Do you blame the media for covering President Trump’s tweets?

Wednesday, January 3rd

President Trump tweeted that his button is bigger than Kim Jung-Un’s button.  Is the size of a leader’s button really that important? With all the serious news surrounding us every day – doesn’t the media have a responsibility to cover a tweet like this to bring some comic relief to the news? For those who will criticize the media for making a big deal about this tweet – let’s remember that President Trump’s tweets – by his own definition – are official White House statements. Full 1 pm hour.


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Well we have a lot to talk about this afternoon and if you think the president of the United States is going to talk about how he is is bigger than Kim Jung on news. They were talking about size matters here. The president bragging about the size of his compared to the size of Kim Jong-un is. Come on you sick I'm not gonna talk about that of course I'm gonna talk about that. But I don't mind continuing the conversation about I'll legalizing pot I arrived I was not able to listen to know Norman show. Because I'm preparing my show when he's on the air. And I just don't like any of distraction while I'm prepares I don't know what he sent. I just had a brief exchange with him and I think we differ when it comes to the legalization of pot. And he certainly has a very credible. On perspective. From which to to view this from its import of former law enforcement. But I I still don't have a problem with side to legalization and we talked about this yesterday afternoon. When high wears a addressing the criticism for CNN. On New Year's Eve for sending their correspondent Randi Kaye. She was you know a pot party bus to the whale pod party in Denver Colorado where it is is legal. And there was criticism of that my fumbled this is really hypocritical because. You know if you could do shots it if you can toast champagne at midnight and why can't you smoked pot in a place where it's legal. To bring in the new year. It just doesn't seem like that is worthy of criticism and then last night on my FaceBook page skewed of the year. I get a comment from somebody who was. Making this. A liberal thing. But it did did that supporting legalization marijuana or showing people smoking pot. On CNN they they tried to tie it into the liberal media and fake news. Well first of all it's not fake news. And it just scares me that so many people in this country don't know the definition of fake news. Fake news is not to do should disagree list. Fake news is not the new she thinks should not be on TV or on the radio. Or on web sites that's not the definition of fake news. Fake news is defined as news that is fabricated. Give me the definition that new series fabricated. For the purpose of getting clicks. Getting views. Are getting listeners. That's what state news is it's not real. It's a delusion disagree with us. So you know this is one of the big divides that we have in this country that I really don't see. Changing anytime soon. Because people don't care about the facts they don't care about the truth they care about their definition of fake news. And again you could have whatever opinions you want to. But if you and I can't agree on what is the facts. Involved then we're in trouble. Our democracy. Is in trouble. So I don't mind continuing to us this conversation if you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy. And our text. Is a 7878 here's a check to says some come on scoot to who do you think you're fooling with a conversation with mule you don't smoke pot. Maybe decrease you don't inhale please LOL why this is so unbelievable that I don't smoke pot. Great music and stoned every afternoon. And I have never actually even when I smoked pot in the past. Many years ago I have never gone on the or stoned. Because I remember where I was like journalists don't inject politics may include John. Man. Big players saw majesty can really needed to stick up and again I ever sort of like I was stoned. I couldn't have this conversation but why is just so unbelievable. I'd tell you why. Because people don't want a belief. That I don't smoke pot. My god I am so. Rebellious and honest with you about so many aspects of my life if I smoked pot you would know it because I would tell you. And so I just find it I just find it I just find it interesting debt. People just dis dis discard this idea that. They don't believe that I don't smoke pot. I mean okay totally wrong then. Prove me wrong. And so if you don't then it's just a bunch of BS. Here's attacks skill you may not smoke pot but you probably key it. Again this is they want why is it's so unbelievable that I don't have pot in my system. Anyway I don't mind having a sudden this conversation is still on hold from. Don't normally show from New Orleans. Is this a colonial. This is taleo taleo Euro on WWL. It would take much you're welcome. Back in the seventies the group. As part of the YNBCEO. Rob OJ somebody probably could attest to this. We did six programs in the legislation and taxation which would be chairman. Related to use drugs cost to the community. 110 sent six of heroin. Transmitted to the cost. To our citizens in New Orleans amounted to 250. Ala. What I would say to the people of California. Is that you're going to participate in that market. Stay home. Stay wherever you consume it. But coach them cost will all com you. It is it's scoring day. Well nobody should do anything to responsibly and end in you know where and when we hear about time the legalization of pot and the argument all lawyer about the kids. Well there's been then let's go ahead and make alcohol is legal because kids get ahold of it. Kids should not get a hold of it and and may be if it's legalize may be a better job could be done to restrict underage people from getting it because. Cleo I I don't know anybody I have never known anybody. Where there was legal or not legal I've never known anybody any age to sit there I would like to smoke pot I just can't find any. I mean I've never known anybody who couldn't get it if they wanted to get. They're not the real world. You meet people who who say they can get what you can yet. Via export. There's this thing like these youngsters at that propagated DG clubs. All of those systems would be tempted to people go oh all of the program. When we were we can deal. But he should give. You know. What you know. You're Monica backside. Well that was a good lesson to teach you that you did well to consume something with the with the out call not not that under aged people should be drinking. Period but that was a good lesson to teach you when you became an adult. Or dialogue that is on the find out that red wine. The reason French people don't have heart condition 'cause they drank red line will vote. Yeah I'm there has been that link unclear I got to let you go I appreciate the call thanks for being with us let's go to the east and piper you're on WW well. They've made it as who I'm good. There amendment and few government spoke for open warm. Target he said he accidentally eats you know with any studies that seek to talk about that. Drinking is worse than Lee. Well I'd like to that question for our and values on the current. I've been down Bourbon Street matching people drawn and that sort as one of one minute he was like what white men may eat. He did did you move stick that was welcome news. Right for the calm of the of the court you know what corpsman that the minute that the real deal. And there's no wish tree for. In the hopes for problems as so many people between the I was trying to you know work around people does see pre planned it right. And our look on the motive. All right. Our interview was to have the right to do whatever they want. This is an article did you console in the bar it would it would you do feel for thinking you should be able to do. Move toward the. No they look for some multilateral listen I do not want you don't know enormous not hear his show's over you wanna comment on a caller to no show. You know that's fine but I don't wanna I don't want to show to be about new norm. That's not fair to him. It's about the subject and it is a question that you would come out at a forum. I think that people should should and so on that would fit what would it would. Well a lot of people do it's it's. Yes okay distinctive patient go to jail now are good. Hard piper got I've got to move on I appreciate the call if you're on whole stay when this if you wanna join us with a comment. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Yuriko 5042601. A seventy text numbers say 7870. Fight we're way to go I got a special song coming up out of our out of this break. And it's about sides in the song is called size matters. The president says that he is. It's bigger than Kim Jung owns. Once again we got the president talking about. How big kisses. We'll tell you about that. When we come back I'm scoots on Demi have Euro. Yeah I mean I guess size matters to main. But I had so many people tell me that it's it's not the size that matters it's. Mound you know. All right so on our men judged by the size. Of their buttons. President trump Tweeter now. That he is a button. Is bigger than Kim Jong on this button and his button is more powerful here's the actual weakness and this morning. North Korean leader Kim Jung on. Just stated that his nuclear button is on his desk at all times will someone from his depleted food star for Sheen. Please inform him that I too have a nuclear button. That is much bigger and more powerful than the one he has and my button works. Is this some kind of metaphor for four knows something else the president Trappist talking about and a come on that the president. Issues a policy statement. This is a by foreign policy. He by his own definition says his tweets. Are policy statements. Do you blame the media for covering this. And could it be that sometimes the media gets blamed because there are people who don't wanna Blaine Trump. For tweeting out stupid things so they blame the media for four for covering the stupid stuff. When in reality there may at a trough for tweeting out in the first place. Here's our party giant party monster opinion poll. Do you blame the media for covering president trumps tweets. 64%. Say no. 36% say yes. Give a sure thing by going to our web site W if you don't icon and also a Neil Norman and in the last Arthur show. Was talking about the marijuana are Lauder went into effect January 1 making the the use of recreational part of California legal. Now as Norman appropriately pointed out there are a lot of leagues logistics that they did not. They did not consider. And so there are a lot of problems with the legalization apparently in California I don't know that much about that but he hit it I get the impression from from new show. And from him that. A California was more school was quick to pass this law without thinking about the ramifications of it and and that there's still a lot of stuff that needs to be figured out. And I would think it with the precedent set with Colorado and Alaska and Horry didn't. And Washington State with the states have legalized the recreational use of pot. It seems like there would be enough up precedent set to do it right if you're gonna do it. At all so I don't my continuing this conversation about weed because this system. This isn't this isn't a big conversation America and I thought no Norman a brought up for a good point when he said. If this country was as passionate about the national debt. As it is about either legalizing or not legalizing marijuana. And this whole country would be different place. And I agree with that. But I I can't I can't help what America's interest again. And this really is an interesting debate and then as I mentioned earlier last night on on FaceBook Barbara the video that I posted about. CNN partner covering up a pot party on New Year's Eve. It's so some a few people were trying to make this well that's the liberal media. So that's a suggestion that light conservatives don't smoke pot. If you wanna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 260. 187 he taxi 7870. Michael urine Debbie WL thanks for hanging on. Pay 800. Art so that have loads but on the respect to what people go that's about the issues compared to the other more. And it's an issue. And a epic its more so personal freedom. Debate I think you're right yeah it is tied to be you know as it's been long running Parker's keys that are government. Bill. And it's becoming you know. More more obvious especially nowadays with communications. Now is that we're just becoming more frustrated with the rules that are. A you know and Michael this does fit into this this whole trend in America off of of one group trying to tell another group how to lead its life. I mean this was part of the conversation about same sex marriage for same sex marriage was not going to affect many people who were opposed to it it was as if they were using. There there ideology disable wait a minute I don't want you to do that that you do it doesn't affect me but you can't do that and that's a trend in this country. Yet it's some people leave their personal beliefs should be. Should be for others pretty much yeah I'll have my life each. Yeah I mean their people who will argue that if you don't believe what they believe religiously. You have no chance of going to happen and I think that's absurd even even though Paul Francis said that's not true. So Michael I I appreciate the call and I think that really is an interesting aspect of this debate about pot plus look. The politicians address the issues. That we reach a student. And I go back to my studying of the relationship between mass media and society. Throughout my career. The audience determines. What is covered in the news. To a large degree. Politicians. Covered the issues that are important to people. The national debt education are really really important issues but they don't get coverage because people don't care. People are not gonna go vote for a candidate based on his or her stance on the national debt. It shouldn't be that way but that is the reality. So a politician is a medium a politician reflects his or her audience the voters. And they address the issues that get our attention if it's a campaign was based on reducing the national debt that person wouldn't get any attention. But if the campaign is based on what I'm gonna stop same sex marriage or I'm going to make sure that marijuana is not legal. Those are our emotional issues. They get a lot of attention. From the by water like here on WWR. Paid the ultimate call on the group of a guy piper and his stance. The I disagree with you about this idea. That. The media does have a responsibility. Just like a parent has responsibility to educate their trial. He can't say what over the child wants and that's that we talk about. In many ways the rule of the media and the role of government in my opinion. Should be to set a standard and to lead in direct not just. Reflect the map. Yeah I mean I think it's I think it's a good point but that's not it and unfortunately that's not realistic because of what drives the media. Ratings. Ratings and revenue. Exactly and so that is that is one of the flawless in our system of free press. Could not agree with you more in opt to I want tied it in the my disagreement with. I might I'm Mike I'm gonna what you hold on against Israel to hold on an and we'll carry this out goodies coming up here but I'll I'll get to you'll get two more of your calls. And more you're taxed coming out I'm stewed Glazer with us this afternoon. Yeah I mean does size matter. President trump is brought it up again saying that he is is bigger than Kim Joseph loans but we're talking about his spot and I've got a FaceBook video posted on our WW already a FaceBook page also on the soda scoots on the air FaceBook page. And or you can check that out and and comment always some very very interesting comments on those on. On this failures and the more people you share risks the more interesting comments yet. I'm a they have this nuclear. And this nuclear tasty it's it's called the football. And it's got a coach and everything gets carried around by different military people. But you know the last time a button on a desk was in the news was with Matt Clark because he had that putt on his desk with somebody came in and he went to take it out. When the female was in there in his office he could lock the door from the button on his desk. It's a you know and that Biden now wonder if met while ours is bigger and I mean his butt is bigger than you know anyway this is just you know. Do you think honestly do you think that I can make this stuff off no I can't I mean I I come to work every day in this comedy is absolutely written form it. Let me continue with the Mike Mike in the bayou water whereas America comments on hand to grieve we had to take our top recruiters. Yeah waltrip is definitely stranger than fiction this whole botanist stuff. I'm certain certain that the president means it as a metaphor or other thing. Well you know that's that's my thought I mean obviously he's. Size means a lot to president properties really paranoid about size but it apparently it's a big deal to him. He's already commented on some others is not think it was one vote with the Republicans. Challengers I can't remember who that. I think that came up one report earlier work. I think it was with Marco Rubio Marco Rubio tried to to challenge your right and you know and then the president says that his works. So this is not only is his bigger body works and I don't know just Viagra has something to do that you know consultant to be a certain age and you gotta wonder does my buttons still work. Well anyway back to the comment about what a guy piper was you know first of all that the moment by the money that this country does care about that and more importantly. Then marijuana and you. Everything else that not mean mile for a long enough. What type it was is that people should be allowed to do anything they want to their bodies nurses were totally disagree with that. When we talk about a country that. Is trying to create health care system where people take care of each other it's not. This is person's responsibility. Now would it take care of himself or themselves. But also indirectly because everyone else. If you don't take care of yourself that you expect that helped care for America take care of you that is totally irresponsible. Yeah I would I would I would agree with that mean I and I know people who who I think we'll the government can't tell me to buy health insurance but if they get sick they're not gonna stay home and die they're gonna go to the emergency room of a hospital that will take care of them. That will be supported by somebody else not them. Exactly it's all connected every aspect of life nobody lives and the ball near and we all have to realize that sooner or later and hopefully it'll be sure. Mike I appreciate the comments and from Baton Rouge chief you're on WWL. Sure. Look at port the first base or dirt than on the marijuana issue. A lot of people say it again later well my opinion is not a drug at all. Because was hooked on pain medications for like ten or twelve years. And trust that that's a growth when you don't have it. You can do whatever they executed I even Falmouth open mysteries we ought to look at our heroine when it been a pain. And I understood that it yeah it is not that way with partisan. Correct them and agility dog and everything and yet the only. Actually. I have to say I got mail this. I don't know it is what they prefer a smoke pot and just quick gently with grit that apparently as quick real pot being at opposite upon yeah I don't want them. Are you doing okay now sees. Well. It did and I spoke about it today but I didn't hear the bank. I'm talking get man. Can do and what went. Think beer opener there. You can do whatever it takes stupid does what what. My girl like the other day. About all but not to do you and overcome it is. We just raised its Colorado Florida vacation read my mama want but throw out there and I noticed. A pattern ever. Places common everywhere you there's construction their building complexes. Apartment beer and but after the break. So it's morning you know attacks are out of it you want they want more people of Ford calls the statement under the leader make the state. Parent steer appreciate cleared her to comment and I'm I'm going to doing better. And area whatever helps you to get better. Well good I'm I'm glacier you're you're you're better. You know Riley didn't in in Denver four for seven years you know there was a lot of a progress so a lot of stuff pristine Hilltop I don't know how much is being built up now as a direct result of the marijuana. This is a marijuana money is coming in from taxes but I do understand it's if there are significant. On my. Bundles of money pouring into the state of Colorado because of legalize marijuana. That's not the only reason to legalize it in my opinion I don't think you legalize something just because it generates money. I'm I think it's legal or something the cars it makes logical sense and to me in terms seraph. Dudes as deeds of pressure on on law enforcement all told that has has changed a lot recently. On the the attention paid to. Busting people for for pot daisy of people who have taken up space in the system for. Smoking pot just does not justify the irrational fear that we haven't legalize pot that's my opinion. But I I love this question about two. But president trump saying that he is is bigger than Kim Jung dogs were talking about his button. Ice I think that's some cash flow from talking about but you know the media covers this and an an an and people bash the media for covering this stuff. Do you blame the media for covering tweets that president trump himself says. Our policy. He says. It's if it's policy then a comment about North Korea is foreign policy that he's tweeting out so hopping you blame the media for covering this. That's our party must opinion poll do you blame the media for covering trucks to please give us your opinion. At every of euros icon I'm skirts hang on we're coming right back. This is a song from George rates sinus titles. The big one. And I just for talking about Donald Trump's big and here's his his big button. Got this big button that he says his degree in contrast to try to knock it he and I just I know this you know really kind of humorous. On here's our authority must opinion poll. Do you blame the media for covering president Trump's two weights. 62%. Say no. 38% say yes and you couldn't give a share opinion by going to our web site every of your belt dot com. Here is a text on scoot I believe people do care more about important issues. Like the tax plan but when the boys in Washington go ahead and pass that deal. Even with all the polls saying that Americans. Disagree with it you tend to move on since. Since there listening. To what used to says that aren't listening to what you say. And that I think I understand the that the text. On what the tax plan passed and we just we don't know what the impact is going to be I can't say anything negative about it. I hope it affects me in a in a positive way over doesn't affect me in a negative way. Because I'm one of those who. Feel like I I I should be helped by hope you get help from it. So we just don't know yet I mean yes it it it it did pass and we we talked about that but the the demand is not there to talk about it anymore. I we don't create boost these demands. And that's how would a lot of people don't understand about the media. You know we we talk about things and sometimes we could sit here and talk to ourselves alone about an issue because there's no response. So. The media in general is going to cover story Sydor and if interest to you now there are very interesting things that that you should know about it. And each we do it every have you well we covered just such a wide. Cross range of of different topics. That inevitably we're talking to you about things you need to know about. Sometimes on the show we talk about things that I think you need to know about and sometimes I admit I'm not gonna get much response to just over gonna talk about it anyway. But in general. Whether it's the politicians with the media. Attention is paid to things that drive the audience and the audience is so quick to blame the media are playing the politicians when you re how many. It is the audience. That so often determines what is addressed. By politicians. And by the media. So instead of instead of reducing the media and politicians as a scapegoat to take a look in the mirror. An aunt and realize what you put emphasis on and again and to go back to just a classic example MSNBC. And Andrea Mitchell. Andrea Mitchell is one of the more serious journalists. On any of the cable news channels. Andrea Mitchell was talking about the NSA. MSNBC broke in to this conversation about the NSA. For an update on Justin Bieber arrest in Miami. So where's the priority. Do we have become a gossip intensive. Society it. You were so interested in gossip for interested in. The frivolous stuff and maybe it's a way for us to take a break from some of the hardcore stuff that we know was going on around us. All right we're hoping that this tweet by president trump. Doesn't lead to war. Because we know that war is not California news and I mean I guess you could say that's a positive things have happened because of war went. Now yea when it comes out of that. I'm screwed hang on for coming back under your realm. You know I love this audience and and I I love that some of the comments that comes from this audience like this tax to this says. For an older lady I always thought Andrea Mitchell was really good look at. Okay we know what part of part of that might be her intelligence because I think intelligence on his secretary. A sensuous thing very Russian assessing for the brings a for your Roger is on four for a lot of people. A quick update on our ready monster opinion poll do you blame the media for covering president frustrates. 60% say no 40% say yes give us your opinion. By going to cover WL dot com. Coming up in the next hour wanna talk about an article that I I I found yesterday. And the article says that everybody wants to bash the Moline whales. But it was actually the baby boomer generation. That screwed up America. Is that true. Oh ideals gen X gen Y get a bad name. And baby boomers seem to think that everything that we did was was right. Are you know sometimes I refer to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. Because I don't always agree with the evolution of my generation I'm proud of being part of my generation for for many reasons. But I'm honest about other things so. What'd baby boomers do to make America great. Have more O'Neill's done anything to make America great. Or. Have O'Neal's screwed up this country. Why are you proud to be a baby boomer. Why are you proud to be a millennial. Or gen X or gen Y. You do know that the millennial generation which is it kind of loosely based on this twenty year span. Between 1982. And 2002. Those born between 1982 and 2002 are considered the moment are giving the breakdown in the next hour for gen X and gen Y. And the baby boomers but let's have this son generational warfare discussion on the air about. What generations. And have have done to help America. What is scary for a lot of baby boomers is the reality is that millennial us now outnumber. Baby boomers. In terms of the percentage of the population. What that means is. That baby boomers no longer have the only power to dictates. Marketing and dictates politics and elections. Colonials have that power now as well. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy I've skewed and will be back.