Do teachers get the support they need?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, May 16th

Tommy talks with Larry Carter, the President of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, about teacher pay and teachers having to spend their own money on classroom supplies.


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94% of public school teachers use their own money for classroom supplies. Does that mean we need to invest more in our teachers and is it fair to ask teachers to do damn thing it is. Now askew if you are teacher to give us a call with 260187. In let me know if you do this how much DF does. To take away from your family your resolve to adequately teach in the classroom. And if you not a teacher would you do this Larry Carter joins us right now president. A Louisiana federation of teachers good morning Larry good morning. I'm miles or federation for teachers they should clean that up. Are up Tammy if you guys and any internal studies in terms of the how much on an average of teachers spends in public schools says I guess you are present bubble excellent teachers drank. Or. In terms of how much. They spend in and and did it may be an average salary of comity teacher makes an average of how much they spend might be a good way to look at this. You know we haven't done and it is real like to study but we've ever go go years and years and years. And we'd you know actually look at this issue probably electrical fifteen years what we talk about what does that. Pick adequately educated in the state of Louisiana. And also on that conversation quite recently probably survey call asking teachers alone. What are some Lebanese based in the system that they teach and work and and it buried it in the oh what order they they live and work him. But I can tell you Everest he just probably probably range around 35 so well maybe 38000 dollars a year to report. Which order state you live and work in and I can say on that 400 dollars so saw that report. On that ruse because some of the the the real treatment of their pocket some of our regional school employees do. Some I mean may purchase anything from student belt and and when it gets cold. Purchasing students co objectives to help keep the more. And you know if you think about a clip from bird by students appeared on middle schooler and high school and then. Remote corner liquor from other schools they are students on the numbers that range anywhere or maybe when he revel in the third student the velcro on. Chronic that particular school Leo and I can tell you where their students and poverty. Teachers do in a park a lot deeper than just wondered missile boat that console that doesn't. All. If it is something that you know we talk about Auburn and an education field. A lot of questions about Eleanor what are we do see each point with well you know. Look at the track but I do you know what I'd been been out of pocketed. You know it's sort of a two under picked it goes from state and also a fact that you know we were a deduction at tax deduction. Available to each crab. And nobody earlier this deduction exact numbers that the deduction. And in the sort of were called to attract debate conversation between the sort of route where the person tomorrow. Do we leave that the fame to pick away or two and an additional Arctic file undergo a veteran. Borrow. This particular blow pregnant each do our current sort of the reports put the students. And Rome you know right now and less than stellar fifty book. To me obviously the tree just bet you that they look at that as we have part of the issue the issue is always adequately and who. Our own for students. And and their best to big part of the discussion. New study out choose that 94%. Of public school teachers use their own money. For classroom supplies and our guest Larry Carter present Louisiana federation. Of teachers can we infer from this. That obviously. Lou what is been thought for a long time is true that teachers there on in it for the money there in their because. They love the kids they wanna educate him and wanna give them everything they need to succeed. I think we can definitely infer that that is certainly what I have witnessed the specialty to work for Oakland now however there are. Move around in carts state who talked to dozens more employers. On I see that every day. So in terms of yeah geeky guy today she can only show of so much stuff and assassins skin until it breaks say and that might be a terrible metaphor. But are the teachers in a way and let the legislators also played on an of their own pocket. And if they word cannot do this in essence supplement the education system out of their own pay. Who would that then forced a legislator. Or the school districts the legislature or the school districts to provide the money they need for classroom supplies. Where would it just lower test scores in some way and keep good teachers. Or at least make the teachers looked like a failure I could see where there between our rock and a hard place. Well probably I think your if you can see what happened around the current. Tennessee. On Arizona. Where estrogen. We're looking just like everyone else around the country are looking at what our feature has taken action script or. Smoked so that stemmed from teachers and school employees. And prayer and community people commentator a talking about. Why is it that teachers and school employers have come about their pockets. And we're not adequate funding. Schools. And then especially having abilities force schools to provide. A class that students need to be successful. And we're looking at that as well as everybody you know. And and they are frustrated and then in India's we the decision making kept regret state legislatures or run a country. And annex where we're starting to sweet treat just and we're important communities and their country ever talk about. Why did or our backs and wide that not on the backs of the old political decisions could actually adequately fund. Education. And so yeah our question just poses as one oil that we are certainly looking at that we that would. You know for decades and currently work that we do to talk about these issues. Probably really. Measured. Public doesn't really cost indicator chart that's good news whenever some cases so Lucas expense and spend 1000 those. Put social spent twelve. So there as high as twelve to 2000. On what what does that really mean he's been in those different variables multiples. Both grow. Purse to. Cost and what you getting as a result as shall we do it that some years and it has just. We're not sure because the story hasn't been done and shall we been called on legislators in over the last constricting used to review of that and especially at the state. Corporate reputations so we've been doing an artistic outlook in choosing your country would feature groups and it's organization into a school employee is because they're frustrated. Answer that question really does speak to the issue of ball. Treated as would put the big in deepen their pockets. And that prepared and apparently in particular but there were to do that because they do career. In terms of supplies many Texans this an 87 870. The nature of the supplies are anecdotally at least you know. Yes most of his newspaper. On pencils. Paul and some cases that the supplement request books Google to copy or at all. On the student and Asia lower class load of books and materials shall it it ranges in terms of supplies. Don't really need a bigger things has to be able to function and a clip from. Got to thank you Larry appreciate you know problem. That Larry Carter presently easy and a federation of teachers.