Detillier: It will be a battle of field goals

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, January 12th

Tommy talks to WWL NFL and College Football Analyst, Mike Detillier.


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Welcoming our guess seven WL NFL analyst draft analysts all things football again we owe to our go to guide the man he is a man. Mike to two million. Away Molly did too leery but I know Mike. Our door. Man owes much in some of the did this I dishing college film if you want the the coaches you know website doing NC coach is. The only game. And Bowen and notice and at first game AJ Klein an ancillary warming a lot of tackles remained in a more. Yeah and you figure. Sokol Ford gave him look you know I'm not there and noble and so. You know that. It would that's quite different from game one and certainly put a vikings know Sam Bradford and no doubt when cook. Oh who a lot of please do so just totally different game from game one bottom line. They have a super stud duck deluxe defense Ambac is it was name roads. Bureau is he a corner like her safety. Yeah is called back and he's he's one of the best in the business is not the best. And so little a couple of Michael Thomas. So that means Ted Ginn junior Brandon Coleman chart shield made you go out again put. The gee you've got to be play a big part in this football game because. I think the vikings will do exactly would the Panthers did digger trying to stop the Roland. And so you can we beat distort it would droop. And the vikings have the number one defense and we have the number two offense right. You know it is so. Strange that the matchup because. Don't Mike Zimmer well. I don't use that word out but he he's a real defense of genius you it would be done and he's got the president about it mullah. In this same sort of on the offensive side the football. In both coach we Bill Parcells now. And so you know not only is this football chess match. On the field blood are also oh formal coaching matchup where both guys know what another well. No Connell would be juggle likes to do. And so distraught import comes in deployed here but. Bottom line is. Big win because of what they apple brought to their defense of line. It is really good and I think that they have the best. Horry in the most under rated. Big time player. On defense in the simple tools. Diesel and monster player. And when you watch how we please he doesn't get it Thomas facts. Bush pushes that pocket right back into a little while. A quarterback and he ticked away you see. To coddle walk up in the pocket make of pearl. And he's in the middle he's not Russian from the entrance. Well no he's he's just it's would award 330. Pound guy what does he causes topics. And that he makes a quarterback who lawful right. And he puts. That QB right into the hands. That to rush it's either did you know on form relish you defense and elements and different. Anybody who comes on the edge too as an outside linebacker at times so it's going to be quite a challenge for the sites. This is and you know the vikings will be our. And it did their best defense in both football and the ones that that stands out to me and you know everybody that numbers but. And this is an area where the saints have struggled to match on third down conversions and and I think that that is huge stat in football. And the sites normally have been really good that the this year they've struggled because they haven't got production. Like you've gotten years past from the tide in position on the slot receiver. The vikings and noble war. It'll all on in the NFL in getting the problem there now. They're calling deal without 513. Down conversions. In sixteen games. That that's a problem. A moment. I say that again mind for people and missed it. They'd do 513. Down conversions. In this sixteen game period. Is an unbelievable. Where it goes to show good that these offenses. Win. You basically ninety and you know kind of averaging. A little bourbon. That that number of pain. In in in part regular season. So devastated and the stakes here you can't get to these 36 and thirty sevens situations. Because of that case. You will be true and war. Huge contest coming up in the Dylan the don't my guess it's a dome I'm very good thing gauntlet that each season. Yeah. Remember grownup. That was both or Minnesota and indoor stadium. You don't abroad they had the ultimate home field advantage. And I remember those games. You know combo. Watching Joseph cap when he was the leaders rankled people leaders this plant talking to you and you whip them as the older and these boards in January. Well it'll advantage. If you wore a certain team to win of the you know and that type web like which Tennessee so on the outside where it's zero degrees. That was a big popular band has the right. That wouldn't. That would be I think the coldest if it were outside the coldest playoff game in his dressing with Cincinnati and Pittsburgh monument they are. Cool that sued us exact. I are frozen tundra remember it will not remember that game I remember reading about it as a middle enough to get some else money thome is that well we're reminiscing. The Detroit Lions used to play at the Detroit Tigers stadium in both teams are on the same sideline your memory were. Hello that the Packers to. Sending the same thing well boats outlines a fact gentleman's rules he's well alternates now in one of my neighbors joke clock. Actually coats would the Packers and he's got actually pictures Mary what teams on the same side. I'd only do decals and a new loans they Calvin you talking to Mike to tell EA welcome to WWL. Yeah in my get out of don't know patterns and I'm that would do like departure of the tribes can this government different. And I Gina I'm not punish. The union's court ought to pack. And no young boy who blogs on this into. On the Internet quarterback and I'm due in September of them are toward Cuba on the Internet pre internships. And a bargain is kick they'll put appropriate party to strangle them like Obama and I gel and it. The one count and write about no one of the things this week Q when you watch. The four games and you listen to legislature on the brigades and he has. Drew Brees is played in twelve playoff you know post season games. Case you have played in zero. When you. When you watch in Atlanta and Philadelphia play Matt Ryan played in now in Naples was played in one foot Eagles and a one game we play. As when the site went to Philly indeed. Does Steelers played Jacksonville. That Roethlisberger has played in twenty. Like morals is played in one and that one game was last week Tom Brady's late in 34. This week depleted Tennessee Titans and markets where you'll displayed in one and that was last week. You know this thread says that this cited there. Would those veteran quarterbacks. Going up again it's. But before. Guys that go up against of that probably rental three sports. In playoff games. Mike in terms of and we did take a break here for news you will note can you come back you get other interviews lined up and I. Hum every overturned an earlier. All about the quarterbacks you can tell that ball's high in sailing that they're nervous and united. Yeah and and K. Reminds me of guys that used to play it would the site for blog gentlemen you're have a tendency and do bit too. But. Tickets when you look at his numbers this year is very comparable to droop but again and experience and those games. You can see here why. A lot of people would go on with the of favorites and that's and nobody deep debt and you know other than the sites my and if we do you know you go with the favorite they'd normally cover. Ideally you would like to go with the favorites. No that couldn't happen couldn't the saints to win now known or. About the company was that the favored to win in the second week just like. Last week as a tool used the underdog normally cover 70%. And more of them comfort and to local one right. Mike and just look into the playoff schedule here. And Atlanta plays in Philadelphia it's gonna be bitter cold their Tennessee yet New England bitter cold there. Jackson led Pittsburgh Jacksonville rather Pittsburgh bitter cold there. As he be bitter cold in Minnesota but we're going to be on the inside in terms of quickly before we get to the phone calls one thing that I'm thinking is that. On Sunday the saints will know whether or not they have a shot at hosting the Atlanta for the NFC championship. Course they got to go to Philadelphia dude does anybody care and a team of on any event. Probably net. That stage of the Islamic government wouldn't be right. But and I'm sure oversight fans they're confident they're gonna have local of that. That. That's the first thing about it is human and falcons Chinese sport during. Yet it be huge John Allen and longshoreman good morning earned out of WL with my d'Italia. Longshoreman. Oh yeah yeah. The if we could see my. Be in at the huge but the lip out the victory. On Dayton. Yeah as I can happen but it's nice this thing done. Might like me he doesn't dance and he doesn't like to be around people who do is that about right mind. Yeah yeah. It was you know and we would television should we Tuesday human. And at the end of the show we do it. So you know it's about these oh he resident. Now when I know wasn't necessarily time nobody in the pairing there anyway go ahead longshoreman which questions. Yeah. Mike Bennett bought the Mike got that the last week and what you get just feel. Involved in this one. It was a big back the last week. And man you know eight the bank drama in people been weight will need to show up as we get him. And also that it will act yet been involved because I think that can beat you keep of the war. Drew Brees in Britain that ball around we know out dangerous secret I'm ready. We can bring the ball of people. A Mike Obama now. Gotcha hang on one show growing into as many people as we can Michael Lotta people texting and while chairman to about Willie's need Obama are we gonna see some people may be targeted and haven't been before in terms of druze passes the ball spread around others of like an audience. As you know lists and news you're playing a team with a star corner and once on the field just like. Marshall a lot more is for the site. I mean that you wrote it is for the vikings so he pixel it wants out of that he'll. She got it get people involved but did he ever has before things get this right about route. You better protect me. That's Paramount. So what do you do you're rolling mode more low what are you deuce or screens. Which I think would jewels he has a lot of courts because. Again and again heavy pressure. And the worst thing a quarterback wants the city. It is pressure right up the middle of just like you say. And again. You know when you amen. From me. That's where it was and will jewels of make such a difference. He's sort of view. You guys in this business back in actually do it will be well you know two guys on you know if you go to. The new Ugoh. And which you don't want it it's going to be big in the trenches but assigns to win because is. That there. Vikings would be more did they league's top defense and day a lot of pressure. It didn't necessarily equal to a tremendous amount. This year but they've put heat on the quarterback and get rid of football for. Mike one thing we've not really done in the minutes there remain. Flipped the script of vikings on offense saints on defense. Well for the vikings can you know simply being. Armed being the and this is new ground you know playing in this type of setting. Our big game lights how he reacts to that he's got weapons. Certainly without them the one who's really played well this used to fund did so receiver. The one matchup issues I think this pointed that out is that idea what kind of Ruble. He's. Also but he is pretty good. Any cut in touch sales this year which means in the sold that were case wants to do with the football. The vikings to win this game. About gays can you know he's got what we and he's Scott Appleby. That we had a Soria Devin WL dot com you can read the audience a feeling about cam Jordan claimed his father's. The former team Mike it's prediction time when you think. Know what you think about home field advantage being up three point difference. And you were only the vikings only three and a half point favorite. And goes to show you how much was vagueness thing that Drew Brees yeah. So. You know that 70% of my arc can figure out of those three teams or others that'll win. Is there an upset this week is the sites. Not deals that are going to be durable game. I really do wouldn't be surprised. This game sort it ends and will call you go forward and two teams. I had a bad at all closely match they are in I think it comes down on the special teams. We knew that the number one right defense called up against the number two ranked offense. It's something else is gonna break. And I think that normally is in Serbia and all specialties. See you don't want Philadelphia new England and Pittsburgh. All that would although none of land that gave my notice and I think. Right now if you would pull the other teams in the embassy the one team that just curious. Is that why am. Because when they scored twenty points on board regain they've won every game this year we are being put up points points. That's how well they've played on defense and I would note yields of the they've Freeman did pretty well well for instance so. Articulate it takes care of business and silly. And certainly the patriots and Steelers. That matchup will see again but he is C championship game. Thank you Michael will talk he Monday morning as always I presume my Morgan money of one award Monday after the game we'll see Tom thank you sir have a great weekend and now we appreciate you as always Mike. I have a good day guiding you follow Mike at Mike detail EA DT IL LER on Twitter.