Deuce's take on Vikings-Saints

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, September 13th

Deuce joins Bobby & Deke to give his final take on the Saints' loss to the Vikings.


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And the great one Deuce McAllister all it's sounding Russia for the Ole miss rebels and the New Orleans Saints is they were this far read you preview coming back DeLong showman. Raymond who believe in the NL is that correct the market. Leno told BJ Dave and Isaac coming to you to think so warning its annual would be more disappointing us LSU lost its Mississippi State on Saturday a the patriots beat the saints by 21 at home. In the dome let's get back to the phones we go out not to get too long showman you are revving up you and handsome and about Alex and alone. Yes thank DD yeah. That penalty came back. The lead the quarterback sneak into what may happen. Penalty top bit being on the run on the collected about one on ankle and he doesn't back all the usual yeah it. The receiver Bobby. Well. Our favorite. Way the Bible all right. Well. But now and oil is actually Taliban here at the top point. What. Are. Right. It where. And he's got. All. Get the ball cleanly and well out. Yeah it is that evolved to camp out in. And on that. Well especially because the running ragged dues it seemed like these kind of ducking his head well I didn't get helmet to helmet you know you don't hear the call should have been a helmet helmet yet and yet nobody out about college should have been how help I don't know I don't want or leading with the crown. Of the hill and I mean but defense a receiver that was not Tikrit called because it everything to do so it is correct. With him mobile Amin bomb volatile along with Bob in the ball. Angelo has no idea that he is has caught it or had caught it I mean so he's like you're gonna like her mother and now he is is going to his natural reaction to be able come up and tackled a ball carries so. I mean you know you you you can't tell him a whole lot defeating you know you don't want them to leave with a helmet I hate it when you look at also the penalties there's somebody would you southern Mo Williams the late he would I mean and and he's got to pull DA got to. A lot of in the look came to Cairo. I mean that didn't have. I wanna say that there and a fifteen yard earth they would I'm ping an SM else obviously. But look at the Tom Johnson on drew. C shows how how how they went but it shows how they try everything I do quarterbacks where he really got to hit them. From the way he says to the shows can hit them high and he can hit them low and and really did because people want to see Tom Brady's did you reason road not the you know get a knee blown out because of that then that that's why because I would say well. If we did that add to opposing quarterback that they get a call that. Because they won those quarter this top prize quarterbacks available all right mid city for Raymond Raymond thank you for calling WW mail. I think our I'm. Yeah remembering it. Out of you and bill was two calls especially one that back. Into that got. I'd call that. It's not act and I in state. And days with these are not alone but. Getting stale. A great play call Sox. To meet he has to play come out to beach and do what it. Okay okay okay Raymond really when you say his play calling sucks. For the game are just say as a play caller because we did not play our game not not yet you can maybe aren't as aren't there. He took me he does and you can't. Really do care industry all of this to reduce. Auction. All of us. Law hasn't been doing its apple. So why they're so why in. High school and that's that a true statement. Go ahead on two days ago it. I'm a bit of an important I would like them LTE and each one of and I think he Republican idea available. And they got weekly. OK re re re re re regularly in this thing you glamour and they do is go all know was 500 a first nine years the saints were noble on the six out of eleven years they've been number one offense alive and that sound juvenile to me by that and the first fifteen plays that they ran which played junior career which plated to call. You non. He's now he's gone. Yeah I mean so you if if they don't have a holding call against Pete they scored their first draft pick it there's ev do is what you visible and Andrews peacefully. I don't think they did you get well yeah I don't think he played this game because you talk about the sector Tom Johnson had and the spin on the wood of what the spin move. It was he. He can block out. He did lock out to him and he was able to top the minute he goes ahead and do not let this I don't know yet to be disappointed it no longer is coming back in also a war for Joseph link bill Joseph well it was was a nod -- though he's learned a best the units at tackle him in the annuity you gotta be a loaf of it for yeah but I need to be a load every week. The one thing that bit that you could probably tale. Was Nixon have his full strength you know he will you could tell he was probably a little bit rusty because even on the other trap play. That they should've scored on but I don't fault elementary on that played out his first play it you gotta understand he doesn't take every rep at tackle. He's probably right it guard. Then anything and that's left and right guard he has thrown in at tackle first place they call is a trap the trap is there. I mean he does a great job of pool in the initial gap. But he goes well and if he was at guard he would block the right guy. He blocks wolf for its gap and his guy which is that being the safety was one it came oddity that makes the tackle and he tries to go back and adjust late. But he couldn't get there I mean but it was a great call and it would have scored if not for that place. I just go to an eight year old and CN I think Toby is going to drop some knowledge on his take on the saints Toby. But don't tell almost on your mantel room. Where Eric Walters generic question do you live under one's pretty. Aren't true green who Google because well. Oh thank. Crawler always that potential these firms about a Halloween. Or well and eco about well well well well I repeated errors. You'd be knuckle and do what you have done it. Well would you com obviously. As well. Felt in Paris who read and it will air. Bottom line no goal in W members inning whatever color a couple of you gotta bring you an idea mercenary you play with a whatever team you gotta you gotta. Crop ego. You don't. What Drew Brees is always been emotional Drew Brees has not been like the Joseph Montana's artist Tom Brady and jewelry juries has been their Ray Lewis mentality as far as we know that deep into the England left. I'm totally totally you know they throw things told. It. Burglary. Really our job anyone agenda it's you could write yes and Gregg Williams did a pretty good job of Cleveland that first week again did you learn. Yeah I got booted out of they the curtain and again no overlap like a curtain call and their supplies. All you mean would about it yet to them as well I think. Apart well I mean did the saints who uses an example and dissolve all I've been part of teams error run every everybody is oh yeah rewarded their players go to knockout hit now that he'll be foolish enough to bag a brotherhood and got some type the bounty bounty system right don't it and believe it okay he had an the big call Buddy Ryan old school you Jerry lamb where money had been called. You knock a mob mentality. I Toby thank you think I'll come back all of you cause we got Leno or Johnny. Hang tight deuce is an house sports talk. Drew Brees at 649 on WW. Okay back to the phone to league low canosa Leno Leno thank you for calling WW hill. Jason. All right our. The question what maybe to book. Aguila and agree that would be it has been pretty bad apple. And the other one bag you guys beat they do habitat that would put on film forward it on codes and that simply called it. And it fit it on approach unlawful or you'd think. That well below on what you decent according. Well in all gonna go first. Before dues. I just look at a Kazaa looking game inning game a production now who can you rely on. Probably the most disappointing player as far as performance because I had a high expectations. Was Kinney would Cairo. Good because I think you David Karol needs to play at a high level when he was to get paid that way you gotta be a pro Butler hit a ally like I can Jarden. Well I look at how many divas of players do we have that other teams would want Michael. Like I look at can't Jarden. Can't jarred because what he does against the run he's gonna get eight to twelve sacks. Could start to every NFL team now you might say it will maybe we did Texans he got Connie got GGY. But I they can't Jarden is that good. So when you talk abide scheme and now I'm who's a deem it to coordinator. A homage dean get out of the players that you have to. I think Burton not this it is scheme but I that you subordinate talent and their responsibility. As far so. I wouldn't I not do is like this viewed as I would blame bore. The talent in Dennis Allen. Cecil for what what I've seen most is that Dennis Allen took over. Yeah and so here's here's it and so three years ago he started the roster per great you know and had to start it would it would it when you when you led. Bill and all those guys go in you you let hawk go. You led Malcolm to not a good thing it's going into him he started the roster purge and and you had to flip it over from the June to lit. Doing it that you incident. You Sanjay is bird that didn't work he's done a couple of the linebackers. The kid from Dallas you sound like I'm back from Seattle. None of those guys really make the impact it to looking for. So the next move that you make as you liberals and coaches. And so Lou Lou Lou Lou Lou the final opening is okay. Neither of those have worked up until this point. You've got new players in. I think they've invested a lot better you know I think practically with the draft they've done a little bit better with the draft of some of the talented Dave. Infuse. It just got to play more consistent I think it was the biggest issue that they. And and and and you gotta follow me a little bit because. The first play. I didn't see that they only the I didn't know electric rename Bailey at ten guys on the field but after I went back and wants to me on. Can -- Carl and TJ Williams name that they would they would shorter gap. Because you can see them look over to decide laughed because Kenny had a column a slot guy. Can end up having a commerce slot now we're in motion campaign. Williams walks down into the box Lattimore loosens up. King of the car Olin PGA look at it each other like who's got a -- they knew right in Russia it was sort of got it and called timeout they just knew what to play. But there is that this is hard to imagine. That started this season yet and that guy's undefeated and it and I know coach Brey talked about how it was disappointing and they wanted to Max personnel a certain way. Somebody standing there I couldn't tell who was after looking at mail as the angle is not wide enough. But there was a personal pleasure to be in there I don't know I don't know if he was a lesbian or not. You have got to do it to communication cleaned up. You know whether it's between the safeties and corners and linebackers. And or the lab backers in the front four. There was a two day that. The tackles were too wide. The quarterback saw Sam Bradford chicks he goes to a run play. You can have those those type will it did do zubaydah Greg did Tom Brady's gonna do that again comes to everybody wouldn't I become a madman gets all your calls knicks before we get to Bob and Allen whom he's a EC BS did. All right out of the phone to go and that Steve. About Papa Papa Papa. Let's go do too little eye to eyes thank you calling WWL. Radio and analyze it. There are people are just. One for. The OK okay go ahead. Here are ordered. That. That particular. The equipment and important and it is. Our look there's two. This is five warned. Oh. Okay yeah that's how does it also done well I'm gonna go saints. You go back and look if you wanna get a real indication about the last four years the last two years in look at those those that you know I know. Tenth tee and a lot of air abide does is you know you've got you've only inflate an in house to promote two good years. Who when you look at what have you done for me lately and asked the DOT assignment. Cool cool to try to figure out each and he's trying to you guys trying to get paid in they eyes turn up but no I think going to decision on me like man I got out of first out here because this is sleeve hobby if it's not look I got beat them I was going to percentages because going into Monday night's game in the last Nan -- is on the dog to saints what he moved. Some meat were you when you go mitigate the dean it's a win they want a look I I took them another male however to those challenges that's what I think this is all right I had a beta so now they are into. Yeah yeah it's changed too but I mean we better today and you don't dig in and I think another thing. And I they need is Sean Payton midget is in his post game press conference. What does this say to Drew Brees wanted to do this year not turn over to football right or okay do you did say OK do you know additional unpaid when they've committed zero turnovers. Sure they know this number they were 33 and two yeah so you know they are now 333. So me is they like about every protect the football hot dog aren't caught at a bay beat the band bad in the bed beat. That we need to be voted on nine yeah. You have a outings they did to be like dead. I mean I'm I wanted to because how can you gotta you gotta window dressing touchdown on the banking and you look and you go like oh well. You know they really weren't supposed to be their clothes but to go back and they'd like to that point you see it. If I'm running game would if I would they would have made a block the NASA touch down. Sorry if this does happen is they kind of wash yourself that he can do is my outlook disappointed they didn't visibly frustrated me you know you look at the red result. But you know it frustrating being goal to goal. Zero but three. Duke is I think of all of us so we do convert on let's say we gonna win. But I think it's a field goal tied game you. There today as anyone out there is a lot of pressure you put a lot more pressure on them to be an excuse ride and I know if they got you know event that big of a ten point cushion because via. Drew Brees hitting Kobe fleeing there that meg garbage touchdown. But what Belinda and it you know it's always court no because that that the game was as the score with though was not as close as that is an easy how that we didn't lie to happen. You know some strange happening because I look at drew and drew if you look at his final numbers NEC padding stats padded stats and the guy I'm and it's not like it is because when I look at drew. And you look at because you know that whoever I plays that is too little wanna call you want everybody knows no no no you but I'm saying. 187 of 37 to 91 of a quarterback rating a 105 all it does say he was in that. Top sixes sevens but you don't win the game was on the line now addressed to be americorps Kobe has to play great. He was nineteen of 29 tours to fifteen yards. You'd be Ford or drive really amazing Coleman. Tom Kane remained a ring and mingling of me at all yeah yeah yes and divided and given that all right does that though they fans get frustrated. They want more meaningful plays to win big gains on the line dude gonna keep competing tonight I had exactly meant everything change chant thank you for calling WW ago. You guys on its own. Let this knowledge problem with the strength that says the problem when the players that the people. You got a guy like K crawling. You'd be. In this and pre season on the. Momma was active. Yeah is actively discipline in their mama was actively when dissect he was he was active. I was aren't there and more in detail here in the city man I don't understand. You know. I mean you've got you I didn't. Hey I'll OK and as homage to do fine attitude is Chad that I think they came crawl is better than the Monte Harris. I and I did this still might pickle and came crawling he might get bird I just know he was closer. Look at that raiders gained the giants gained. McCabe crawler was right there on call make a play on the ball. What dividing Harris at times wasn't that close to make a play on the ball I Disney crawl is better than the body Harris not don't know Aggie. Detect scene in connection between airing glands or you think you're not married and as good as he went in them like you know it's all about relationships don't do this and it it does he want a job and I haven't I know he wants to keep his job but to me divide Dan Harris does not not that much ahead on Dovonte haren has written that his mother. Good hitting a five day as is damaged very to a bottle. What is his that anybody that they were in the Duma anarchy and and and so that there. I already put a ball that didn't make. No stuff but mad that he at colonial and wait a minute in anyway no he was he was down okay it says it hasn't Loney was a bright spot this size can Jordan as alone in my Mata Minot does second as a bright spot on the team of the pits hi Ted thank you so much all right coming up next we hand dean Andrews DMI. In court dale. Sports somebody great when Deuce McAllister on Dusan witnessed a 63 basic story jewelry easier on WW room. And welcome back. Alison after the phone saint rose the gay gay thank you for calling WWL. Think in my. Attic comment on the offense for money game. And so obviously with three road and are really talented in short paying field. Yeah are you wanna get the votes in those days well I mean once we don't really like this is. I mean corporately they them and and I mean it's only the as the bush. You know by the defense off guard or whatever it. I think really it is we want running back and grow older you'd. You know it figured he'd. Up tempo and you know does the. Gay gay gay okay I'm gonna do is comment on that disease the running back. I look at the saints and the patriots are what they've done. Over the last decade. Haven't the saints. And the pages been running back by committee now can you handle that. Duke said they handle it. And I am dead dad's dues Reggie Bush had Pierre Thomas so what is by committee or not. Are even the Packers that now who whose big kid ages they go from Alabama coastal Louisiana went to the Seahawks. Lacey says that Lacey okay would you say it was seen that primary back with the top three authors over the past decade. That did this Sadie had been dealt Cowell and aid is given him the ball no matter what the saints are structured that way. So so gave out not a news years day you've been there a moment last. Oil years on pay and has always used three buybacks. So just because he's got a different three this year don't think that he's going to Andalusian. This offense has worked at its base when he innocent in multiple formations and uses multiple per personnel groupings. I'm running back would love to stay in four whole drive but does not allow happen what Eddie don't have a what you do is done yet. I came out and so. Well when you get into certain formations and he stays with that formation. Then normally what they have let's just say that a third down situations. When they've mixed their clothes and game out. The net may be mark debt may be agent you know when they go goal line that may be market may be agent if it's a special place that it may be tomorrow you know Al Assad instinct quote. From Bill Belichick and I tweeted out. Bill Belichick on balloting snaps between the patriots state use for running backs just what he said his comment. We're not here to have rhythm. We're here to score points. And that's a lot pass. AA men's job base feels the same way and that's why I'm gonna read this take cousy to exit number of times Arnold camera calls 2996. Patriots pounded book last year yet he might have a game where he had thirty carries and eggs gaming have liked. To Rio for every true born yet and when you delete it and they rental and Garret blunt he's got to deal with illegal anymore right. So OK 2996. Would you comment on that. May use lose to use why they've used. Like many current and go. The running back would love to stay in. But based off of the play based off the personnel. That's how son Peyton well who ran the rules have changed is the 21 century do way to NFL is structured. You don't have. Aaron dig us in a you don't have that whoever might be. Walter Payton. Who do it every down back right. You do it by committee did that's the way to gain restructured you don't have disc holds on al-Qaeda is about trying to mismatched yes. How can I find a businessman and we utilize that it would you Reggie Bush Darren Sproles my bill PM Mike Bell yes on and on. He got a DLs game. I. Alabama. WW ago. Say. They'd be Bobby do Merriam bill and I'm good how you doing now don't know paid but it's one point. You'd think the I think it's gonna get its act together. Whose entire. All okay I'll whoever. Yet as a silly meaning get their act together like via at least middle of the pack. Guys I think it doesn't matter at a quarterback you facing. To save young kid now all of us and I think we're a wonderful last against the pass were dead last last week after week one. We made Sam Bradford looked like a hall of Famer to saving gonna set out Tom Brady completely. I mean I don't agree that we heard them all are or what happens. I mean is he gets sick he gets food poisoning at the hotel and you are. We did this say we gonna stop them and I yeah. Now it is the quarterback you're facing and can we get to him on the road. It was promise that it receives it but look look look who we are facing you know also lit it taxes that taxes though. We all excited because we stop detective's office but it's eggs it was Arad are big it is darned now the Shawn Watson has. There any bids are starting quarterback in savage all right coming back. Did theirs is double takes Emma got to get gives his take on some but big SEC game this weekend as well. In the review preview a degree when Deuce McAllister Drew Brees and about 45 minutes here on WW. All right. Coming up but wanted to cardiology Ahmad Chris food every can Leon just jammed up busy you would expect during football season the remaining about him against the clock in the N Drew Brees QB to QB can deduce just take. It's an interesting game this week and it's week three in the college football schedule there are a couple of big ones across the country. But in the conference this seems to be a couple of interesting ones when you talk about. The battle in the east used to decide the east every year but that was before Tennessee Connell went down some Florida. Is not in attaining Tennessee and also wanted to arresting two teams that are to a no. And now which one of these wins could become a contender and east that is south Atlantic in obtaining two and oh Kentucky and you talk about done nonconference matchups. Are ranked Kansas State team that's been. Pretty impressive and had two games is in mess here to take on the tour no Vanderbilt commodore so we deduce is take. Go around the SEC as we sports talk rolls on till 7 o'clock am I gonna say it always our show Drew Brees and forty minutes here. On WWL.