Did Mayor Landrieu put national aspirations ahead of the city?

Thursday, March 8th

The mayor's plan for the former Confederate monument sites is no plan at all, it just shows that Mayor Landrieu did this all for his own national political gain and not for the people of the city. Are you surprised?


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Man how about the pelicans ten in a row they won last night in Sacramento that had to be a fun flight on it's a long flight from Sacramento it's a New Orleans. And you know the team playing don't stop anywhere such a nice direct flight return that would have been a fun flight to or to be on. I'm a pelican so are back home Friday nights and over the weekend and and this is some really good it's a great great moment for the pelicans so our view or get out and enjoy event. So you've heard about the possibility of some rain on Saturday we'll know more about that on our show tomorrow as we head into the weekend but isn't this really nice weather to have. You know we had such heat such record heat in February that now we're getting what we should have gotten in in February but I'm glad your with us this afternoon. It was with a heavy heart. And our wrote an open letter to me Michelin from Jon garrido for you in just a moment. How we were scheduled this afternoon too much talk about family values and I don't know if we're gonna get to this this afternoon. Yesterday in the show are a caller said that America needs to get back to family values. And she said I'm afraid we'll never do that. That may be once again think about. What our family values. What is happening. How do you define it. Timmy values has been associated whereas conservative ideology. Can liberals have Femi tell used to. Can a single parent household pets and the values again I'm not sure we're gonna get to this today. But we'll get to that maybe tomorrow or sometime soon because I think it is important. When Winfrey just get just thrown around like family values are you know moral values what went there people folders turns around and I think it's important for us to define. What they actually. What they actually meet. As I said he was with a heavy heart that I wrote an open letter to the slang term. It's are even posted on our web site to be a fuel dot com. There's a video. On our FaceBook page she could delegation that conversation. Deborah have you realm radio sooner will be in the SRT eight scrutiny here. A FaceBook page. I don't know how this will serve me. But I had to be honest. And I'm not sure. It will be in my best interest. To be dishonest. But when I think about my career. And how I try to handle things even if things that you and I disagree on. I'm always honest for my opinions. And for those of you still think and I got an email about this earlier today. For those of you who still think. The station tells us what to say. I'm ready to entertaining those thoughts because. It's so ludicrous. There's not a big meeting and we're not told what to say. One of the things that I loved about working here at intercom and WWL. Is that we are free to express our opinions. So again I you know. I live in New Orleans I'm proud to be a citizen here. But here's letter I wrote. To Michelin drew. Dear Mitch. The announcement of your plans for the remove confederate air monuments. Was a great disappointment to me because it confirms my worst fears. As you used the removal of the monuments. And in the process. The citizens of New Orleans. Two adventure national political profile. The final chapter you have written for your legacy. Has inspired me to lament about our past. Many times over the years I defended your actions in the face of harsh condemnation from the audience. Regardless of how overwhelming to criticism our view had become I remained steadfast and defended you based on my perception of your intent. Pitch you'll never know how many times I protected you from salacious rumors. About your marriage and your personal sex life. That the listeners wanted me to address on the air. I refused. Because I could not verify that there for true. In the interest of fairness not ratings. Are always gave you the benefit of the doubt. Even after April disappointed. In your apparent motivation tomorrow and so. I remember the times that should we were born into each other backstage concerts. New Year's Eve during an article. And I was always proud to take a picture with you and shared on social media. I think Beckham a time I walk with you were during out shot the violence marched downtown. I gave up time on my Saturday with no expectations of any publicity to show my support for your fight against crime in this city. Those times. Torture an element. Like Q. I have a job to do. As a radio talk show host I hold the interest of New Orleans in a sacred place. My job is to be honest on behalf of the people of New Orleans. Regardless of any sense of bond that I have felt toward you as mayor nor much. I know you listen to my show because she told me countless times about the things I has said and exchanges I had with listeners. And you realize that in many ways you an idea with the same threat of criticism. Mitch I didn't change. You do it. I even supported issue on the spirit behind moving the monuments. And when against the grain of many of my listeners in support of your decision. I clearly understood both sides. But the moment everything changed was the moment after the final monument had been removed. And evidence surfaced. That at least one of the statues had a place in a storage yard with other obsolete items. That changed my opinion of your real motives. Because it went against your verbal commitment. To care for and place to remove monuments in an appropriate place. Your actions revealed that you really didn't care about anything other. And not only removing a monuments but the only thing you care about was your national political image. A century became obvious to me. If you had used the citizens of New Orleans for your personal game. A video about my a Tiffany. On your true motives went viral. And even attracted to your attention. Your office reach me at home one night. To ask why I was so harsh. And following my explanation admitted that the way the monuments were handled after the removal was inappropriate. And bush regret it. Mitch your actions hurt me has a strong supporter of junior administration. But most hurtful was the realization that you were a political player. More of a political player. In the mayor of our city. And you're newly announced plans. For the monuments only reinforces. Your true motive advancing to the national spotlight. There's nothing wrong with national political aspirations. In fact it's admirable. British wrong to be insincere. About your real plants. And your profile. For the record. Your newly announced plans for the monument are not plans at all. The plans you bully announced. Are not plans. But only a cop out. And a way to take credit only for the removal of the monuments while throwing the tougher consequences of what to do with him to the new mayor in the new administration. Not only is that an act of cowardice. But merely confirms the worst fears that your intent with the monuments was not as honest issue portrayed in the media. As for the absurd notion. That the process of removing the monuments took much longer and was harder than ever anticipated. You urged the City Council in 2015 to work on the removal of the monuments. And two years later the final statue was removed from we circled. There was plenty of time to anticipate the impending controversy. As a radio talk show host I immediately recognized the controversy. It is difficult. To police that as mayor of this city you were caught by surprise. By the controversy. I will continue to protect you from vicious rumors. But I am disappointed and I'm not alone. Your role before during and after the revelations about the sewage or more report further confirmed. If you are more acting like a mayor. They're acting as a mayor. If your goal is national politics. At a time when voters are looking for sincerity. Over BS. How do you think you're behind the headlines motives will play out on a national stage. Are you so convinced. That you only get credit for the headlines are removing the monuments. And by the way Mitch. If you were really interested in following through in your words. How easy would have been to follow through. Placing an American flag. On the pedestal. Jefferson Davis occupied. There's a flight there. How easy would that have dipped. That I cited I remain screwed WB early MFN to behavioral dot com in New Orleans. If you would like to join us for the comment this afternoon we're gonna open the lines are numbers 26 so when a seventy. Every coach 504260187. In tech's number 8775. Scoot. And we'll be right back with your comments on WL. There are so many songs that relate to politicians today in this was so one of them Three Dog Night from a few years back the song is called liar. I'm screwed I'm major with a surrogate to your calls and text here just a moment I am I'm just getting flooded with our Tex right now. Here is not an update on our party must opinion poll. Do you think the main here remove the confederate monuments. With the people of New Orleans in mind or with the national political aspirations in March. 100%. Saying national political aspirations and mine. 0% say people who wants in mind. You can regular shirt and I'm sure there was change as time goes on give your opinion by going to our web site or via Google's I can't. Here is a Texas says Sama I loved that tell you set a mouthful Mitch it was just a fake and other text says. Screwed I know you're not used to just I agree 100%. He really should be ashamed of himself put a fraud. And this text says screwed you are a piece of blank for that letter how dare you strike out on the mayor you like her. If you wonder what send me a Texas say 787 Muster your calls sectarian your endeavor W or good afternoon. It. You. Caught yet it won't plant there. And I want to thank you upbringing and day. Hadn't won a unity. Who he is. It. Airing right Micky you. Really stink you're in fine. People support you being here why aren't you in. Turn. I I appreciate the color in my action you know I love to hear from FTC's. First time callers and I started to call people that back on hours and a WL back in the the early nineties FTC's first time callers if you've never calls a radio talk show before we hope this is the first when you call. And it's real simple. I mean it is just like you and I having a conversation. As so often are I've run into people they say your house listened to the addicting I wanted to call but. You know one. You don't have to call which is Colin if you have an opinion. Because I guarantee that whatever European Union's where do you agree or disagree with me there are others. Whose opinion you are reflect. Our numbers 2601878. Tech's 87870. And rich welcome to WW well. Good. But come on. Committed app has become all end on a lot of people have that. Else wanna say that own. Debt. Began what was yet I think it was bull crap at Boca I think you know you know agenda was. I'm glad you it would you know what you saw increases to match those. On the bill and I want all of it. Simple as we go wrong. The addition of the people forget. Articles. Because for a possible the blog. Page to. It would bring a bit. The Alter of political. What I've got committed by haven't got in a course that come forth and need only. Read our I appreciate the call I mean I hear it it shouldn't take a lot of courage to be honest. It shouldn't take a lot of courage for for those of us in the media to be. Really really honest. And I had a great relationship for the mayor and got a few checks that tell me they've lost respect for me because they thought I pander to the mayor. I never thought I pandered to mayoral Andrew. But I respected the job that he was doing I didn't disagree with everything and and for those who want to blame the mayor for climate should the current crime is not that taught solely the mayor's fault. So they were times I defended the mayor but everything changed. When he absolutely lied and showed his real agenda for removing the monuments and it was further confirmed yesterday with his quote unquote plans. To do nothing. I mean I guess technically you can say that's a planned. But a subtle plan. He announced his plans for the monument he's planning to just turn it over to the potential administration. Which means that when Andrew is is driven by this one fall. And Betty is I want the national credit for removing the monuments I don't wanna be tied to the controversy of what happens to them afterwards. And that it's a cop out. Kevin your under the WL. Great group could. Other sort of Martin as a secure area that relic of people so that might have been produced a few blocks away true evil. I don't care about their earmark. Well you're not only daughter and I appreciate to attack comment. We talked about this and I wanna re. Rehash every aspect of the mountain. Of the debate because we've had a debate. And the monuments are down and so that we deal with life as we as we have a today the monuments coming down didn't change anybody. It's a monuments would've stayed up that would have changed any about. But I understood the motive behind taking them down what I didn't understand. Why is what appears now to be the obvious. Self. Righteous motive. Of getting national attention and dammit you can't use the people little lecture for that purpose. That's not right. And this is the definition of the media. This is the role of the media. To be honest. About what politicians do to be honest on behalf of the people. Of the city. Like New Orleans and look what what nick nick went to dice it this is no different than what goes on to Washington. It's all the same disease. And I don't know what is gonna take for us. To come to the realization that we are the football's. And a very people admission land through. Wanted votes from. I think he turned his back on those people. If you're no stay with us our numbers 2:6 so morning seventy tacks it's every seven and I'm skirts are coming back. Why is that so hard. You know whether you're a talk show host or a politician Weis it's so damn hard to tell the truth. I'm student literacy if you just tuning in Ireland I wrote an open letter to Graham slam through and I'm going digital video on it. The videos on our FaceBook page every of your radio the op Ed blog is also posted on our FaceBook page and it's also what are recited every cerebral Telecom. And I will re greeted to after the news had a turn at 2 o'clock and again I don't know how this is gonna play out from me. I don't know if it's gonna benefit me being this honest about. The top politician in our city. And I live in the city that I am part of the city I considered the city to be part of me I live here. And I don't know if it's in my best interest to do this other than what is in my best interest for me. Is to be honest. And this is something that people around the country can relate to me I I hope everybody in every city across America. Storch who look for these clues. That a politician is not really a politician. At what they really care about is their own self interest. And in some ways I think that the perception is New Orleans was too stupid to see when I was still. But this is something that debt parallels what goes on everywhere. In DC and across the country. And you know me I mean I'd rather be talking about pop culture. And we're giving trop a break today by not talking about some of the stuff going on with that trough or dip. The appoint shorn all of that stuff but there's a lot to talk about where we'll get to that another day and I just I really. I'd sworn to focus on this moment because again this this just a moment that we should come to a realization. About how politicians. Act how many of them act. If you would join us with your comment our numbers 2601872. 77 and this is the great thing about talk radio. I'm not the news I don't have to be objective. I can be honest about my opinions. From uptown Jerry you're Debbie WL. First. This and please go all on a bit this. Sometimes don't agree this as a time where I really. Felt and spark write this letter. Has reduced call thank it'd. The common. Or we're weak June. One it doesn't trot about any politician lie because the bottom he has. We as Americans citizens are all parts ball ball and that is to politicians. Lie and to what they want. Usually hear the vote now all been told you can always jail when politicians. When I opened my. Real quickly so it very ears go you know work or call eight. And a decision at manager there and have a clue about this that as a lot of one position. I was chosen elected. Even have a clue about it well got a lot of citizens even threats to me and unite. Called. Dolan. All the way down taken. Cities in Gaza reduced or several. Take it. It is all about to do our car and into today and I'm the production mobbed him right agreed to. And Internet they've which would. Several months later. They told me with a BP in the amount of money you all you know with the injuries and well he's human. Poem that. So not me. That I don't want this position. Gave it to me because. All patients. But I promised minorities in you know it will raise. In the day in combat outpost through the mob war. They got their party's language. Politicians wanna tell us what we wanna hear but I don't want followed through because of what you say. They want to further. Their career. And they will pay more attention to donors then to the people table do and we saw this with the wind driven us ration as well when he came to center grand had a the sewage water board it's like competent people were placed in positions. Sometimes I'm just because it's a payback it's a political payback for for supporting their career. And we need and we need every country. Or. There's vastly politician's raw. I always say from the White House to church that there's ever we need honesty transparency. People step up to play him that war. This has been there and we need. Going to Nigeria that it has to start with us it has to start with the voters I appreciate the call it has to start with you and me this is where the revolution pass to take place. And we cannot. We we can't. Let them. Treat us like we're stupid. No weak we can't back down. You got a comment 260187. Am assuming our whole it was a talk about Bobby Jindal doing the same thing to the state. That caller right to 60187 he text pay 7870 I'm still we'll be back on WL. Honey when are we going to come together. And stand united against the politicians. They divide us. And they use the media to divide us. And then we get treated this way. Here's a Texas says although I wanna the monuments to come down I also think his intention was national political aspirations. So to be cowardly dishonest about the aftermath of the monuments is simply not right I stand with you. Another checks as scoot thank you for those of us who have the same insight but have no horse. Here's another checks to I support your position Amish land through slap the face of the people for personal gain from the West Bank John you're under a bit of you well. Bobby Jindal. A aspiration to get within Washington and the breeze certainly it's a dollar. And eating it. And send. Them that don't get paid. A that they contributed to his campaign. I don't know I think I think if you're foolish enough to route to donate the money and this is pretty much. Payers to use. When I bring to your butcher John you're actually right appreciate the call. Bobby Jindal we talked about this on the show Bobby Jindal used his position for personal gain. He wasn't governor are state. He was a presidential candidate when he was still go to our state but he would it would there were so many cases where Jindal is like he didn't care about the state. Only cared about was being in that position and in the portico look Erica. I don't know who was telling him he couldn't the next president of the next president. Somebody misled him. From Metairie junior on WQ well. I. Just it was an. Secrecy. Because all of it danger. Remember do you remember. The last one main line. To put out word going to be idea that. Everybody knew. Where. And it. People what it all week and what do. I guess he didn't get the publicity you water for. So it out bewildered Atlanta. Well that was our case in my opinion are grandstanding Jim I think to say it is a legitimate point to bring out. I mean sit all callable and all of these things and appreciate the call all of these things to together. You know and then land to I think it was yesterday. He said something that I find totally absurd. He said the process of removing the monuments took much longer and was harder than ever anticipated. Are you kidding me. I'm a talk show host I figured out how controversy would be your mayor of this city and the controversy surprised you. And the reason that he sang it took much longer and harder than ever anticipated is because this is his excuse. For turning the destiny of the statues over to the Cantrell administration. And the mayor urged the City Council in 2015. To work on removing the monuments to years later. The final statue was removed for circle. It was plenty of time to anticipate the controversy and and why do you say things about what you gonna do would just the statues afterwards and you don't do what it. And again that the simplest thing would have been to follow through once he said I'm gonna put an American flag. In the place of Jefferson Davis. I went there a couple weeks ago. And took a mock pitcher standing appears to stash your we've we've I've sent that how social media that they pick overnight to put up a new statue to statue of me of course it was just I just a joke. But I was they're. I see a flag on it. Mean how easy would have been to do that and he couldn't even do that again this so confirms the movies of this mayor. If you wanna join us for the coming our numbers 2601. A seventy. Kerry could 504260187. Texas a 77 and here's a text. Politicians wanna keep people ignorance so they. Can't control them that's why they do not support education. I don't think they support education because you and I don't make that a priority that's not a big topic to us. We might say it is but it is and we don't vote for people because of a good education plan and that's our fault. If you missed the letter I'm gonna re read its financial vendors at 2 o'clock if your old hang on I'm scoop from you right back under your hero. I'm getting some text. That wanted to know was I upset when they were taken the monuments down. Yeah we'll talk about that we come back after the noose from the coal more cell welcome to our show. And what it. I personally I couldn't get but my. Did not. What I. Quote it is getting. No that's not that's not this discussion ourselves this discussion is not about whether or not it was right to take him down I understood why the mayor wanted to take them down it. I saw both sides of that issue and I was supportive of him coming down and had a lot to say to decide that said they shouldn't come down. It's like if they came down and so why doesn't change who you war. This is a conversation about a politician using a major events in our city to advance his national political spotlight. Mind. And the and it. I. Mean. Yeah I'd just like usual I didn't really. This particular issue. The ability and T national problems. Marcel I appreciate the call have to leave it there because there were about to give everybody a chance to win 1000 dollars in cash when you here's a code word I give out a text number. Coming up here in just a moment he's got a chance to win a thousand dollars in cash and we will continue all of this into the next hour. When we come back and got to re read the open letter of their wrote to mayor Mitch Landrieu and never get your comments under visual.