Do you back-in or pull-in?

Do you back-in or pull-in? Does it matter where you are?


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And an important questions for Karl Rove. Poland are back. Hole and ordered back to him now is blowing into the parking garage yesterday and I gat. I was going to park my car in our parking garage and about every five feet and to keep stopping. For drivers who won due back in to spaces. Because if they just pull then they call and get out of my way keep going OK but then I stop now Kurt I disarmament racism minister backing up. Because they're backing into a space. And I started looking around our parking to rise. And in an anecdotal. Public accounting got bush made it look like about half and half I was gonna say I I see quite a few back Cubans. I'm not one of them. I'm not a back again I'm I'm just gonna pull right in the spot go about it all the all I will admit. The very few times have done that it is kind of nice to get in the car and take off. Right when you need to leave it's much easier if you don't have to back out. Now I parked in a space YE it's unique to me where I eight's there's only about ten of these spaces in our and our parking garage where you can pull land. But when you back out you don't have to turn his back out straw raid. And then you turned to leave so it's it's kind of the best of both worlds yes but people get very attached to one type of parking or the other. And I'm curious I wanted to do a non scientific. 87870. Text line survey ya texts me now on 87870. Let me know when you park your card generally speaking. Do you pull into a space. Or back into space. And why. Ya what is currently uses the convenience when you leave is that but it's all about. Because when you pack here and you can screw it up very easily in and you have to try to do it over again. I don't like that fit fest that's like I'll jailed too close had no idea but I dharma all the lines right there are alike has run on your car out. Newer vehicles have backed up camp. And I think that's contributing to a rise in backing in. Because it's easier than ever to back yen the cameras you and have lines out on the you wind up with the lines in the parking guys I was very night your federal behind either it'll get you dash at the camera and I don't have. Such as we know our donors and that may contribute to mind. Choice not to back and spot in most cases. Plus you know all throwing arm up over the passengers in looking over your shoulders. And it is kind of program. But people are very involved. Mike you said he'd just looking around you probably saw about 5050. Yeah that was just that was anecdotal Diana began the discussion. A one under the parking garage or driving into the parking garage and I started being delayed by a driver after driver after driver the other today. Who insisted on backing into a space out there what used to wait so very can bacteria yet and in our parking guard you can't go around someone. There's not enough room so on some of the backing into a space you just have to wait and it takes a lot longer to backing into a space and Nepal into a space. Brides I asked people to text a sedate 7870. And let me know and anecdotal survey. Non scientific. But which do you prefer when you get to work this morning will you pull into your parking space or back in gear parking space. Not even close. In the voting early and WW at age 7870. Not even close. Can't imagine that thing into a parking spot by far. Has blown away pulling it and I think part of that and again this is not scientific is that people back in a parking spaces are very passionate. About their backing in. They feel like they are doing the right thing that is the better thing it's the appropriate thing and let me know about it by texting I wanted to use when they come out. Yes absolutely surprised it's that. Heavy that direct I'll attend a one out people Textron. Yet now that that's not. Reality I don't know how many people about. And did these people are passionate about my employer requires us to back and says one text message and its seventieth really another says I back in because it prevents back out accidents. Does is backing in. Never hurry go to war. But leaving a different story at that logic I understand it's like the end. AM my job as a reverse backing a parking policies so I've got to. Back yen at the safety issue. Another person says they get a discount on their car insurance. Forbes promising to back in when they part of that I have ever heard has presence of the you know 100 dollar discount. Per year for back in parking. I've never heard of that before. I mean people they're they're really really passionate about Baghdad banged up babies is another text message today at 7870. But a lot of people who tell me they worked at chemical plants. And other corporate employers are saying that it is a policy there got work that they must aback and because of the high rate of backed out accidents. I guess I see the logic there when your backing out. There are more potential things to hit when you're backing in the just a car on either side. That you could it when your backing out some can be driving by some to be walking by. And it's more difficult to see them but I got to beef early goods him I don't know talent is people are they're talented backers. Yeah taken back that thing up with skill apparently. And you know again with a backup cameras it's easier than ever before that does this text message today it's 7870. I was Clara pull through spot so that's the best of both worlds. If you're out of parking lot where it has you know back to back or front front every look at its bases you know rows of spaces where cars there. If you can find a spot where does wanna cross summit that opened you can pull through rule. And it's like you backed him. Because yes you told NB pulled all the way through then that's the best of both worlds you get DePaul and which. For me is easier calling it mode of these people are saying backing and is easier for them. App I don't know I've bid. And British he had to pull through that and you call and and you pull out so you don't pull on both ways. The Dodgers another one not a cruise we've kind of been leaning towards business going to work type parking right suddenly got it just on to Hamburg what do you do when you get to the grocery store. I we love back in blowout ever able summing they've back in everywhere because they have to work. I'll carry its okay and yet but if you back in the grocery store. And you get open your hatchback you're truncate your groceries and well you have got back to right up against another vehicle are very close to another there. Hi yet that people go out takes an 8770. You get a load stuff into the back your car is backing in batters and yeah I mean. And you gotta scrape somebody as your some attacks may backing and his dog in ghetto I don't know about that but thanks for the attacks. I'd so I thought I had our back in people because they're overwhelmingly tell estimated 787 he sang backing and a parking spaces is better than pulling in the parking spaces. Some question about what what you go to the grocery store audio load your groceries in your trunk or your hatch back if your backed into a space. Right up against the wall or another vehicle or whatever. Thomas says why back into the grocery in the wind loading I'd call my vehicle forward just a bit. Before putting the gross present while she getting crank it up both Florida then unload the groceries that's into a lot of work and a presence as simple groceries on the passenger's seat. Or the floor board. Or the backseat. Problem solved I guess. I gotta tell you after tabulating. Texts for an hour late 7870. There's no doubt. And I can draw this conclusion people who back in a parking spaces. Feel very vehemently. Passionately that they are doing the right thing the better thing in the appropriate thing while people who pull in the parking spaces Ilya whatever. I just fallen and that's that. But did people who Bakken are insisting it's safer it's smarter it's better. It's more time to fish and it's easier with a large vehicle limited given me. Scores are reasons why backing in is better. RM and then there's this text message today it's 77 is as I always back in because I want everyone to see my beautiful chrome grille on my brand new trucks. Well I appreciate your time as the and you tag today it's 7870 have a great home burn.