Did the "far right" lose more than Moore last night?

Wednesday, December 13th

Are you disappointed or encouraged by the defeat of Roy Moore? Was it a defeat for a candidate or for a movement like the 'far right?"


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Is the loss by raw or more in Alabama is that a defeat for the far right that's a pretty general opinion poll. It's close to 53%. Say yes it is 47% say. No it's not. Give issue for you by going to our web site WWL dot com Danson nor is a Republican analysts and he's a former advisor to a speaker of the house so Paul Ryan. Here's what he had to say about Bennett. The idea that ban in Ken like sort of select the slate of candidates that they've been abandoned bag backing this alternate take I think that myth has been punctured. And for the president I think it's a reminder. That he is his unique political animal you know I mean the idea that people could become mini trucks you know there's this idea that all just run like trump brand and I'll win. I'm doesn't work. If you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon on numbers 260187. In our text is a 7870. For Mississippi Charles welcome to our show this afternoon. You're in barely know that Roy Moore is not a the cowboys sure. Well I mean that's look the guy doesn't know how to ride a horse. That book put a double in this commercial bus. All which is what what looked at this special counsel at BI investigation it's in Russia. Optical illusion that took place between Jones campaign rushed. Yeah I don't know that much about that Tom if there's a need for an investigation into that then let's let's look into it calm again I think that Tom. I could you know you can find out support of course is who put it special prosecutor. The allegation divided and made that we chose people were colluding with the Russian missile campaign. Let's listen to. I mean if there's evidence there than there should be an investigation that's electing that's all I can tell. IRS I appreciate the call me if there's evidence there than what they're being investigation. A from Kenner David welcome. You don't. We've been. With a guy. That that support Roy Moore abandon you if they want to recruit more extremists candidate to run against Democrats and 28 election. Given all the money I've made with that point recently I'll be glad that sent him a huge donation because the Democrats would certainly take the house. And the senate back the beginning of the trop revolution they end of the beginning of the trop revolutions started last month of Virginia. It increased geometrically yesterday in Alabama the American people can be gullible but they know that being lied to and played for fools. You don't trump promises to protect veterans or Danny calling it the second. Guy in the house represented that the Democrats said earlier today that the provision in the tax code that gives veterans the tax employers to hire veterans. Well that's being eliminated in the trop Republican pacts bill and furthermore Trump's campaign that every campaign stop. Duo increase the taxes the carried interest rate poke fun managers make in billions about world gets what they get that tax break. Nothing of the sort is repealed and the Republican bill. So trough hit just like you lied to his investors. Just like he's lied and cheated deceive people who work for him he's still on the bank thing that the American people and the American people saw the wise up. The Virginia and Alabama elections all the proof in the putting. Gamble we'll see what happens as time goes on because you know again I think it's so way too soon for the Democrats to get too cocky because I don't think I don't think Doug Jones was selected the greatest candidate. But he was better than Roy Moore and so many people who were supposed to support the Republicans were so discussed it was more and more that they stayed home. And then I think there were 22000 write in votes. Which also contributed to the election cost of saw a Doug Jones from managerial Al here on WWL. Yes well you I totally agree with you oil and so. The Democrat. Should stay humble and hang it had. Because we do not have any say. To cheer about. Other some obvious victory is. So where you know pending is that treats or terrible. But it Democrats really need to well. And hopeful that boy is too general way. A reason for that meal it's not true the other god could be defeated. You know Al it's a good point I'm I'm going to cause you know in the mid term elections of 2014. Our Republican candidates ran on the idea. That they with the anti Obama party. And it worked. They want. But at some point you have to stand for something. And by being the anti Obama party that helped them a lot at the time but you know it doesn't take long for times to change. And the Democrats have got to figure out who they are they don't know Republicans are having a civil war right now. So this would be an ideal time for Democrats assert figuring out who they are and Doug Jones there's going to be a big spotlight on Doug Jones. Who in many ways is a liberal. Democrat. It's a way he sees. He's more moderate. But he has been in in some ways when it comes to abortion for example. A very liberal Democrat. Well if he goes to Washington and accept way. And votes that way if he sides with progressives him with global Democrats he won't be reelected in a couple of years. So if he becomes more moderate. As a Democrat. And represents the people of the state of Alabama regardless of political affiliation. He will not only be reelected but he will also rep percent this movement in America that continues to grow.