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Desperate Reality: Facing the Truth
Saturday, August 19th

Johnny L. of the New Orleans Mission reaches out to the homeless people of New Orleans. 


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Well good evening and welcome everybody did desperate reality facing the truth I'm Johnnie L here. For another alive program here in New Orleans downtown New Orleans, Louisiana we have again grateful. To be here with you this is alive program presented by the New Orleans mission. Add and in Michigan media which is the New Orleans Michigan's. Admission of production company. Announcing company it's it's for comes from New Orleans mission. And we're just excited about the work they god does true men and women that come to Christ that their lives are changed. And through mission media scrutiny right now you've got men and women that have graduate the program and in now producing. This program desperadoes Jason truth and a number of other programs in the always mission. Do work for local companies. And it's is real exciting all the video Warrick and and the editing in and the production. Metric DeVon black is one of our Brothers in Christ and who actually came out from them from the bridge under the bridge in New Orleans. Who lost his way. As many of us had. I'm lost our way and found no way in Christ and allies be any change and now we become useful to the king so welcome the desperate reality. We allies here from ten to midnight tonight. Would this program so we are here every Saturday nine will welcome Darren Radcliffe the co host of the program desperado and welcome Darren thank you rather. You know I don't know if it's arousal funny fearless council finding me on the air so. I I was a little a little all fun that I'm used to a certain sound went so long as we're live in broadcasting your clip I'm fine with that. Keith terrorism guitar so welcome Keith. Good to see if he's playing guitar. Again we have street teams out on the street right now that are. Ministering the men and women they'll loving them right whether rather share in the gossip might affect before we even get started Darren you said three men have come off the streets. That go into the missions that was at the update at stats correctly three chairman of the mission. Maybe Clarence and I might come and sell. Yeah you know this and this is what's exciting about about the what God's doing and I wanna be very clay even though we're live here for two hours and men and women from from the New Orleans mission. Are out on the streets with. The they have transportation and they've got blankets. Morin Pauly they have the love of Christ there they just meeting people with Iraq people that a dying people that are hurting. People that most people we just don't maybe don't hear about. We see god cares about and that's what that's what this is all about they got his about you tonight. And if you're listening you're driving are you sitting home listen. Windiz grateful that you are listening. Maybe pull over and you know put the lights down low just sit back relax and I believe God's gonna speak did tonight because he wants to speak to his people. And I think this is what's this is what is marvelous about about crisis that Jesus was god that he came for sinners he made us win no home. We will blind. We're all ball on line were all want to guilty no income no one came into the world say hey I know god. We will we were on created by god but you don't you know what separated us. Was pride with sin and it happened a long time ago. Because of one man's since. You know when Adam. Was walking with got to the coolest day. Adam I didn't have any knowledge of good or evil. And god told only from that tree but he he and he listened to the woman they both eight and in god said that they died. That's in and did the the world at that time. And is it all men died not summoned all mend I'd been through one man the man Christ Jesus. Because of his faithful act of commons earth. Of dying on the cross shedding his blood he conquered death and evil by reason. Himself from the dad and all believe in him are forgiven of their sent the very thing that separated him is a very thing that needed to be accomplished that was accomplished. Through Jesus Christ. The word that in the beginning was it worth the order was with god the lord was god and the word became flash. And what's amazing is Jesus was god. He was always if you go back to Genesis they win when you hear description that says they'll let us make man in our image that was a father in the son. No always together and the worried. The word of god became flesh powerful well I didn't know this this Jesus but I heard about a 26 years ago and called on them. And it would be six is live from the day that I called him and he saved me radically changed my heart changed my life. That I knew that I was loved I was guilty full send full of shame. Trying to make a way in this world. But with no hope and with no god and now we have hope and that's what this program is all about the knowledge emission. Is. One of the largest full service Christian charities in the gulf south. That rescues in the houses up to 232 men and women. Where they just come in as they aren't there's no discrimination when it comes to god. You can come to god any type facility CC in this Aniston Lisa death but the gift to god is eternal life to Christ. And the forgiveness of Christ and you know I think this is important to say because people that there is an enemy that is a lie. Saying it is real. He lies is the father of lies so when it comes to coming to Christ who can come. Any one who comes to Christ who still have I you almost whosoever tonight you feel he was sore all whosoever is. And in which was all amazing about god is when we tell the truth in this program promises to tell you the truth. As a whosoever. We don't have to put people on the boxes and this guy is a had a file this guy is racist disguise homosexual disguised greedy listen. We're all guilty does is is not right just not even want that all fallen short of the glory god and letting. Braced we can be saved not by it works out by man's effort now by keeping the law not by going to church Wednesday and Sunday given listen we're saved by grace. Through faith not works listening to boast. Anyone can come in the beautiful thing is when we come when we do read ten turn to Christ to be forgiven us and and we're fill with the spirit within learn how to live godly and as Christians. I wanted to stop off this program by saying this this program is it is God's work. Here in Louisiana. And aids in history major areas that we want to always and always talk about hey we want to be able to ship the truth. Above the light of the gospel in a darkened broken and wicket and violent world. That there is life there is hope to represent the gospel so people can what be saved from what death and hell that people can have hope in god. And we promise to tell you that truth it's a you can be listening right now and and and and god is calling you to listen there's not them on point that you could be doing tonight. And assemble on number two. Is that we wanna encourage those at east that are born again faith those that I have faith in Christ and Jesus is god. That there's saved by grace not works. That have the spirit that a born again we wanna encourage the body of Christ for now if you're if you're a believer in Jesus. And you're live in for Christ we we just wanna encourage you. Just to continue lifting him to contain empty yourself to get to continue to to preach and to Xia no matter where you want a man away you go that you are vessel. I useful to the king. At the same time we want also encourage Christians that the time is dark. And there are many Christians at a practice and send this many Chris is that I really follow their feelings are then I'll listen and I'll follow the war that Jesus is enough for them malice and he's enough. And the body Christ which is where we are are commanded to walk holy so we have to encourage one Lama to walk holy and I'm talking to practice what is right. They can be and enablement or a tolerance for sin I'm talking about believers and I'm not talking nonbelievers. See we need to sit with them believe is whether there there right now tonight whether under the bridge with with a needle in the Iran whether there it they just get done. Being immoral under the bridge when they get money to get high. We need to love sinners because we were sinners and now that we're in Christ were forget. And see who we got to witness and tell the truth to those that don't know when but those that do know him. We wanna encourage you. That this is a safe place to call for Korea Cole maybe maybe you you you're you're you're ashamed of some say in the urine. Listen we wanna pray with you can call in Chia. They do we wanna be transparent and wanna help Brothers and insist is out of sand and run to the king and and really got what changed your life. And use you and radical at number three which really exciting is. Jesus said go into the highways in the byways and preach the gospel and bring people into the church will listen. This is what's really awesome about living for Christ's radically as we see the Bible come alive. Yet we can't we weeks you don't proclaim the gospel but how often do we just leave people the Renton. He Selig then god didn't go to the highways embark byways an invite them to the wedding invite them to Christ an embrace them and all the New Orleans mentioned is that places one of those places all over the world did that god has his church. His people. And there there are many that are bringing people and we just we have learned to live that way. That's why we have the knowledge mission of giving hope retreat with its rescue hotlines. And an even the community. Covington police department saint Tammany. I was project Angel they drop people off that that really wanna change your life to come into the police stations and they say I'm struggle with drugs and tool we have a place you go. They drop them off of the property. Well this program is meant to ship the good news but also it's a live radio rescue of one of one of America's first and I and I say that because. We're affiliated with the EG RM and those are that's a Christian based faith organization. These are the missions is over 300 of them across the country. So they were in Texas or Oklahoma or the array and Mississippi or Alabama already here in Boston. Listen we want you call this program and where are able to helping you leave your life of trouble of Santa dad dove of bondage whether you're suicidal you're depressed may be Europe's you know your your B prostitute it maybe you're in bond AG in in in in your apartment. See if you wanted to leave that is the real wanna rescue people. We're doing. What Christ told us to do. To say come in will help you into a mission the Norway's mission or any mention you know within the United States so we wanna help you with that. So it's real life rescue. And when you think about the New Orleans mentioned. That's just what it is. You know people come in every day look at the food and shelter. And there are a lot of the you know every person that comes and we get to love the weather around that we share the gospel with them. And we and they have a the 21 days that the betting clothes and she and food and and and Maria. But there are many that are invited to crisis say yes I wanna change my life what I've done has it worked. They're addicted to Medsphere addicted to drugs here they they've been immoral they edit them the alcohol that the bond the hatred you have to give mr. bitterness. They have no hope and you know when they come to crises that are I wanna I wanna be forgiven. I wanna I wanna notice to be for me and then we then we opted to offer them the opportunity to be with us for up to one year at no cost that's why. When you that we have that when you think about the mission and it's all supported by a those that god touches again. I went out about. Government funds and went out about. Manipulating people. What we just about got hot and saving individuals. That are broken and hurting. And god when we follow him he'd provide heat it's it's his work on the earth. So again welcome to a desperate reality facing the truth it's 1019 desperate reality time and Darren is gonna give up a number and we get to we get some when directed the phones and M against. Phone calls as well the number Cohen talked to Johnny is 5042601870. That's 504 Q 601870. And Johnny our first calls with caps team they're down at the library in the city. And those names Clarence he's a struggle with homelessness. Drinking any as a job are fantastic Clarence it's Johnnie L walked into the program how are you tonight. A group. So listen we area right now. A what linebackers. Are ego. Gerald root that thing there are so so you're in downtown new wall leave your by the luck library does that rank. Yeah so she'll win Mila do you live on the streets he have an apartment woody but we do live though are under a different orders report how long you been on the street Clarence. More revered figure art a year. Apart here. So a year and a half a year and a half on the streets yeah. Ice show on. Now it says here they you have a job she working as well. Yeah downward hear it don't matter who don't know him all over Andre all right so so let me ask you this how long you been struggling with alcohol. Now rendered. All of bread very good room and I director twelve mineralized. South toward god give you a couple of years quote to the board got your public debt and I Gado real bear. So so you know and and listen Deaderick it's not necessarily the problem is it's it's getting drunk it's with people depend on it for comfort. So I was seven days how many days would you say you drink let's be honest because listen we don't have a lot of time and I really Bart will we just wanna help people love people. So thank you first of all food for getting online so I was seven days you feel you have a couple of drinks every day. Arctic air right. They've got seven. And beer Wednesday. All right show. Where's your money if you work in tenure on the street you don't have any bill also waste your money going. Wearable. There were gobbled it Rob Lowe will mom brother was so they're like they're on Cuban born in the. Are you so let me ask you this and and we hear this a lot I'm always get right to would you say your man a phase though that. They you believe that Jesus is god would you say they you don't have any trade them all maybe a believing in something else where you worry it can Wear you out when it comes a Jesus. We've got the news but he didn't dog owners do if you're dead I've not. But it's settled in vote to move soon or the Lego like I so she air. So we give you let me ask you this so you say and you believe in Jesus Christ. Art ice so we do you believe that he's got a we. Our regret it I threw. I'm so let me ask if you die tonight do you do you think let K you go to haven't. I'm not quite sure. I'll catch up because I've been out of the church for long term so I know ago rendered no work. Well out there would use. I said so let me and that's interest thing to say do you believe they go to church would then give you the right to go to heaven. No okay good that's true that's good and I must say you should ME church right I guess you you equated salvation with go to church so. It is very very it it's very important to understand that when I say by any effort on our part. Up by doing something. To please got an on again having Jesus hung on the cross for us and you believe that there who RE. So now his it's interesting and I'm not gonna tell you are saved the knob because do you think that god wants you know if your sins are forgiven and you have eternal life do you think he wants you to know that. Well that be true does that go but dad dad be in first John leases are right these things that you may know already that you have eternal life. Now I want either know something you're talking know a man here that. Lived without doubt without nobody know Jesus right. When I was up in the clubs right the drink in the drugs the you know sick and Ottawa glorify sin because it's wicket that was go to hell okay. Mark well but when I heard the gospel god did save me at some point. And I knew that I had eternal life I knew my sins were forgiven I knew Jesus was god. And I knew I know it it's I'm not guessing it and so my I have a real concern right now that if you don't know that you've had eternal life for not. It's very possible you're not born again it's very possible that you're getting your sins and and you could die in the club tonight go to hell now brought out. I I I'm not the end you know irrational. But I but I just wanna. We have such a short time and I just wanna tell you the very thing you know when you think about the drink and write you think about the club who listen amino right guard. I hope that when you go to the club. You see say in man do you see how dirty. And disgusting. And you see the the seriousness and the final list. Of seduction. In a morality. Listen that's what Jesus hung Forman. You see died on the cross fought for all of our CNN an aids and won a man sees his sin. Well and it Vinny there any years that there without Christ you will go to people will go to how they will die but he doesn't want anyone to parish. So the question for you tonight is. Man am I gonna help. I'm gonna die a world that you gotta die you do you agree with that right Clarence work. How old you. Or their partners were 55 and you're drinking a lot limitless and 1015 B is a week whatever it's still a lot. You know I guarantee that tomorrow correct Bart. Somehow I don't think you're ready I don't think you're ready to die man. Warm numbers every year but but my point is you're not ready to die meaning without Christ. So you are and it really does it tells us to examine deceive were in the faith okay and will. You know why it. Mean his dad's wallet this 200 in. Sixty I think million them Americans I think the storms ST billion people on the earth or I could be wrong on that right. Is he is the point. Here's the point I'm right now you're on the radio talking about Jesus Christ why you're drinking and under. I'm on the street in New Orleans do you think that's coincidentally big god did this tonight. Are boring golf broad your you're absolutely man. In so I don't wanna just hey have a good time basic calling your nice guy let's get some film shot to bridge on the radio this is not about the radio program is not about TV. This is our earlier life man right. Right we're getting your sins and you don't know you I've eternal life and listen how is far. And of people don't wanna talk about that I get a but we have to tell people the consequences of sand at the same time. Jesus. Looked the sin and the wrap the gun on himself so you could be free and this should not say you could be free to stay in the club. Where there's a hold his hold the number of people that wanna use God's grace as a license to send that person's a liar so our get real with via. Do you see your need to repent tonight. We. So got to speak your right now saying you need to come to him to bring you send the cross. So I you wanna pray right now with me with you. Sure Mario political are pushing you close your rise could right now you talk and god amen. Well this is where and listen Jesus in Jesus paid it all. Clarence. We'll show. Between what you've heard right now. And going to god would you just say got to come to you. In my sin. And I wanna ask your forgiveness and when I want you to forgive me of all my eyes and help me to trust you to know you to follow you you tell god you need to be forgiven so bad debts between you and god right now and I wanna stand in the gap from pray with you but it's your time to brave man. Just go to the father and come to Jesus so it isn't what it calls on the name of the lord. Shall be saved I think Carter you've been honest and I did your sinful. Really and you don't know if you have eternal life but. Let's take it seriously succumbed and you come to Jesus and Iran. You call on his name you ask him to forgive you and to give you eternal life and every V give you faith to believe do you want that Clarence. Continue asking right now on the border with Yemen a pretty silent while you. Break. Do you thank you press. And over here leaders and us oh yeah you'll need to be very very very very. These are all. But we're we're. Here. You don't worry he's. But these ball. Or he's off this all right partner. Or. Do you hear me. So you know. Yeah. I thank you for Clarence. You know all the world could be standing still love or actually busy grandfather you have must talk committees he called money on his own father cyber right now Wagner. That Clarence would one hidden wake up boy didn't know you file Mabry they give them faith to believe I think everybody would see Santa how serious it is. Got that he's he's not a child anymore. But got that he's been limited to this world has been empty and he's been alone and he's been with. Dangerous zone means he's been meaning you follow them inside pretty thick anyway is fall off with you that'd be good ground guy that he would just somehow comedy what you did right now and it would be real fun. Got you would take command and got that he would be used to go and bring truth god to those at a dime right now it's him that would lift up to you in Jesus name. Amen Clarence. Where suppliers some Amish Eminem she others within. Who will lie in this is again you buy your own free will prayed and I'm I am and missing got hurt demand. Right. I want you to know whether your fifteen with 855251575. Okay. Bart we all mail those guys around you all the guys here in the studio we all came out of pornography and drinking and and greed and selfishness. And drugs bro and manipulation and and womanizing was insane and we came Alice in bro OK. March and allies vowed change I mean we get joy of. Is that that would have troubles but we'll we have free a man we're free we know we have eternal life our Susan forgiven man this is powerful this is Jesus man right. Right this is for you it it if you really truly repented and I think god does it leave your life. Leave your job leave the clubs leave the drink it right now come into the Michigan karma these guys and get disciple. The what does that look like you may not really know what it looks like. But I want you to evaluate this for a second. You're 55 his old deal Livan on the streets you're drinking listen. What have your choice is god you. You've got. This now. Some people already some people here believe some people it's as a seed planted I can't control that and and and it's not my job to. But his between field first of all you called on Christ. Will secondly he's saying tonight I'll take you off the street. I'll bring into the mission here it's better than the streets but you know we are safe the food clothes Shelton Korea disciple ship. Ten months and looked home. Learning about Christ growing in Christ. Because that's healing that some point we're talking about complete transformation if you want to you can leave tonight go at those guys it will take UN. I get to meet tomorrow in church. It's not going to be easy on the actual idea. But it's our it's definitely going to be is definitely going to be easier than Livan on the street in your C and and and listen is that it. And and possibly dying in your sent. Since I was a new nicer we wanna offer that God's offering that to you. I knew what are you willing right now to say I'm Leven pummeling even death I'll leave insane and I'm going a U will I'm that are. There weren't sure aren't. Congratulations. So your webcast in listen prominent. I'll see tomorrow a church is it gonna take your time they're gonna feed you that you're close you do you get a nice rest and I'll see with the church tomorrow I'm Johnny comes along and make his. On on Sundays they come to look home for church service bad you're giving hope retreat so I'll see a margin I love you brought us right. Rugged. And that yeah baby yeah your own all right Campbell talked his own and and how does it yeah. Outlets I I'm not gonna get this discards how many times Daryn we got guys that come and leave right. Well yeah I mean every night that the street evangelist the teams are out to allow is three guys came in before weaving on the radio this happens every day at the mission right. Now we have passed Jamie from Venezuela I put that like publicis so here's volatility of Diego. Listen when people come in its radical but. Just like the church people coming that your trying then they don't I'll stay right end and then Matthew twelve says that the different types of ground right people come and some people get excited we'll open and then and then they get persecuted for the word like I don't need this crap and a woman walks Viagra that discourage. Not only is no different than the mission. It's just truth you we have no control of Claris is gonna stay in up you know what he called a Christ. Yeah in them this is not a a man in rescue people want them out yeah that's it's real it's an analyst and goes all this and all it is and that's a black these guys whacked. The guy you don't they re. This image jesus' want to have a listen promises saved by grace and we got we see life transformed. Palace a man who's been raped and molested as a woman has been raped or molested learn to forgive and it's no medication itself psychiatry. It's a pile of Christ and and them come and forgiveness. That's that's there one person it's a given what they did. When they come to Jesus Christ to be forgiven if they're saying they learn to forgive others man. Team oh and listen we just kind of keep planting and we keep watering I just wanna say that because. Many people can come to Christ and leave him and can discover just. Some our own family and yes there. We have the let them go and we have the way and really come home well if they don't we have to keep plugging ahead. Live for Christ not familiar. We. We have somebody else yeah we do. And get out and number real quick inside 1035 this is desperate reality. Beating Colin talked to Johnny F 504260. 1878 that's 5042601870. And Johnny and add to answer any under the bridge Claiborne and esplanade. And he's homeless and he Charlotte with alcohol and crack. And low pay at the Johnnie L how are you. Are you can AME Anthony. I can't hear you out can you hear me. What you've done. This at me and how Leo. Oh you are I. Here I am much yeah yeah. Okay. That's I'm a white guy. And doing got a brown guy that he's from Venezuela these brown and we get. Is China we get like a real low almost Al almost like albino type. So so yeah if they so why you're black jeans Jesus all black people. Did you how were you. As it is this god love black people. Why does he love gay people. God this guy love gay people people struggle and homosexuality. There and world class are pulled out but I'm maybe you know that's why would talk and you see god loves all people. God loves every godless people has he may people. Any paid sick and but he made a way offers to beast to save from us and so we don't wanna look at people and put him in boxes. We don't want this or listen we don't wanna stereotype anybody he isn't the failure on crack is ranked. Apollo you don't call you don't crack. Up. Well but I. All right so. So listen and I oh hole and I lit it there amid this I want to know that that the fact that you're even able to talk live on the radio. Is the power of god god is god loves you Anthony. That is why I was I wanted to hold on I wanna tell you. Even though you're addicted to crack it's it's it's bondage and it's and why did you crack what do you what do you what do you feel like is there. Is it pays even be a written running from for a long time things that you don't want to face. As is cracked me your medication. Not he does and that act is now back at it and didn't. I'm. Yeah. You. Oh yeah. What would not do is I'm doing fine man. Didn't do it odd that the global aunt are about people about it. Well those are God's people listen matter of fact are you account instead of yes and allow it now have you met album. Yet his cabinet Iowa I want to listen we get done Anthony. I'm white cool always spent some time metallic Calvin is our reentry coordinate all the the new wall he's mission. Right. But listen 34 years ago listen Calvin Calvin. He did crack. On a regular basis man he's a notice this and he's he's to go to stores and rob stolen so we give money to crack. And now listen and now. He he came to Jesus man to be forgiven service and yeah and he came into the ministry. And now got his gave an eternal life he's except that he's washed them in the blog and now Calvin is serving god and he's out there helping you know this is gone man. Do you wanna do you think. Yeah let me ask you do you really wanna be free though man you just talking. There notes. You know com. I'm a lot and I am alarmed that I don't get my life and you've got them on line. It. Yeah. I was not hold I want to I want to hear here that's okay you ready. By two weeks ago we we were talking to a guy in the street right. And we hear the law with a minute we asked in the coming in the mission in any anyway and it was almost gonna comics are now. And we just found out he went to jail. And the only Carty and hop he had on them was a card from from the New Orleans mention any cold boss. And he said man I should came and now I'm in jail but now he's willing to come. So he isn't deal Anthony. Euro amen tonight. And it's not going to be easy but we will all lived in San and we else struggle and Jesus really change alive tonight you can actually industry. You can come to the mission and in a gauge of food kitchen shallow geese and close. And will will meet with duke to offer you an opportunity. To follow Christ if you just wanna change your life you don't have to know everything right now but we're willing to take you in for a year and I. I know. What's that. While it. Yeah. Yeah well I didn't. Yeah and any Anthony understand you listen and I understand that no Clinton and maybe not many people care about your okay. But I'm not warm you up well I think I understand and listen to his a thing. We want any we wouldn't really care about you either for wasn't for god cared about us okay. So because god kid about me and my pain in my sin in my Xiamen my guilt. Because he came in love to me where I was that and he gave me of mice and now it's a love of Christ that we have rather sell wanna tell you this is really from god now from lawsuits to rule us but it's god in us to you we don't wanna take any credit but he is a thing. His a much guy thinks he went to be reading. Yeah yeah. There. And then we'll go. You know the work. That. God ago. Yeah. Well that's true our yeah that's true. Well because I love I want I want I I. I'm glad you're here you're able to understand and and I'm also grateful that you're able to a shared back with us. What you're hearing. But ballistics analyst at his other thing is it. And a and this is what god wants it and stand. May be many maybe many people don't hear about Q okay. But more or but god but god does I wanna show you how why how much he cares about you. That he demonstrated. His love for us that one we will yet rip sinful addicted to crack sinful. Christ died for us Jesus whose god hung on a cross for you Anthony. Any any already paid for your crack use he died two years this and he died fiercely and they died fear. For you seen any at all. And and what he's been waiting for is for you to come to him to be forgiven. Of what he's over yet of what he's already done for. I'm not interest in the game you laugh cracked I'm not into stating that you meal on this and Anthony have managed to give you some clothes. That's just how god shows love to people he really wants your heart that you would come in to be forgiven do you wanna be forgiven him to leave your sin. Who acutely would you give. All Romney. Say that again. In orbit. You know but yeah no I EE LLO. I love what let me let me. Jimmy Xia that again. In a different way what I meant is yes it's fantastic feat to be a crack. It's fantastic feat to be you know working hard it's even money. My point is this if you if we die without Christ even if we get the whole world right elicited. Even if we're all crack and we're working hard when women with children and we're taking here of of all the people if we die without Jesus. Then we Diane RC and then there's a hell to pay. The point I was Macon is uninterested in your salvation not giving you a meal you're gonna get a meal but now a little interest in that you know god you're forgiven. That you know you follow alms and yeah you. Are. What do you mean Jesus not me but I'll meet each elicit his. Here's the thing Anthony willow let it tick you and tonight you will leave the streets tonight and come into the mission and we can meet tomorrow and talk. No matter where I got too much right now you did too much watching much cracked what do we need to knowledge. You didn't look too much talked to me. I got our act on the brink try and I doubt here and all. My you can do it all limit I wanna be algae to be honest with you K Anthony. I am I'm. At and endowed by god wants you to be honest with them okay. Yeah it. Listen if you really want to be forgiven then yes it the new year if you want god if you want Jesus if you want to be forgiving you need to call on him. That's between you got to carry number one. I'm Rory Alnylam. To guide the number two. Number two is this if you really wanna leave the street and leave death because you could die tonight if you really want that. Then you that you would do it so you don't need to tell me you know I get this a do I get that that if you wanna commit tonight they'll help you get your stuff and bill bill help that's what the has got sent to mean Anthony. So if you say no I don't wanna comment and I'll see tomorrow. Then there's something else that that you really wanna do and that's still stay in that. Yeah now you know I don't it oh well. You don't have to let those guys don't want Eli and I'm not Lara yeah. And meet all but. Watch who you did. Actually true you know how I interpret them about plasma. You know Abner. I got something that acts that way you know I'm on the yeah. I so let me ask you this. Listened to these guys are gonna give you on number okay. It's a rescue problem isn't just. Pulled at the end of the where is it team that's out there they gonna give you the number okay. And it's a rescue hotline when you're ready coming you call OK but. No they'll. Go to you. And I get him in the moan and yes. Gemma. I. Yes you mass effect if you get there at 8 o'clock. They actually take everyone up to church and look home though Tamara frank you can. You can now you can tell you wanna come in and they'll to give your ride Telecom will get to meet tomorrow. Well look you know. You know the talent. I didn't show him what you play act it is now in the book onto. Yeah well. You just come and just come in the morning does come in the morning and ask who's gonna ask for Darren tomorrow I think yes for Ron Paul. I'm is in his we caps team hotel is missed it counts in. Tell Calvin we give them Ron Paul's number. We're gonna give you the guy's number you when you come in the morning you call this guy if you make it in time then they'll population our panel will take up to look on Mazda. Okay. Yeah now dig into all that they are listen listen they gonna give you all that tonight from. They gonna give you that came effort Daryn dirty work that out. They gonna give you information but before we do that Anthony. Are you willing to break. Are. Or are you are yeah are you willing to call on god you can't see deceive you man. And while he got them out. Here being and I'm among walked mentioned. The outcome would get. The announcement of a right now. If if if if if you if you time. Well let's listen I want to close your eyes I wanna pray with you and then you just slip homily you know EU wanna you wanna be saved you wanna be forgiven after that that's gonna be up to you. So close your eyes and close your eyes yeah. You know my name that's up to you and you wanna get I mean these I had I mean yes the law and get on my knees I mean that's Pervez god. I. On my you know my dad that he would be. More when I'm home I mean you know I feel. You. Now guys so here there and the GO. Eyes adjust yeah the rest of and now want to close your eyes and Eric Eric and I don't need our idea to me. More hum and open up and prayer Anthony and then and then. God's gonna help you to pray OK. Okay all right so just close your eyes. Father god the father god I just looked up Anthony is on his knees and thought I pray that right now he would see you Jesus on the cross. That he would see that you that you look at animate you love him. That you that you forgive him all all of this and all the rejection all the drug use all the hatred all the smallest scent. Then he. Mean he's he's worth dying fought. And I did that he's done did deserve goodness he deserves help decipher right now follow that. They you would speak to his heart that he would seem Jesus said he would call on the name of Jesus that he would ask to be forgiven Imus and. And be given faith that he would not be deluded and stay on drugs but that he would he would be forgiven god and that it would be useful to you. So windy right now Jesus is god. He died for this isn't the whole world and that includes yours and Anthony. And you need to be forgiven heavier sand and we had Vermont believe and read and from years and they don't hand is a Jesus I caught your name. Save me if you want that it that he would you call on the name it's. This mean she depot. Yeah your time to talk to him than. And yeah. I need to get them on it and call and Jenna are. Apple. What can call. Anthony. Anthony listen. Yes. You don't needle home Anthony illicit you don't need me BJ is it any you know this week I talked to god man and you. Lessons they want me Anthony forget all that. You're dead you're sick and Anthony. Do you wanna be saved Anthony from hell. To get that Jesus is his name man. They knew as Jesus to save you from death and how would you do you want for. Then that's camp as in don't last week. Ask him. I want him. And he'd on the minimum. All of slow. I didn't go out there yeah. While the room gun and made. I thought we got I just think you flew around for Anthony father and I know that these. Then out of his mind for a long time so file he's also listening. So I bring god. I per right now against every evil and wicked spirit that deceived him that lies damn I right now in the namely Jesus Christ voluntary fund declared a great understanding. Of. But think save of them all bothering. Us anyway no deal that he had that whoever's hands off them give you don't believe you thought. That he would say steady was Steve Davis was in debt and brought to you that this is this guy is saying it's not Paulie. And in the name of Jesus I've. Revoke its. And she's. Yeah. God I'm done and then. And these people want. Payback. So I'm talking about clo and you law. I Clarence. Name and then ask they've had sued. Them. Are you. More I'll you know. Yeah. See people pulling. In large. And yeah. But. We'll. Team. This. Merrill wall all right I'm not Clarence let's advance. Dad just look at all. Like and make some new life. Has got there is feel any any exit they isn't sealed. They. Got earrings and you can get there information. They already know you come when you're ready OK Clarence Anthony. I don't. Oh yeah all right love you entity all to see you tomorrow. Wow. I sensitive to do some I think WB taking a break and a few minutes so be following you that. I mean is a chance is a wild man I get them in. It's. I mean. Passing Jamie I mean. BC god just. I mean even though he's on crack and I think I learned something that just Stanton. He was trying to frame at CNN news Boller Dolores these EC two to see that kind of things in writing them anyways you know Collins Coleman he's talking to god I wanna meet you. And god was like you don't need you eaten pizza maker and years. And but I really was blown away and thank god was leading us to free with authority. Now we can't make the guy. Responding guy but we definitely completing god did that because he. He then became really overcome and begin to pray in truth and then and then like you became a real man it was beautiful is president and. That's right that's right I think case. He's so important and you know you aren't working you what you and doing that the little ones you know. I and he's he he has some power to transform. These guys you know on it and the Anthony's life. Before Nazi symbols of a button holes she says he's he's seen Agassi and I'm not we do we gave you join me in these dime you know see I'm sure we do we see in a future Antony and you know that's. Tourists go I don't get concerned about. You know 1111. It's all worked if it's one life constantly. I didn't want if it's one life. This is all worth it natives got billed not even if god build WW Elton. And it's. Thousands of millions of D'Alema the cause. Good just like that for Anthony. Europe. Even listen to sports all the stuff was good stuff right but it treat it. All that's really important is is God's economy gods can't brighten. If he did all is just for Anthony knew it was written. Some excited we gonna be take a break here this again this is alive radio rescue. Rescuing people through the Norway's mission share the love of Christ with them on the street I want you know this is not happen just on Saturday night's. Every night every day and people going out from the mission from giving hope retreat into the community. And they share in the gospel would go to nursing homes here bring in food and clothing and loved to have people are sending people to the mission from other states other cities not just New Orleans. People off the streets people lot of homes people in bondage. We're excited and we want to think I generous donors I wanna say thank you to those that make this program possible we could not do the work now we do without your support. Now would you today listen tonight consider becoming a pottery God's work a transforming. Lives. Every that we offer at the mission giving up a tree is absolutely free when don't charge people. It's free from the day they walked into the day they leave. It's partnerships like yours and we want to thank the community in the many givers who donates to the new always mentioned. Make again this possible and if for bad if you it's on your heart again. Admitted no matter how big how small. Eight indeed in any amount goaded don't you desperate reality dot org. To donate today. And in in doing that old show please. When you go to desperate reality dot org. You'll be able to see some of the messages and that the programs that we thought about year on a weekly basis. I you can also go to two New Orleans Michigan dot org. Meet the staff. Com make appointments as a volunteered to feed. The the broken their parting of the disciples. Com and support. And there's so many different projects that we do. And both campuses. Shall we are disgraceful and we want you to see what God's doing. And this isn't about your money and this is not about some some and you know I say that all the time because I'm I'm very sensitive to. These scams out there very scant even christianity my heart breaks for the for the for those that maybe. Odds selfish of those and it may be asking the wrong motive was Arthur let god deal with them and I would tell you our motive. Instead lives are saved their souls a safe and we do it not just by word and deed and action. Now we hear about people does god cares about people. So consider. Supporting the work of god in New Orleans commission in the if not retreat. But you know where we just grateful won't. Ford guys don't remember now there might be people that you know it's a struggle under addicted to medications prescribed medications drugs alcohol. People you know depressed they don't even know why the depressed people that are suffering there were angry. This may be that you what you call and today we wanna hear what you're hurting about what's going on with you. Off and we Medicaid. Because we're not dealing with the roots of our pain. The problem is sick and the answer is Jesus Christ the answer is completed on forgiveness. For us in that allows us then begin to forgive other people even yes of our enemies would love to share the gospel with yeah. We'll have to pray with you wanna encourage Christians did to live for Christ the leafs. And a walk with a god to walk holy and would that be your game. And also to help those at a struggling. Is seen as believe this. That you can get out of that. Tonight you don't want the father tonight right now I have to wait tomorrow to go to church could do right now law I wanna walk with yellow live field I'm not living if you can confess his sin anything given a watch right now to get what is. I don't care what that would immoral behavior how perverted. I don't get how dark it is is a Christian if you would come to the father. And confess your transgressions. And then received his love you could startle but it's exciting is it happens to me. That's semi for eighteen. Cheers and I'm so glad that we have the power off to overcome sand we have the power to do what's right. So did is stayed till we get one more how common or lust for life radio rescue he would Johnny Elway desperate reality facing the truth. Daryl Lee back given now and then and then number feeder call ahead. Listen don't you go anywhere we have more radio rescue and more allies may change Johnny LC assume.