Do you make New Year's resolutions?

Tuesday, January 2nd

Scoot talks with callers about resolutions they have made in the past and this year as well.


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I stood in the afternoon graduate this year on moral 53 WW LSN 870 Debian zero AM and stepping if you don't talk can't. Our security is a cold Tuesday January 2 on the bad news is the saints lost criticism and play offs. And they they wanted to ask yourself because the falcons beat the Panthers kind of hard to pull for the falcons torture had hoped to talk talk to interpret the Panthers. Bad is his LSU lost. Bad news is it's cold. Good news is on people are protesting the government in I ran and may be there's going to be some good that results from that. Was the saints lost to the box yesterday were set a blip on Sunday was at a blip on the radar. Or real concern as they prepare for the Panthers. That's are pretty general opinion polls give us your opinion by going to WW real talk come from Slidell Cecilia welcome to WWL happy new year. Oh. Have you ever made a New Year's resolution. Have you ever kept one yes. Tell me what New Year's resolution you made and kept it makes you different person today. Well and get out of that scene out on the trees are Obama's south. Couldn't it is. Collision between me in my have been with the house I would that while it. And we've got behind me and I did it. But then they aren't likely now now violin and eight. Mind me and our. And Bob. Disgrace so tell me about the cruise alone because I've I've I've been airborne crews and I've always been intrigued with the idea because I tend to be kind of reclusive. I've always been intrigued with the idea of going on a cruise alone. Didn't intend to one and beat them with made it an act. I root. That he'd be an bad Kapanen. On the men and the night before even the that. And negative about a man and well. Did you beat anybody. And are. You. Aren't. That all good well good for you on the I love here in the story so it was your decision aegis letting go and and move on and you did. Art art Cecilia thanks a lot and very happy new year up from Metairie Ronald your on WWL. And on saying geez we're. Out. Which is sitting at about. Drug use. And you'd and my iron on radio. And television. Aggregate. And now people chart at some point shoot it well. But that you don't honor. You've been caught that alienate feet. But Barbara you know there are some good everybody's different and it ends and some people have the the DNA makeup they have the to genetics to. The addicted once they start something they can't and it and other people. Sometimes they the abuse something for the wrong reasons so. While you might know more call it a disease course today it's something that is that some people are born with the date the the the tendency to be addictive. To think I'm. Greatly in desolate and so be. The big combination of the currencies moderate. They're now. Being irresponsible. And that channel four. They're like an. Audit and I know and demand. If you're beats its routers. You couldn't hail. And I'm. I either desperate or marijuana users from the talk. As it does sometimes old people's sometimes people older people you don't have their speech slurred and it's not Kersey smoked marijuana. Don't know the people. Earlier audit and you can. I've. Been out there and is good. Comedy is good. And there's gold. Phenomenon known Ronald selective if kids get off its kick your butt Ronald if kids get a hold of marijuana candy and it chances arts to Paris awfully good around I mean I'm. You know I'm not gonna blame that I'm not gonna blame. The availability or on a candy for adults on our kids getting all the candy and and a lot of this you know a lot of this is true bottle you know a lot of this is. I'm it is built not as part of the anti marijuana campaign around the country. I think I agree we can but the point I'm not against it for people. All critically you know there are needed. Here but can't get is mocha. You must be forward. Constant yet they're going to be the current and you've taken it makes you an hour. Well I'd I'd I don't know I don't know I I I don't know I don't know the answer that question can we. Run not this crap because. It will make it. Well run you know I'm very much I'm very much when I'm very much in favor of legalizing pot I'm not a pot smoker but I'm very much in favor legalizing pot. Because if it looked as if we can. If we can deal with alcohol being legal we can deal with collecting illegal to me that there's there's that it's it there's a difference in fact in a lot of ways alcohol is worst four hits and pot and again I'm not a pot smoker. I just I and I think there's too much hysteria about. Upon being illegal in this country. Well it. Here young people Will Arnett. And doing my age caught. Ronald I have never known anybody I've never known anybody who was a teenager. Or anybody who has an adult but couldn't find pot if they wondered it even in a state where it's illegal. So the idea suddenly legalizing it means that luck if it's if it's legalized you might even be better. To my arm that might be a better now that might be a better way to keep kids from getting it. We have alcohol is alcohol is on sale kids are still gonna get ahold of it but nobody talking about getting rid of alcohol because some kids get ahold of it. Well it cigarette. Yeah. And did. A good thing okay Ronald don't we we don't talked about we don't talk about outlawing cigarettes. Are. We don't talk about. Outlawing all cigarettes I mean some people do. But they're legally on sale the problem. Ronald is not the problem is not kids doing stuff because it's always did stuff the problem is being a responsible parent doing the best you can to keep kids from getting it and to have laws in place to prevent. The open sale of items to kids. The bad things that problem that change not a big screw it. And today. My grandparents when. You deal with them. Date which you and which you could say that parents did this and then they'll. And the so called I called well. Ronald Ronald OK but road now look okay now you're bringing up a whole different topic I mean we talk to us like fourth are different topics and well I. I mean I understand that did it look if if parents think they can't discipline their kids that is the parents fault because you can't discipline your kiss him and I get I guess so tardy here and that. I get tired you are we can't do anything we we we can't. Just have to guess you can discipline your cage you can even spank your children if you don't know the difference between spanking and beating your child that please don't have a Kiet. And really give. Up here. Are. More. He and how comment on young who what did you do. You would what to do it. You know. I come in here and. Pretty what do you do when you. Already did you stay there. But the cheat on this. And Ronald. Did you did you okay this is exactly what I'm saying you did your job as a parent. Too many parents are not doing their job you figure it out and you do your job and I'm proud to field and I've got news coming out so I have to end our conversation with just have a happy new year.