Do you think Pres. Trump's doing a good job dealing with other countries?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, July 12th
Tommy talks with Garret Martin, Professorial Lecturer at the School of International Service of American University, about President Trump's meeting with European leaders at the NATO summit and his upcoming meeting with Putin.

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We're talking about NATO. And president trump in the summit that is recently concluded in Brussels. And it began with president trump sitting across from the NATO secretary. Guns sold in Bergen I'm sure on destroying their name. He didn't dated as NATO Secretary General was is seemed to be taken aback busy because he indeed seem like he wasn't using this kind of thing. President drums and many countries are not paying what they should and frankly many countries. Alyssa a tremendous amount of money for many years back. Where they're delinquent as far as I'm concerned because the United States has had to pay for them Garrett marred amerigas professional lecturer. At the school of international service at American University good morning professor. Are more prominent I'm guessing her arm thank you sir I'm guessing it would be doctor. Are. They had to mom does so in terms of just to get straight on the dollars here. Do the NATO countries over the NATO fund anything or is it because of underfunding their own defense program in light of the 2%. Of GDP that they agreed to into when he fourteen. Well yeah it's simple to be the right here I mean when we talk about that the 2% from the hole it was and non binding collector took. The member states agreed to make their commitment to reach that. But actually set back one minute that's about their own defense spending. And not about contributions to NATO is an accurate. That's that's exactly there is that there isn't much mobile and NATO budget to which state contribution and it's based on the wrong side of their own JP. And to a United States contribute about when he took part. And separately that's how much our defense spending. Each state. Aaron Mexico and non binding commitment. And as far as that goes no country is in arrears on that is I understand it they instead. The president's premise is that because they under funded their own defense. And I put that in quotation marks in their own defense budget that somehow the United States. Had to step up stairs but is that accurate and. Well not really it. I've been known radical being very critical of the good and I don't think it's a very good metrics. I think it's technically and simple but let's keep in mind for the United States for instance the fact that the global military. When they expand. 3.5 percent of the band. It's to deal with a lot of global responsibilities well beyond Europe so I I think that the defense is not a very good metric and I'm not very. Allen talking about. The president's upcoming meeting with Vladimir Putin it seems as though. You know hear a lot of Russia the president saying that gruden is not and I think he reiterated at this morning during his press conference. That Putin is not an enemy he's a competitor are your thoughts on a. Well that hasn't written expression and you know I think. It's the 41 of the Mormon influence than he created a ritual on people saying that he looked happier. An exception of crime. I think it's that great out the in most cases were present trump about it and say and do. On the purple anticipated. Like most other. Follow it but what exactly we can agree it would be equipment that Britain could help in either. A great deal of uncertainty. So he is in terms of the Allison train of thought here for second professor. It. In terms of the president's behavior whisk. Other allies and then taking the UN. Secretary General by surprise in his blunt approach. It is that something that is likely to yield better results because it's different all word do world leaders and in general get offended by this kind of thing Dolores. Is everything. What we see as an appears to be French president McCraw saying there was absolutely no agreement in terms of countries. Upping their defense spending Bill Owens is a 2% I guess it was required the president was saying he wanted for. But at at at what point is turned political where they have won agreement. Then the French president comes out and says something else but this. I think. I would say the following and I think that shall kind. They can you sum result being that alarmed. Being forceful I think picnic and create a sense of certainty. But I think if you keep doing it is diminishing returns over a long time allies are on the boat getting in the wood with you in the gonna go. Ignoring I think secondly. It's so those little bit counterproductive because if you keep on auction on certain disdain towards the US allies. Failed the you know public opinion tale of a practical. And it becomes a law on a program. To increase defense spending is that even what they wanna do. Expecting the little cool that they see that being bullied by another ally so I think ultimately can be counterproductive in the long run well up beat. Constantly. Bullying his art defense. But to be fair also presidents Obama and bush have also called out NATO right for not spending enough is there. Is the difference merely in the approach. I think it immediately after. That. Complaining about Britain's Sherri has beaten and constant for them all American crowd that. Dating back to recognize him Allah so spectacularly that continuity here I could decrease a bit of Iowa McConnell and and also in just being alone and focus on that matter constantly. And this morning they opened a meeting to go to become an on. That's pending matters and gotten trump kept returning back for the 2% so I think netbook but different but are the future so. Single focus on only that she and nothing else. Thank you professor and doctor appreciate your time I hope you come back and join us Monday. Mark Martin Rucker.