Did Donald Trump Jr. do anything wrong in meeting with Russian lawyer?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, July 12th
Tommy talks with Claire Finkelstein, Professor of Law and Professor of Philosphy at the University of Penn Law School, Director of the Center for Ethics and Rule of Law, about whether Donald Trump Jr. broke any laws with his meeting with a Russian lawyer.

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Ready jaguar opinion poll asking you is that trump slash Russia's story had nothing burger Horry whopper with Lyonnais nothing birders given 62% right now whopper with lies in 38% Claire Finkelstein joins us right now professor of laws and professor of philosophy at the university of Penn law school and director of the center for ethics. And the rule of along good morning mr. Finkelstein get a say right. Okay. So let me start with the poll question which is is it a nothing burger or is it a whopper with lies. Well I think it had this came into what applies. Did that pretty serious situation. For the trap administration's. Port trump junior. First of all on the just moral question. What we've seen is that. Donald Trump junior just plain old life since he was about two months after the conversation took place in which she met with the Russian lawyer. Attempting to obtain. Dirt on Hillary Clinton's weather and not in contact with the Russians went on anyone and that campaign and had contact but the question. And he said know they can't. Used as a purpose of law he who he possesses by whom. He without that by need media. And and he the united so. And of course there are indeed not tiles across the board from every member. Indeed trumped just about every member of the trump administration and and the campaign. Whether or not they would contact with are the Russians. And famously Jeff Sessions denied. And of course Donald Trump being denied. And vice president attempt denied it and you know very likely. They. It was like to buy pence gets a pass and he is it was like to buying. We don't know that night we don't know that situation there is. That the many have cast doubt on the that answer so we don't know that I didn't. So unfortunately. I hit it. The only catch is that with the Pakistan. And shows that they have not been honest with the American people and with the world. Other than a disturbance back in and of itself. But and we go on to the legal issues involved. And is. Very likely involved a violation of campaign finance laws which prohibit. Foreign national forgive from giving anything of value. I had to support. An American campaign. And so in the listening and agreeing to receive. Information. From. Foreign national in this case the Russians. She was responsible course seeking to violate campaign finance laws whether or not he in fact ended up receiving mapping about. Is intent. In and of itself breaking the law and the other question I had is how do you put a value. All one. Come in dirt on the other opponent mandated Donald Donnie trump said Eddie and that's each column and I'd junior said that. Did meeting was about. Adoption or some like Dan then and then I think Kushner and Mann a port left. And then Don trump junior was a long alone rather with the Russian lawyer ranked. Why won't occur that was yesterday. And ultra junior put out his own email correspondent. Knowing. That the New York Times was about to break that correspondent. Why he showed that he was bill with hair. Fat oppression he was going to meet with live question lawyer with ties to the crime one. Indeed described as a Kremlin later at one point. And that the meeting took place for that purpose. Paving dirt on Hillary Clinton so the whole pretext of and we were just meeting him and options it appears they did discuss that. But that was not the purpose of the meeting and that has come through now clear. Very clearly. It and juniors and that. Email write about. A professor of professor explain this to me like him in fifth grade. If I intend to rob a bank but then I go to the bank and like you know and I'm going to do this or. Com and if that's an accurate example and on I guess it would be I am not that it wouldn't be more like I can it be more like if I decide to shop lift. And then there's they're no twinkies on and on him in a gimme an analogy here. Yeah well in how to achieve that really is most apropos witches. Somebody you noted he. And none of these. Called you up across an intermediary and says he now and he's really. Great television set which I'll tell you. You know 10%. Of their tour now. And you know you can view. You know televisions that. Happened on you don't need Alec got. It that you and turns that is until. Right now that would be attempted. Receipt of stolen property. If you have every reason to note that property Dolan and go in order to receive. That property in order to buy it. You would be tempting to receive stolen property which implicates. You in the path. I don't mean to disagree with Eva that's not what they charge me with I'm just hit losing vice presidential candidate. Said something about treason aid does this even approach treason. Well I think it really doesn't end and I'll tell you why. The of treason. Is that you have given. Support to or engaged with an enemy nation. And that the president is really in the position of deciding what constitutes an enemy nation so his view. Is that Russia is the country with whom we should have full diplomatic relations since he is doing everything we can't. To engage more with Russia. That means that it's really hard to conceive of the federal. Reasons statute that applied in this case. One could put a point like this which is it's not technically treatment of sense but it is co. And done. To each. What is and Eagles sense a country that is dangerous to US. National security. A country that has tried to subvert democratic elections. Guy in the past year all over the globe. Debt. He appeared could be tried to break up the NATO. And may have. Had a role in causing the British exit and the European Union to a country that is really dangerous to dip. Chronic nations all around the well. And I give each with Russia. Why he is speech ratings that at the trump. Campaign and from administration. A really be trying American national security interest. I think that's about. Saudi text in and say houses different then. Alexander two Lugo who worked in the Clinton how it will White House from the trying to find dirt on trump from the Ukraine and definitely went with the government for that and shared it with the DNC and Clinton Campaign how is that different legally. Well in fact of not familiar with all the details of that case. That is eight may have similar problem with it so. You know what thought that it couldn't that thought that again. I professor and get to get the politics out of this and I know that's a naive way a look at added that's not gonna happen but. It wouldn't be the only fair of David Justice Department would look in Nevada or doesn't matter because she didn't won the election. It would matter. Whether one is Whitney election or losing the election it really doesn't matter is islanders at the were. Campaign finance laws. It is in the Eagles for any 12. So this. Information. In the run. Another country so it is. He's eons. The Clinton case that occurred with regard to Ukraine it would be the same and it really doesn't matter. What the outcome of the election year. Now it appears one point that it needs to be made which is that. The trump administrations. Is repeatedly. Insisting that no content such contacts occurred. And so that's really grave concern because that means that we have it howler. President and the administration will we have not trusting your report. I cannot trust them to tell the truth. And so it matters. That Donald Trump won election mother and Hillary Clinton only in the sense that suppress these Mallon power that the person that we need to be able to trust. Tied the record on ST we were at a time professor being immune 32 answer on this. Is collusion like pornography is hard to define but you know it when you see it or are there legal definitions of pollution. Pollution a battle legal concept. So collusion is just the you know the idea that there is in the on engagement and involvement with another country whether shouldn't be. Thank you professor appreciate your time. You teach me some every time you come on.