Do you worry about cyber bullying?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, November 15th
Teen suicides are up and experts say the rise is due to social media.  Do you worry about cyber bullying?  Or, that you're kid thinks he or she has to be perfect?

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We're back then in this hour we're gonna talk about a study that was stolen. Revealed that suicide rates that teens rose between 2010 and 2015 after they had declined for nearly two decades. According to data from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And why the rates have gone up. They really don't know but the study does. Suggests. That one factor could be the rising. Social media use that recent teen suicides have been blamed. When cyber bullying and social media post depicting. A perfect life sometimes and that it may be taken at all and teens. Mental. Hell than what we do know is that. The use of the social networks in the use Smartphones and everything that goes along with that. Has increased and as a result thereof. You know there are many issues that teens are having to decipher with this information overload that they're presented with. Day in and day out. We'd like to hear from you as to how have you managed your children and use of social networks and if there's anybody out there that it has had a successful. Practice. In that regard. As well we wanted to hear from you as well. We're in the process of getting an expert on on this I missed Perry after have dine and trying to get through tour where having some technical difficulties there. But we wanna hear from you in the interim as to who you know what what have you done you know and some of the experts have said. That. The best one of the things that parents can do is minimize the risk. Associated with the oldest technology. Bike and Turk curtailing your own consumption first. If all you're doing is every time you go to dinner every time you're interacting with the kids while you're driving your kids to school this or otherwise. And you have your face in Europe phone on FaceBook or Twitter or whatever it may be that maybe you should. Do a little self reflection first. Before you. Decide to be critical of of that stopped for an you know and never thought about it in that way I mean I've never been to FaceBook Twitter guy but I am the email guy you know and in my previous life. Was. Inundated with the emails about everything that was going on in in real time sense so. Give us a call we'll settle on one and talk to gale lake view what say you Gail. You are taking I'll. I had very dear. That was there that well. National. Couple years ago after a lot that well I'd commit suicide. And had to do. On the Alley. Brought. Back. I. Mean it's. Not see only her and oh yeah. And I have a bit. Gently some young girl. That there is saying how hard it. Or. Really a Serb rule. Back there are white and out rule in we're eligible for. You know very good news. Very healthy saying is how to do. It yet. You much and I don't wanna know how to throw a really only that. On issues. He could be as well it could check on me. Yeah I you know when you think about it in first on the Sam I'm sorry for the loss of your family and but you know as as a relates to cutting as well this notion of self mute a say mutilation. You know win. You when you're comparing your life and and a lot of the studies have revealed that. Young girls are more affected by this social networks than than young boy he's. Because they're trying to you have this perfect presentation of themselves. You know as it relates to beauty in their hair in their eyes and in their Chan and in on and on and on. That it's very difficult to then the process. The information and as you just pointed out mimic. What others are doing that are having this seen. Assimilation. Difficulty. In society by looking at themselves as being an imperfect. And it its a shame I mean you know young kids I'm an Ohio UROB sixty you know Monticello and and in it's didn't have that meaning and we dealt with the raw in this. Interpersonal communication right. Eaton. I was up fraud in real and there wasn't this notion that detachment. The GC in society today that I think is really getting the best. Not only are children but some young adults as well. I couldn't agree. And you're currently in the agent is why I enjoy. Sitting there much immunity. And actually yes I actually think he is on the radio I think you're fresh share. Yeah well. Thank you military conduct you go to line two and talked to Derek and shall Matt let's say you Derek. You know one of the Mike Wooten and their or not when I was grow enough. My name was gonna. Then I was. Critics called rainbow. Quite a bill like that. Never you have. You know it was the call. And so on our goal that story out there that you could somebody. College it's gonna bother you. Even if there is. A result don't know you know so many people. There there is is Obama. Moniker. Is on your life. You don't vote you're in the right. If you could you cannot go somebody felonies you are out there and none of billions. Because it's gonna happen. You know beautiful. Earth that no one hour. Don't sit there one part goes it notebooks. There is not appropriate for. Their walk away so there is no way that. They Derrek Lee ASCII. Have you found yourself in a position where you've had a two you're Catholic that you know as you just said their mean kids out there. And my suggestion to you as you just got to remove yourself from them and don't hang out those kids in binds somebody else. You know that. Part of our. You know you're either gonna start going. 01 or what your friends and that. Make sure I'm that the Buddha and that he can call me unraveled. Where. I know well were you that was really. Mark without you know good. Moments. It would have a little problem won't. Go is lead in their with the ultimate compliment it. All. All it's situated in. The mark caller an important from technicolor. And only. A couple of ever let somebody. We're gonna do all how to use them do. Yeah. Have you have you ever created a technology free zone in your house like a ruled that when we sit down for dinner the cell phones. They're on leave them in your bedroom legal wherever this is our time and this is no one else's time and not infringing on our time. I. You'll. I don't not my daughter. Hang on to follow. It for me you are all oh. Beautiful water is keep it does it's become. It's or mother and that's. Going to import. It in court we talk about its. In my in all of the open and I. That's what my daughters goes. I hope for. I have been very fortunate. To do not want bones you know not an on the go. Out there. I'm a local group not so all of us. I am that's it no problem with mines and don't take it personal. I. Yeah. There's corn. You know I hope I do. On the court not calling it. Caught him on the back so you know it is about. Where you call a column that. No life. Could you about. One call from equal caught quiet or what god is. They're grown up and go. Our Derek we got to get to a break I'm sorry nature colonies have been great conversation. We want their prime UT 6018 said how many attacks 8770. Have you had to set up a technology free zone with your kids in and what do you do that may war let us know. We'll be right practices you'll Norman and Dario. We're back in we're talking about a a recent study on the rise in teen suicide and after a number of years of teen suicides going down. And you know the study doesn't really reveal what what one of the things that they say is that you know than we need to look at our kids use of the social networks and in what that me. Mean to our children. And you know when you look at some of the studies as as a relates to that there are very troubling. Situations you know when you and I were grown up I mean often times and we were involved in a conversation we could tell the other person's reaction. By virtue of their facial expressions. And that was the human and interpersonal read. Relationship going back and forth than in. Unity if you give speeches to groups you've you. Recognize immediately their reaction by their facial expression body expression and otherwise. And what a lot. These studies are showing now is that young kids. Reach the way that they respond as by the likes. Or the dislikes that are posted. In dealing with the social networks and and not always clear as to who delights. Or the dislikes are coming from because on the social network you can actually hide your identity. So you may be thinking that your peer group is embracing what your messages or what your saying what your thinking. And it may not be the peer group did you think it is that's responding to you in many cases. And so you know into what they're saying is is that that social interaction of kids with one another is very very important. Two them in in their growth process their maturity and otherwise. So we wanna hear from you is if you have Chinese. You know reaction to this any situations with this in Europe familial unit. And what have you done to help in this will respect as to monitoring your children and what's successful things have you deployed. To try and minimize these risks that these kids are facing. Each and every Dag I said earlier that you know I'll be sixty in about a month or so and and then I was in face with these realities I'm not a big FaceBook user and I'm not a big user of the social networks either so. I am familiar with the technology and know how the technology works but I don't. Have that experience set of what it is that that that draws folks. To this and you know I hear all the time in talking to other parents about. The trials and tribulations that they have an opinion monitoring what's gone on in the social networks on their Smartphones. Minimizing the amount of time that that their children are spending in many times I hear that there's a a huge problem with study time. Verses personal time while being on the phone. At that iconic caught with my children the tail end. Of all of this who wasn't. As full blown it as it is today and they're both young adults now. But you know it seems that this is an ever changing thing and an ever changing. Situation to our society and how we as parents. Need to get more involved than in in how we deal with those particular issues what are the other things and that. You know when we talk about the risk is is cyber bullying. And you know in in the ability in many respects the people to. Agree to disagree. On issues without jeopardizing. The relationship. And it seems as though a lot of times that the young folks today are having a real difficult time. In being able to disagree. With one another and because of that detachment which you're seeing you know are these social network attacks that are being. Committed on folks that may have a differing opinion. On any particular subject matter. Folks I an Italian just sitting here in this chair sometimes when you say something to stimulate conversation or whatever may be. It's the same thing on our tax laws and so I know it's got to be difficult for kids let's hear from you 2601870. This annual Norman and other Dario. We're black and we're been talking about this study. Relative to teen suicide. And what that it has led to that there's been an increase in in spite of the fact that over the last several years has been a team. To decrease in teen suicide. And many people believe that the effects of the social networks. Have something a part to play and it you know I was at most they can baca are calling. In article. Earlier this year wanna say where. The number of students. That had been admitted to believe Harvard University or some other well known you were university that their admissions were rescind it. Because of the things that they had. Put on the social networks and you know they almost a pin number of these kids had this whole Alter life. That parents knew nothing about. And you know parents were kind of you know. Guess wondering are saying what you know what the heck I was in my child thinking. When they do when he did that and have been a number of studies you know about a kid sharing videos and images. Trying to create. You know this with a call positive feedback loop when we're talking earlier about likes and vs dislikes and and in trying to be liked by his many people as possible so there always taking these risks by port by posting things out there. On the social networks either about themselves or. About others in that you know this all about the life kind of mentality. Has this potential to lead to not so pretty outcomes in many respects. And it bags of us I think as parents as to how we are going to. A deal with those particularly issues I mean when you think about high performing. Kids in the education. Realm. Sacrificing. There opportunity. That they allegedly have been working so hard to a team. Over the instant gratification. Of reaching out for the likes. One of social networks I don't know about you folks in the bloody year for me to 601878. It it's scares the living daylights out of me you know in that respect and and you often have to wonder. And I think there's also been studies that say that our kids are spending is meant she is nine hours a day. On the social networks. And when you start to. Say you know that. In in a seven day week 63. Hours of being bombarded with this information from folks that. Or well intentioned not so well intentioned out there. Interacting in in that way. In you or disengage. From the Condit society at low margin in her in a real time real sense. And you start to look at it from that perspective. It kind of makes you wonder. I don't know if you tell me 260187. Near tech's 87870. The talk lines are open we wanna hear from you what what are your thoughts are then and then you've you've engaged in a in a program that to work with your children. We really wanna hear about that as well. So we'll be right back after the break. Give us a call 260187. Or Texas 870 eights have any and every Dario. Where Bakken we've been talking about this study. Relative to teen suicide gone up after you did actually. Decrease for a number of years. Any effects of the a social networks and it seems this study implies that there is a connection but it hasn't definitively. Said so. And doctor Victor Strasburg routine medicine specialist at the University of New Mexico. Points that out that there seems to be a connection. Between teen suicides depression and social media and and and obviously there's a need for more research on this technology. He also goes on than to note that skeptics who think social media as being unfairly criticized compared with so called vices of the past when. Dime store books came out I was a long time ago. Comic books came out when television came out when rock and roll first started people were saying this is the end of the world. However with the social networks you know approach would. The with the immediacy the anonymity and the potential for bowling social media obviously is doctor points out as a unique potential. But causing real harm and sometimes. Parents don't really get that. Do you get that in on attacks line I've had to have a serious sit down with the kids when are realized they were bullies. They didn't believe people they knew only kids desperately trying to impress. You know then number of folks said that basically anyway I was told that it was irresponsible and borderline illegal and I'd turn him in if someone got hurt they'd stop the bullying are. Bowen says that there really enjoy the show and do you really know what your kids are doing. The fact of the matter is is that there are a bunch of apps that are out there that actually hide. They're trail of what they're doing in fact a couple calculator percentage in calculator plus look like calculators. But require the user to inner passcodes to reveal. A back storage area containing private photos and things of that nature. There's also been storage it's called faulty and others. Where it you know you think you have your kids passwords. And you're going into their phone without them knowing it. This this app takes a picture review. And warns the user. Of this person's trying to gain access to your to your app. And has a picture view. When you do so and they also have. Double passcode opera. And in order to get there and you know some of the experts suggest. One of the easiest ways to see what you're kid. Is doing sometimes is to look at. Any significant spikes in data usage. On the phone if they're on your plan and and you get the the bill every month that you look at their data usage to see. Whether or not there's. As huge spike one way or the other and then you can ultimately try to find out what that is or monitor. The amount of data that's being used owned. Their planned so let's hear from you 260187. Me and then give us a shout. About what your thinking and our guard Texas said he 7870. As to what your thinking as if do you had to deploy any of these strategies as a relates to your kids in the use. Of the social networks will be right back. We're back in we've been talking about the most recent study with teen suicide known attacks on says correlation does not mean causation no no no joke that's an aside I I agree I agree I agree with that isn't it it indicates certain things and that was it. Let me just say tonight 7 o'clock the debate on the mayoral thing and Stephanie grace myself Dave Cohen. Here alive for one solid hour without any in eruption no commercials. Scoot joins us in the studio I'm I'm looking forward to that dole because Ito is I've often talked about with with radio there's there's something really special about radio when you. And this is nothing negative about television but this is a very very special medium. And the words. What is sad. Stands out more on radio there on television because you're removed from any visuals the only the only sensation is is is hearing. So what they say tonight is going to be very very important and you'll have a you'll have a tough job basket not asking questions you know looking forward to it Stephanie. Racing is is so nice and she's very good at what she does and we've we interacted a couple of times and formulating the questions and obviously Dave Cohen news director does a good job with thinking who will be a moderating that non. And I don't know this is the first in this mayoral season of a duel and his sit here at the radio stations so I'll look. And tortured him obviously tonight and so Monday it was senate majority leader Mitch McConnell who joined the chorus of Republicans saying that. Roy Moore had to get out of the race. I yesterday it was attorney temperature sessions last night it was Fox News host Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity is giving him 24 hours to clarify his lame answers. Or get out of the race so what when when you're conservative and you lose the support Sean Hannity I think you pretty much done. Yeah I mean that's gonna be telling an it you know it's really interesting of course Roy Moore wasn't a good candidate from the get go no idea idea I am I going back into Reese yeah yeah history his performance on the bench started time Emmy and an even a number of folks in Alabama and a number of his his peers in the Republican Party have said that bird here. Anytime that you have a difficult tore Kelly question coming your way I know that he had the no love it and it's kind of the hum and hum and amen hominem. Yeah it's going to be a problem if you don't have a legitimate answer to that question right then and there. And you know would you agree that if he. If he does not file suit. I guess the Washington Post which he claims he's not far enough job because it that would bring a deposition to mean that would really bring all of this to as to the surface of political smokescreen out it's not gonna happen and I know that there and Noel all the reporters over the Washington Post a shaken in their boots at the present time. It's. He if you're a bit but this is what did the media does and and sharpest political timing behind this spike I talked talked yesterday in the show about. Now look when you're in politics this is the game you know whether it's the saints looking for a weakness in the Washington Redskins defense that our our offense this weekend. Or a politician looking for a weekend a weakness in an opponent the best thing you can do and you know this is as an elected official don't give them ammunition. Well yeah and in its the same approach of what I called the sound by politicians where they're they're great at the sound bites but when you dig down in the third sentence they have nothing to send him. Also we'll talk about a sexual harassment and the whole conversation is bringing up I think a conversation about morality in America. And just our basic morals and how we are supposed to basically treat each other so we'll get an event as well. Yeah it you know I think it starts with let's be nice yup or go home or want don't be too nice and that sexual harassment can. We'll scoots up. Stay tune really had a great show today thank everybody for their participation tonight the debate at 7 o'clock here on WWL.