Deuce on Saints 20-15 Loss To Arizona

Saints Football
Friday, August 17th
Saints Radio Color Analyst talk about the perfomance of the team in their loss to the Cardinals. 

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You'll produces dined c.'s all time leading rusher induce. Overall start out kind of sloppy Jason Hill when I wanna watch this film four turnovers for the starting quarterback. Not a great game from an excuse standpoint from this unit got to take your foot. Got to take your foot on. At this point for a lot of different reasons it was a spurs are excellent have you worked with one offered to line that some of those few players as far as the number one guys. Just didn't take advantage of you ran the football we're really will. Whether it was Mark Ingram was was Jonathan Williams. Even keel bosses Scott enters with had some nice runs but I think at the end of the day. When you turn it over whether it's interceptions or fumbles. You get what you got today which was a loss. Who's ultimately you know the bill a clean a lot of those things up then you look at the offensive line play though. When Iran while they're moving the ball season hill couldn't get out his own way but men and off until I was dashing the Arizona Cardinals who were sixth in the NFL last year. And now rushing yards allowed. Yeah I mean. That's a positive almost 200 yards rushing. I won't necessarily take you know using lashes numbers because a lot of the one as far as players they only played about quarter. So some of that. Give or take he has to say it would have been able to run the football I think for the whole game so that's a positive. But it ended the day he he can't hurt yourself and other no place was built you know about abilities. Which is way too many facilities. Against the saints and you know that's something that they have to he would get cleaned up you know as they go and get ready prepare for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You like to design of the saints' defense of particular first two drives. Foursome three now get off the field on third down a foursome three other get off the field on third councils and he struggled in last week. Yeah I definitely like what they waive this do you were able to create a little pressure at times from their front unit. I thought the Mario Davis really played well at that we will. He showed a few times you play against one of the lead running backs. He was they were get a touchdown against you being David Johnson but it did today you were able to slow him down for the most part. Toward the fifteen assays lose they're now one and one in the pre season to the Arizona Cardinals. Twenty to fifteen more than two analog crucial continues here on the New Orleans Saints radio network. Welcome back to the journal locker room show Toyota let's go play some Christian Garrick back out to Mercedes-Benz superdome. Say to all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister. Saints fault my twenty to fifteen induce I guess the best news no real significant injuries. Yet assays post game injury report is brought to about two latest in the sports medicine giving you back in the game. JT gray it was one of individuals or did banged up and ended up walking into the locker room. We don't know lose. What he exactly did something which is the goes on kick off play. You did have several large skewed banged up but think he is is more of he'd give anything. Kareem Moore got looked at also by the trainers he was able to come back out and played several large. Was able to come out and finishes well. Yeah a couple of the guys maybe got banged up by trainer had come out look look at a marked my levels one of those guys. But for the most part no no significant injuries for the saints team saints post game into reports brought Cuba to latest and sportsman has in getting you back in the game. Does what's ugly like this when it's hard to you about a game ball our player in the game but where would you go up Porsche to give a clearly it. I was impressed what was Jonathan Williams summit things that he he was able to do frequent Smith kept coming as far as. Him being able to give you something as far as a terror and or a fourth receiver. When you look at it from the defense aside the ball about one player that. The Mario Davis was probably the one player. Probably was pleased also with the tree Hendricks and you know he's got a questionable. Roughing the passer. Played there but I thought you know he was able to give you a little bit off the edges will. Folks just a couple of Gaza Brandon Tate when you look at it from the special teams standpoint. You know he he he's in a dog fight with some the other gas homily and boss Scott as far as return his concern. But he has done really well kickoff returns an old probably be the players of the game for me. Alex is a lonely. Working MI can also though the will would you think of him and won't what do you make of him working at the Mike linebacker spot. He's done it before I mean that's what he was and did it floors it's a little different forms but for him they wanna get them on tape it gives us versatility. Because when you look at it okay now we can slap Mario Davis out and we'll wait Dougal knuckled Indians up at the wheel in the open sat. Do okayed Joba as far as coverage is just for him seeing some different things making sure he understands one time needed to really good job. Covers CNET slain. Flat pattern by the receiver tight in the ideals totally kissed the ball but seeing it right away he was they reduce. Well we understand it knows it's a long way to go before you get to Tampa Bay. It's time for a few players start stepped up and making their move as far solidified. This this roster whether whether you are talking about back quarterback. Where the talk about running back position and even in the wide receiver. You can hear from Sean Payton is still a lot of work to be done. This team has not a finished product. That you just can't turn it switched to wanting to that you know they're gonna have. The good weeks of work when they go against San Diego chart tonight there will be a lot of earning moments for a lot of different guys understand that you know opportunities in moments are not they don't come around very often christened so. You're talking about not only playing against Arizona Cardinals by another thirty teams will get this tape and they'll get an opportunity to review it and look at it so. You've got to be doing your job you've got to understand and know where you're going lining up in the right place lining up and doing the right things at some gas helped himself tonight. Some not so much and only thing that you can do is try to go and get better tomorrow after the corrections are made. Saints' all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister meant thanks a bunch and now go do it you'll enjoy the rest your night magazine rest. No problem. Me and Zach I mean they'll not Meehan. Who a mile wood tomorrow you'll be all assessed Mahan set in several tomorrow from 360. You're not doing anything check this out.