Do you set limits on screen time for your kids?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, July 20th
Tommy talks to Laura Scaramella, Professor of Psychology at UNO, about kids and screen time.

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So many sex in an and so I'm so glad you're talking. About cell phones and dinner because this basically it's a long tanks but it. It says that the society in their opinion begin to fall apart when people stopped having. Family dinners together Lawrence Carmela a friend professor of psychology at you know my alma mater. Joins us now in morning doctor. I you aren't good from how important is it for a family as a unit to sit down share a meal. I think it's really important I think it's a good time to connect and it tonight informal trying to keep tabs on what you're interrupting you in France. Com get opportunities for memory such that congress can acting as a family. You have cell phones is there ran out of their been any studies indicate that cellphones. Are disrupting that even more and I was wondering as we thought about this. If it's really any worse then the television back in the day because. You know people would sit around eat dinner put the news on put whenever honor watches. Yeah I think a lot at the same I don't know that any study that as Lincoln cellphone use during dinnertime. With crime problem. Item I I think into the same thing whenever you have some sort of distraction. Mom and your diverting the attention away from the gambling burst on to something else. Did day they had to study during the week in and you didn't come on talk about this but that. Cellphone usage could lead to a ADHD and I guess as it comes. Is generally speaking as and when it comes to attention spans there are people losing the ability to concentrate for more. Of for an extended period of time or is there a number of seconds of the average person counts concentrate on one thing for. And narrowed I don't think there aunt annie's limit to how long do you concentrate I think people are. Differ Rahm substantially in how much they can focus and sustain attention. But there has spent. The study that came out thinking to myself argued with ADHD. Israeli linking it to increase intent of ADHD and they didn't have what clearly increased its anti Newt they. But it is important to realize that the more time spent on I don't buy an iPad and I found. It is more difficult it is to focus attention and come to control impulsive. About behavior to resist distraction. Those kind of things are are really in. Impeded by using his cell phones and iPad for extended period of time. And it's not for people who don't understand it's not talking on the cell phone none of them may people who I talk on a cell phone anymore dealing. Might do but and that is ironic as that is you know almost the polar or scrolling through Twitter or against or grant more. 01 of these other apps and day. Since I think our. I think we've replaced tax thing where it just picking up the phone and we replaced email picking up the phone but I think that challenge I don't think a little ironic if you think about. Technology. Kicker glued to that sound right and they are focusing attention on the out. On and they're gaining attention on capitol for a long time but what they're doing on the count is. Switching from apps apps flicking rated banks never really stay focused on my one saint maybe think about reading reading your your focus your attention on that page and you're gaining your involvement in the book. What they're doing on an iPad is. Watching something for a few seconds and it switching to something out and then scrolling there's something it seems like. Teenagers. My kids see and do not teenager got a lot time. Rolling and looking at things and not ever really focusing on any one thing I think that's where the problem it is that it is that the inability to really maintain attention and. What are you finding your classroom when you teach what is your policy. Well that's interesting because we actually like to have technology and the culture and so why all of my injury usually on their laptops. Taking out and I cannot control whether or not they're emailing I can't control what they're looking at I don't treat the greens but. I can call on him and so I used I think technology needs to be a part of that class round. But I also think that teachers need to do a really good job keeping the do engaged on what's going on and the. Are true and back in the day you couldn't control somebody doodling or day dreaming about gonna crank. Thank you doctor appreciate your time I really do. And Clancy Dubose said you know built the middle class of this city I think in denial big it's every bit of funding in needs. I don't think we we're doing right so thank you don't give a good day alert scare Mellon professor of psychology. And you know.