Do the Saints have a shot against the Patriots?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, September 12th

Bobby & Mike talk with the voice of the Patriots, Bob Socci, to preview the Saints' next opponent.


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Artists on the line the voice of the New England Patriots Bob associate Bob thanks so much for joining us tonight. Hey it could be written in mind and body were reported. That sure. Well especially after what happened to hit you know others that Kansas City game. What's the that the home. All on that patriots football team in a lot of you look for the season that it's gonna be mad because you know people want. As we talking sixty you know that sort of thing. And them illegally clunker the Whitney unit now the city in and they re so well against them all season. But he's done a really good job and I thought. In very few gains built Bellic Chad would be out coached out skiing in that game. I think Andy Reid put all the right pieces in the right place. Yeah I actually can't argue with that and you know it was reminiscent of the game only 2014. When I mean it can't be the key element in patriots. I'm 4114. While the different though being it. Late in the end gamers who politic with it you know you can see I'll bite on his team in period characteristic when. After this latest game this season opener this past Thursday. Complicating. Well a couple of other tickets will be questioned the commitment. Of the team and that's unprovoked and part at least as long as Belichick is and that coach. The Brady has been the quarterback and you can certainly understand it from the cup we call ready for the app and going through film I'm not writing. Let on court and out giving into the preparation for the pain and eat it never bought it never. I'm the secret environment around the Atlantis out to law. And that that's who would be especially I think dramatic amateur players and coaches and chipped it because they didn't play well. And they were dominated by achieves accurate characteristic things surfaced during the court that he and I picked up the question that started to rise. But increased he's been really exposed. By the chief in terms that Malia and thin front seven for example now because the injuries. Because it's gone from eight people like receiving corps. To being moderate course than we didn't have the key element of the Africa for the second half that team against our city. Without doing adamant that he's in his daddy amicable cabinet and leading Ilan Gallup potter's Tom Brady lines on a lot out there that are you. Chief defense can't predicted the perfect job of taking control put all kind of exposed the weaknesses of the patriot. Now Bob you bring up and that's like health saints fans no excuses. Next man up but it does make a difference I looked at Julian adamant. To be I think even though he had the production Wes Welker. That Julian element is that important to whip Tom Brady what to do and I'll look at L will leave the which Drew Brees that they've both not available. If you look Randy Coke's lead the saint cities now what the pats and it. Giving you those of vertical guy you know gonna get the yards that after the catch. He's a little guys so you can't expect him to do it Julie and entitlement bit. As far as that type of receiver right in nominal goal like you said honey you play but he's always hurt but. Well art art of patriots pretty pleased the coats are look at him like exported the physical vertical but he's not gonna give you much and beneath. Yeah about it and he is partly to this one in Brandon played well in again she's Natalie it got you 54 yard pass. But he also. Was able to connect relief and actually it was Reid is a good sign because certainly. Per tonne in particular he takes a lot of build trust between him in the beat uber and could help to draw double double penalty on the cheap. As well but one of the problem pick itself into respectfully at the Villa lost them in Poland in the people almost exclusively particle. Mean religion and all the running backs as much anticipated in the in and now without it go. Again for the second half of that in the possibly this week. You've got to think the judgment you know what to make some adjustment try to incorporate those running back that it more maybe even lining them up more frequently in the slot but. I think that it could still primarily in the guys who operate on the outside try to stretch the defense. We signed very active toward that end against the patriots and joint practices in the preceding. The last couple years after we saw that and to a part. They could have earlier the issue with Jacksonville particular. Did he much of it. During pre season game got a glimpse of the against Kansas City but again because almost fell in the trap where they almost five. Default because Angela and out there with no settlement. I simply sent the receivers downfield quote in cooks. And they'll port them just like the game and they can't wait what they do that. Now Bob got a two part question looking at the pats defense. And a tiny cars State's finance. Because. They were able to move the ball in the Minnesota Vikings they could get it done in the rental. And the things that the fourth best rent on a crack at four hours scoring touchdowns. Last season and I tried to elements that the vikings have acted the peninsula they do way better than that hate that you might not agree with that. Public you to comment on whether pats are at now considering. Columns then the patriots may Alex bit like a hall of fame and we beat Sam Bradford blue like the hall and he never. And that led but what I look at. Would it date you'll be definitely and I thought on paper. Dabbling in all season. Depends dual quarterbacks. That you look it. Yet and guide you cover. Justified noble whereas he had and his comment on that need it the pit going to get this thing offense that we held all over a decade. And then noble one six out of eleventh the. Well I think there are concerned for the tickets right now on the one world several breakdowns in coverage including in the secondary. 0170. Yard completion tire reed field. We're looked like the corners including Gilmore on his field but we're expecting it he helped not playing on his own technique in the PP. World where the quarters were expecting the Caribbean as a result for now they'll caught out so by on so many wanna jockey into the end zone and seventy Artrell. Later rate non communication on I tell you know because injury how do we do accompanied by a yard touchdown pass routes net. He Kareem on in freestyle men. Throw three passes for fifty plus yard. Five plays for over twenty yards in the not a weekly defense will not achieve drive it three times important market for not what you are again uncharacteristic. The Kansas City and certainly for the patriot defense. I wouldn't work in progress. I tell what else the knee injury is data as we talked and I was out in practice Jamal. Remains unclear for the game on Sunday without him now Rob Ninkovich and retirement. As well with the patriots. Going to a lot of turnover and on one meet guys believe we treat them on the final weekend. Of the pre season adding that he is like Cassius marsh jail from Seattle but. There's a lot on their way. And they're at a decent as we can be fruitful and often. Which surprising that you noted last night petrol on the red belt but I think a lot about how we have to do it in the zone defense. Because that is a bit defensive game and now at this stage certainly that the vikings are far and the patriots that's not the ball well. Things that that shoot up in the offseason circles a lot of trade talk. Between this thing to the patriots involving now Butler. Where does that stand patriots wise now because. They spent a lot of money in the offseason to bring in Stephon Gilmore. And you know Malcolm was looking to get pay they can never pull let the law. What we saw last year right is the trade deadline got close to ending Jamie Collins would ask for a lot of money. You know Belichick sent him to football purgatory he sent him to sleep the night to get paid there. But you know he sent him off real quickly in that yield. What's the situation. With now Cologne. And the management here what makes it work out long term youthful Butler are is this going to be his last season in Ewing. Yet they under report it appears as though this may very well be Malcolm finally it was a Tripoli but it looks right now. I'll Butler. Certainly as the guy. Became available year round and then plated global talent level not all pro Al the level the next two years would you be paid at the end of the third season. Image that's on appeal more comment but I moral lapse was not even at that with the Buffalo Bills. Come in if. Pale like no nothing they could has ever given anybody free agency the big contract. Splash he'll start free agency period. And popular sportsman goes to move on the performance these kinds candor after there were a lot of rumors and speculation centered around. The patriot and the thing. I'm culpable but we're competitive guy although you know a couple of top. Pre season and certainly again that she's had problems periodically. Want to look back and compete the way he always but with the survive. The cut and do what he and make it in the NFL as he half life. That means that you would never anything else Bill Belichick and whether. I'm with regard to retrieve or any other moves that he might make in particular if there's about active players those that. You can get in this series east or increased value in return. I don't think he would rule anything out that's what Philip Marco all your optic Gilmore that. He was the guy the other corner had been troubles well I can't can't get even more so than now in Stephon Gilmore and that it. As they line up you can pretty impressive candidate but others who try economic and compete with their safeties in and obviously you know they don't. Then changes. Might be forthcoming would be surprised. Now Bob look at it Tom Brady is in that New England offense. When I look at Rob Gronkowski and talk about the impact it he has to have now that you leave entitlement not available. And it is safe flight that what they wanted to do in the past this point back. You know god rest his soul you got with the Aaron Hernandez and drop mentality. Have a Martellus Bennett and Martellus Bennett I think. He's gonna have a big impact with the Packers to do is break that down as far as in hindsight maybe actually dad have been that. Considering that you don't know what's gonna happen look at their crystal ball as far as the weapon. Tom Brady went without a contribution is Rob Gronkowski. Have to have with Tom Brady look forward. Well not gonna have a significant concrete and brought along with settlement then you go to guys. Republicans you know luck is coming off an ending back surgery. And ultimately die in natural tool with a touchdown initially it was looking train. Play going back and painters he catches it all the end of the school with touchdown in thirteen nothing New England. A merchant law and now she's about what you don't rule him. Cheap stuff happened orphanages. On how to turn momentum in the paper and go out of the pot it'll swing and it isn't about. They're raptors in the phone even bother about the real limited to out of explosiveness. And that was problematic news bill yet. It frequently targeted by eighty yen the ordinary. And end with just a few catches against the chiefs. Now will we usually expect from him but there have been times they were coming off injury we're taking him to report game. To kind of get into the speed wise and get caught up. But I think it's very important to mention Mark Ellis that's one of the pot but I. It's far back as you leave these training camp. To email was acquired by the train's kind of preemptive move expecting that would that would leave via free agency when Allen came to the patriots can keep them. Good blocking tight and one of the history of entry problem all goes well track record Indianapolis and. Good red zone production. But he's had trouble catching up to speed it is softened by his own admission struggled in the spring but optimists who will start in the summer. And rating system on poor throw to start things out on the ground the other and not idol but they didn't cannot be around for a mature content of what is way. And mark felt like she was very productive player for decent start since then you weren't going count Capital One down the stretch. Bennett plea to injury practiced every day. He was an outstanding you when called on terrific blocker when needed and really. Contrary to I think summit patients in the on year became a very well which part of the patriots success with it the personality. And I think this team with him especially as an insurance policy about the game. If quality and effective that went against sheets. That second and all of them be part of the patent office pulled back to the acquisition of Gartner and added together in the draft back in 2010. Bob thanks so much for joining us tonight really appreciated. And no team most of start out ode to. One of these teams will and it's rare that the patriots. That backed up backed bad games. Then he would Wear and they think a lot of people around these parts and maintenance. A lot of times the path started going one. They went on in the two purple but as the ought to cut the reminded. Your mind that this is indeed purity he and the past is relevant we you know that after the recent that it can't hit it again well prepared and. Other than the charter that now Bob what you're at night game and empathy. On the 2009. Without that Belichick raised the white flag all of five minutes left but he got Tom Brady. You look at this they beat the patriots like she did in the apartment units that with the game. Now that I'm Aaron equipment out of breath about it thing. That was now before my time calling the games but I'll say this is also part of that the documentary series football life. And it but it's been revisited this we got sports talk radio and New England. Because comment that radio after the game on Thursday talking about the need for the greater sense of urgency you better commitment. Because that's 2019. With the team that is great but on the sidelines to. Belichick fined Belichick sent back. During that game into running away with it. I just can't hit fifteen to understand what it takes to win. And we're gonna find out the truth now have that understanding 2017. After the championship for the. Bob again thanks so much for joining us tonight thanks we'll see what happens Sunday it should be quite and a picture of that particular football game. Bob's little sport who's the yup voice of the New England Patriots.