yeah I mean what I understand that I mean they didn't bother me but that's because of my perspective on life and I I did the best I could understand how they could be offensive and alienating. You know it's it's a really easy for some people say well I don't understand why you're offended by that. And it's it's not just about being overly I didn't appreciate the call it's not just about being overly sensitive to everything because I'm not politically correct. And if you're offended by something well you just gonna have to get over in that there's there's nothing in the constitution that says you gonna go through life and not be offended by something. But a political decision was made. And if you're not part of the political process then it happened get over it. It doesn't change you in no way there's not one person if if anybody has changed as a result of the monuments coming down. That's on you. It's not because of the monuments it's because you somehow. Allowed yourself to change as a result of that. History is still the same. The good things and the bad things about history still happened. You know it's almost like. In in the Catholic Church the concept of worshipping a false god. You're you're supposed to worship of false god is OK so. Then they're gone that was a political decision. We're not always happy with the political decisions that are made. Get all for it enjoy life we'll be back. Yeah I do have faith in humanity and I have faith of us are safe found talked people here in the direction of thought of New Orleans on I think there's some things that we need to our to change about the city. Isn't meant sings about our mentality that we need to change we need to stop twittering but he don't hold politicians accountable. And that's why there's going to be a lot of pressure on every candidates in the mayor's race. To. Explain what they're gonna do and then they need to do it and maybe the process of off recalling politicians may be that process needs to be a little easier so they feel under pressure. To do what they say they're gonna do. Because once in office then they start to build the the steam rolling power and they feel like they're invincible. And it's clear. That mayor Landrieu was more into the show of being a mayor. That he was into. Doing the ugly stuff to need to be done. Like suffer the sewage and water board. And that this city has such a history of a flooding. And we're a saucer below sea level owning your standing in Jackson square you look at the river and the ships are higher than USA go body amid that tells you something. So attention was not paid. To the right things and that's a failure of club. Of the job. Sports talk about behavior Digg del becoming a neck to hear from Sean Payton after saints practice with the chargers Deuce McAllister Kristian garic check in from Los Angeles. And they'll also be talking about fantasy football with an insider. Kevin Payne won a thing Diane Newman our program director shore producer Tom Manassas and our studio producer John wake thank you for your calls text thanks for being here. We will be back tomorrow on Friday. Lucky New Orleans.