Do you eat alone?

More folks seem to be dining alone in restaurants.


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Eating alone. Jim Hansen tell dad every court's finding more and more people are eating out. Alone Internet he ever done that yet I have and I got to be honest rupiah and made views this as you know the longtime married to have with kids and I don't feel real comfortable along. I am okay. Eating launch a I think that's OK you know if I'm really hungry and out to work on my middle today got a sandwich yours you're gonna yet that used to be you have to have a magazine or newspaper or something and and you sit there by yourself usually sits account or if there is one at the restaurant. But if you sit at a table in launch I think it's socially okay the eagle. But for some reason. Dinner alone. There's just something weird about. So like when I'm traveling I'll get to dinner and bring him back to the hotel yeah I won't eat a restaurant. Or if my wife's and keep my wife and kids are out of town sometimes they go to our moms when I have to work. You know maybe I'll go through a drive through and bring it. I don't know why it's so uncomfortable indeed doesn't you know when you look at someone sitting and eating dinner alone at a restaurant it's only feel bad form I. All that poor person have known need to. Have they may be just fine but I don't know if they probably are some quick if I guess 'cause dinners always been us the Stanley meal it's when the family sits down together. And you talk about your day and you go over lie Eastman. You know it's a community thing I mean that's dinners that's. Family time now. So when I do see someone eating dinner alone I just at a field and Foreman. I don't think I can do and I think I'd be sitting there thinking everyone is feeling bad for me like a look at that loser or he can't he finds a but he did where. Is how I feel like if I went out and made dinner alone that people would think of me I don't NASA I think of other people during his losers. By. Am a meal. It's I don't know why that is is just where it really is rained again so text it's every it's every county every dinner out DelHomme. Are you okay would want to own some it won't even do that. And then you bring in the whole thing I go to a movie alone human and that's. Have I have a lesson other word one yes nation feels strange hybrid you know we've talked for years now about how a family setting out to dinner. And they all got their rose Smartphones in their film I did not talking to each other than us. Sitting at the same table but the fact the only women know we have a no phone rule the house. A during dinner and we go out once you place your order than the phones go away and less reply we knew where it was about to play games together on the you know it will play heads up or something like that as a group that's okay. But now we don't stick our noses in the founding Doritos dinner time but a lot of people do and and I think I'm holding on to. Kind of you know opinions of the past with that. But takes minutes 7870 folks you ever eat dinner out alone and why is it that it's such a social known. That we all feel like there's something wrong with the so we go we general one present X rated 78 senators no disrespect to my co workers with sometimes I go eat lunch alone because I wanna get away from work and all work related things for just an hour. Launch is different because a lot of people work by themselves and are out in the field and so I a lot of people eat lunch alone that I see that all the time the dinner. That's like the big social no Mayo. But that's changing and that's report demands a lot more from him coming up in the news now present Texas as a guy eating dinner alone means that his wife left him. And if you go to an early movie it means you lost your job reflect McKay alone. And I says I eat dinner by myself sometimes but I sit at the bar when I eat and I think that is more socially acceptable although a guy sitting at the bar by himself. This is seen on this looks like he's. Got to drink away is his misery now says you've never been divorced now I happen and apparently. As they're saying divorce days are the ones who are sitting out eating dinner alone I don't know. NASA's I get a Chinese fail on and Mandela put a hurting on myself and am death let's. Time we're trying to explain him a little brother wants it's not all you can need to because physically you can probably eat all of ridiculous amount of food it's all you care to eat. Because you may enjoy it for the first hour but then for the next four hours you hurt so badly and use it why did I eat so much damn food.