Do blue lives matter?

Newell Normand
Friday, May 11th
Louisiana has introduced a bill to make crimes against police a hate crime. 

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Good morning to all ends and it's a beautiful morning as we begin the Mother's Day weekend let me first say happy Mother's Day to. All the moms you know have a great weekend effect. Take a mile wide to the Chicago concert tonight out at this anger she's a big fan and now we start our Mother's Day weekend there will spend Sunday with our moms as well do and all of the traditional cooking at home and cleaning in the traditional cleaning up afterwards and the traditional trying to sneak and have been in and seeing what's on TV and I guess the list goes on and on. But I we hope that everybody has a great you know weekend. You know there's so many different things that are going on in the city this weekend it's great actually Saturday night we're gonna be ought to know could note is that they're big fund raiser and we look forward to seeing those folks out there always love seeing in the kids perform man that talent I just. I'm so jealous and is very few things and I'm jealous of light but it when I see the Greek kids before much as I wish I had one. Pilots of the talent that these young kids. And display and always look forward. To that event as well and that's on Saturday night out at the school campus so we look forward to that as well. We got a great show today in the last hour we talk a new. Newly elected and sworn in council member Joseph Jerusalem about a letter that he wrote to the sewage and water board. I don't know about you you got to read a letter to align. Seems like a new day I'm encouraged. Seems like you know we're not gonna cry over spilled milk but we're gonna set some standards were gonna set. Some goals and and we're gonna hold you accountable to reporting top ask pursuant to the city ordinance and so we'll talk to him as he he will be representing the council and in all of the council members signed a letter and it was very encouraging. In a second or we're going to be talking about did you know that half more than half of the Americans now live. In Sanctuary Cities are sanctuary states. And what that means and as things begin to changing and the impala. Without the rule of law. With what's gonna ultimately happen in some of these communities who will talk more about that. In the first hour Louisiana one of the first states in the country. To pass me what it's been referred to a blue lives matter bill basically making. The killing of a police officer and targeting a police officer a hate crime. And now senators Heidi hi camp a Democrat from North Dakota and senator Orrin hatch a Republican from Utah law. I have introduced the senate bill. That that does make it impacted a I hate crime and uses the same languages hate crime that did. The knowingly cause or ten B entry because of the actual or perceived status. That the person is a law enforcement officer. And joining us to talk about this is Richard handler he's a criminal defense lawyer and former assistant public defender appalled beach county Florida welcome to the show Richard. Eric. So Richard. One a cheap for the benefit listening audience. Tell us what is a hate crime. Well I hate crime is a crime where. Someone has attacked merely for the saint. We learned a color of their again. Either sexual orientation. Here. Religious affiliation for example. So for example you have a situation where some money use today. Is coming out on me gay nightclub. And no one hurt here so people who don't like gay people on the side you know a lot more than not. He. Beat them up real bad and interdiction and cheerleading charge went. A battering him and let you know are hoping this individual. Not person can also be charged in where they hate crime because I harder than. The person simply because. It's sexual orientation or are sexual orientation. That is essentially what I hate crime it. And it and it goes to the constitutionally. Protected classes. You know race religion. And so forth correct. Correct currently and historically has apply war. Situations where. You can't help but you know you can change for example the color of your hand. And so that's where it comes protect and and that's where there's law and in quite some protect. Now this particular build has been introducing. Us to have created. A kind of some controversy. As to whether or not. There's any value in this and as to whether or not. This should be a protected. Class collect from a better term. That's not a protected class under the constitution and in that whether or not once employment in what they do for a living should be protected by. Hate crime legislation. Correct you know they're right on the nail. This is the first time that we. Legislation proposed. In this situation. Where our. I'm from importing and is now being a protected class so. In color. The fact that you know we have made only saw sir no we wanna protect them. All potentially strong. Being target and then we never had that before in general it's been what I've just blindly or wagers. Somebody that you can't change about yourself. Right but Richard let me ask you so a minute that I get to the question of whether or not you believe it should be. But you must agree that law enforcement officers and utility of that occupation. Is unique. In and of itself. Unlike any. There's no. So when we so when we think about the fact you know we've got consternation. By some groups as to whether or not they should be protected. And we look at the uptick in in that Department of Justice reports that talk about the took uptake in police ambushes and things of that nature. I'm curious. Why. It's so much discontent over us. Well they're listeners how much different and it is because we didn't. Never you know nobody's forcing him and again I'm not minimizing. The tankers and that job and they're correct. Absolutely that it is inherently. A dangerous job but nobody. It's foresee at least talk Serbian police are. You know I can't. Change the color might hit. But I don't wanna waste a church generally don't attack me White Sox are sort and almost. And some respect on a historical perspective and an almost minimized as. The basis for those all of lawlessness on the protection groups and then. You know they're from central comfort somewhere in Europe for law enforcement knew what Max. But what why would it have to be what why can't it be. I'm of the mindset and just say you'll and I spent forty years of law enforcement in ten years as sheriff. I don't understand why cannot be a win win because the reality is is that. Laws that are passed are just the way that we collectively. Stayed our value system. And they are and you know it it just doesn't make sense to me when we say that this is going to minimize. The protected classes that day it. That are protected by hate crime legislation. When the fact is. Under title eighteen which is where a lot of these statutes resides. There all kinds of protections for you know real property. Real estate. There is protection for access to abortion clinics. There's protection for federal employees. And who vote. Or going to file an application for federal employment. Or Joseph or. A participant in any program receiving federal financial assistance and list goes on and on and on. And and here you and cry when when they pass eighteen USC section 245. Which. It you know outlines a whole bunch of different activities and and individuals. That are engaged in activities at an act constitutionally protected. Well. We got a point there however. We all you know we. Every year they resolve all your analog and he's more and we you know we want to feel good about what it is one thing Spielberg laws work. It feels like. It is going to be glory and again. But I find it a little disingenuous like when the ACLU the anti defamation league and others I mean it's not like they never participated in some of this feel good legislation that it's. It's duplicitous. It's superfluous. You know there's already laws on the books that covers a lot of this in these are a lot of their open criticisms as it relates to this particular. Stat sheet. You know in in the preservation of this insane that they would diminish. This you know this this I hate crime law by by having this and I go back to what I said before. Why can't it be a win win for everybody. In I'll give you their perspective on what he here's what you have to ask. We can't. And in a lot of respects he went one and I'm happy you can't actually you know that those on those laws weren't quite work. You know African Americans. Have historically been persecuted. And they've been mentioned and they know this is securities laws came out. You can change the color of their skin. You know one of the police officer no one's forcing you immediately. So and then taken to the net and sent. Pay. Let's make this. On longer hate and crime if it does. In that respect commission not only that. We already have laws and break in every single thing. Where are you part of police officer and you're born again and then hand panel. You know not say for example. If you hit somebody. We have play a bit of money that Richardson near the Morris and Peter charge. Let's send them loose some of the most recent hate crime. Stopped and in fact under the Obama administration. What was at the Matthew Shepard James Burt beard bird I hate crimes prevention act was passed. You that most states already have legislation on books. I mean say it I just find these positions a little disingenuous. As as it relates to you know there are articulation of being opposed to this. And that the interesting thing about the utility of a police officer and cannot think one of the things why it's so appropriate at this time and others saying that this is. Brought about at this time in order issue. Depressed and circumvent. Holding police accountable. For police shootings around the country. And statistically they're trying to say that that that is increased and and that's not necessarily what the statistics. The bear out but that but that's their argument. But the reality is is that we have officers at a billion ambushed not because of what that individual officer ever did in his career. It may be entry in reaction is something that happened clear across the country. Or not even in this country where they end up being targeted. And then go back to the utility of what they do is that they serve as the protection the front line. A bit and ordered and structured society. And if we're not willing. To preserve that that. In and give that some enhancement as it relates that in the bill. Only talks about going across state long irons in in in interstate commerce. Like Blake some of the other hate crime legislation has been that's been passed so it it it doesn't cover all acts. Where they would have federal jurisdiction right. You're you're right a it doesn't cover every single black and that's all across state lines. I agree with you on some money other bills that your sentiment has sort company's current events sang. Where they'll they'll market consciousness as well and the ACLU wins re human element and those girls. At that time but that doesn't mean that we need to have one here. Yeah the thing the other thing too and in on the tax line and I miss this and I probably should think about it is you know you keep talking about you can't change your race she can't change this world religion you can change. You can change our religious affiliation. I guess they you know I mean it is in those earlier this Lilly and while no argument can't. I'm in the course under Tony Dungy while. Like you can believe in I aces and you can be an atheist the next day obviously you can make that unilateral decision and say I'm I'm no longer a believer. Served my best I am in your own choice not because you should not get another worker comes. Just talk about the and to hear about that nobody can make you be a police officer that you have to choose. Well and if you're Georgia but saying your common item synagogue and Eric track. Because you're Jewish did not like so let me let me just wouldn't conciliation. And well I don't get beat up and. I don't think that there and of atheist walking into a synagogue. Or any although does that matter you've they can choose to go Richard do you think that. You know what kind of impact do you think that this will have nationally. Actually non I don't think this law will do anything to protect only saw sir I don't think it's gonna. And the effect whatsoever. On one or more or less talk starters are ambush. On the depending on Andre and now. There and criminal. Checks but technically solitary thing and they call. They got the law in place. They're they're only here and about any laws right. At it but it. I mean they're gonna committed no matter what so you know it in that respect that. Richard thanks so much for joining us we really appreciate you taking time muddy day today. Hi we wanna hear commute to 60187 or Texas State's 7870. Do you believe. That attacking a police officers should be considered a hate crime and on the peroni monster opinion poll 70% of the respondents believe that it should the language and actually causes the controversy is is well is. One at that says that whoever in any circumstance described in this subsection knowingly causes bodily injury to any person or attempt to do so because of the actual. Or perceived status of the person as a law enforcement officer let's go line to talk to say Ametek flaw what's going on Sam. Share our. The Mona do you have a great. Yeah she did are playing it were glued to essar. Should have beat her. He or she deserves. This deal. And it out it I think you're appropriate and saying good officer look at you know our our our officers are human beings like like everybody else. They're good ones and her battles. Over there and there's those that are well intentioned and those and are those that have Mallon tent. Thank god the vast vast majority of officers or well intentioned and to be individuals were not unlike any other employment. There are asylum. That run a Moroccan runner Iran Iran and yet the leaders across the country after a test would remove it and get them out. And us and arrest and prosecute him. I can't agree 100 per cent. Mean thank. Are there. People should have their protection. To fight these days. Holes are there people. Might be sure it. You know us a lot of people attacks and in Sam's saying all crimes are hate crimes. You know I mean today and and I guess I. Sometimes you're so close to you know think about it than those terms but at that their right I mean yeah there there's always there's a Mal intent there you know. It strikes me. The other day and I don't know if ever for anyone else saw the video of the sixteen year old that was arrested in Jefferson Parish where he had his hands up in and once he got up on gas pump at a discount store. He pulls a gun out of his pocket and pop shot and actually strikes the officer and hip. And you know and in moves on. It's those types in action that that was kind of an ambush I mean yeah he was he he he sucker punch the officer into believing. That that he was and no longer gonna resist that he was gonna give up. The officer was approaching and AME Isa creeps himself on a gas pump pulls the gun you can see it on the video pinched in art cars at the officer. I'm I really believe that the attempt here is that this is not than war. Then in expression. The value system about the citizens of our country that they believe that the utility. The police. Is very important what he thinks. Opting the bad news for the people. In that country. Can't go out to hail in it. I get sixteen year or you'd see it. He should have been shot. In others there's basic protections that the fact is is that these offices. Are at risk and I agree which are opening statement. Whatever protection that we can view of the police officers we should give. Like Sam appreciate you probably had taken time out to air on Colorado's go to James battery usual let's say you James. James. Welcome to show. I do it here dude it's Friday. So yeah that make me you know if you're about that girl power on about protecting all of that that really meant to protect. More and then even in their personal lot in beauty though. You know I leave there are people you'd the police out there. And they were incident and that simply we're. Former people. And I would all be ready and now purple I've made a procedure or something and accurately totally wrong and it's been. Yeah Joseph and patriot are are acting out. Towards me just because we thought it didn't work on that beauty. No absolutely I mean I think the utility of what we do is so important to and ordered and structured society I just don't see where the ACLU any anti defamation league and others whereas there they they square this up by I don't know why can't be a win win for everybody. You know and when you begin to see some of the things that they say about it and you think about it then we did this earlier with our guest I mean you can kind of terror a lot of those observations down. Because are all kinds of laws and not on. In the US code. You know separate and apart from what they're talking about thanks so much for colony and James we appreciate you taking time out today to protect and serve active 2018. Introduced by senators Heidi hike camp a Democrat from North Dakota and senator Orrin hatch a Republican from Utah law. Aims to make it a federal crime to knowingly cause or attempt injury because of the actual or perceived status that the person is a law enforcement officer. One in which you think of this call is that line to Jane Slidell it's called project. Angel thanks particular call. Public comic and a general. Margaret herbal more than. Glad click OK chips in nature cook from well the article where I caught it and didn't. Yeah there are parked there and local high school music are out here that will bigger story. Three other local tracks like oh you can't sound into. Yeah it's it's Hillary and we will be. Taking it all wrong and good luck that's that we would like a month. First a ball. Well export these straight toward broad street there right now about breaking the law. There and I know that force structure people on the street that that's very difficult about redundant. Oh you know I imagine you're. That that happened here. Billy what the public but except that a lot of you know the general public expenditure or stress would deal in law enforcement. There and you know you're doing you know law enforcement should be protected in Opel. BUUK. Oh well we saw there would be toward anybody that draws ago and 400 law enforcement. Officials at their particular they think is there but haven't said that hurt us general public which makes it more often. I think that we cowering in some areas and it seems like it's it's still golf recently put a time policing for profit all ball. Don't think that that's part of the problem with the percent. They explain it to explain that tenor. Well because. It's like. You can you can. It's a police officer you can plug something or somebody cause that is exactly alike. It like we're as you can get that particular if you wore to generate revenue and others that orders barring like but it complex sometimes. The motivation of some of these police department what to do with protecting and sort of thing. And making sure that there's increase in revenues I'm like it's being bought perception. People. Well I think I I think that that that does in fact happen and I can tell you in our instance. Back in the eighties we used to get about thirteen or 141000 traffic tickets on month. And it's down to about 2000. So it it's it's on the net and our traffic division used to be three times the size and it is now. And at that which you've seen is a lot of a re direction and a re priority is nation of any number of things depending on. You know what's going on an act community if you have very very little crime and yet a lot of officers on patrol observation and not responding to calls. Like we do elected two and a city in New Orleans. You're gonna seal. In increase in traffic violations. No break tag. And stop that check points things of that nature yeah. But other than. Elect it's not just with. More force that would assist citizens injured or like you know you put people alive since the war there or whatever you know and everybody to an ax. Cordially and possibly caused the current work its people callers and become mean. And it's just like I can't wait till. Well he we have the option of computer current course doesn't think it'll save. A lot of lives something you'll put in a lot of accident. They'll put it this road rage. There and Stella you know impaired driving all the other. They weren't you weren't you agree that we have a pastor dies notion of respect nowadays. We I don't think people understand and respect I mean I think they're completely. Completely. Distorted the meaning of respect. Well respected is open it's a true history. Also. In. Well it's what are put their. It could be and still probably young age it was out. But you know of course and that's what I think and then you know sure it's. The development of a moral compass takes a long time it is our magic wall and and it's not easy. Baggage I appreciate you talking about whether or not. Attacking a police officer should be. Considered a hate crime and 80% of the respondents say yes senator Orrin hatch said that every day law enforcement officers across country put their lives on the line to protect us from whole war. We Earl indebted to them for their sacrifices in the and service to our communities which is why we must do all that we can to protect them they know the risk. But what no law enforcement officers signs up for is to be violently ambushed simply for being a police office. These heinous. Cowardly assault or an attack not just law enforcement. But on the rule law. The perturbed at Bert the protect and serve active 2018. Makes clear that no criminal will be able to escape justice when he singles and missiles those who put on the bench every day to keep us say. Attacks on somebody says do you really think criminals Kara product hate crime law. If you do yourself a mistake and I agree with the I don't think they care. Deterrence is the fear of apprehension. And detention. The problem what most of these criminals. They fear apprehension and detention too late. If you think about the sixteen year old the other day you know when he started fairness. When the cops pulled up. Too late should've thought about it appeared before. But why should that cop. Soft for the consequences. Of his India Chrissie. And pulling a gun and shooting.