Do you plan to vote for the upcoming mayoral race?

Newell Normand
Thursday, September 14th

New Orleans elections - we have the opportunity to elect our future leaders for the next 4, if not 8 years – why is it so quiet?  We’ll take a deep dive with Clancy Dubos & take your calls.  If you’re apathetic why?   

This segments guest:
Clancy Dubos - WWL-TV’s political analyst and co-owner & political editor of Gambit


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We're back in the pro ready jaguar public opinion poll do you care about new orleans' elections who'll be our future leaders or are you apathetic. I care nothing's more important 50%. I have to admit kind of apathetic 50%. This is complete scary complete validation of what we opened up the show I want to fire. And kind of scares me a little bit because I think that leads to what 30% processors are bugs. That ball in Aspen yeah I'm normally a mayor's race we get forty to 45%. Turnout which is OK not great but it but it's okay. But if we get down a thirty to 35% and 28% that's pathetic. And apathetic and pathetic that. Same time and it's not just the mayor's race in the all important council manic districts which are. The public's direct link in city government that's the person you call first floor. We did exactly hit it on the head that's that's the the closest link on any level. Take umi City Council members get calls about state issues about federal issues that just coma council member. And that and I think that's why it's important that. After Katrina we saw council members of some of the customs coming from neighborhood associations and civic associations and professional associations in more. People already in gaze at the grassroots level as opposed to people who trained. In the political arts at City Hall. It was still had some of those are picking you to balance but. If you wanna continue going through the did Jenna. And I don't wanna dad shame on me as a law enforcement has been I'm not mention the notion of crime and the fact of the matter is if you wanna get motivated about our race. It could very well be that you want to find out. The characteristics. That each one of these candidates are looking for. In a police chief. And whether or not the the current police chief chief Harrison. Is allowed to stay yours are going to be a national search or just a local search or whatever it the issues may be surrounding that. Because that does truly affect your quality of life in your safety and security your family day in and day out. Again that we've been interviewing council candidates and we're gonna if you mayor candidates next week. And several council candidates have told us you know we talked cops rank and file cops often you know ranking officers as well as you know the chief. And what they're hearing what they're sharing with us is that. One of the main reasons while officers are leaving is not pay its morale. And working conditions and you know. And I said that in several times in two and a number of previous chiefs and as I interact with my former peers around the country. That money's not the primary motivate the aesthetics of the office the ability to get from point a to point B. Without having the jump over a lot of hurdles yet because the one thing that motivates. The men and women of law enforcement has being able to get to a conclusion and in an expedient and and effective way. And they understand that there are making the impact and they see the impact but if there have been too. Played dodge ball jump over hurdles. In and it just becomes so difficult to get from pointed appoint the north North American indifference apathy sets in this same thing. So we left off with district galas go to districting. District is an open race as I mentioned to Susan do entries term limit industry be. LaToya Cantrell was not term limited but she's running for mayor so there's an open seat there so we will have. A new council member from there should be the leading candidates and who's the director of the drives when CIA and who spent I think sixteen years of City Hall as chief of staff under former council members. And the other leading candidate is set bloom. Former school board member who's very engaged and those two guys are waging a very strong campaign which have some other candidates like Catherine love a veterinarian. And some other candidates who have who have. Make it up push and I think that would could go to our runner up that's going to be a hotly contested race. District city which is incumbent AD rep Nadine Ramsey. And she's challenged. My former incumbent of Kristen castles and Palmer and that's that the only two of them so that race will be decided on October 14. And if it's not often you get kind of a clash of the titans where you have to. People who held the job one currently in one just four years ago. Palmer chose not to run for reelection four years ago. She's Serena she was rumored at what point to be even looking at the mayor's race and then. And a late in the game got into the districts he raced but she knows how to wage campaigns is that before successfully. And so you have a real choice there and that's district seat to me is the most difficult. District to represent on the council none of them are easy. But that what is the most difficult as you got Algiers which always feels you know left out because there across the river and people have to us. You know mental block about crossing the bridge people on the east bank do it's an appellate Algiers is just over there somewhere and I'll just feels that meant. And there are I think rightfully a little bit resentful about that but there are gonna attention the French Quarter which. Is a very difficult place for present pitcher got. Residents are always competing with business interest in tourist. And and get the Marion by water which is still in effect to judge vacation in short term rental so you got its of its very needy very noisy district so that's going to be a real. Government have a big turnout will be closely contested. We're back with. Clancy do most of these Ariel TV's political analyst and co owner and political editor. Gambit and we were talking about the council races and I think we are gonna pick up a district. District. None of them have. Some political opponent they don't seem to have the resources he's a heavy favorite. That's one of those that I expect will be resolved on October 14 unless something unexpected happens. Between now and October 14 and I can always happen but right now it looks like. A pretty solid favorite district he historically has very close races incumbent there James Gray. Faces about five or six challengers several of them amounting very strong campaigns. That would could well go to war runoff. And I think the end result whether it's on October 14 or November 18 will be a 5149. Trying to raise visits to where it's been for the last. For a five election cycles out there that's. I didn't mention district d.s this sort of gentility. Grind and pies village area and district he. Is slower nine innings to Wallace who are very easy Arab economic development of the big overarching issue and he stonewalled. Well from a land perspective that's where you two thirds of them bland mass of New Orleans is huge opportunity disease. So when we talk about the other races I think the clerk of court. The result is resolved. Charlotte is our sheriff pleasurable resolved what are your thoughts about what's gone on in the coroner's right. Well I think. It's such it's so much resolved yet some Arizona but I believe. The Carner. On Jeffrey Rouse when he says he just got worn out but. Because I wish you have had that epiphany in May rather than you know a month after qualifying. Because it leaves voters with no choice also believe that doctor McKenna really does want to get in there and do a good job I think is very sincere. He had his issue with you know tax problem twenty point five years ago. I believe in redemption stories I think and everybody I know around him and says this is his redemption story he wants to get into a good job probably will only serve one term. And justice we can finish on a high note that's what's gonna happen I'm all for it but he like every other elected official assuming he gets in there. It's gonna be watched. And and you know no you and I've seen people over the course of twenty or thirty years that we've both been much of politics very closely. People could end with good intentions and then. Things changed in so this constant vigilance they got to watch themselves how they handle the responsibilities. And the voters have to watch and. But I didn't want to get about the two at large races we try to cover the district Gray's so at large race division one which is. The former Stacy had NC. Yes that was station not overtly she will be vacated and on and and we have a long transition period by the way for mayor and council their elected October November they're sworn in May seventh. Future mayors and councils will be sworn in like the third week of January after a fall election but. So Stacy had on all the incumbent council members will be there through May seventh and she's term limited. So there's a red hot race there between state representative Helena Moreno and state represented jubilee two colleagues who normally work very closely together. It's been a clean race very different kind of race Alina Marino has a lot more. Endorsements and money and you know public masses. But representative Bowie doctor grew reformists who know director chancellor I think it's. Probably the best grass roots campaigner in New Orleans today so. You can't say that one of them is an overall arching favorite. Moreno is more public right now but. Don't ever and on don't ever underestimated candidate like jubilee and the other. District division decision to rather. Jason Williams as the incumbent. Has a few challengers but none of them have. Been able to turn themselves into a real public challenge to them and certainly a heavy favorite there. And he's been very out front on a lot of issues yes you have his name recognition of yours popularity is going along with that. So as we wrap up this discussion or around the elections that. So the the hot button issue in my mind is really going to be. This whole sewerage and water board thing and is going to be this undercurrent ethnic I believe through the mayor's race and through the end of this council and this mayor's term ending in May. What are your thoughts about. I echo what you said earlier and know if the candidates don't inspire the voters to voter should inspire the candidates and there is an incredible. Amount of resentment and anger out there about this issue most of its targeted at mixed went through but I think. To sail along going to be the anti Mitch is not the answer would voters are looking for is a solution. They already feel anger they don't need somebody else to say oh I met at mixed to. What they needed somebody to say here's the answer and I'm gonna make sure it happens. We'll Clancy thanks so much for coming in residence and honored beyond that you know in my first week and I really appreciated and I think we shared some very. Insightful thoughts about this election cycle opened coming out of we've motivated a few people get out and vote.