Do you think Lavar Ball is protecting his son or using him for publicity?

Wednesday, December 6th

The father of one of the UCLA basketball players accused of stealing products from a store in China has pulled his son out of UCLA because he was suspended indefinitely.  Lavar Ball has a reputation for constantly stirring up controversy in what appears to be an image-building strategy for his company—Big Baller Brand sneakers.  How would you react if this were your son?  Do you think Lavar Ball is protecting his son or using him for publicity?

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Deke Belavia - Host of WWL radio's Sportstalk


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It is a chilly and wet to Wednesday afternoon December the sixth I I I love it's it is nice to have this change I know not all of you like it and especially for those of you who have to work outside. Mankind bush here for those of us who were sitting in a warm studio how warm officer warm cubicle. A nice warm car right now. We have to also for members and a lot of people are out there working and they're doing stuff that makes our lives better frost. And it keeps our lives are going there's just so many people who have to work outside in order date like today is some. It's tough so god bless those who viewed you have to work outside. And a day like today we're gonna continue the conversation about time magazine naming person of the year the silence breakers these are the men and women came forward for charges of sexual harassment. Which really did have a tremendous impact on the news over the past year. We're also talking about the rally last night. Which Republican candidate Roy Moore Steve Bannon was there. And one thing that stood out in my mind where Steve Bannon bashing Mitt Romney any signs. For not serving in the military. Steve Bannon is a big supporter of trump. Who got five deferments. So is this hypocrisy. That once again reminds us of why we're so divide it. We divided not because people want to see the truth or recognize. Equality. That they that they they turned a blind guy to. What they don't wanna believe what they don't wanna hear it we know when when banning criticizes Mitt Romney. Is the to trump supporters they don't think about what trump did to stay out of the military. They simply think about all right. Call go Steve yeah Mitt Romney and his sons you know those guys and they weren't mission say you know they did other things to think they didn't go on military mission it's. You know to attack the deed to characteristic Ronnie I think to serve really quite a stretch. If you're both stay with us somebody get back to your calls and comments but I also went into the conversation something that we didn't get to yesterday afternoon. The father of the UCLA basketball player accused of stealing items from upscale stores in China pulled his son I've UCLA because. He was irate over his son's indefinite suspension. Lamar ball is the father he's known for starring controversy. Is he now using his son to generate publicity. Forty sneaker company. Deke Bellavia as a host of WWL sports talk and the host of on the point after he joins us live on WB real IndyCar I want to spend just a few minutes with you this afternoon talking to bottle of our ball. Do they get there at me you know it's. And it. I think because. You know I think a lot of people if you go back to a lot of people realize that. And it you know pretty much what you know it's because he's so it's so Latino now. And it was it's it's our son who's in India now the Laker. It is it made its way out the apple because it be that there are. Situation it indifferent about it. It it. Count it's. On inexplicable. And it's so more than that threatened in a that optical amount it straight to regret that we address prospect. Go work out but. I'd jeopardy in. It's a local. Yeah when he went when the father talked about they were looking into other options so for his son born what might those options me. You know you would see. UK. Because. You know he's at school it made it transferred to deny these. And play well but PD epic. Go to the program and it. Could be. On being in the flat and a man who knows maybe you'll want to. If there is some a couple of kids in and you know you wanna get some. Transferred somewhere. I'm out of school or something like this bit it's sort of attention. Program that we we get out there about. We and it the scoop it's you know basically it's attention now is like OK you won't get out the kitchen. And not be. You know it's it's bad it's good it is what detention. And look upon them Matt as there and getting attention and you know be. There it is. But a lot of people don't want our kind of attention and Lavar ball has has been banned from a a section of thirds a lakers arena the Staples Center where the lakers play. He's been banned from an area because of the raucous cities causes with the media and his condemnation of the lakers saying that only he knows how to coach is sunrise who's who's in the lakers. And it's it's there in the coaching epic you know ultimately the now it will probably go out and the and and at the captain and the bit of feel totally okay. Ultimately it but it but also. We keep it. But on the cause it's on it to make a move forward and become a championship contender in I mean that. You know it's going to be the cook you know he's been beat partly out of there. Breaks so they. It's gaping you know you know even if you love Bob ball went to a game somewhere quiet. These are popular I mean they're politics and make it a while back the 800. It can be but it can't recruit people out to an ankle. Eighteen they're nineteen to do is so out come out. And I mean that they itself out. The prime Quantico. Bicker they couldn't get all the security. But the profile he wouldn't want to. Who. So it's incumbent security nightmare the go to. You don't really keep people calm but it'll. Agent and people like credit and good. He got that kind of by. Oh go do it. Well it sounds to me it sounds to me liken this is from the standpoint of of a father but it it it it occurred to me when he was talking about his son in the the arrogance with which he spoke and his body language when he talked about why do this from us on I'm standing up for my son I mean Los suns the suffered enough and and they let this go in China and you need to letting go here and my son shouldn't be a suspended and you can't take basketball away from somebody who loves to play basketball. And they're Chris Cuomo wants CNN to a single look and look what the guy did. And then the father totally dismissed that. So it's almost as serious Lavar balls ego is so huge that he can't bring himself to admit that a son made a mistake. Look Michael that it bite me in the state EEU. That at the corner outside of people. Dead in a neat thing we keep it at all. And it that the way they did that one but we. I guess you'd say it in typical Trent how that one day if the sun. Don't you know if you if you become the public really what goes so far it's in the top spot and then. We you know you know what I wanted to come out to where you know where you're like I don't agree couple maybe like a little. Ball it will look cracked all sorts speak because it. To make it out you only got to be counted in doubt about it later in the boat culture that. It any that they need to lighten up occurred at the collider agent and a lot of times that it's any potential. ID go ahead here for get to a break cutting feel about the saints against the falcons tomorrow night in Atlanta. Stop and go about it I mean you don't get it and you can't. In Atlanta at this retain the you know it QB and that the mark by you pretty much that means you go. It's Ramirez opera and the getting any in my health and it is official what. You have been put in windy in the and it lipped about it and hand or finger props to spot and it it. Yeah that's a great but it had to be a big a game and got in there at all. I like the things. I'm more Sean Lattimore wars at practice yesterday but limited. Right because we're at the tunnel port that a little bit being. Now Dick how how much how much did they play games whereas with without injury list or it is the status of a player might. They downplay. Lattimore his ability to play as as long as they can. I'm so the falcons aren't thinking about that and then it knowing right now that he is gonna playing. And again that a good and afraid you're. And would go over ninety you know. That the on the Interpol is he. Questionable. Problem here duplicate got this you know in the enemy. Can't just. They're real about it group accommodate a game plan. Prepare for everybody Indian operative element that the Pratt. Yup it is part in any play and you know all the testing. And it. Yet that that the route you decode but it won't want the real good you know think about it. So when when we hear that somebody is limited in practice we might actually think that there's a good reason to police attests just something as being report put out there and that in reality this player's going to be prepared to play. Well you get in net typically. A group you know in the Indy. Although we do particular training camp we got better and we get stale old pan the camera and photographer that to leave at about the game. Where there in there in the C. And you go out there we don't. Deke I enjoy our conversation whether it's on the year or in the halls here at the radio station appreciate you taking time to be with us. All right thanks di bella via cohost. Sports talk and the point after right here under you have yourself. If you wanna join us for the commented did you see the interview with Lavar baldness have fathers as UCLA a basketball player. He was on CNN with Chris Cuomo. And Chris Cuomo kept trying to get into you know what wait a minute I mean your son has apologized and they admitted to stealing this stuff from an upscale store. Shouldn't be punished. 260187. In every code 5042601. A seventy tech's number 87070. I'm scoots and we'll be right back on Debian you'll. We're talking about Lamar ball the father of UCLA basketball player accused of stealing items trying to scale story now in China what and when when I have an excuse to play chi Ching Chong why am I not gonna do that. Now I can't way to we just they're going a couple more days and then we'll start playing or chi Ching Chong and ended the whole Christmas thing all the food manager percent to close. A I mean that was just such a great song for anybody who ever tried Clearwater. Bernie drugs at all I mean it was just really funny when you think about. You know this interview of this to sky about Santa Claus this guy just opened an individual you know so it goes anyway we'll we'll start terrible start playing that soon. Here is a pretty gentle people. This hour do you think Lavar ball is protecting his son. Or using his son for publicity. 88%. Say using his son for publicity. 13% say protecting his son and got a text it says I say come ball is a grown up version of a soccer mom screaming at the wraps. Essar can place. Yeah I mean I'm good updates the term helicopter parent. And refer to receive drawn parent. It's just drawn parent just like constantly hovering over your or over your child. And you know if you if you saw the unit I wish we had audio but we don't have that the rights to that particular on audio and I'd I don't know why we don't have the rights to two everything. And Tom tablet to share with you by attempt to your trust me on this Lavar ball. With his body language and the weight that he said what he said. Just sounded like a dead. That was. This domineering. Father that doesn't think that anybody can ever do anything right for his kids except him. And there are fathers like that. He has this expensive for a sneaker line. And I guess this is a great way to get publishing fort its big ball a brand Snickers and I know simply do was say more why are you giving this publicity. Well this is an opportunity to set the record straight. Veto may be somebody would not body. Big dollar brand Snickers come Lavar ball it was very critical of president trump for not thanking him for three pair of sneakers that he sent him. Now when you send something to the White House. It might not necessarily get directly to the president. The Harbaugh was Burris on CNN critical of president truck for not thanking him saying I know we gotta be gotta be got the issues. If you don't know if he if if he got toes. And if you Nash forum who knows if even wants it to anybody look at this guy is a piece of work. And his son admitted that he stole these items and apologized and as I mentioned before. You know if you if you're in a foreign country. Do you realize that our constitution. Doesn't apply to country. You don't have the same rights to another country. That you haven't America. And I just think about the mentality. Somebody. That we steal something. In Communist China. Now I've never been to China but. It appears as if China looks like a free society. There's a there's if there's a free market. If the Chinese have still maintain Communist form of government while allowing free market society. Which was very Smart on their part because the the Communist nation state that failed like the old Soviet Union and remaining in hungry and that the Dulles was on Eastern Europe nations those those Communist countries failed because. They didn't allow people to. Enjoy this spirit of being a human being that the spirit of trying to do better the spirit of just trying to to do better than somebody else. Mean that's part of who we are trying to improve ourselves not just be better than somebody else would just be better and everybody was so equaled it never touch that aspect as a human spirit. And it was one of the recent Sid that communism failed but the Chinese. Have been really brilliant in maintaining Communist form of government. Through allowing a free market society because it allows. It allows Chinese people to benefit themselves. And that's an important aspect of all of its. From the east rod you're under the WL. I. Coat gonna guitar for a quick comment for news. They're. There. There. Are more than that and a cut in there. And. If you. Yeah. And is. At. An end. It. Now it. Now priority he doesn't gathered in and and who love our ball started to get a lot of attention when he he. Dismissed any help that Donald Trump. And had any part that he played in helping his son get released. And he was just basically denying the truck had anything to do with truck adjustment with the Chinese president. I can't help but think that trump had something to do with the release of those those players they could be imprisoned in China right now. I'm scoops will be back. And I just get the feeling that hardball is not a bully dad who is not teaching his kids what they need to learn. Here's a text it really does so I'm summarize my feelings. The text reads my take on the ball situation is. That he was letting his son avoid the punishment that you Selig wanted to give his son. He's teaching his son to avoid being held accountable for his actions. That is exactly. What is happening. Do you think Lavar abolished protecting his son or using his son for publicity 95%. Say he's using his son for publicity point 5% say he's protecting his son that's a pretty general opinion poll to be sure to you by going tour web sites W if you don't account from the nor short. And welcome. Parting of the agriculture on a couple of things you know he does both very good at his spot about. Wonder how much time before comedy time as well. Done things ready should that normal people would have gotten in trouble for but because he's talented. And because they had no loud mouth pulled. And he was able the get away. And all of a sudden it's not work and I'll wait for many doesn't know in Butte. Yeah we don't know how many times time but I bet there's every reason to believe that this is not the first time he is are protected decided that it's almost like you know and I mean I'd I guess this. If your kids do something wrong. Our parents take that personally as a personal assault on them. But you can't take it personally to the point where you don't teacher kissel lessons they need to Lauren. This kid stole items from a on an upscale store in breaking China. Yeah well at best that was my other point com and out they were quick about the way I am confident in my heart rate may but. Our mark specifically. But real quick you know people meter on the couple things one. We're immigrant Communist culture visitors Communist country. They're protected by our constitutional rights when we don't know and country most countries. We have seen. Our constitutional right we're not protected. Rights leader there and get their right not in the filming. What. Country you be mentally and you might be. Well I learned by now I'd be pretty I got a text years since you know what about the guy they got real look for graffiti and I think I remember talking about them on the air that was son Michael faith in Singapore. And he sprayed down graffiti. And away his son sentenced to a to a caning and everybody is country symbol that's unfair and we might think that that's unfair but that's not our choice to make and again they don't have graffiti in Singapore because the penalty so harsh. Part of the problem when it it would kid these days in general. Burton is not much better at that. The ball ball. Ball does not much better and that they. It's terrible when I got in trouble somewhere when our young. Trouble and then I got. My Graham Mullah. Omar that would be called now. And then. Because I am am I got in trouble at school web Robert like oh I got more trouble. For example I'm police. When I was younger I was younger I was sixteen and I got a call at Hendrick Robert went. I did something stupid. We all would like not taking home in the police call or 2 o'clock in the morning. It's not in Georgia. In you know when people we pulled open a drop weight you know quite might not apparent now. And yet developed the ball to open net or he accidentally. Double. Yeah accidentally. Accident. And I can tell you that. I'm not sure exactly how many Tom I got in but what I got more stuff in the off our back there on the back of it. For quite a long time around my house in I don't know. Don I've I I appreciate you sharing that story with this site you know I don't agree with that kind of punishment but look at it in some situations I guess it works for some people. But you know that the the real key is I'm that parents have a responsibility to teach their kids to be accountable for their behavior. And that doesn't always happen in the case of Lavar balling and you may be hearing more about this in the news. This is just too many just an injustice and the injustice to the young man and his son. This father is not doing his son a favor. By protecting him and using his son for publicity for his sneaker company. I'm Stuart we'll be right back on WQL. Yeah I mean where where's the wisdom and trying to seal some stuff from Moscow stores in China. I am not a very wise move. Yeah I mentioned a moment ago about did Christie problem and is Singapore getting syntex how do you know there's a graffiti in Singapore because there is now. But when this this issue happened as Singapore did not have a lot of graffiti. And one of the reasons that they didn't have a lot of graffiti was argued was because there's the the the penalty for spray painting graffiti in public was so severe. The nobody would do well this American this young American guy goes over the air spray paint graffiti. And he gets Katie and I don't remember the number of it might have been like sixty. Slashes or something like that I remember talking about the story up on the year. OK so here's what liberals did. Right before the end the day rally last cipher Roy Moore a fair hope Alabama. They went on line to attend bright. And it took off ticket. So as it turned out all the liberals have the tickets and so nobody was gonna show up. They market ago but they were getting all the tickets are sold the supporters of Roy Moore could even go. I mean I guess that's part of the political game I mean that wasn't very nice wasn't I mean they should have done they should be shamed themselves. But you know that's kind of stuff to people doing politics so that's when they decided to change everything and allow just a public without a ticket to go because prior to that. You had to have a ticket to go chills of liberals took all the tickets are from nor coach Debbie your WW or good afternoon. Hi Kelly yeah I'm gonna. Why and well on that yeah. Can't ask amount player that could barely forestry and our eyes at which point three euros on. That went to jail for months it. And papers tell me an exit date yet and the regarding to collect. All the different. And it under the constitution. Well thank god I think the Fourth Amendment do you view speedy end. With China which he did not him we we went to court yes. And her subjects and end no witnesses. In Tanzania and yet they won and then make a plea deal. And my son is good he's certainly guilt. And the judge so lawyers to go back and talk to the ball like. Because. He probably did it look like as well. Latin. Some are on plea deal they gave them. Q well. So now he's moved in a year probably a year. Made it from nations from all you can't going well he's on the economy at night although it may. I'm no. Doctor Martin managed. And on this issue. I need an all time and and leave it is a track in nineteen. Where is all this trip and within. Golf. And follow the trail in the ball. Good to have you been like Wikipedia SP. Say it out of control. Button. I'm really frustrated that he people. Can go get somebody from which I. Who buys bear up while crop. And it's not. You know. Damn what an honor and I know. This is a cliche it's not gonna make you feel any better and I'm not trying to make you feel better understanding of reality. Life isn't fair. And and it is mostly unfair to those who don't have. Economic resources. Income increased rate for those who have less money. Life is much less fair. Than it is for those who have money. Exactly at opera as security and it is an he's. Oh. I have no way they are out now. That and a out now Juan couldn't come. We'll have the you know I don't stay in touch with the lawyer and I mean I'll say a prayer for union sun and you know god but they don't. Work out I won't need it well then why don't you do him a favor and telling your fine and and you need to really be fine if if he's worried about is the best thing you can do for your son now is the okay. And that. And let them know west what I do. Sound like that's what about it not unlike. In. Past worry. And you. Lit it up or cry on them and what and son who'd never even been convicted and things. This means for. There was every hope things work out for your your son a deep be strong for your son because he knew each year. Thank you can I don't think I'm scoots we'll be right back a rainy Wednesday afternoon it's cold out there to. And this is every WL. I'm getting a lot of text about their caller we just had done Debbie surgery you're still missing a lot of people were emphasizing their with your sex status says I hope derbies. Son learned his lesson because the family's financial situation but I'm getting Texas say the other system is not fair no it's it's not justices say is not blind. So ABC's Brian Ross this is the reporter that falsely reported. The other day. That after Mike Flynn former security national security advisor was arrested that Mike Flynn was going to testify that president trump. Told him. To contact Russian officials. That's not information we have now we we don't know that it was a Rory it's. That was a fake report he just wanted to get that information out there are so we went with one source who didn't vet the source. So he's been suspended for a month without pay. So you know what ABC's gonna do with him. Now he can no longer cover stories involving president trump. But he can cover the rest of the stories. So I mean why would you believe anything he says that apparently the guy's got a history of exaggerating news. I'm screwed we can you hear what president trump wants to do with your tips if you're in the service century that's next.