Do you trust the media?

Newell Normand
Wednesday, April 18th

An LSU survey says Louisianans have a pretty favorable view of their local media. 78 percent of those polled said they trust their local media’s information a lot, or some.  Only 32 percent of those polled say they trust national media outlets. 


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They've donated for new home Norman glad to have you here with us and hope you're glad to be here. As we look this hour at a question that came up in a recent survey from LSU. Do you trust the media. We've made in every 870 pretty Mazda opinion poll has been up for a few minutes and the voting is already started to tell you the results now we'll see how the change of the hour. 60% say local media yes national media you know. 20%. Say you trust both the local on national media. 120%. C don't trust either. I wanna hear from all three groups I want to hear from people who do you trust that the media both locally internationally and from people who doubt I wonder why if you don't. And why if you do you think so many people don't. 5042601870. You can text us at 87870. An LSU survey says Louisiana he ends have a pretty favorable view. Of their local media 78%. Of those polled said they trust their local media's information a lot or some. Only 32%. Of those polled say they trust the national media and a why is this such a disconnect. Why is it that you trust the local media but not the national media. It's probably stimulus similar to why people tend to rate their own congress members are very high. But rate congress as a whole. Very low. And you pricing jerk congress members braid but everybody else's congress member. Is not. Final four to 601870. Taxed us sedate 7870. Matt Doyle are batters bureau looked into this a little bit. The Riley said a report says 56% of Louisiana and trust the local media is accuracy a stark contrast to the 32%. Who buy with a national media selling. Public policy research lab director Mike Anderson says it's not surprising. So on those numbers Louisiana at the hole looks a lot out of restive country looks right now. But 13 of Louisiana and say they do not trust their local media Henderson says there's a noticeable partisan divide there. Democrats are much more likely to say that it's a local media adapter it and Republicans are. In the batteries bureau this is mad door locked out of the L first news so again I think comes down the party is why is everything have to come down the party. Republicans tend to trust the national media less than do Democrats. I guess it's because. Of the parties and the president's. Mon truck. And always labeling the media's though leave her liberal media and level late labeling most of the media as fake news. Don thanks for calling your on WW well do you trust the local media. Depend on the story effect a national political stories are really. It is you know local news you know lie name. Locally bands but it but if it's politically and like legislature now because they knew about the news about the news anymore. It's about race it's about getting amber I'll use whichever way you can get the most I ever proud of dollars and what they. You know it don't you think don't you think some organizations can get the best ratings by delivering the best most accurate. Reliable and credible news don't you think it is a value and that the bullet can attract ratings. Not anymore we're also we're all we're all one operation our colonel they have a good player about the reality of today's. I mean look we've just wanna hear what we want to hear somebody tell us our feelings are right and Alan everybody else. Much it means that by her own in conservative guy but I agree with what he said. What is what how can Fox News and news station. There aren't there and they're opinions station has talk shows like radio base that they. And my answer would disarmament of Woolsey and the cable news network. Says that there is stationed. In their talk shows of opinions. So that everybody uses the word news that justified the make believe that there are good news stations when in reality. Done not in when you get the local news local news is you do you know what happened in the legislature today. And in new war on today when you start didn't sit somebody out or pains. Wedding date start talking about what they think about what happened today when animal born former talking about news and match where they get in the. Yeah I follow your you actually touched on one thing that drives me actually not the facts that FaceBook. Calls the information you see that pops up when you log on your news feed. So little of what's on FaceBook. Has any news worthy value it has value. It as entertainment value it has she humor value it has comedy value it has eye candy value. But the vast majority of it is not news. Now. News organizations like WWL. We view provide news to your news feed but they did so much of its not news and I am I should be able no news this anymore. Nobody they think the opinion that people aren't true. And that a probable. Yang an army now average battling opinions of two lawmakers are two politicians to help me understand an issue or to understand the debate that's going on politically. There's news value to that you're right. Opinion and news or two extremely different things but I don't know that anyone sees those lines anymore traditionally speaking. I think the definition of news and in most people's minds probably changed. That's a good point we appreciate the calls on 504260187. DJ thanks for calling your on WW. Statements or to take them called they've began substituting. Appreciate that I'll trust local media national media both or neither. Well I bet there were collapsed college senate do truck. Actually well without double big news when it murdered your news coverage. Israeli hacker at all and bode well at times that there's anything that wars are usually. Do come back and say you know there's a new well. Know the border probation this story occur but whatever. That was that about all of that Garland needs to duke he stepped out. All conservative viewpoint that he used to have a web report a lot of this topic. Here and op. I think that that gives war credibility when you let both sides be represented. There. Yeah. And I act that is great value in that my only fear though in the and that approach if he is in and that wasn't the only approach Garland it took but I am right now criticizing that I'm just saying. When you have both extremes. You know he becomes very similar to a he says she said and he's the truth somewhere in the middle. And what you do it again and so it is very difficult. But I think is value in hearing extreme opinions I think there's value of hearing from. Two sides of an issue must issues have more than two sides but at least hearing from the two most. Loudness sides of that. Yeah that's that's part probably is that it that it plans to be that the people on. Reaches over the left and right in the big boast the war is actually got he got to try to be careful. That you editor screen you're on the cover of the large literally skewed. Do you agree but I think tablet battle whipped out and have a little bright you know independence seeing. It. The big Cornell because. You know most of our solutions to these extreme problems are going to be in the North Carolina going to be on the far right. And that's part of the problem with the park political environment today. Is that you got such devices that's when really we need to be putting more common ground. Yet and I and I and I think JU making good point and it does that dovetail with what the previous caller said. Is that there are organizations now delay on the national level. They try so hard to appeal to one extra or the other with its with its box now all the way to the right and CNN all way to the LAPD. What about most people who were in the middle and I really believe most of us are in the I think about 80% of people. Are in the middle both politically. Speaking and on most issues that aren't even political that must be a candlelight. You don't have really strong opinions of except about a few things that kind of define them politically or define them as individuals. And I think the middle frequently gets left out not only news coverage. But really in society because. Rob your Yemen who controls the money. Are left in the far right. So I. Yeah you know go ahead yet his last hour we're talking about dead people magazine's beauty issue came out pink is on the cover. And I think that's a bit polarizing. Decision. For People Magazine. Well that they're about beauty is it's it's so subjective okay. Oh. There's no doubt that a lot of people can agree. Somebody who really do look at most people what we're going that there are very attractive person to person we can broad that's especially in potential futures. Let's go to break from what you. Expect that that like the wind player. You could be. Attractive person if you are but right cart. And they would. Yeah its job and you don't dispute. We're told RN CB right now and you 'cause I desperately to Erica these headphones are demean any favors. Well I. I'd disabled people why oh why people Arabia that what they call what they were really. And now heinous how. That that thought just figured I would. That's a public wow what a shock departure. Based leaderboard and you like old. He said thank you very much without a break you in front of the. I well now now. I you know allied dead we enjoy your anonymity many times in radio that's one of the dangers of the Internet now there was most of us don't get much anonymity anymore are able working navy can't go to the grocery store the bank. The anywhere without someone. Pointing at them talking about a walking up to lump. In radio leases on as we keep our mouth shut most people don't recognize us. Yeah. Thanks Larry we appreciated our report from the Riley center in Dallas used manned ship school says Louisiana eons have a pretty favorable view of their local media 78%. Of those polled by Ellis Hughes said. They trust the local media's information a lot or some. Public policy research lab director Mike Henderson says local media also got high marks in getting the facts right. And they generally do you think accuracy like they're pretty high numbers and in saying that local media is accurate and they're reporting. Local media scored much higher than the national media only 32% of Louisiana eons. Deal that they can trust what they see on national media reports orbit just. Partisanship Democrats are less likely to say media or treating all sides fairly. The Republicans or. Bobby in the Ninth Ward thanks for calling your on WWL do you trust the local media national media both or neither. Well let me let me explain my opposition here. My comment. That your producers here at republic windows media ever. Not biased. Throughout our history. The media. The print newspapers. As well presented you know point of view. Well on the editorial pages yes they're supposed to do that in our back way back when the yellow journalism I was a little different but in modern journalism. And I and I do you have a bachelor's and alcoholism. Modern journalism. The contents of being used apportion. Whether it's newspaper radio television now Internet. Is supposed to be unbiased is a will be a fair representation in presentation of facts. The end okay appear at Europe if you have a backward journalism that you ought to know that. You know in the old days newspaper reporters. Generally came up through the ranks they would become newspaper delivery boy is they'd be copy boys. They've worked their way up its sweet lord and eventually did you. A small job as a as a road. Or an incredibly too weary and he had the big interaction on the. But but the act and the liberal media came about we end. Delivered immediate start to be mostly take an old like college educated. Rebels and I think you would really happen it and yet Sify recognized as a law all wrong title in nineteen poured in on interviews have been called fairness. I was 39 actually the fairness act that was inserted. 39 and okay. And Reagan killed at nineteen detonate when congress to Tampa to tapped that in a law. And it didn't and. And the message did and that's a bad thing because with the Fairness Doctrine did was by law require people utilizing the public airwaves had to equally present. All sides of an issue. Do you think that should still be necessary in this day and a do we have thousands of places to get news and information should every one of them have to present all sides. Or should it be acceptable that some lane one went somewhere in another way. If you call yourself a news organization absolutely should present all sides if you wanna call yourself or went public Fox News reputed do is call themselves an opinion. Opinions station. You know they're they're been been been now that you're just calling itself there came the TV to tackle spot oozes. Why does that how does that differ from what CNN is on the other side. Well it's true I mean. And the debate with you there at. It it's the same for the people on the left they get used to it but the MSNBC what they want to get it. And a right to stand up what they like it that well what happens is what you were talking about ago. 80% about in the middle truly love this country and wanna keep this country and transport are continually. Held back by the far right in our collapsed. And the rhetoric that we have to here and a lot of it goes right back to what Reagan did in 1987 when he killed the Fairness Doctrine. Because I think that even today with the thousands of media outlets we if we had something like dead in place. We would feel more fair and balanced media and people would trust the media more you don't see your data that a human as a possibility. Did you know we've gotten so far away from any thing. Did to balance to any thing that does help those in the middle any thing that accomplishes a goal of moving everyone together. Forward it's about moving one group of people forward or another group of people backward or something like that you know it's a distinct. The most into a lot of sound bites from Barbara Bush. And I in the wake of her death. And I don't remember the exact words of one that I heard when I was driving into work this morning on the CBS radio network but. When we're she talked about compromises not a dirty word it's not a bad thing. Compromise is a useful tool was essentially is a gist of the common I heard and I thanked. Not only is Barbara Bush now dead but so is the idea of compromise and coming to the middle and working together for a common goal. At any level of government anymore it just seems that we have to be polarized we have to be on separate sides we have to be fighting each other at all times. And that is probably a bad thing that's probably part of the reason is so many people don't trust the national media. Bobby thanks for calling your on WWL. What do you make of that. There are more on their particular call things. Are you. I think the local media are all honest then radio national media I think the national media. There's very all policy and on both sides. Turned that tip you look at fox and CNN. And even think about what a lot of ball brochure Roosevelt took between ball problem. You really speculate and to different countries. French and on the five on fox. You know war street conservatives. And basically one liberal currency and make a panel or Anderson Cooper. Where you may have six or seven on the panel and maybe 12 or conservative they're ransom on the all on the way out. And the other pro have a problem with ads that these different. Organizations approach their programming that dramatically differently or do you think hey at least I know what I'm getting an eight the expectation is. You're going to hear one side from one and the other side from the other. Our figures the bottom of the country's. I really do you know argue previous callers are they were right on where. You know and he says itself that. United dictate the circle. The public's. More in. And the middle not to an extreme money saw it and I think that's what we've got right now in this country years. You know we've got to come the common ground on vote so I taught thank. Guess I'll I wonder if the news media organizations. Led the way in dividing the country or are they just catering to a country that was already divided. Of course there are. And then the business to make money and they're different yet the differences we talk about fox we talk about CNN. There both cable and satellite. Delivered programming and now Internet delivered programming as well they don't use the public airwaves. Well that there that basically forms. Fought or whatever so on one is in or they're huge. Get that would limit our interim get my point is though that local broadcasters. Are under different rules and regulations because we do use the public airwaves. And so from a legal standpoint we're mandated. Q presenting issues fairly. More so now now like we used to be the Fairness Doctrine as was pointed out a little while ago by a caller. Ronald Reagan did away with that. In favor of in the free market decide. By. There is more of a historical. The fairness on broadcast. Radio and television because we are public trustees. Of the publicly owned airwaves where is that the cable generated Internet generated. Programming is not they handed them out licensed there or not. Mandated enact. Regulated in the same way the diocese of public Airways are says that's more of a history lesson than anything else there may help us understand why maybe it is the difference. Do you fear though that. The local media could also. Become more like the national media that if there is particularly in television which is hurting right now for advertising dollars is struggling as an industry all of television struggling right now but particularly local broadcast television. I in many markets across the country's struggling. Because people are finding other ways to get their visual entertainment. Do you fear the date could resort to the same kind of tactics for lack of a better word to draw ratings that these CNN's and foxes have done. Our folk not the facts are all not at all pretty. Keep doing what they do report report maneuvers is as an and the troops and not didn't. On one that underdog on political agendas on news saw it on to not make a comment about beauty. Okay yeah we started out the show doctor that people magazine's beauty issue is out. And the brunt of a lot of interesting discussion what we wanna say about it. I just wanna come out port delays that you really taken care of itself Arctic she's always a good. And it continues to have good notes saw in the corporate. Right. Bobby those who Cindy Crawford has the most beautiful person thanks Bobby we appreciate it Ryan thanks for calling you're on WWL who do you trust. Ball I trust. The poor because they do it. Those who knew that read in crash. All the free press you can goal. From the war that. To the far right. Saw. All television. Radio. And everything. You people keep law. And the war on everything and scorn on I am so thankful for you and your probably honestly idea. Not on a week in keeping on. Everything but we sure try to get the importance of Soria. They get now and others things. We're in this Smithsonian. All magazine. National Geographic. And industry in these things in Russia. Now when I'm entry can get that miscue from over the Internet now but I understand your point being that when they don't have the free dissemination of information the way that we do here and they don't have the ability to produce great works of journalism because of whether perceived or real pressure from the state to make sure that the message is one that the state. Agrees with Ron I appreciate kind words and appreciate your calling WWL 5042601870. Text messages are coming in an 87870. We had a conversation I asked the question. Is the national media is leaning bias whether far left or far right. He reaction to a divided country. Or has the national media had divided the country one person Texas and says. The only ones are divided the country to the brain wash one's drinking Fox News Channel cool day. Another tech says fox does call themselves entertainment. News network. The other jokes call them so jokers call themselves news. And I it is Fox News Channel they put news right there in the name of it and there's no doubt that is to inspire people to believe the they're getting news and news they can trust and they really grew out of the fact that so many people felt like. So much of the national news scene was so liberal that there the answer to the others are they fair and balanced as they initially dubbed themselves. Well not in their talk shows by any means by god so but is their news fair and balanced well I guess that's up to the consumer to decide trusting media depends on what you expect says another text message today 7870. If you expect unbiased. Fair and impartial information you're not gonna get it from any one. Source. And does this text message to date 7870. Did you ask the people who don't believe the mainstream media decides something that was intentionally. Inaccurate. Okay I'll ask. If you don't trust the mainstream media what is it that the mainstream media's told you the you think they intentionally misled you about lied about or wrong about. I am not sure that's the right question by US made baskets so I did and they know more important question is. Do you feel that they're fairly. Representing. An entire issued a point we can make an informed educated decision and decide how you feel about it. And unfortunately I think the text earlier is that not the only consume one national media source no. You can't Helena thanks for calling 504260187. Days. What are your thoughts on this vast disparity between people trusting local media. Quite a bit national media that's a much. Well I was calling the national media in how to show like we have been at 10 o'clock at night I could go Jewish health. I don't want them here than. Date because that I. I. Couldn't chip means equal even in Asia and and I'm not on our national meetings general and to get on lightly because they're. As much as that really picky that I thought it was great and you'll gonna Katrina. But the presentation. At. A news it doesn't meet that news. And let me decide if he decided it at the national media argued. And that. Too. Yeah yeah you're absolutely right and you know I I am the news director here at WWL one of the things that I've preached for the last 21 years that I've been working here. Is that we not we don't have to tell people how to feel about the news. That we can let them determine themselves how they feel I don't have to tell you and now shocking story that will scare you I don't have you know. Shocking let me inside of the chocolate. Rite Aid if it shocking you'll know it's shocking eastern did you hear it I don't have to tell you it's a shocking likewise I don't have to tell you and now a sad story. It did set you'll know it's sad and I've never understood that approach eight summit that we don't do here in the news department at WWL. We don't tell you something tragic shocking sad wonderful happy you're great. You know there are few exceptions. You know we may say hey here's an encouraging report back out. Your house. Because that's I think that's a little differently wanna let people know. You know the difference between those but generally speaking you're right why did tell me how I should feel about the news just let me be. Well but it. Even. Beyond. While I'm driving it it's all about what you shaking you give me an example incorrect in. I mean. I really. It was intent how big yet the listener at the text message said can you give me zevil intentionally. Inaccurate news. Why do I do. Not and whatnot could be and shell. She could be muted question before. It took me. Like. Bring. It. In the what. You're dead Asia and track that it did and it. And it's a good point. Hello we appreciate your call I appreciate your listening and I think you rank got a great perspective to it.