Detillier: It matters who you play and when

Newell Normand
Friday, April 20th

Do you like the Saints chances of getting back to the Super Bowl? Mike Detillier breaks down the Saints schedule and possibilities. 


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Do the saints had a good chance of going to the Super Bowl this season the 2018. Schedule is out with a schedule makers kind of the black gold. Or not. Kind of depends who you ask Bobby gave their loves his schedule sees the saints getting off to a fast start. And thanks so I'm no excuses along the way for racking up a whole bunch of wins but Deuce McAllister. Sees potential challenges. Will take a look at that schedule how many prime time appearances saints have. And what those challenges may be coming up also LSU's national oil club's spring game is tomorrow how is this tiger teams shaping up. Should we expect another quarterback controversy will be talking about that throughout the hour here on WWL. Do you like the same chances of getting back to the Super Bowl season that's a big 870 pretty Mazda opinion ball. Yes no or too early to say you can go to WWL. Dot com. Mike chilly air NFL analyst joins us now live you don't have to go to WW other company can't but you can go right here right now trap hole. Do you like the saints' chances when taking all things into consideration. At this pointers it's still too early to say if they should be a Super Bowl caliber team. Number and they contenders. Are up you know Bob bottom line you know rates. Now this is a competency. And I think gate could be pulled away. From the ANC has got more established quarterback in the Tennessee and secondly I think what they've done in the last couple years. And kind of beefing up. The offensive and defensive lines of the teams in the NFC has probable way. From the AFC. That that some distance there and at one team to me. That's built like an NFC team immediately today and that the Jacksonville Jaguars mean New England. They are would fail but did their bill. Lines it is Jacksonville also. Yes and that's and it's a tough schedule you've got to get out of bought quick like use plain bull. Well you yet. Because you like you know you got camping Cleveland not the bat and you get to away games against Atlanta against the giants you know Washington. Nobody says they should be foreign one or five and now he loves the way this thing started. I agreement obligated pockets and that port one spot. His where he gets tricky app that will off. Because. And it is an early by the bye comes in weeks six do stem like that early about it. I would much rather a little bit later but you know it is what it is you got accepted. You play at Baltimore team you have not matched up against Peyton has been zero and three against them in the regular season and it's the only team. Drew Brees has never beaten. As a charger or a slight. Home and I thought he got off 32 that's flat out. He still had 31 disease beat the saints so when he was a charger he's been the chargers when he was a saint so really the only thing I've Baltimore's the only team he hasn't beaten. Pad the McCoy then eagled that rolled the plea minutes so. Opinion or quality in a pretty good football. Now what are we didn't didn't work out so well last time we went there well did for most of the game until last in around. Ten seconds. And then you played rams which. We've we've experienced that today that there really that's going to be at stout team. It's a commodity in a sense of never matched up well again. Continued got trapped gained. And then that in your siblings Bennett seemed in the negotiation. What you Ketchum in between you playing bill rams awful war. And world champs back of them against the Eagles. High so that's where they can't is that. You get that trip where you play the falcons. Thursday night Thanksgiving men and and and this schedule makers certainly. Them three straight away games now at Tampa at Carolina. Yet that that is concerning those on things deuce point and out. Now I gotta go on the road 23 good teams coming up boosters and ideally saving grace is at least after the Thursday night against Atlanta. They're playing the cowboys the following Thursday night and then they get kind of a couple extra days off before they have to go to Tampa. Yeah and and so you're gonna stretch here from mid October. To meet some. Where commitment. That at some meat grinder in that point and you finish it all with three straight away gains. And then you finish this season with a heel in the pants does and you concede would does. The schedule makers would do one here. They put the Panthers to the last three games against the length so that they can build. A go and should be put it in at least now. Yeah they must not think that the falcons are going to be in that number because the last and usually the saints have to play the falcons as one of the last few games. This time after that did they have both games before Thanksgiving against the falcons. So you know they. Probably. Almost lost the deal Europe taken again. That late and they. People out interest and it'd be put some late new year. And so that's like he got Carolina too with the last three games. And certainly Pittsburgh. Which is an interest in football team it the Pittsburgh steel that we grew up with that would agree deep pits two teams. But man they can put some points on the board. You know wouldn't O'Neal brown and we did drop was burger and we'll go to Libya on bill's going to be on the team or not. But no bigger there are high scoring tactic and that's going to be interesting gains. So. And so the last three weeks of the season to know. If this answer in the playoffs or not or do you think they're gonna be battling those last three weeks twice against the Panthers and went against the Steelers the playoff seeding at that. I think again about what that that would give a look at you coming down the stretch in those last three weeks and so critical. And yet you can comment in other lines that it. And last year we know operate on is plane went campus three times. Poll. You you've got to where I think they'll look at it that thing you know what we think that sank to really good things we think that amp does or really good team. That that you know we think they've mig planes but not. All right Robin that point overall were the schedule makers friendly to the saints cannot deal love it hated or somewhere in the middle. I'm in the middle but you know although it was a big believer in this day not who you play but when you play them. Because we can't get right now in this going to be an injury or injuries to. I'd seen. Oh when you play well and I think that a lot of difference. Yeah we can look at this out as quick to talk about. Blood you know I'll always in the middle about scheduling because I don't think who you play. In which you flail. Doesn't matter. Yeah what are your injuries what their injuries began to the hell are. Are your injuries as an act on the football team across the board would I think this schedule doesn't get an opportunity to get out quickly. And that's going to be key put his football team and it played well with. Last year. When they got out to a real quick start know last year was ruled too so you'd think you'd think the quick store. But in the past using win this team has got not a good start they have added did a really good team. This schedule give that opportunity. Early. That thing going to be here about a time you get that a buy week in mid October. How to help you going to be. Because now you went through a difficult schedule. And and you finish up with British games but what you finished at two games that it is he's an animal. That regains stretch. And no other team has to go on the road for three consecutive games. At that that's typical in again. Samba tight games against teams you haven't matched up well against likable more Minnesota. And that you can't as I've pointed out with Cincinnati in between the rams and Eagles. Should be debate but. You planned Arctic where its focus. Sort of things so. Alter policy in the middle I'd just like the three game on to rule and I think that that's a terrible spot to put a team. In estimates estimated 7870. Talk about you know after a fast start they start with Tampa than they have Cleveland summit Texas and said. If he likes talk trap games you've actually lost for the last five regular season games against the browns weird. But true in fact it's worse than that the saints have lost five of the last six against the browns. Well I'll bet that number changes this year. Number. You know Kabul it's it's they've played a browser once every four years. Because it way to schedule worked out and brown has been one of the worst teams in the NFL and going to be improved security got to be in the game again election. In the high single game. At us senate Clinton was in 1410. Loss in fourteen the saints did they lost intent the last time the saints beat the browns as in 2006. Well if you wanna win a little coin op Ed they do it this year. Okay yeah. Now I know I I don't think that that is. You do it on the digital portal like that the odds and it will talk about that but. I think that that number one being the browns changes because in the than ever use a different team that acts. It's something they've try to tell people bid this isn't college football that it's kind of a system where you can kind of see how things go pro football. Yeah you get better get words that those things at me. In this league now that it would. They drink you know you know whatever in light pole that Leon seemingly statement mainly all the time yeah right. But every now. How that little bit. Locals there up and down up and down up and down so that's why they're wrapped in the agency is so important. You win. In the fall but which time from February and June. All the old view me that's when you win. And these and thinking now in the top. They all make in kind of football chest wounds. To try to build up has not illegal to target he didn't mean there won't be. So you're trying to do I think. What the Eagles needed to win this as a copycat who. The Eagles won out front opulence of the principal lines they'd they had what is best units mobile sides in the league because in the wasn't. Just remarkable and the Lehman down to the injury. It means. Back up quarterback him in there and impeccable way. I. I had doesn't look like the saints have a backup quarterback to to do that. And I don't esteemed you know they're not today so again. It is a little bit of a copycat league and now I'm interest that the draft schools over the first two days especially. That there Hennessy continued that trend. Bulking up would those speed guys up front where they have won in the trenches in those tight games because I. Reports that would that quarterback Denard you have two teams they've given away on a pick to get up to get their guy. They they want you know Cleveland want a quarterback in jets won a lot of backed by apple wants a quarterback. Did potentially could take a quarterback. In the embassy you know result. May mean but there are a lot of teams that are able to do that. That I think going to be intriguing as you play these games. And it's real physical. Yeah hell. But the offensive in defense of lines and I think that's a big reason why you've seen all the top teams. Try to you know he just is starting for them the minutes of lines starting five offensive line trying to get depth there because. As a major let a patch acquired talk about he called final four to 60187 he had bad streak you're on the line with Mike it's Ilia. Patrick is there. Hello hey you're on what might. Eudora or and that caller Abbott wrote thank you look I agree reviews. Upon my call. Mop I think it is because of that is due back in April top. I think we needed more interior lineman. Backup purposes I don't know interior Leo yeah this on the eve of the book. About the way outlook public he's got seven and on and yet they're thought that we dig out of that evidently all. Interior linemen to give prepared but it does grant we got from Iraq told all. Account of one well all of a bank in right there yeah Ellison now. I agree with you. You know Eagles let she'll just starting left tackle. Ended date date slip in another guy you wouldn't know. You know rolling something goes down to an injury put in another right tackle played terrific until linking back. That the that the line and a little injuries here and do it. But both those guys again not to open the one that I think in his draft class which you bring up his interest in I think the deepest area. Is the long distance from gore route and so I can you can do when that. And certain agents for interior linemen and not war but I would say three. All right Michael I don't run and a lot of times I just wanna ask you real quick in inside player in your lane in your latest mock draft duty of the saints taken with the first overall. How rolling entry outside linebacker defensive end from Boston College. Right will be listen in for you. To keep us posted on sports talk and coming up after the news Amazon room where they can meet you in person and come out to celebrate the draft with us next week thanks Mike. Mike to affiliate here on WWL.