Do you believe the Saints & Lamar Jackson hype?

Do you believe the hype around the Saints and Louisville QB Lamar Jackson? Do you think the Saints could try to move up for him or do you think he could fall to them? What does Bobby Hebert think the Saints will do in the draft? Also, Bryan Lazare of joins the guys to talk about LSU baseballs latest skid. Full 4 pm hour.


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Things didn't. They're hosting Lamar tonight pregame coverage at 6 PM first pitch at 630. Brian Lazar senior writer for tiger may dot com more joyous at 435. Perry Nixon Tulane quarterback and draft hopeful will join us at 53548. Hours until the NFL draft and up body it's it's good to see two lane in particular. Started producing guys that they can go early in his draft guys like Perry Nickerson and also an alligator a deal Rula. Yeah well you know they gonna find you wherever yet. If you look at and a policy interest and because everyone's looking to pass threshers. But it is not available. Those innocent you know Mel Khyber people you know Mel cover souls who Kristen. He actually graded players and had mock drafts on the early eighties. I don't wanna say hollows part of his mock draft. And second year he did this in hand me like number seven. You know can O'Brien UCDs I came out Marino Elway and all that but. The point being you don't find you Wear react you look right now and he's saying this year to do with having class has not real good. Particularly. Very very early it's kind of iffy. So. All of a sudden we got to fight somebody. So jobs a no brainer but then now all of a sudden the thing guys from UT San Antonio memorial is that important. And in another thing that all of the past edges you have. Around college football all the power of five commerce tooth. And the second best pass rushers and UT San Antonio so it just goes to show you. That that they don't care where you coming from I mean look at Tulane and their products that they get throughout their. That they that they get things that are flying on their radar. Just look at the past success. Of Matt Forte. Matt Forte if you look at his career how solid it was. Wanted to best running backs and and he's in a conversation like at night while compete with the bears. But that Matt Forte bears fans he'll be thirty years and now that the bears fans know who met fourteen. And he established himself at that level. And really were you look at doesn't really matter to team's success. Because they break it down the individual player of no matter what the position. That how could you contribute and take that next step add in a fellow. Phone lines are open at 504260187. XX 87870. Do you believe the hype the rumors if you will that. Wait a little quarterback Lamar Jackson to the saints cast your vote a pretty much as of people online at W dot com or calls. That's 50426018. So anybody does look at this. I actually don't buy any of the hype surrounding Lamar Jackson to the states I just a LT gets that far. And he it's he its grabbed you know anywhere from picks fifteen point. And on top of that I don't think that there's that much of a genuine interest this year and drafted a guy a quarterback at Tony seven for the saints. So you have you what you viewing and that he'll go fifteen minutes warning roughly while. Lookalike to carry hasn't going twelve to buffalo just shows you how they're reaching. Not get someone to go against the grain. And I'm looking at Christian and I've looked at a number of mock drafts. That he will be available when the saints are picket. But I haven't either I have the State's pass an ornament him him going to eat it to the Steelers and jaguars this view of the Tony the jaguars are 29. So and I got Kyle Mark Jackson in that conversation. So. To me. So I think you'll like. Lamar Jackson that I battled he's going that that way I think that would be no way interested. We might take on some economists double screen Thabeet he. ET fifteen into money. Mike has a number twelve. Number of people had him going later first trial of Phil yeah I'd be. Actually attractive for the same Thea woman really like Lamar Jackson. What we would you know. It solidly blue we were like basically one another and we go take them to join you guys a faulty so wait yet Sosa then navy. Then all of a sudden say somebody doesn't faulty you added 27 pig. As somebody would want a quarterback like Lamar Jackson maybe they move heaven despite. And you move backing get more picks. Are draft from like the 25 on bags solicited the last seven for from pigs. There's not much differently in those players analysts say a middle second round. So it lasted truly like Ryan ramps are coming data not hesitate await the what that guy is still available you look. Chris we're talking about this would that street today. That the saints had him rated so high that they were shocked. And I think he want to say that I'm like thirteen or something. And and and I look at all again people greeting him. As the best tackle not a big guy from you taught it went to Denver or to see with the 21 pick so. All the drafts I looked Eddie was cutting anywhere. From eighteen to 22 yeah. So if you fell to 32 years I would say it was with a no brainer what I don't care we need tackle whatever. You know and and you dig it took into consideration it was actually we we've been is to help the litigant or lawyer ought to know they got to think of the future. And they got away with again right ratchet played average every game. So I think if they have a player. That fell to them that they thought might be going in emitter of first trial. Are in the teens any review there 27 yet I don't see them will be back. But all of a sudden they have a bunch of players all greeted the thing that they have a dozen guys. Yeah I think naked play gamesmanship. In trying a trick teams to maybe. Will wanna get that 27 spots but felt a certain player maybe they targeted then the saints can move back in the criminal actually picks now adding that also could be your strategy. Pelicans password problems prevent playoff purges as and that's that's similar racial cowards as I'm my goodness. Anyway those sitting Anchorage isn't roof and so that he's not even any of the playoffs are she's me pelt pins passwords problems. Prevent playoff purchases. Say pass for procedures been used the past. And is without incident but this time they needed to free cell for the pelicans. Playoff tickets and some OC to shareholders that were privy to this past were. Started Sharon to non season to Googlers. That won't privy to the password and demand was so high they sold wanted to honor tickets to ninth season ticket holders they gotta get but they they get a refund the money. While also Peter pie ever picked a pickle. Button to see the Shalit held Saudi shells by the seashore. Are we really don't let us know I'm not I'm just saying it's I'm glad you read it not me look. I give it the heightened demand is that's great. But if you're a season ticket holder. I think there's to be seen cast on you just for share that password. I mean I get that you want people out there supporting the pelicans split. Because some really she hits it out they cause unnecessary headache yeah odds won the show that's on line for it. At WLs dot com organism Pelz obviously game five tonight between this birds and the warriors who should find out. Exactly if if the wars in close out the series about a Butte these delegates and. Look the warriors I mean this one right now Larry Ayala the warriors to close that out so they can't address that car you once that card have to play. It could be a day two days Souter did maybe he'd want to. You know and we all of us and the warning is can win now and he might be available for game one against the penalty in the educate yet. And I was you wanna be the best. I just wanna win and beat the warriors out Jack. Beat the best because you know what out stepped curry. They still pretty. Pretty awesome we KG. But you know they don't have an answer of AD but do we have an answer for KG. And we have and as advocated well. Now it is an answer for me. I had this backe down on the block key at toy seven now. Argue key who's to say to that's not really happened to riske saw an ad he's only he's got to get trapped in the first round maybe the second. Cannot 91 I'll take it are. Yet the third round here take it. Body Chris Young sports talk on W to do well. The NFL draft is just two days away and the saints' war room is busy putting their final draft boards the other. What position could they be targeting at pick number 27 saint strapped analyst Mike until AA says there are a couple positions with good value. The best value. At 27. It again cornerback. Interior offensive lineman offences and a boy that's why I think you can get the best value at 27. LSU baseball returns to the diamonds tonight against Lamar at Alex box stadium the tigers have lost four straight games. And have fallen out of the polls for the first time since 2012. Pre game 6 PM first pitch 630 right here on WWL. And the NBA playoffs continue tonight with a trio of games the Celtics face the bucks in a Tutu series the he'd try to stave off elimination against the sixers. And the warriors try to finish off the spurs and advance to their expected date against the pelicans. Sports flash brought you by Bud Light official beer of the saints dilly Delhi. For more on the saints LSU and the pelicans log on to WWL dot com I'm Seth Dunlap. Now back to sports talk with the world's biggest hipster tee shirt fan Bobby Hebert and a guy who thinks cam oh shorts or a fashion statement. Kristian garic. He can mean Campbell shorts. Our fashion statement said dial up always have hasn't fought on. So on a sports flash at my expense. Welcome back to sports talk body Christian. And the body is it the largest collector of bootleg T shirts on the planet by Havilland saved for a first round. You I gallons save the bootleg T shirt for the first trial will be essential city barbecue city barbecue. And all of these sport and it. Can't wakes us habits they've yet out out imagine has something to do with. The night's show the nation no note and I should Monica knew that nation yeah of course Ted Nugent he's headlights who nationhood it needs to it and who dat nation and in indignation and throw intended it likes him or shorts. And of that welcome back to sports I'll get a text duty semi tell anybody Bob Baker mayfield be atop. Does some are afraid you'll friendly business that I'm having a cold drink vet but my buddy at work on baker may feel. I say you will be a top five pink he says. No what he'll think. Well I scores and the break when he he's on the same wave live and die I am is so is Mike it's nearly eight. I think he's going in eleventh pick with the dolphins. And that's like process of elimination value the here by the jets talk to them with the third pick. So all we don't know is not an exact science but I think if I had to bet you'd be be gone in the eleventh to dolphins now. Would that being said it could be interesting to supply demand quarterbacks. Might be affiliate has five quarterbacks going in the top twelve and we're just talking about Lamar jags and and he thinks that Lamar Jackson will be that fifth quarterback. Taken in the top twelve pages Eagles can a Buffalo Bills in the twelfth pick I think they gonna have. Four quarterbacks maybe in the top twelve he says five out save for it may be the top twelve. I think four quarterbacks who shore in the top fifteen in and I'm total Lamar Jackson in the bag in an effort from I guess I guess 41 of the top fifteen. I got. Five of the top twenty I think Lamar is I guess an early fifteen to twenty now ranked the bigamy filled per response from his Miami had a lot of right when bill's fate than that that that could hasten the need for for the Buffalo Bills look I think the building or try to get above ahead of Miami. To give decommission. That's that you as you've been on now to me there is why I'm stuck Colin you know that it didn't down the middle like the sixteenth pick. Because the cardinals a pig and a fifteen. And I think Jesus in a nice pass of the day well. I have not only be available now aside Sam Bradford because these stopgap guy Josh Allen. And now some little thing Josh down alas that all. No one thing I don't like about Josh Al and yet he's big and strong and all that as a how accurate he is. So what did he get nordic country well. You know walk and also to do that yet that that's why it. I don't know I'm mistaken wit. Him probably going. Fifteenth the Corinth Jane Wells is going on and you're on WW well. Or go to the nation. AJ would gunman dead detonation. Referred to vote for with a little more objective bank yeah are ready are ready do thank you have a chance. Top guys they rational people will be accountable for like politics. We commend our. I know he's intrigued by it I know he's intrigued by. The mobile quarterbacks but here's the thing. They want decision makers they want quick decision makers at quarterback guys that can process really fast. It'll take him some time to do that he's more athletic player that can reliance on those athletic skills vital you know early on well they lost my I get the ball out quick. I get OJ if you could look at new crystal ball and are shall painkiller in the crystal ball and you could tell him. Then Lamar Jackson. Would turn it the Russell Wilson. And the thing to do whatever they could to move loving him. Press to meet a young millennial scramble quarterback would have purpose who extend plays and against down there's no better in Russell Wilson. There but it could erode Russell Wilson to all of the change. About it with them won't change that we that we could be people. The quarterback already can't do it so he can actually expect. And it takes some hits. Because he won the flat anymore because to. He took the back can't pay it could be hit on the track when they got that up. Well if if you don't if you don't give yourself up that this still could tackle you in a blog you need your son you still gotta get down. That doesn't like you or to be like RG three I U rookie beard and you don't last. You know so that that that's it that's my concern if you can move an extent play that's all great but you gotta know when they get down and live to fight another day. Safe trip to number eight with Chicago Bears draft bigger mayfield the Texas suggests no way you're way too much to go up from 27 to eight. What have you two number ones for god you don't necessarily need right now it's gonna sit behind Drew Brees for a year or two how does that help you win now it doesn't. Don't trade for quarterback Al and I know the saying tonight that they might turn up for a guy like Bradley job. Soledad. I would rather him take the approach we Drew Brees is gone they gonna have some establish better like Kirk cousins. You know like that the just what is doable again it is is that little mind Nick's fault they polls. Cullen in the polls can make. It may make a hall of fame career because that song pretty. Brian is our next here on sports talk on W two well. We'll raspberry belay he adds differ one from France Todd Manassas and master control. The Todd and entertaining fellow I'm AJ yeah raspberry Christian you give me president yeah look how and be clear on this again. I'm glad to go to a shark is on in the month month and a half have been. Do they show a body I've been threatened bodily harm like at least eight times already wanted to hit me over the head with a cell B stick give me a raspberry what else just argument something else. Well let Chris because I know you can take it being the marine that you are either broad shoulders you can take it and Christian guy you know we promoting elected officials governor that. You know the draft as the moment this is from. Probably a regular this overs clippers 77. So anyone I know you say anything about the show this over a suburb Monday. I'm gonna traffic report right now live here goes let's just as it's. Yeah two rookies who could. Beacon area okay that's the Christie you know here this is so we need this kind of tradition now. Well in the draft sober in my detail in even as I do this season it is second guess it was taking his game nothing as the draft. And analyze who what you gonna saying guess who's so perfect we Daniels did turn out that way it. He says they're just stating about the show this there was of the Monday I'm going to be there yes me in my did you they will be at this over slipper. Monday night it's a one all season showed. To bring down the draft so come on down to slipper. Monday night and we'll always have following national because it's looking forward to officially. Whose gonna help contribute maybe that a potential in world championship. But it 2018 season. With the new guys on board. Draft this kicks off on Thursday central city barbecue all would overnight. Smoked barbecue from six till midnight. Blocks away from downtown 1201 south rampart at Cleo in New Orleans to a Bobby Hebert myself and if all else might it Soviet central city barbecue Doocy Steve Geller. We did joining us live on satellite. Location at saint headquarters that's that is Thursday Friday whose own or short Slidell the crew will be out there on Saturday. 9 AM I walk ons be strong barring Covington said they'll have a Steve core kick off our first take on the draft at nine. Followed by Zacks reduce the Gaza might TA. At 2 o'clock A cajun cannon joins the boys and stays till 6 PM American to know what's going on Eric you're on W two well. Yes bill and it's yes the economy and appreciate what you and partly due to be keep that in all of it and went on and it won't work. All of it negative comment about the accident not a good situation could be because of the way that could in the forward. A bit longer and it would be that we built its eternal. We've been put to India and wondered if you would think he would be. It would be developed in the two cents to boot it would too. Well in the typical. Did you just that we come. Well I could tell you this. That when you look to the same threat right now and look at Houston Texas chairman of the Shawn Watson the go savages DaVita quarterback how how long did that last yeah. While gates I think he would have the luxury. Andrew is healthy he would be forced to play obviously. But. That is a question that I think is reasonable where he has available and I think is he could be. With a face 27 pig do you pick a but you don't move up I would say you do not move up until we target Lamar Jackson and now and move up to pick them. Oh apologize LS cause I was trying to punch O'Brien will czar. A touch off so I apologize. About that rhinos are senior writer tiger may dot com that BL door. On Twitter Brian hellish baseball trying to snap a four game losing skid their unranked for the first time. Since 2011. The day on Lamar tonight kind of a get well opportunity what's been the bugaboo for Allah issue at least four games. Well if in this sport gains strength really done anything really well in Andre. They can't really pitched poorly they've given up. They gave up and run into lying a left to run in the effort to gain and not Carolina dairy demand. And the Sunday game and then. Over the weekend in Carolina the only ones that that the G so. It was Tuesday law we can't outlaw we relics you'd. Or nearly four game losing streak with a burst com or four years. And right now you know Ella here in that situation is an award you know making unit at the NCA tournament being. You know being a national lead out that they are being a regional vote right now that picture. Elegy is that a product it would not mean. Let. Fifteen regular gains in the media conference tournament you did you get a bit. Now Brian without being said. I guess is still under control our destiny. Because of the strength of schedule when you look at Ed RPI and it is truly know while while west now. I mean I thought that was amiss Brent when you look at Mississippi State had their stunning sweep of Arkansas this past weekend. Then you look six of the west seventies are within two days of first place in the division standings. Then you'll get elegy Duma that the buckle. As South Carolina the only one game back of the division with four weeks ago and he. They have played all SEC west teams so and that's sort of I guess Paul could challenging guys with not you want the boy were confident of it. Hey will we're right there we just got to take care business. Yet you know are the model that you've got pepper like he's at a game and appellate issue and actually cheaply and we can't. There Oxford this weekend and make the play our next weekend so. Just look at like in the belly it would win the beer in. You know 82 out of 30 they're probably right there on in Atlanta too weak in the regulars. I you know well on you know we always go back and all talking about this. Yesterday you know ten years ago LA issue that is exactly con was sitting with. Conference record sixth win eleven law and one top. And then he went 123 game winning streak. So I mean anything can happen in action. Need to act buyer and and we'll just see what happens with Alec is one great rally tonight. It looked like jock Smit is going to be back in the line. He's. He was going to take equanimity bat cracked meaning they infield practice and it feels good. He's gonna be back in the lineup. And I I don't know they'll play in the short up claimed third base you know certainly knows it was expected to be one abilities that players and. You know he went for a weekend a year and entertainment and that was it. And you know I look back in a peeking get back in line and I noted that while they get. Get back to where he was before that I ran routes are who broke his arm he's been back for a week units per week. I think he like went two for it eager to me when you. Are back in the comeback that they. What's the update on rice terrace and area not by senate Bryce Jordan he had a he had a deep bone bruise he and I and I remain a pairs is a pinch hitter. Over the weekend. Well yet he's not really sure yet you know you see how much grocery is actually playing it down like all in you right now inch yet. Because all that it. You know we keep patient couple over the weekend that he got on base until probably and drawn forms so. Oh all didn't have any update. On him yesterday. But it sounded like you know he's probably not ready to get back in one. Now Brian switch it off. That LSU football. And finally go to fans the media to witness the spring game. And by I had a lot of discourage LSU fans is coming up to me and say I don't know. What they witness to what Daytona the man they'll probably be 500 and it is somehow can leaving get tonight went to be a great accomplishment. Bobby you you look at C. And again you know that are really all we can't. You know I had a chance to really see him there really mean you'll. You know a bracket. You know manipulate individual. Thank you watch that are out there it looked like eighteenth. Which is gonna win secretary. Pats would be equally well. You know and you start looking at a line up than what they're wind. They aren't that many seniors you know you have bought the moral right and you have. Odd Garrett brown he would call art that you only seniors on all pants. On the bench he had John battle. At safety and that he thought about re seniors. You'd say okay you lose early to the draft next week and Lew Abbott wide at linebacker. And you can lose Woody Williams at cornerback. But really you could possibly not lose anybody else so when you at all. Now like OK next year they rebuilding year college you play out you know we haven't talked in those terms. In years and years. But what you put when you put what's on paper that's what it looks like it's the team. That rebuilding. They're gonna be playing with a lot op boards or both ought to be at. And up they got on that on the quarterback. So it's almost like let's worry about and being for the FCC whack. Let's see how this team develops over the course of the year where they can't just about everybody coming back. And maybe in 2019. Date in channel or Cochran. And act there. You know. The Aetna is the whole issue out rot in a situation like old moderation. But oh what they're looking at this year for Alex you've answered they say okay this LE UT what we. Is that beat Auburn Alabama went well you know it's. There at not being realistic. At what the rock and it and it is. And I've brought before we let you run. It's same like in the hope is. That the defense some white kids carry the offense to letting mature. Where you know how in all of a fans follow football but all sorts of front. And all the question marks on the office of line and an iron off of ever seen this you look at a lot of quarterbacks competing within. You look at this is what we've always had a running back in the waiting in the stable. Where. Well I guess the receiving corps of have the right quarterback again and the ball that could be a plus but it. Why assures him like the David says it has got to play awesome on the Dave Iran a deal and give relishing the chance. You're right and I'd think. The linebackers are fine inside. And outside there there are almost too deep everywhere at linebacker. The defense sublime. Is better I'm not totally. Sold water out but it will conduct at times a little bit course against the run and bringing but not peak. All all the deep into law will be okay. The secondary they got one issue they only have one quarterback. Mean he. The states these are fine greedy Williams is good one quarter but there are lacking the other side out Jared Allen the bracket which circumstance for. Well plated Kurt that becomes an. He he was not being but it rotation player stand for now he played a lot for three years there but strictly as a back up. It peaking come in and did it job you know that would really help and of course scalp NGOs. The China out of Scotland bill or count on him coming in vehicle like you know at least as aggregate goals now. That's the one spot in court about on defense which you're right branded beef that is gonna have to really carried it C. Early in the CNET and you're. And again it's not all the is that not right. You know battled the only senior on the defense. Brian thanks appreciate Raila czar senior writer tiger may dock on the sports talk here on W two well. I like it's not well done. Calamity at Mason team WW well with team don't know Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister might say myself said they'll have a special guest so Zach Strief. Draft that's wall to wall saint NFL draft coverage it's coming three full days on the flagship station of York New Orleans Saints. WWL four lines are open at 5042601878. X 878 Samuel subway come back to your phone calls Kregg in New Orleans. You lead off here on W two well. Hi right back to the phones real Kregg into all those who are on Greg you're on W two well. A Christian about it bill good hey Obama's gun crew. Let a puppet on a tape of the real quick and I'll always. Respectful and appreciate your football knowledge. You all in all but so they got the Christian. At the U Christian. A couple more combat veteran to a god bless you affair it was there have been man. Well thank you for the thank you for that out I'm not combat veteran I don't take credit for that but I am a better. Okay but thank you for being late first serve. Well 11 bit to appreciate you apparently that are not think. What. Articulate articulate and the best I can and real quick all bought little object that there. Partly. Our opt out of it yeah well what they'll Gregory but also. What are all of but he also. Walked to replace a great quarterback. Oh god I gotta go Miami goals are still trying to replace Dan Marino. Andy and it took Peyton Manning going to Denver three plays John Elway yet that's that's a lot of pressure arrest that is coming out to Drew Brees you wanna be that guy that. The only guy that follows drew your big guys that follow the guy algebra I it is like just like Jeanette is an easel. This is going to be the guy that follows him and his unit guy that followed after the got a followed Jim Anderson. Greg thanks a phone call thanks for the kind words once again now thanks for your service Josh on a cell phone Mike in Mississippi coming up next hour Tulane quarterback. Perry Nickerson joins us. In FL draft hopeful the draft now 48 hours away sports talk rolls on here till 6 o'clock we hand things off the LSU Sports Radio network Ellis should baseball. Trying to snap a four game losing skid tonight at 630 on W two all right here against Lamar this is saint radio on W did well.