Did the extreme right elect Trump?

Tuesday, March 13th

Many Democrats have tried to counter the more extreme right-leaning Republicans with the idea that America wants and needs progressive Democrats.  Republicans have made the same mistake by thinking that the answer to progressive Democrats is right-wing Republicans.  Both are wrong.


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Meg insurer is Eric KDK a radio reporter in Pennsylvania and and she talks about why this election. Between this Republican and this Democrat is such a big deal. This is a very heated race that has attracted a whole lot of national attention and they all have brought in heavy hitters in order says try to secure a win it's to come bringing in not only president trump but Trump's son Donald junior. He is a four term state represented of looking to get elected and backed president drops plans and policies. Democrat Connor Le M is a marine who worked as a judge advocate general and most recently as a federal prosecutor he is only 33 years old but he is looking for a way in to give a morale boost to Democrats not just here in the Pittsburgh area but nationwide. Now I'm gonna actually look forward to getting their results later tonight tell almost like it's a local election because again I think this means something. So here it is Election Day in Western Pennsylvania but I think you might as will be Election Day across America because this close race in Pennsylvania's eighteenth district. Could be a microcosm for this year is mid term elections and also the presidential election in 2020. I think it's gonna reflect what I see is some changes in this country. The eighteenth district of Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh. And while there are more registered Democrats in a are registered Republicans. The district has been bright red in recent elections and president trough carry that area by twenty points in 2016. The eighteenth district is also predominantly rural blue collar and white. So why is a young Democrat in a virtual tie with the Republican candidate in this area. While Republican candidate Rick same core it's a core. On succumb and I'm sorry ricks a Kohn sixty years old he is a conservative Pennsylvania State representative. Chacon is side air force retiree. Has a vast experience in counterterrorism. He is a religious conservatives and claims that he pushed trump. Before truck was struck. One of bricks or cones controversial ideas. Was his support for bill that would require all public schools. To bear the motto. In god we trust. The democratic candidate Connor Landis 33 years so. He's socially conservative Democrat. He's a former federal prosecutor marine captain. He opposes abortion. He opposes new gun control laws even after the shooting in Parkland Florida. Lance campaign slogan has been the biggest issues facing the eighteenth congressional district. Aren't partisan. If he wins. Lamb has vowed that he would not vote for Nancy Pelosi. As House Minority Leader. He's a Democrat. A recent poll showed that lamb was leading so cone 51 to 45%. But other polls show the race even closer so why are so many people here and across the country paying attention to this special election. In this western district of Pennsylvania. Well let's set the mood in the district. The special election is taking place because of the resignation of Republican congressman Tim Murphy. Tim Murphy. Admitted. That he had a sexual affair with a mistress. And allegedly told her to have an abortion. When you thought she was pregnant. Murphy always maintained a very strong anti abortion position. Until and apparently affected him and then suddenly he was for abortion. Murphy result. He was such a dominant Republican in the eighteenth district that in 2014 and 2016. No Democrats even ran against him. Trumpet Romney the last two Republican presidential candidates carried the district by close to twenty points. So Democrats are looking at this race as a referendum on president Tron slow approval rating. And they're gonna they're gonna brag about how even if it's close Ethan if if slam looses if it's just close. This is an indication that the president and Republicans are vulnerable. In 20182020. But that's in my opinion is a false narrative. Candidate Carl lamm the Democrat. He is doing well in extremely red district. Not just because you Saddam and he's doing well because he's a moderate. Cannot. The real message I think it's generated from this special election. Is a strong message from voters in America. And not the traditional political parties. To hold true to their ideology. If lamb were a moderate Republican running against a liberal Democrat. Is is a race might be the same listed the district work every blue. You know many Democrats try to counter the more extreme right leaning Republicans with the idea that America wants and needs progressive Democrats. That's a true. Republicans have made the same mistake by thinking of the answer to progressive Democrats and many have felt like I Barack Obama was a progressive democratic president. They think the answer to progressive Democrats is right wing Republicans. Well both of them are wrong. If Connor beats Rick's account to Pennsylvania tonight. He will not be a Democrat beating a Republican. It will be a moderate. Beating. A more extreme right candidate. The misconception that the extreme rights within the Republican Party elected Donald Trump is a misguided notion. If ultimately hurt the Republican Party if it becomes the party's conventional wisdom. The Democratic Party will suffer if the wind or even a close race is seen as a mandate the Democrats will be Republicans in the mid term elections this fall. The truth is that neither party wants to really recognize that he moderate Republican or moderate Democrat. Is the formula for 08 election success. The collective voice of those high school students. Department Florida after the tragic shooting. Court on because it reflected a growing attitude across the country. That Americans. Are fed up with the fall right fed up with the repressive left. But will the parties in the politicians. Get that message. Every afternoon the fundamental message. Punished auction. Is it moderates were strong convictions. Now determine who wins elections in half for a while actually. A Democrat like Connor lamp. Who is anti abortion and opposes new gun control laws and understands the deep flaws of partisanship. Is the right Kennard. This country. Is in the mood for political stereotypes to be broken. Is the Republican candidate in Pennsylvania. Reflected the moderate views. Relative to the traditional rhetoric of the right the next candidate would be a threat. It's not unusual for Democrat to support new gun control laws. But he is notable when a Democrat opposes new gun control laws. Conversely Republican who supports new gun control laws and and is pro choice. Fits the image of a candidate that refuses to be defined by strict party ideology. And it seems to me that this is going to be part of the success. Of 20182020. It's not so much Republicans against Democrats. It's whoever can position themselves as the sensible. Logical moderate candidate. Because most of this country does not relate to the far right of the far left. How do you describe yourself politically. That's our party must opinion poll are you conservative. Aggressive. Or moderate. And if you're like me. If you're more moderate. What's the best way to describe us and not call myself for radical moderate the David that's not the best description. Are we moderates with conviction. Could that be sort of a new movement in America moderates with conviction. If you wanna join us for your comment especially if your moderate I'd love to know how you define yourself. And some people are. Are not. Secure enough to even define themselves as moderates they feel like they have to be Republican or Democrat right or left.