Deuce McAllister on win over Panthers

Saints Football
Sunday, December 3rd

Saints' all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister talkes with Deke Bellavia about the Saints' performance during the game against Carolina.



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Deuce today dual and defense came up beat. It made the plays in the needed to in and do so I heard you talking about America Ingram Spansion days come and update today. A college football fans by the two backs. We'll definitely I mean you talk about that it's five straight and where they've had over 200 yards off and so on these angles off to a man. You'll like this is doing broadcasts award to give me congress of the fans because they played a huge role. You know you can have increased national news but there were I think at least one time which Carolina had used to come out because of the knowledge and the crowd has really been into it and you know he had a playoff atmosphere in this in this team asked to call you mr. Coble things that they can get better clean up on the nose. Bald and ouster weigh obviously on the Josh he'll fumble no he wants to squeeze that ball the better on the onside kick you wanna get the ball out of bounds. A little bit cleaner you know or maybe one or two missed communication from a defense standpoint offensively. Giving drew a little bit more time acute shortage of talking and you don't have sex when you backed up you've got to be played out in the open Nelson think that they can get better on me but it is today. They got to win and they are important and come away would sweep of the pants that they pay and swept and since 2011. And so you know from that standpoint you know on outstanding dial Bob this group. It's a short week you know hopefully you can get Lattimore Beckel and give arms to backs on the old guys that you know what you gonna need. Because Atlanta with them losing I don't have anything to lose at this point until you know for them the bravest wall is that's what I don't wanna do. To use so for you yet taker you business and you know congrats on that. And Goosen from a player's perspective what is it about these short weeks here basically. You're talking about less than. Two full days the pair is there's regular routine because once sometime has been traveling and of course it mandatory jail. Well you gonna have Amendola mandatory day off on me but most of those Gaza going to be in the building in the game Tuesday any information that they can give to those gathered gonna try to be absorbed a talkative familiar with the the Atlanta Falcons as far as. What they elect who you know who whether they're personnel would different things of that nature until what do players if they cared about does that mean they look you know you have to hydrate. You have to go in and and and and see the chiropractor go and get my massages get in the cold so you have to try to get your body back to normal as close as possible. Which such a short turnaround.