Did you ever have to explain something on TV to your kids?

Thursday, September 21st

Are there things that your kids see on TV or in real life that you can’t explain to them?  Parents often say, “Well, how am I supposed to explain that to my child?”  If kids ask questions – should parents have answers?  If a child asks a question about a transgender person or a same-sex couple – how would you answer their question?  Was there anything you couldn’t explain to your kids?  Did you ever have a question your parents didn’t answer?


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Are you prepared to answer questions your kids ask yeah sometimes it comes up on their show. That adults present. The fact that their child might see something on television or in public. Because they don't wanna have to ask. They don't have to answer questions they asked for to get to that here in just a moment. Paul man referred to who was so Benazir trump campaign for awhile. According to new information. Asked for private briefings with Russian officials this does not mean the president trump was involved. It means it Paul manna for voices in fall and judge judge show Andrew Nepal a tunnel there was a Fox News or contributor. He says that this is really really bad news sport for president trough. Also. We talk about fake news that some people still do don't don't believe that there was any fake news. Well there once. And now there's new information out that a Twitter account. He was made to look like an account of troop supporters. The Twitter account boys Tea Party news. It was a fake account owned by the Russians. As Sebastien corkum who ended up in the trump administration. Was one of the followers. Russians had fifty different accounts with 600000 people reached. Now I'm not sure. The impact of the fake news. Change the outcome of the election. But I am sure the Russians planted fake news and they did it with stuff like the Tea Party news. So this next election is going to be very very interesting also health care has been a big issue because you know the Republicans now. On behalf did some last minute effort to try to repeal obamacare. And do voters are Republican voters are are are saying that they want this to finally be done because there's been promised for so long here's part of what the president had to say about health care. Hello and my mom always go and you folks down my desk and it really made. It has to be honest. And it has yeah. Anyway I think a lot of it is. And best buy back. And don't last night term political pundit Stephen Colbert your hand this to say. This week in Washington DC. The thinkable happened. Republicans are trying to repeal and replace Obama kept again. This is beyond beating a dead horse. This is getting damn close to beastie reality okay. Horse has a safe word. Pumpkin patch is what I recommend. And last night Jimmy Kimmel it was very critical of fun senator bill Cassidy who were gonna have on the show tomorrow afternoon right after leaders of time 1 o'clock to talk to him about. I'm here is a deal with some senator Graham to replace him and repeal obamacare. On last night on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live iron Jimmy Kimmel. On had this to say amounts Cassidy there's a new Jimmie until testing is called a light detector test. So Jimmy Kimmel very upset that I'm bill Cassidy told him that there would be this guarantee. That somebody like his son with a preexisting condition would be covered. And right now I Jimmy Kimmel believes that that is a lie that he was like to. Passion that a politician not telling the truth anyway on senator a cas evil have a chance talk about that on our show. Tomorrow afternoon between one and 130. When we were talking the other day about the controversy of area of a nine year old transgender character on the reboot of Roseanne. A caller said that putting this character on television is wrong. Because he didn't know how he would explain that the character to his child. In discussions about LG BT rights. I've often had callers expressed concerns. About how they would actually explain to their children. The site. Are seeing two men or two women walking hand in hand. On the street. Should society band things that might cause children to ask questions. Or should parents be prepared to answer their kids' questions. I think the first mistake that a lot of adults make is to assume that children see the world the way they do. The children don't see the world through your rights they don't have that same perspective. There are a lot of things that children might not even notice if adults didn't bring it to their attention because they're so concerned that they might see something they're not supposed to see. It's done. It should not be assumed that children recognize that you want to have everything in life for example. Is possible that if a child sought to men or two women walking hand in hand down the street. The child wouldn't even think that that was something to question. But if a parent with a child came across that. And is the parent made a big deal about I don't don't look at that don't go okay locally. If they tried to hide that from the child. Open that would arouse the child's curiosity. So in the reboot of Roseanne and writers have created her grandchild mark to be gender fluid showing signs of both being male and female. Now without knowing anything about Scripps. It is possible that this gender fluid character. Is gonna be so subtle the traits are gonna be so subtle that it's not kind of really inspire. Any questions if adults don't make a big deal about it. But even if the traits are more overt. Shouldn't parents be prepared to answer. Their children's questions. You know Roseanne was always a rather crude sitcom it today. And there was a lot of controversy about pros and because of the way they talk to their kids and because it was too blue collar in the minds of of many people. But in the context of society today the idea of a nine year old transgender grandchild I don't take is that too. Is that outrageous. Now everybody's McEnroe I agree with me. And many are gonna not even bother watching the new Roseanne because they didn't like the tone of the writing the first. So that's OK but just the presence of a gender fluid child concern you. The first thing to remember is when explaining things to children. You don't have to give them all the graphic details. If a child did ask a question about transgender character on television or in real life. Couldn't the simple answer being. Not every child is like you. It might end right there with no further questions. But if a question did follow. Then. Words could be used to further explained that not every child dislike for example. Kids like to play with different sorts. Not every child likes the same torts. Couldn't that be used as a way of explaining that they everybody's different. Everybody doesn't like the same things. And that may satisfy the child. Parents at present LG BT rights because it might cause them to have to answer a child's questions. Seems to be a way of of of shedding. Their responsibility as parents. If a child asks a question about two men or two women walking hand in hand are showing signs of affection to the point where the child asks a question. Would you know how to answer that. You can also use the analogy of again the tour not every kid likes the same tour. Not every kid likes every as a kid. But it also might be as simple as. And so I'm saying that. OK so. These are two people and they like each other and the child may not ask questions beyond that point. Prepare some parents are so fearful of what their kids might see the reality is you you can't hide your children from reality I mean they're gonna see stuff. As much as you try to protect him and as much as we want our kids to be. Young and innocent as long as possible and that's a no noble thing to try to do. But there is the reality of the world. And I remember as a kid my parents brought us downtown by brother and sisters we saw gays. We saw drag queens when we were kids we saw all that stuff. We never thought anything off it. Why your parents so freaking out when kids see that today and is that this causing more curiosity than it should. Do you know how to answer your kids' questions how would you explain a transgender character on television to a child. How would you explain. The site of the same sex couple. To a child. 2601870. Every coach 5042601870. Text say 7870. Times coach we're coming back. I am just amazed that I hear so many adults say I how am I gonna explain this to my child's. You eat can't find the worst to explain things to your kids. I mean doesn't mean there's some things are difficult to explain. But let's say for example on me you are a political conservative. And your kid is old enough to understand the basics of politics. And they see or hear something from a very liberal Canada it. Both are you find words to explain that to them. Here's a Texas says sun today there's a good chance are your small child may be going to school with a child with same sex parents. Ending prejudice to the situation. Could cause problems for your child and that child. Here's another text I'll listen to your show with my eight year old. And I believe it allows us to have a more comfortable relationship talking about different topics he knows the world as more. NEC's. From Metairie failure under the WL. I ought to be your congress yesterday. And Roman in the day. It's been great yeah I don't ever call anybody course B control tools and peanuts. About peppermint and yeah. And so what we got everything what I remember. What we clap the ire of the day to enter. New troll behavior or at least the point out that I think the problem is that won't restart button labels on everything. I think we we lose what we should be considered it or Indy or they should be about you one character. A book. In color up and how this year. You know what their sexual orientation is nobody else we should just be certain people Arctic air and that we hear her. More. Or. More important and obviously we put labels. And Albie been so now we talk about special weight in a crime you can climate but why you. Grounder got it anyway regardless whether racially motivated or not. But we start in Nate on everything. Is all mine is. Is the character on the Brazilian judo. Expresses showed good character. Care less what their orientation and more. They can be or world model back here at the migrant children based on the character. The troops here to what to. If violence. That is are and aren't. That is a really really strong point. You know it looked as if you're religious if you're Christian Muslim or any religion that does not condone the behavior of tossing six individuals. That's understandable. But how do you explain if you see a heterosexual couple. That is into heavy petting and making out in public how do you explain that to your kids. Mean there are worse that parents can use to explain things to to their children. Mean is it okay to simply say that's not acceptable in public. If it happens on television you can explain that your religious police are different from the religious police of of that person. But so often when you. If you're adults this is what I mean when I say children don't see the world the way you see the world and I think too many adults assume that kids do that. They don't have your experience your your perspective. So if you see a gay couple. To mail or two females. You might not be able to help just at least briefly thinking about. The extension of their relationship. What their relationship is like in private what those two people are doing sometimes we do that with with with couples that we see. And we sometimes we see a couple of but I can't imagine those two people together I can't imagine those two people together or. Man I can see those two people together so we don't we we do that. But children don't seem that way you don't have to go into details about homosexuality. If your kids ask a question about two men or two women on the street. From Metairie QD RW WL. I'm a mother and two children about college Y means a great. And you know we've got to be where many times stern and a day and that happens city. You know gay pride week here Rico whatever. You know there is now. And you know gallon my kids a little brief five. You know my mom why am aware the impact it has. One Cabrera is happy that way. And you know and you don't get into the oh yeah. What goes on high or exactly and an ad age appropriate bet for our you know com Omaha. And now like what we're. It there until they're older but you know at their. Find something on TV you're out if you don't why change the channel. It either in the Mercury home down a lot my kids that mark Edberg or are they realized I was filtered everything pretty CR box. And I believe that chant. Until that Obama and understand about that was an ox cart and I entered her yet you're the parent have to spill there. Mosaics and that's that's exactly right Judy I appreciate the Communists that's that's really a good part mean. I I know I have a friend my age and she would letter keys watch MTV until it over a certain age because so Steve. Androgynous. Sexuality of any of of the videos. So how would you explain a transgender child on television or same sex couple on TV were in real life your child. If you are posting with a certain numbers 2601 a seventy tech C 7870. For coming right back. By luck. You listen to the radio in your case in the car. You hear this song whether whether girls it's raining man. How they hell you can explain that to him. Well signing on you've seen. A look at this song had an impact on me what I first heard it is on the video and I was adult with a time. Here's what they don't attorney general opinion poll are you or were you prepared to answer any questions from your kids 85%. Responding to say yes. 15% say no give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com here's a text that says so. They are teaching them in school and it's normal. There what's normal. Being gay or transgender on mean it's normal to them. You know I remember. I was part of a generation that looked. It looked down upon people that had done pronounced effects. We were not as excepting me I was personally. But as a society we were not as excepting. A handicap people people with first effects at Dan as we are now. Because that's normal to them and I know that there will be those who say there's a big difference between this and that. Well what is normal to you was not normal to somebody else. There are things that. Rural people who live in rural areas there are habits and things that people in rural areas have been due. Data is normal to them it is not normal to. People who live in the city. And and vice Versa. So. The main thing to remember is that you know you EU kids only need the information that they need and they don't need all the details. And so you know I never thought about. Drag queen serve or toward gay couples when I saw them when I was really John in the French Quarter with my parents I didn't. Think about anything other than all now guess are different. Here's a Texas says and scoot I think parents need to remember the kiss method keep it simple stupid. Yeah I mean that's. That's part of the the issue but what bothers me is is is is in the number of parents. Who say things like how by going to explain this to my child. That's suggested parents are helpless. You're not helpless. Your parent you have the power to answer. Their questions I remember once. By are we so are relocating back in back Coleman in indoor was from another city. And the radio station at the time. You're usually radio stations will give you that the pay for a furnished apartment for Italy for a month while you fight a department. So there was apartment French Quarter. And my son was with me and this was on that did the apartment was on sane man. And we were getting close to the corner vermin Hussein. And this way is this is back in that visited the nineties the grand jury and there were two guys. That were not wearing shirts. They had plaid kilts on and doc Martins. And my son asked the question about it. And I said OK we you know how you and Billy are close. Both those guys are closer. And that really seem to. And Beverly seemed to have. Satisfy him at the time if you wanna join us with a comment I mean it isn't there a way to explain these things accuse without going into detail you know that did the same thing about sex. The longer you wait to have the conversation. About sex with your kids the more details you have to give them. I'm not telling you when to talk to them about sex that's up to US parent. But if you tell them. Before they start to ask questions or to understand. The arousal aspect offered all the erotic part of of sex it's easier to explain the mechanics of it. And so then when they start to understand or sense or feel on their own because of hormones they start to sense this. This. Erotic aspect of of sex all you've already told them about the mechanics. And did two it's it's not as difficult. To explain to him that. Here is a Texas says so peppermint patty has gender issues. We may have thought calls are tomboy but really wonder if a Phyllis is a caller we had earlier. Our professors that today all little girls who enjoy competitive sports and gender issues. I don't think I understand that point but I don't think that was the other the callers point. Look c'mon. Watching go homer pile US MCI. Mean come. Who didn't have questions about it. Couldn't have questions about Alice. The domestic. Live in help with the with the Brady's. I mean we we had questions about two people. And it really wasn't a big deal so there have been. They've arrested some people who have not specifically defined their sex on television for a long time Wonder Woman. Xena. To whenever warrior. She was I mean that was served to purchase princess warrior. Odd Xena though those were quick characters that a lot of people related to as being. Bisexual or may be gender neutral or or or whatever I I just don't. I don't understand why parents are so quick and and maybe it's not you. But why parents are so quick to say. And you know. I heard on answer this. Their wish answer questions for example what if your kid is in the car with you and this song comes on the radio. A meat listen to the lyrics and and how would you explain this to your kid. Young men. Have fun at staying at the YMCA. Mom dad what does that mean. Enemies like the sweat. That means they like to work out. Here's a text scoot to Alice had a boyfriend Sam the butcher. Come on. That was just for show I'm scoot we'll be back at WWL. They ought to give be honest Rick here your your kids and I hope your parents are honest with you. Yeah I remember I've I've told this ought on the air before. I remember at adding a punch train beach which for those of you who I have moved here more recently was an amusement park on clicked onto train at the end of allegiance fields. I remember asking my dad. Why they were two separate bathrooms into separate water fountains. One was marked colored the other was Mark White only. And I honestly don't remember what my dad. Sent. But I remember thinking that that doesn't make sense. Maybe he said it doesn't make sense but whenever he said. I was not convinced that it it made sense. So in a way it's gonna figure out things for themselves got a text here you know when you were you when you Lori about TV characters on television how did you explain Klinger. On mash. Your kids. From New Orleans and arguing every WL. Ignorant and room. They armed. You know there's mild pain and non ordinary use when you go to transit the standard and and it gave topic. There user's account options. You know you know people don't don't respect your opinion but. Arm under the biffle which order goes use of my agent my kid. They're logo sixteen. Are you loving entity. And Wendy's C. You know Melvin mail in vote him out together the first thing they kill me you know Betty Kaye very idea that there's not right. In the realize they know is because. We you know what Christian man of we have bibles that it church and there are two things against this. In the Bible that we would be descriptive like I say it. You know nobody is day. Bureaucracy is so big people could knickers and also you know okay. And there's thing. But my thing as a monkey see it by the teachings of the Bible they automatically its own. Merit one would want commitment right. Because it's something that that I had already billed amount. On a personal level you can do we wanna do that. Well but what in my house soul. You know it's it's an abomination after the bye. Well and and Bernard I have a challenge that mean I haven't challenge and in this this conversation I've not challenged on the do the right to religious people have to. To teach their kids they're religious views yeah. There are you going. And it's. You know. Close them in the does that stuff like that on you know keep them because according. That taught them but as well you know as for the Moscow and much is a break in the real one bring them. You know it is is now right to free these follow creative got lucky as you know. I'll career in any way when it's something all of them making them that would clear it would but he create that thing to operate. As it is. The big secret that they created to be won its role they don't want the prediction that the they don't want to do something else they want to do exactly would be created to do put out the word that there. Well I mean. I'm I do understand that but do you know enough. Art it created one as the BC EO. I really do but these Cuban would be the Mayo you know people say look this field is look sometimes you know. Something about there was certainly no medical problem for mount I'm also are. Michael did a couple of. Did you do your kids ask questions about you. And on the ago really not that ago. But it'll one of the city forward made within that one. You know Guerrero you know. Dudley the by explained and thank you so much would start receiving them often and the outlook can be done. Before I I look I I guess to have regardless I I've I appreciate the college I do have to do is is this freight gets in on a try to answer on some of that when we come right back on Georgia bureau. You know I wish we had more time because we still have a lot to discuss you don't need an excuse to go to voters start to a Thursday is a sports talk live from polluters. On veterans in Metairie. And you can meet up with the Deke Bellavia and the assay saga coach's show and on the State's players show has a special guest linebacker Alex oak the first of that is at hooters. And if you went there with your kids and they said well you know mom dad more of those girls wearing shorts that are too short form I don't know you're gonna have never have to. Have to have an answer for that sold for last call or you know you could teach your children about the Bible I hope you teach acceptance and equality. You know Christians. On my running too hard Jewish people. They believe different things but there's no reason to not accept a Jewish people for what they wanna believe and this idea that we all have to believe the same thing is. Observed what I think Dianne Newman our program director Russia producer amber O'Leary and our studio producer John wick alright we're back tomorrow with free for all Friday. What you New Orleans.