Does gun control lead to fewer gun homicides?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, June 13th
Tommy talks with Dr. Eric Fleegler, a pediatric emergency physician and health services research at Boston Children's hospital, about a new study on gun control.

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A new study out says that. Some. Strict there handgun laws allow old room floor rather lower gun murder rates. In cities and I know immediately a lot of us they will wait a minute what about Chicago etc. etc. in Illinois ending in tough gun law. But let's delve into this a little bit deeper drill down with doctor Eric fleet glitter. A pediatric emergency physician and health services researcher. At Boston. Children's Hospital good morning sir how are you. I'm well thank you and the other thing alleges that the American Medical Association is calling for stricter gun control of flight would it calls. A public health crisis. Hum is it a public health crisis in the country doctor and what does this survey show. Sure so you know understand that this is a crisis an idea to understand how many people are being hurt injured. So there are roughly 38000 people will die every year now the United States from firearms about. 60% of there where to decide to 40%. Firearm homicides. This is about 25% increase. For about three or four years ago we've releasing a pretty dramatic increase. To put it in context. This is nearly identical to the number of people are killed every year from motor vehicle collisions. So. In terms of and Z story here about the violence in in Chicago's that a lot of that is fueled by. Social media where in essence of the flashing of gang signs etc. Has become electronic and taken itself to social media it flies around that leads to shootings in retaliation. Hum etc. how do you go from. The social conditions to weed being. The gun and I understand that without the nine you can't shoot anybody but Heidi keep the guns from Ginn and into the hands of the bad guys. You know that's a great question does Chicago in particular. Has been happening for. More than a decade now very significant day violence problem. That is. Very and fortunate for Chicago. I fortunately for the rest of the country that's not a representation of who's being typically children becomes apparent homicide. Most firearm homicides or not. The context of the gangs that are actually representations. Interpersonal violence is there people I know there was not people who are experiencing domestic violence. And so you know while the firearms laws that were talking about. We may not affect us specific criminal activity people who are. Illegally purchasing got. This is more about laws back. I'd gotten their purchase there's been used in homicide and may have occurred between two people in our colleagues or work friends or has been lightly like many girlfriends. Doctor when he comes in the specific. Dumb rules here making it tougher to buy guns a lot of people that are pro guns NRA immediately year that in think infringement on the Second Amendment. Other people that look at the process mangle a bad guys are gonna get their guns anyway. I how does this worse Gloria from what you've seen. And talked to I guess trying to patch up some teenagers have been shot. Com Lou what do you hear what is your experience tell you in terms of other weapons are obtained. And intuitively from your gut house something like this makes sense and it would help. The biggest predictor of how many people are going to be killed by guns in any given date. What you need to look at is how many can there available. But more guns there are the more likely that they're gonna be used until somebody whether it's by homicide or night to decide about that that is being shown. Going back decades. As to you know of the counter intuitive notion that this indeed get to the concept. Well it laws can be bypassed by bad guys. Did a lot make a difference. Well any law can be bypassed by anybody. That laws and have a value in a different than. We know that beating on. Absolutely you know putting a limit on how best you can drive. In particular areas around the country that the real effect on decreasing fatality. And just sit just make that comes our doctor been listening dead relevant to people we had a horrific situation yesterday. Where a portion bit basically who became airborne. Kill somebody any other landing killed two people in the Porsche because there were on a hundred miles an hour. So you can make a counter argument saying well and a speed limit their those people decided not to abide by it. But you can't have one rule it's its own presume that everybody is going to follow those rules you have to look at that the whole picture. Well right and that regard and in addition to being an infringement on the Second Amendment. Got a I don't it prohibits the purchase of guns. What they do is they make sure that they're purchased by people who are when they're being lawfully purchased at their purchased by people. Two are deemed it appropriate to purchase some or more importantly people who are not appropriate to purchase them and that's their specific that this study do not have access to them. At least it didn't multiple studies that looked at this and say you know what happens when Berry as the outcome in doubt. And we're going back you know about two decades or so we've seen that laws can have a positive impact on decreasing. Both firearm homicide and firearm suicide. And I live in the data mapped to choose to. Where there are a lot of laws but there are plenty of people and a matter of fact I come from a family where multiple family members. They're lawfully purchases not yet but evidently doing it but what we've seen in Massachusetts. Panic I think that the bond until we actually have that the load firearm homicide and book firearms suicide rates in the United States. Because of mental health when it comes as soon as signs which is certainly there has been in the news lately. Come woo with the celebrity suicides of Anthony boy ordaining Kate Spade. In terms 35. Com. Percent I think it was zero or 40% homicide rate. In his suicide counselors didn't explain to me doctor it's I can't read. Now I don't know about. I'm all of public 38000. People would die from firearm in the United States and 60% of those who died and 40%. Doctor Eric legal or pediatric emergency physician. And health services researcher at Boston's Children's Hospital.