Do you have Russia investigation fatigue?

Newell Normand
Thursday, May 17th

Newell talks to WWL listeners on how they are feeling about the Trump-Russia investigation on the one-year anniversary of the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel


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We've been talking about collusion fatigue investigation fatigue congress fatigue and on the tax line somebody said we just need to talk about general government fatigue and 84% of the respondents under Peru and in my opinion polls say. They have Russian collusion. Fatigue we're gonna go back to talk lines right now but we're also gonna talk about. The situation where the take them down Dolan group is. Demanding that there be a more open and transparent processes to the relocation of the statues that have been taken down and they have added a number of statues and wanna see takedown as well also we're gonna talk about that a little bit let's go back to talk Los Angeles go to James on line to what say you James. Hey you don't know. Good up and make a few points and then you know it's killing me lesson but aside the caller and don't I don't do them much. Well I apologize. I'm telling you. And look before senator wanted to let you know enough supported view. Harry Lee every time off election I would vote thank you in if you voted it in if you ran again I would vote for wealth but. You saw lower and lower the movement recount. It's going to be. I get a kick L out of all these people that incident trump doesn't speak correctly he's got a potty mouth. And things like that it did it really upset me sure I would like you know ahead of you know. A little bit tone but it does not stop in this country has a lot of problems. And never got a beef fixed in the if you quiet in your speaks softly idol think the thing that we are. Encountering right mail will get done. And we preference some things and I was gonna say to. Harry Lee looked in the death. You look when you were in office. Remember yelled press conferences. They weren't the most friendly but I'm 100 supported both you because you've got the job done. Yeah I'd look up. I guess dead but that that there is a little bit of a difference when you're all on the world stage. As opposed to the local stage. And I was always mindful. That you know the world was bigger than me. And that the the reputation of the office. Goes on I've always I always look at myself as a fiduciary. Going to be there a very short period of time in fact I was very mystified when I announced my. Retirement. As to the reaction. And this because my approach was always that the office has to go wall and and at the entities interest always outweighs the individual's interest. And unfortunately. In the manner in which sometimes and I agree with a lot of what trump stolen and I agree with a lot of his policies and problem and I probably. Thirty to 40% of what he does I don't agree. And I don't agree with the manner in which he goes about doing it because I think it becomes more about him. Then it is about the ultimate end game there's no doubt he's all in wonder Korean Peninsula issue. And I think he's he's a gambler. And he's a risk taker. And that's good and I think that's what's got us to the point that's why he was able to secure the release of the three. Hostages there. But what was a very slippery slope is when he stood on the tarmac Andy Andy Andy gave Kim Jong on. You know some very. Flower. Lee. Gratuitous statements. That I would have been a lot more reserved than what I had to say at that point in time. I mean you're talking about a guy who's been whose family has been killing people. And has been disruptive in on the world into world theater for seven decades. Exactly and the only understand one language. Top line which. No but his top language move to bury fly hourly you know gratuitous language about how great it was and how and that he took care these three that is called. Hopefully but I don't believe that it ought to believe him jailed and took. To a you know good. Care of these three hostages he took hostages. He's a bill that. These will give a by the same token James what he's doing is on the flip side. You know he's talking about whether he's you know. He kind of smarts when they say should you get the Nobel Peace Prize lie ahead release said that a lot of the people said then in two days later six Republicans go was that it is. It's a writing letters advocating for trump to get the Nobel Peace Prize. And you know it comes on he says well it's really not about me it's about world peace that might be the best statement he made all along. That may be the most truthful statement that it might deal along. Because that ought to really truly be. The motivation. But the fact of the matter is is that kind of his narcissistic. And every now and again. Subtly. Admittance on cases more so than in others reveals itself. And coverage people all very very wealthy people the majority alike that no. While on I mean with the I mean I've interacted with a lot of folks that have more means and I do. And as some of the most humble people of the madam I don't you know and so you know but so the thing is is that I just believe that that he has could be. A little bit more reserved in his approach to certain things and it's not always gonna work for him he indeed there's no doubt I agree with you James. He Leahy. That set the landscape to get to where we are now for this negotiation. I believe that totally and I think it was his tough talk that did it I think I think Kim Jong-un thought. This guy may be as crazy as me. Right. Well I mean look if we would step aside and let dismay and do the things that he wants to do our country and straighten up. He he would get more accomplished in the last four presidents in my view but anyway. Absolutely. Enough and what time will tell the record will were reveal itself right. And and time will tell the immediate brother and we may all be wrong it doesn't matter the the result is gonna be restore all the media can only talk about it it doesn't really matter I don't know that they can actually. You know formulate. The outcome. Well and and and in and did you know what's gonna route well what's gonna be telling his. When we all go to the polls again. Right in in what hint when he nineteen. Four locals and playing and in twenty or whatever on the national elections I mean you know that that's what it reveals itself. Well it it just kills me because that tell you much speaker that you put. That meant it becomes justified in America as well I don't know where witnesses go but anyway that's another topic bullets thing elections okay. That is the silliest. Things out ever heard. Where there were hypocrites. That we really believe that the CIA has not been involved. In elections were kidding ourselves money mother on mother's from the my mother's from the economical. And I can I can tell you. You know with Ollie north than in. The Contras and in this and that and it was an in two in that two for our history. You know about these issues we've been influence in elections all over the. Lived the average person that doesn't think for themselves doesn't know that. They believe the media. Anyway if Manuel met before the election the 2016. And purse say say if you said you know what don't vote for Hillary because you know about it on and on another. You would be influence in the election. So this does not incidents. We'll wait and a lot of taxpayer dollars on this crazy. Well at least that part of it I mean that that is in in honestly I mean look the investigation has revealed some things that need to be looked into. And you know it had did it have anything to do with the original mandate. In some cases no. Well once and Hillary breaking up all our. Balloons and things we got proof of that. Absolutely and and I believe I believe there should be something done but the fact of the matter is we gave. We gave everybody. Immunity. And that ought to be latte. I know let's and I hate it but I'm talking about the government gave everybody immunity is there's nobody to go after any any longer and in many respects is generally I don't know how the media saying that it may be. Then and there are many that's suspect. That Mueller has given call me immunity. What does when you think about the brazen way in which he's gone across the country talking about what he's talking about. In his book and read his book. You know it it. You know it creates pause when you hear that name and if you start thinking about what he's saying the tweets that he's still in the attacks on the president. It's almost that he's doing it in on it and there's a zero sum game and is there's going to be. You know nothing and and punitive that comes out of this for him. The politicians. Do not want just got to succeed. Okay. Because of this guy's an outsider with no political experience comes in and solved the problems that we've been trying to solve the when he hit thirty years. They have not been run on and we that there frauds like. Well James I'm not that cynical thanks for column and I appreciated. We got to get to read your view on all stay on all will be right back catcher we're gonna talk about this. And if you wanna talk about take him down Nolan group that's upset with the key central administration. As it relates to howl. They're trying to figure out about relocation of the statues in taken down we'll talk about that as well when we return this is new rule on debit via. We're back and we've been talking about whether or not. There's fatigue whether it be government Petit. Media fatigue. Collusion fatigue congress fatigue. Will continue this conversation let's go to Tom in gentility what say you shot Tom. Welcome good to show Tom. Well thank you know you know I'm really inspired by some great callers. What the investigation to continue. I always enjoy your show I don't agree with fuel but I enjoy show. What doesn't think the investigation continued to to to to the truth whatever the truth since. There has to bring its interest in the drug use is the year to control his supporters. Fear of the other it's. Now I'm hearing fear from the supporters. God it was late in the city can force of people all the time. The people's summer it's which cancel and the people public and special counsel or is it that last group. For the first time trumps wife so he can't buy his way the situation. MBA. No student of four world. Is saying is somebody else's. It's different it's a different stage and I've said that all along I mean the approach that you can take as you well know Tom and a private conference room on a private deal. Subject to whatever is completely different. Then when you are working within it the now at the confines but the open boundaries so to speak of the world theater. Exactly. And that could make Korea one quick comment. Did your relationship political or otherwise the terms of the relationship. Are determined by the party at least concern. It is little rocket man once and Nobel Prize is steely control drums but played. He's he's actually spelled by. Just look at. Tom let's let's let's be honest though do we really know that yet. Are are they know we don't we we know the answer is no it wasn't it smells like such a roach I don't know. I mean you know who would've thought when he was colony rocket man several months back that we would even be at at the crossroads that we're at today. What is this about Kia. He's crazy and be able but he certainly has instilled that. Now none of these world leaders I mean let you know luckily we could say what we want we can call names and everything else weakened rattle sabers and whole nine yards but. It is premature to judge on this yet as we don't know I mean. If we're going to be fair to everybody I mean the reality is is that. It may fail first time in June. But we may be back in August it doesn't mean that you know it's a zero sum game in June. But I do know a but I do believe I believe that trump believes that if he pulls this off. It will help the mid term elections it'll help the Republican Party and help. His ability to get re elected but that's no different than any other mindset of any other politician if they were honest. But this is not the first time the Koreans have played this game. And it would appeal to. Even playing it for seven years. So you know and that's pretty much any number of world leaders out there that we've dinner with at any given moment. Let's go to David in Metairie what say you David. David welcome the. Shear at La. Yeah we. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think sure gonna go to Greenwood. Jeff Davis forego that to the blue block. Which is the museum on a Gulf Coast to. TE there is is what they've said and I think a fourth monument was in the liberty monument is that they agreed not to even. Or bring that up. Okay. I. Do the cemetery. And yes. You are. He. And there's no. And then you know your thoughts of green now they're saying they want the pictures statutes in Lafayette square US senator Henry Clay and John McDonna. They want they want those down they want BM bill which is at the corner con timed error. They wanna Andrew Jackson down on a Jackson square and they want Edward Douglas right. It is in front of the Supreme Court build and own roles street though those of the next five on a list that they want to condemn. For me it's time mind. To work these minorities are and it is that we are in my mind. You know. And now. The people in Rancho. I. It. Well the truth patrol at the end of the day everybody's life matters right I mean we don't wanna we all wanna succeed we all know more we are more alike then then I'll unlike on another. And I mean as cliche as these Blinksale we we won a safe place to live work and raise our fact. I mean I I agree I think if we focus more on how we might be able to accomplish some things there. As opposed to try and find things that may or may not causing division. You know. You're up by an answer right. I'm sure. Our body David were you continue this conversation if you're on wholesale and oh come right back to the talk lines we have a couple of lines available. We're talking about you know this fatigue and whether and how we have collusion Petit go Russian Petit. Congressional fatigue and we've had a number retired a Texan said they've just got. Overall government Petit. Give us call 260187. Or Tex candidates 78 Saturday will continue this conversation this is new rule under everyday real. On the prairie mas opinion poll 84% of the respondents say they have. Russian collusion fatigued let's go to Joseph and man of well what's going on Joseph. Yeah I would throw one. Kind of upset that this investigation is taking place they AP note. This thing is stored and blue ring ran into making everybody. In particular Democrat. At the guy. And even the Obama administration you know a great. Well everybody's. Everybody's got their own investigation go on and everybody's got their own place that they wanna end up in the air investigation and you know the best that I can tell. So I mean when we think about what's going on right now joke. What we have are a financial dealings invest election. A Russian interference investigation. A campaign coordination investigation. Transition contacts investigation and obviously. The catchall obstruction of justice investigation so we have a multitude of investigations going on at the same time. Both ways actually we of people that are being looked at and investigated by the government and we've got the government make any accusation about the government. Right elected to degrees and light cult I'm constantly having to clean up after Tom from until. Tomorrow. Yet this game. In this he had. He think trump is guilty and he wants to decode. And intricate Marriott. They're not they're not a crime here do you see crime. Not see a crime here. I go out. And I don't well at at the present time. No but I would've said. I doubt very Syria I would not have believed that. That Cohen. Would have stepped into the pile that he has stepped in to him and he's got a lot of you know what all over his boots now. You know so. That's going to be interesting to see how that plays out on the to tell you my gut tells me. That we have well a lot of amateurish mistakes here. And that even when you go from local to state. Politics not that much of a difference you move. From the state theatre. To the national theater in politics. And especially when you're talking about international. Restrictions on what you can do with folks you know in other areas of the world. You're in a whole different realm. And you know it is seems to me that you have a lot of people that were involved in a very complex thing. And didn't yet advice before they started stepping into all this stuff. Yeah Jared Kushner talking about the development of back channels. He he had no business. Being an indirect channels. I mean he you know is a neophyte. When it comes to this and why he would be talking about back channels is beyond. Me. I don't eat I don't know that even went through the preliminary. State Department. Training. Before he's talking about developing back channels. It's like you know you're you're stepping in a world that you you don't noble rules you don't know the rags. You don't know this slippery slope. And you're trying to accomplish things in the first thirty days inane happening that's not how government is set up up there. Those rules are gonna work against you and they have and and that's why there's a whole lot of this. Smoke around I don't know if there's any fire but there's a lot of smoke because I think they just took a bunch of missteps in the first sixty days in the administration. As susceptible. To EP on leave. Clear trial of any wrong doing. Honestly think immediately. I. And that's why he's doing twittered me. Got everybody upset pick egos only Twitter everybody doesn't like it but that's his only knew it would communique. Absolutely he's got a social networks has provided a platform. That you don't need to go to the media to get your message and when you have as many followers is he has. Look they're starting to. To attack now the car dash means. Because the car dash eons. I forgot which one of the car dash eons has a hundred and I think it's a 111. Million followers. I mean he's vote could sell ice to an eskimo. You know because of the amount of influence they have and that frustrates the national media because they don't need. Then the media any longer to get the message out. And they can put out a countervailing position to what any of the members of the media say in the blink of an off. Cannot say one thing this Korean thing. Do you remember when prime minister Chan when nobody did it trump and I am I kidding. So what did he did she got back to China after did this he couldn't wait one day and you go to north Corey. And key Arab League remember dissonance and re replayed it over and over. This man leaning forward in the chair tell this guy. We cannot fool me. And I think did trump is something over China and the way he's gonna get this deal done and it's going to be one big. I can't imagine what he told this. Odom I'm not political race. Yeah you know there's a talent but let let's look at let's let's be real. China does not needle that is disruption. At their front war. Oh and so it's not gonna work to the benefited China. And I think they would like stability as much as the next guy all on its face now what's going on in the back room. Will never now. And you know just a lot has revealed that sells since since trump has been president. But on that on a front man China wants stability thanks so much for Colin aren't we gotta get to a break asked if you're on holes they'll hold get to you when we return. We'll continue this conversation is as fuel and everything via. We're back or even talking about do you have Russian collusion fatigue 82% of the respondents say yes let's go to line two and talk to Donovan and Gucci what say you Donovan. It. I don't wanna open in the city she'll always we're. Democrat out there though aren't. What in. It looked like everybody Hillary Clinton. And it's been. And I happen here in presidential was beautiful I think on some well you know. I don't think you need him here. You know living in America today. What they call it investigation against them without color you know. You figure this out in the air it here. We're humans in Kohler and so yeah they've I've been gone. Take control. And I mean pirated in the corner and hit them. Russian collusion if you want congress to the theory. You know the chair. They're on Obama the Democratic Party is not that they're the the well. I think though it could be investigated something that money it's it. Because everybody in the democratic it's been muted in its own way in the outlook and that's what I'm in. You know I think that drives a lot of the frustration you know human nature is you're gonna you're gonna be in your own best self interest right I mean you know and there's no doubt that there are a lot of folks whose futures. Vanished. The night that Donald Trump wanting Hillary Clinton didn't. And you know as a said before going back to just two party system thing it's good and it's bad. And another sign of the bad side of it is is that they will attack him whether which trump or was he was anybody else on the Republican side who won. It went in didn't going to be too terribly different the investigations. May have been different the source of the irritation may have been different. But it was gonna be about trying to tell that candidate down so that in four years they can elect their own candidate. Your thoughts. They. It's. It is. So many have been. There government. With corruption and our everything in my heart. Drop in an iron. I'm between. Strider. Political and you've. Not been a bit and it. That he want to be. Between they've been you know it is. A critically important. You know in a massive. There. Are. That we aren't in strong equity. And currency means it's blatantly obvious. Actual laws were broken up about it that there are accurate there. You know it in the current it's so. Got a little asked let me ask you this I've often thought and and I really never thought I would ever say this I almost wish somebody. Widgets declassify. All this stuff. And put it out there as I don't know that we really haven't EC courts. Does as that against a reveal itself. You know we're in London the Russian knows that that you know agents are there they know they talked to the Australians the Australians talk to. Another Russian diplomat and an educator at another university. I don't worry we have the ability to keep secrets any longer with today's technology because you know. And I don't know what we're trying to keep classified it seemed like if we were declassify all of this stuff we get to the end game a lot quicker. Arnot heard of it wanna look if you're probably right. There's been wayward brother and you know like he operated there in the art out. And you know the where they're very active and if you are. We don't Wear out there ought you know are people who goes. The repeated security in the road victory it's that it in order muted everything market because we people did not. The report we don't live under there were some of them are record book debate. And are you here on in my account the particular topic one out of the market. And they were talking about the other Ohio college you know there are out from got elected you want you know. It's not the fate of the guard. Italy Italy or is that it is Kabul where is. And La. The assault weapons ban and that inability. You know. You know this is. It. The one ultimately happen in the people. Perspective. Of what the current bill. Right you know Donovan like that. Got apologized got to get to break thanks for Colin. Will continue this conversation give us call 260187. In Texas and 877. This is new rule on dividend Leo. We're back do you have the radio calm after yet if you don't get a today you can listen to WWL anytime anywhere go to the App Store download. Radio dot com apt than favored us and you'll get screwed show that's up next and he joins me in the studio. Doesn't like making it easier for people to get this year or ice cast I got back up. So people might I think that's a good thing. Soil probes self promotion we are guilty exactly at a place so you know one year ago today Robert Mueller was appointed a special counsel to leave the Russian investigation so we'll be talking about that. Also on president trump. Was misrepresented and media. I mean imagine Bono who really the president was misrepresented it didn't happen again and tell me it happened well it happened again yeah I mean it's happened it happened again. And I I'm. Strongly defending a president from today and I very much bashing the media for. The mischaracterization. His comment about the immigrants are animals right that's not. What he sent so he says. So it's just another exercise in analyzing how the media does things so we can better on decide whether or not gonna be really upset with the media. Or just again it's it's an exercise for us to analyze the media and so we'll talk about we'll talk about this. Also on Marvel Comics he's thinking about doing a movie ms. marvel. And she is a Muslim American superhero. And does it matter what your religion is that you save the world. Doesn't matter at all and pierce who reiterated it Superman was a Muslim and the people who receive I guess they wouldn't care. And also there's a bill that would. Would allow teachers to bow their heads as students per should teachers be allowed to participate in shoot my prayers. Okay scoots up the next stay tuned. But. We had to pass a bill let him bother head. Now it's time for the national cash contest ready for your chance to win 1000 dollars in the Entercom national cash contest the code word this hour is. Self feet. 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