Did "the Fonz" stop Rhonda Shear's TV career?

Tuesday, November 28th
Headline story on FoxNews.com:  Playboy model, Rhonda Shear, says that Henry Winkler, “The Fonz,” ruined her chances at a sitcom career.  Henry Winkler says it’s not true.

Scoot talks to Rhonda Shear about the story and what really happened.

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So this morning as I was preparing for the show I go to a couple of different web sites and one of them is foxnews.com. And one of the one of the things you can click on his entertainment what you entertainment section SC just pictured is beautiful girl going to. And this respect members of the past. Ron this year is on is that the focus of the story about a Playboy model and this year claims that Henry re cooler. Hurt her sitcom career Rhonda welcome to the show. Hi. I'm good so wordy do. What do the phones duty. It's not too late for me to try to do something about tennis. And. Online please. That would have. I thought that they make it to news story at. Anyway I get any happy. Back in the day and in high happy days. Analytic are mature Lothian over there are 2324. Man got to where they kept a much it would be calm and read our judge. It economy. Part law. Kind of go report on. Well one of the car and I didn't edict that person that won them. A couple of lines in basically to hang on to on post here. But it was a you're making out with a kissing it was. Not its substantial but if we using opt packed. Are getting equate report Gary Marshall injury carrots and secretly working in the current plan. And they were trusting me you know just coming off protect. The same week as the young budding actors like captain churches are. Chicken Palmer and when you're on the unity national commercial pacer you know because you get it all its major arms national commercial. And that went taping on Thursday and happy to pick on Friday it will happen deeper and Russia com or five day war or we. You can't win block shall apply and then lastly. I think in all three days. I asked Terry Paris and Gary Marshall and the casting director and everything copper on the back and told them I got the march on. What you think. G in an. It hurt the current on your apartment work for so many times band. And stopped them apart they absolutely. Hunt but you do when you target these these are blocked it. On what you do our part to. So like get better at writing learn a government should've been a lot earlier in the week and on the door somebody else. And Iran has now when. Should psyched farm state director at what happened in the well like he should beat and green are like go knock on Henry instructing them to war. I. You know he opens that I can't get it down stairs let them a unitary actor actor. I at the language like I looked at. Because like the commercial on the truth like every person but I like to prevent an excellent book sorry like a pretty. Garry Marshall and the Marshall like don't be okay at. What just tell a story. That happened in college in land something similar it and I was. I opened play on directing and cheap you each lesson you can actually part doesn't matter to our current high crime and I ran Chan. And I do think that TP. It was way too far punishment it would fine keep about what you mean much kitten. This time okay. You know keep looking at election time. Hey your story apartment don't do it again and black bought from every single so we're not a change or not. Check mark in the com chat. Why. It. So you know the story in any time you're your they're people that are. Very. And he didn't. Latina art and you know and I really necessarily need was that true you know that I you know you're a part was. It was a very. Our that your camp and network television's. But every but he felt sure that I worked at a time to do so well. Its brand and dot. And you ethnic and Scottsdale to become friends. So it was just. In my in my opinion we just you are punishments for the or what you can get caught it and it but you've got. That story from the book and pray at an all that the act without actually chat and and Henry Hughes by. Tonight. Nine each that he didn't match. Which is what you. He denied. Well that's that's what party he had. To carry that. I have a sit back and start at the power yet major power to get it. What you know that's that's what he said about this is exactly where chat sessions and others say when they go to Capitol Hill and I don't remember. I just like I don't remember. But you would you would think that the executive producer Garry Marshall and tie Richard Paris it is director you would think that they would not have listened to. The fonts I guess that's how powerful he was in the. Oh yeah aren't yet. Meaning that Czech Republic are now. He did he kind of pull the start to complicate the star. On chipped right now come to mind that you can't think that by an incident that happened to our guests you know Eric straw. What it means the kind of things that are. It's actually my. Started and it said this had nothing to do with the fact it's not a fonts wanted to be. You know closer to use and you wanted to be with him and he was taken us out on you. You know. There. Are back in what. It can trip a cent but their product and are well. The government next and keep on March spill in the Arctic sure there. And a lot better and why I'm start this year I called fire and I aimed at the director and every one. Question. I'm shocked if you know. What are you were director and leader that is so yeah I think back in the days that. There are. But the number one short hair. It. You know on our show right now our show was cynical like Access Hollywood but I just wanted to clear the South Dakota saw this massages on the front page of the head of Fox News soon website and thought analyst let's call Rogers Fido what are what happened there but you know you've gone on and you've just and so well over your life state. You know the things that we look back on that we thought were terrible things that happened to assume I can think back on things in my life if it led us to we we are. Then why they were all good. Right you know and I do believe you know look back. And I elected it's kind of pop hurt at the time out at lax. But the but the fact that it was stopped and I was picked up its allotment of what went on in an important thing. I'll I consider that a little. And run his book is up all night and you can pick benefit and a bookstore or Amazon.com Rhonda thanks for spending time to this lucky girl. Lauren. All right he. If you're on hold hang on we've got some calls suffer in the last hour retirement to president tropical hollers and then I wanna start talking about the words and phrases that you and I are sick and tired of hearing because. I'll. At the end of the day either use too much and that was attacks I just got tired of hearing at the end of the day I'm astute and Rebecca W.