Deuce's Postgame Commentary

Saints Football
Thursday, August 9th
Saints Color Analyst gives his thoughts on the Saints first preseason game vs the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Black and Gold get a 24-20 win tonight. 

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Tony ports one is safe victorious today in the pre season opener on the road against the Jacksonville Jaguars will hit on a couple of weeks that's coming up also. Coming up on the point after with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and myself until midnight tonight back out to Jacksonville or we find. Saints' all time leading rusher color analyst Deuce McAllister induce a comeback win for the saints albeit not the most Barbara one. It to the pre season game number one but ya like the fact they the younger players once they got in there they were able to pull off a win. Particularly in the second half fewer. Probably pleased with the younger guys whether it was. Defense of me and or defense apparently anytime you can get six sacks and forced three turnovers. You're gonna be excited now there are some mistakes and some things that they need to clean up you know there were 22 times on third down they could've got off field abilities. Held more on the field solely taking clean up some penalties and then be more efficient. Offensively I thought they ran the ball at times will this thing has an opportunity to be pretty good you know early home. If beauty he could. Nitpick about the first unit now getting off to feel on third down situations. They allowed two scores by Jacksonville early on in the first first half but overall you come down here you get a win it helps with some confidence foursome guys and you know there's probably. What 789 maybe spots there are available that guy as coaches they get to. Reviews and feel that you to check it out. Deuces dimes here in New Orleans Saints radio network up for the saints. Come from behind MB to Jacksonville Jaguars in the pre season 24. To twenty some hill eight of 972 yards a quarterback rating of 100 even pretty good night for rather settle in down pretty good. Well look the thing for him we know he can be Iraq I wanna see him via quarterback an Emmy sitting in the pocket. Going through your reads at times I know the pockets going to break down. But when there's pressure when they bring extra guy feels gaffe. You can't be just determined to pull the ball down and run you over the opportunity there to run will be there a thought when he says in the pocket vehicle to rose it was a to huffy he was able to hit record Smith so that's what he's going to have to do a mean we know he can do read option game. Actually it's natural to a but I mean I think overall he got better as the game went home. Whose vocals are saints' all time we rushed we'll check back in with you and a few moments on Kristian garic on the New Orleans Saints. Radio network let's Boston seconds for station identification on the New Orleans Saints radio network and back out to Jacksonville to visit with saints' all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister. Also since color analyst induce. Relatively good news I didn't see any major injuries or what looks like major injuries likeable guys cramping up leave in China anew PG Williams left that's taken will look like come shoot. To the chassis might have a little bruise there but nothing major. Yet this a's post game injury report is brought to you by the tooling systems which hasn't. Giving you back in the game Kabul players that did leave the field you talk about it they were on Elliot can I cramped up a little bit he did finish the game. Also he talked about PJ Williams. Took issue as he made the tackle. Kind of took issue in the chest area hopefully it's nothing too serious he did not return back to the field Mitchell Lavin also. Look like he left to deal with some cramps but he did finish the game as well. Outside of that. Those were the only injuries that we had babies on has some more of Kabul that maybe nick though but all of those guys were able finishing games saint Paul's game and report was brought to about two Linksys in a sports medicine giving you back in the game. We should be here for the saints coach Sean Payton follow in the black gold 2420 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars increases in game number one Deuce McAllister saints' all time. Leading rusher southern Jackson along crushing our Caroline who own saints radio network Geron Elliott. Two and a half sacks today look he's gonna cause coaches to think long and hard about him is all he keeps put a number like this in games like this. What do think about him is he has some NFL experience Christian. He he's played traditionally you know 34 defense you can see. The way that they use him they bring him Meehan and passing situations. And when they do that you know he's a guy that they look. He can put a lot of pressure on on the defense particularly. A left tackle with his speed and so we've seen them practice and training camp that strip. Move that to go for the ball if you can't get the sack and goes strictly for the ball and try to swipe it out. Caller trafficked into that you get the sacking you to strip and you recovered the fumble. He had some success. Being able to create pressure tonight at. Several ought to know the players we talk about stalwart another player that was able to create some pressure and all those young guys. Don't make it very very hard to make it at least pinched in on the saints' coaching staff to see what moves they make. Going for. Whether it's your starters are your backups and role players no turnovers that's a stat that I'm sure Sean Payton. We'll certainly love and forced one as well forced three jaguars fumbles or cover one on this goes back to last year when the saints scored. Are forced twenty fumbles they only recovered five of those about it again YouTube plus one and can it take away your weight category. Are you definitely you'll take them you'll take me to on the ball has about your way at some point you know law average as you say okay we'll forced when he fumbled jewelry. You you recovered six of I believe was that number of and you know tonight he forced three you recover one. The closure given after the quarterback like that you'll take it all day. Dues overall would you think of the gum the play in the special teams I thought about Brandon Ting a nice return opening game. Deathly deathly so I mean even the Boston Scott handy nice turn as well it got called back for holding play. But at the you know you can see house move to eat is you wished that he had gotten another opportunity to returning punts. Also Scott did get to return one but it was an active partner for him to catch it. I think that's gonna go to war but you know both those guys they show good vision Rachel's explosion in the kicking game. Dues we look at that this game and and it was a pre season game but who would you give the player of the game two from UB general Eliot. I think they're ordinarily I mean because he without him make him have played and you don't win the game. So without him making that play you don't win the game but I think it's overall. Him being able to show up in a big moment like that you know you don't get to practice that exact mu. In practice north from a be picky about something. I thought they could have been a better job of tackling. They didn't do any really full tackling. And all in camp this is the first opportunity. To be able to tackle got to the ground you know early on in late I thought you know they could've been a lot crisper. As far as limiting gas for Dog Day Afternoon. Yards after contact and or you know to be able to tackle the backs in the back field. Do do you think that has something to do with the fact that the jaguars were in a pads for twelve straight practices the saints I think they were in full pads and it's well I think maybe half heeding that has something to do it. As far as tackling any as far as overall I looked like it look like they were they were a little sloppy early on tackle any kind of got better as the game went off. What anthrax at all all operations right name basically booted up. I mean that's something that you've got to do it I wouldn't be surprised him to do some more as the games go home but I mean that's that's something you gotta do I know you don't want to get players hurt but. And you gotta tackle. Saints' all time leading rusher deuce McCallister I'm Christie Garrett Caroline New Orleans Saints. Radio network the Toyota locker room show rolls on here on state radio. Welcome back into Rio locker room showed Toyota let's go places the saints victorious 2420. Over the Jacksonville Jaguars in the pre season opener Jason Hill. We rush for the saints at 71052 yards. One touchdown along with 21 yards and also. Leading passer for the saints as well eight of 970 yards a quarterback rating of 100 Tom savage got the star for the New Orleans Saints ten to fourteen. Seven yards and quarterback rating of 82. Point four back out to Deuce McAllister saints' all time leading rusher in Jacksonville Tom savage I thought played pretty well. Did I mean I thought the World War II rows because the probably. Made a better attempt on the it was probably a mountain towns where if he had to have a Camara in in the open feel you know that's a first down Foreman. Another time he was late Baja and on April 2 larger Griffin. But I mean our overall it was able to get him in and out although he was able to get the ball out like he was supposed salute to some throws that they in the midst. Dues when you look at some other standout players a fog trick once Smith you started five times for receptions forty yards a lead the saints are 25. As has long is or socialist point five times we can see daylight trick wants it he's had a good camp and certainly given opportunities in game six dollars and passes. Definitely give them opportunity and he it's only gonna continue to grow for him because he. He did a really good job of taking advantage of the of the match up whether it was a miracle and doors safety and they know with his speed you can until we know that he can take the top off the awful what defense as far as coverage is concerned but if he can continue to execute and understand though the all the routes that you have to have as a receiver. He's going to be a nice weapon for this team. Mitchell Lavin the saints defensive lineman. Left the game early with ice and cramping for him but he led the team in tackles 66 element. Once again he's off to a good start in the pre season he's. Yeah and he did end up coming back as well so for him it was just cramp in but you know at that target last year. That's exactly how he did it last year. Then he suffered the ankle lower body ankle injury to a to a man. You know if he can stay healthy he's got a can play inside for you. You can line up in defense of me and he's going to hustled he can help you on special teams I mean he's as a nice utility player and he's nice to have. Do saints are back on the practice field tomorrow. Afternoon in at this point camp. What do you need to see them as we get closer and closer to obviously pre season game number two but also now the regular season what do you think next week will be like. What I need to continue to work on developing some depth and then you talk about heat. You have to start giving some of those hurt got back and watch and whoo man you know and him will probably seek him join for little little bit Okafor for a little bit Markus Davenport. So I would love to see Lattimore picket or a couple time cover route to felt like. Maybe was going through the motions. Loafers to see him. So finally picking up as well until it's going to be interest in the you know this cardinals team is. Is a talented team that the team that they were a couple years ago this you have a lot of talent so. We'll see we'll see how they adjust and how they react. To playing this team next week at home. Saints' all time leading rusher and also color analyst for the New Orleans Saints Deuce McAllister we'll see you biting him out there in Jackson who you guys get new home sales are LC flight.