Dishonest meter maids and parking tickets in New Orleans.

Tuesday, May 29th
Have you had problems with parking in New Orleans? Do you think some meter maids "lie" or "fudge" about the time left on meters to write tickets? Full 1 pm hr.

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No wait wait a minute wait a minute wait elderly. You know cut that cut cut cut the song just it just feels like a Monday it's it's already Tuesday which is now which is so good news. All right so I'm glad you're with us this afternoon I'm scared. It's gonna be another hot afternoon well we made it through the weekend without a visit from Alberto. Are there were some problems a few problems and in Florida around Panama City deliberately for the most part this entire area. Our breathed a sigh of relief over the weekend and not only do we not have Alberto but we didn't have the number thunderstorms that we were. Told we were expecting this weekend so it turned out to be a nice a nice weekend. We have a lot to talk about this afternoon ABC has just canceled. Roseanne. Are you Roseanne was the hero of fallout from supporters. And job a lot of fun conservatives. Because on she's got a strong supporter and that was obvious in the first episode of the reboot of Roseanne. The pros and apparently sent out some racist tweets and as a result of those tweets ABC has canceled. Roseanne. Now as soon as I heard this news I tried to find the tweets. But she's taken down. Again she's not so proud of why don't people think. Before they tweet. If she was proud of what she's tweeting she should've left tomorrow. And I applaud ABC for canceling her. For just putting a mopping and not saying oh well she took them down so we're gonna keep. No I mean you. Can't do that. Now I'd like to know what they are here if you have any clue as to what the pros and tweets where you can send via text or. Our caller show there is a petition. Going around this attempting to stop the release of a new video game. Called active shooter. Video video game is based on an active shooter. On a school campus. Players can play from the perspective of the swat team pursuing the active shooter or from the perspective of the active shooter on school campus. Do you think of video game like this. About an active shooter and a school campus could inspire school shootings. Or if he shows the point of view from the swat team as well and law enforcement. Could it serve to better prepare students and teachers to deal. With the shooter on campus. And if you don't blame violent video games. For school shootings and things like that. Do you think active shooter. Shooter should not be released. Will talk about that's a little bit later in the show also over the weekend I had a very inclusive weekend. Sometimes I go out into a lot of stuff but for at least the last two days. I was sequestered in my apartment I'd I didn't think my apartment building for for two days. And it was really nice and really relaxing and and and and part of that. Was watching the the CNN series. 1968. The year that changed America. And we'll talk about that in the next hour I hope you saw if you haven't seen it now. There were some reaction on my FaceBook page about how oh my god I'm not watching anything on CNN. CNN. May be biased. Just like MSNBC and Fox News. But CNN just an excellent specials. On the different decades the sixties the seventies. The 80s90s. And they're about to start the 2000. But this special art and also the Kennedys who did agree to a special and that. But this special on its a four part series 1968 the year that changed America. That was exactly fifty years ago. And much has changed. But I was absolutely haunted. I am sensing the parallels. Between 1968. And 2018. Did you see it. Do you find comfort in the fact that as a nation. We are here to talk about how we as a country survived. 1968. And if your gym next gen Y millennial or even younger for that matter. If you did not list through 1968. You'll hear some of the things that we'll talk about concerning 1968. And I think you'll be able to draw your own parallels with 1968. And today. And I wrote a blog about that it's on our website at W if you don't dot com also visit our FaceBook video on our FaceBook page WWL radio what else are shared it on the SOT eight. Scoop on the air FaceBook page as well. And you can get in those conversations and and maybe I'll have a chance to recent comments on the show that's conversations going on live on FaceBook right now during our show. Have you ever encountered a dishonest. Meter maid. I received a parking ticket. There was issued at 131 in the afternoon. The parking voucher on the dashboard of my car clearly ran 137. Meaning I had six minutes ago before I should've got a ticket. Knowing that I had time to spare heading back to my car I was shocked. To see that orange ticket envelope. On my car. But it can also indicated that I was parked in a freight loading zone which is not true. Congress clearly parked in a legal spot a Jason too but not in the freight loading zone. This is not about me. This is about a personal experience. That obviously. Others have experienced. And this comes up once in awhile and I wanna take this opportunity to expose this. This dishonesty. On the part of the city of New Orleans this is dis honesty. I live downtown for five years. And I'm very aware of the eagerness many meter maids seem to have when it comes to writing tickets. So I'm always very cautious about where I park. And this is the first time are received a ticket. The fight for my ticket thirty bucks. I should challenge to. I'm gonna challenge on line I don't know how that's gonna work but I don't have time to go because it it's telling me to go between noon and 4 PM. I City Hall. The show was on from one to four should I take a day off. We theoretically I should. But it would cost me more to take a day off to fight the tickets to depict. And that's what the city is banking on. They know. That chance SR. You're gonna pay the ticket rather than challenge it and that has got to be encouraging meter maids. To write tickets that are written dishonestly and unfairly. And assists on my ticket I'm looking at. That the meter maid was duly sworn. Upon oath. To post this and says that the city of New Orleans, Louisiana the vehicle described was in violation. Of the city code. Well in this case the meter maid broke a sworn oath that she took therefore illegally issuing. The ticket. Hasn't happened to you there needs to be a revolt from. Where do you live in the city are you live outside of the city their needs to be a revolt against this because this is a blatant. Blatant dishonesty. It's robbery. And and how did this is this is an unforgivable and end just a mistake that shouldn't happen. Because on the dashboard of my car. I'm gonna gonna put this on disagreement. During a break during a break of several put this morning mr. Graham and if you wanna join me minister Graham it's scoots. On the year SO TA scoop on the air. I'll take a picture they're supposed to on on mr. Graham. The voucher on my card that I got from the parking kiosks clearly says parking until 137. So how in the world could this this woman have written it ticket at 130 want. This is an injustice. And the city of new worlds has got to correct these things. Because this is total dishonest what and they expect us. To be honest citizens. Has just happened to you because this is not about me this is about me using this opportunity of what happened to me firsthand experience. To raise awareness to something that apparently is going on in the city. We poured in on our request to talk to the parking violation position haven't heard back from them yet I don't know that we will. But that's soccer to stop me from talking about it. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601. In seventy. Pre code 5042601870. Tech's number 877. Here's a Texas as a challenge the ticket scoot and be an inspiration to others. Eyes that are being ticketed drawn. I'm gonna try to challenge is first on line. I'm gonna see with that looks like and if not. I may actually take a day off I'm gonna I'll talk checked the data fiery hearing. I may actually take a day off to go down there. And I ditched. Because that meter maid broke the law and broke a sworn oath when she gave me a ticket has a meter may done that to you. And what do you think of the city of New Orleans when that happens. I'm scoops and we're coming right back and every of you well. Is it too much to ask. And our uniformed leader made us. Be honest. When they take the job. When they cash their paychecks. They're acting upon. A sworn oath. That they have taken every honest and I'm sitting right here with evidence that a meter maid was not honest and again this is not about me. This is about you this is about bringing awareness to a problem in New Orleans that should be stopped immediately there doesn't need to be a task force their doesn't need to be investigation nothing special needs to happen except that these can't. How does a meter maid. Get away with writing a ticket. At 131. When it says on my ticket that I have until 137 and I was not parked. In a freight loading zone. Now you can you can tell me on line. But this spring send up another interest in question. Should a meter maze word be greater and greater importance. And the word of me at the word of the service. And I think now. And that's a pretty much opinion poll gives sure opinion by going to our web site every if you don't dot com I'm James show on WWR good afternoon. Go right on good genes. It. So. I address you can keep it all go down. Yet to be out and announced it blocker canal. Pick it up for people for mobile Treo. I hated tactic here of well investigator come to me in action the united permit. I've yet to come to a time Japan you know just make sure we get out beaches and equipment permit to beat the people are very. So when I will bet it's appropriate. Equipment. I think we need to borrow cheaply. UK picker of people in front wheel chair right here or wish to. Credit to the far. A single file and that's easily the forefront of Arafat. Scioscia brought me a ticket in our. Brought people create a ticket to you receive. Article 162. Full or three bases safe and illegal operation noble vehicle or. And I are bad political goal you Ruddy deliberate. Whoa. 13 SO aren't being. I think it Monday night at their 40. People like we don't do it all put on awful operation like. Yeah. There and I don't understand their ticket. You know. James analysts out there and I I I hope you fighter and so I hope you win and I appreciate you sharing the story would this from New Orleans Mary welcome to our show. I. She returns. C. Right. Like. Or like art. Up. Ale. There. By. Now are now quite a ride they. You know the way not like. Out what happened. And light it up. Well I. Are out there. And let her. Is that it. And I'll buy it but. It. Well they have to get rid of the valley's very high I appreciate your your comments yeah I she should be at this hearing protector of the hearing date the administrative hearing date on my ticket. Is June the twelfth from noon until 4 PM here's a Texas says said don't take off do a show live from the courthouse just. That would be fun. Are you and to me this is just like this is black and white decision this is an issue of you know you're either illegally parked or you're not so unless this meter maid has visual. Evidence. A meat parking and afraid so. How why should her word beyond her over mine. First of all. She brought the ticket of 131 well again if I was parked in October sparked enough I'm afraid zone. Then even if I have to ticket voucher on the dashboard of my car he wouldn't matter I would be illegally parked. And I'm telling I was not park here so this is an indication to me that there are people we're getting tickets. Illegally from meter maids sworn to and post. Did they are not upholding and the city of New Orleans is not holding them accountable. For Metairie Bob welcome to the show. A signal that thing happened to me. But. One cheap date it's maybe. Call you know one and hopefully do our own book that's why split cheap battery but a world. You know what. The war department. And and what is it out there are they good at that and stick. It up but I am I would build these guys know they. You know I don't care if they escape the heat I don't care they escaped those are the rain. But right but it did not notice it means that they've got they've got to make up a Quebec first of all the fact that they have a quoting is. Is absurd because it puts pressure on them to write tickets for people who might not be doing anything wrong. Absolutely. It may not the receipt and everything all over the leader and up. Told them they don't do it but it's as if you can't beat it popped it it. But on the site something that Q and not a what independence should be a little bit but don't meet him. You know what I wish I should take it and you know that there should absolutely be a a penalty for that. I'm getting a message here from time NASA source our show and studio producer today and don't tell us what you put in the request sent to the city. For us to talk to somebody with a parking violations. And he says the city has no one available to talk with you today on such short notice they said. Within tied to cinema tech spec can you tell them whenever they wanna talk we will talk. OK so let's let's say you know I'll talk to them whenever they can talk. I don't delays too on them and but I'm sure they're already finding out how to battle. What I'm saying. But this is happening not just to make this is happening to other people as well. And that's why we're talking about on the show Saturday. Now let's not judge all meet amazed by the behavior song. But let's find these meter maids they're writing tickets unfairly and illegally to people to punish citizens and let's get him off the street. They don't deserve the pay their getting. Has just happened do you have do you have you gotten a ticket that she didn't really deserve. And did you fight it did anybody fighter on line and what happened. I'm scuba coming right back in order comments. I'm gonna have to check out their client no one. Our show our traffic report to you by. A white. I this song called liar by Three Dog Night I'm dedicating this to the meter maids. To terribly at a ticket to illegally. Her name is son. I don't need to mention that I'm I'm I'm I'm governing right here in economy. I'm gonna dress number. But I you know I don't. It would seem like I'm taking nor if I did that. And my administrative hearing date is June the twelfth from noon to four. So I'm gonna check out by challenging this on line have you have you challenged a parking ticket on line and how to Banco. Because honestly I would I would deal with. The financial setback. Of taking time off to go fight this ticket just on the principle. Here's another factor. That I should bring out. Because my car had been backed into. It were city attorney body shop. Getting to the front and fixed. So I was in a loaner car from Brett same same make same model as Michael. Different colored but same same car. And so there's a temporary tag it. Now. They might not even be able to Trace and if you think they they they could please. Let me know but they might not even be able to Trace me. But tactically they can find out who that car because I signed papers that I'm I'm I'm driving this car would just temporary tag on it they can ultimate neighborly 12 they could find me. But that's not the point. The point is that this person made a mistake that she should not have made and this should not be a one out and you know you're either in a no parking zone or you're. Parking beyond that the limit of the time it's on the district on your dashboard or you're not it's not all like I couldn't tell I didn't know no that's not the case. You either did or you didn't. And I didn't. And I got a ticket. And for most people the idea of fighting this ticket is more expensive than paint. So just a broke city of new world's. One rich try to balance their books wanna try to generate revenue on the backs of honest hard working citizens. That's not fair. Gale PR WWL. Kyle sure. Thank you. I like you lot. Went I. Crap in between. The timing. And how much time on. On the meter. And could mean the court mobile. What you want I. Glad there. Are getting a girl or. Care of her. They act. Create greater than he earned between what part mobile. Does. And turn it. And he heard it right. She wrapped up. So so argument that. He or. It. You can call and Barry. Protection. And in the Arctic. It Sarah. Oh. This doesn't that this city didn't really challenges they just stay excepted to try to do you were writing and there's a meter maid was wrong. Well I mean how hard at work or. All of you are right maybe. Soon. And did it now capped with a ticket and yeah they get on there either. Parent. OK so the senate obviously is admitting. That they have a problem how is this not how how how quiz this not criminal behavior on the part of our city. I. It clearly the problem. Think that if all goes. Well. In yup. Deal a couple of times yeah you know alma. Feel prepared to go. Deal object hot. They probably want you to come down because there's a better chance that you're gonna get another parking ticket just parking to go to challenge the ticket. So yeah I went not a not on the day of your administrative hearing you don't you just went down there and convict this of this an office set up to deal with the idiotic behavior of some meter race the illegal behavior of some leader mates. Gail. I'm glad to cult I'm sorry that happened to you but I'm bicycle. And that's why I'm doing this topic because I know it's not just me. It's everybody. How how how is just tolerate. Now I know mayor Cantrell has a lot on her plate. At our respective job she's doing after this point. But this is one of those minor little things that needs to be tackled it needs to be corrected immediately. No additional task force involved here there's no committee that needs to be set up no this is. This is a problem and could be erased immediately by simply asking the meter maids to do their job honestly. Is that too much to ask. Now living downtown and and and walking between my apartment building and the building the station is in every day. I see meter race out there it in the heat and in the brain I feel badly formed that's a tough job and when I. When I talk about the jobs that are really difficult on hot days like this afternoon it's a hot after note. I'm thinking about those meter race as well and people like that everywhere. But because they have a tough job doesn't excuse. Not exercising their job. Properly. And viciously ripoff. This is this is an attempt by the city of New Orleans to steal money from hard working citizens and visitors. And it's not fair. If you wanna join us your comments are numbers 2601. A seventy. Taxed 87070. Don't commie dating. Well I'm right. I'm not a madam. Obviously. Our numbers 2601817. Text faced 7870. I'm scoots Kaiser weather's we're coming back on Deborah bureau. Not since SARS there. So unfair free park legally and get parking tickets and that's what happened to me and I know I'm not the only one. Here's a Texas says Sami committees are supposed to take a photograph when they issue a ticket well OK let's see the photograph. If I'm wrong I'll admit it and pay the ticket by I don't think I'm wrong. And here's our party must opinion poll should a meter maids a word have greater importance than the word of the citizens. 91% saying now. 9% say yes. Because obviously we have a lot of proof that there's some of the meter maids that take this sworn oath. Don't live up to the else. Here's a Texas says paid you've got the money. Shifts. Well I mean honestly I I have the money to pay for just thirty dollar ticket so I'm I'm consider myself to be very blessed I do have the money to pay it. But no American or pay just because I have the money because that lets the person off that lets discontinued. Another Texas moved to the North Shore. Look a flip on the notion with the notion was a nice place to know I like living downtown why should I move. To get away from our dishonest mean to me it's the city should get pretty distant dishonest meter maze to keep people like me in the city. Because remember I'm spending money and paying taxes every day I'm not here's a tourist once in awhile. I'm here all time. And it's just insulting that the city would. Try to. Generate revenue on our backs. Jay welcome to the show. Hey do good region do meet you too. So about two years ago. It's you know I'm going now to frequent that blue. And spend that money to Cuba issues so I'm really do and so. All. Oak street. Armstrong poll but it was black out the week. So. I give. And record. He everyday and get back to. So. It was. I really couldn't remember. You know the book they don't go. And that would. I'm going to at the Kyle. So ideas in the cause them to calm down there. To do it now. Are there but but it did she deserved it that the the ticket did you deserving childish of tissue park illegally. 23. Crew there in iPhoto. What what we do it wouldn't come. Here but. Dictator. We're. Well. Had three people. And medical. And African American men in agent. Guy. And to me that there would hold the movement here. And beat the other two. Quick look. At these. Ideas from Obama. Bill that would because to. It wasn't clear. Clear out there you know took the most and you know it is. He can go straight quarter would go on in the middle there's two do you. Be. To help the mystery of what it was to. Twenty BO. Tea and I'm like I'm I'm going to call audio which we do have to be really cautious about where report did and and and look I'm not on the side of those who parked illegally. And get tickets. On number on the side of those who parked illegally in and get towed. And look sometimes it might be a judgment issue but man don't give them an excuse to write you a ticket make sure you're parked legally. Well here I I once. I certainly feel like a wise and I I just can't imagine that they would hand at any evidence that would contradict my story. And so. I'm not gonna pay this ticket. I'm gonna fight it because but but wait not just fight it. But there should be a consequence. If you screw up in your job if you do something dishonest. If you. Joseph give proper change back to a custom car. Shouldn't you be held accountable. Or she held accountable for the mistakes that you make in your job. And it seems like this is and an ongoing problem. And I remember this was at a huge problem back in on. The mid nineties. I mean I remember talking about disown here in the mid nineties. And I remember meter maids. Pounding on meters ever close to coming to an end expiring. So they would expire so they could write a ticket. And that was a big discussion on the show. I thought it had gotten better. And maybe it's gotten better but it's still a problem. I'm Stoops and we'll be right back going to be a bureau. I am meticulous. When apart downtown. And I usually park and at the garage near the station and and walk back in forest in my apartment and and the station but there are occasions when a parked on the street I'm gonna unload groceries or something like that I don't wanna walk to full distance from. The parking garage to to my apartment building. And this is one of those cases and the other day I got so many bout bumped into me a parallel parking and cracked the front of my car had to fix that. To the tune of thirteen hundred box thank you very much of the person to do that. And I know that happens here as well and then the other day I get a a parking tickets for an impose legally parked. And not only was I not in a freight loading zone. But the day the tickets from the kiosk the parking kiosk had won 37 point. When threesome in the afternoon the ticket machine issued at 131. So. This was clearly. Britain illegally. Failure endeavor WL. I. It's now. Been brought. Up by four. But the water in a while to. Get a lot right. JJ. It is pretty cheap chick that later but. But what became. A indicate it's a matter that. It's. You keep him and how. It. Believe. Me up she said she did you but it had to get a how quick bite the bullet you give that. She told. I'd get it in front right. Eight. At the bit. You get to check that. At mission. And network. And get it out at. Eight. It. Or it. Taylor glad you called Soria had their stories are there's a Mario's stories out there were continuing to us we're just less than a minute away now from you hearing a code word. If you listen to the show when you hear this code word which I'm about to get out. And you text that to seven to 81 you're eligible to win a thousand dollars and our national enter contest contest. So they're Covert is coming out. In the next hour I'm gonna introduce on to the top or we can continue this discussion but I want to introduce this special and I saw a special series over the weekend. A 1968. The year that changed America. Present CNN. And there's so many parallels between 1968 and 2018 that I've wanted to talk about it and maybe Saudi you can. Be part of that conversation and if you are too young to remember 1968. On stable this because you can hear some. Some what I would consider to be haunting parallels. Between 1968. And 201850. Years later. All right so we'll continue talking about. Some of the meter maids and obviously right illegal tickets and also we'll talk about the parallels between 68 in 2018.