Does letting children win encourage them?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, January 4th

Tommy talks to Professor of Psychology at UNO, Dr. Laura Scaramella. 


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We're having a conversation here yesterday and is one of those organic top exit just comes up and somebody here not to mention any names or time while playing Madden football. And that in settle that their kid when they constantly. Beat them because there have been 456. Year old was doing some things like taken field goals every time and so forth and and I brought up the bigger question is a better let you kid win occasionally does that encourage the everybody gets a trophy mentality. Or does it just encourage them as opposed a discouraging them because you would think as an adult you you do have some advantages. Boris Carmela joins us right now professor of psychology at my alma mater UN no good morning ma'am. Good morning I'm doing well happy new year to Ian thanks for taking the time. Being. K has there ever been any. A kind of study on this as to whether it's better to let the kids when occasionally New York. Not. India I'm unaware of any actual research but. Look at whether or not (%expletive) like your kids and I came. I and my children about it last night I have twin girls that are 8 and I am I said. And we like they're at the age where actually play games I I mean we talked about it at dinner I should we like an RQ one crouched and they. That they would do it didn't want. To let them win. The black. They're not gonna play. And I'll buy a platelet and they'll think every time so I think that that balance. You know finding making making fun. Because a lot of times in a professional setting. Hum is some Diebler cradle to beat the bosses and if it's golf for what had DNA kind of take a couple of shots here or there to make them feel. Better about themselves say it in terms of adult and dynamic in friendship and so forth is a different chewed you constantly. You use your skills to be members of bettered. Till autumn when because when you're saying Laura's that your kids cycle you're constantly beating me announcing the fun and had. I think there is way Derek how you when. And I think sportsmanship plays a big girl so. You can play a phenomenal round of golf and and beat someone. Like that. Conference and within an amazing golfer and he would map her lose a game intentionally. But how he won native. Fun for everybody and so he might want to really crack about a great shot. Really. If he had a great shots. He was amazed that his hungry cotton and Heatley complement other people on their shots and I think it would be different and how you went and how do you play. I think it means somebody base and I can't really getting taking on after the game. Isn't a good way to wind but I think. If you don't throw a game plan as an adult but. There's ways we. That make it a little on experience for every. Cent. Yeah it does Lauren thank him lady took the time with its. Have a good day Laura scare Mellon professor of psychology and you know.