The Deep State

Newell Normand
Wednesday, March 21st
Do you think there's a group of non-elected people in the government and in the military, who are secretly manipulating policy in America?  A new poll shows a majority of Americans believe the "deep state" is running policy in you?

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We're back and in this forward and be talking about a very troubling poll he was issued by at Monmouth University. Wherein eight in ten Americans believe that the US government is currently monitoring or spying on the activities. Of American citizens. And further that the political infrastructure as a whole here in the United States at six in ten Americans feel. That on elected or appointed government officials have too much influencing. The influence in determining. Federal policy. And they also say that this is a very worrying worrisome finding. Because the strength of our government relies on public faith and protecting our freedoms. Which is not particularly robust that's been revealed by this whole. Join us on line is doctor Robert Hogan professor of political science at L issue welcome to the shore doctor Houghton. It's seems to be. That there's a lot of cynicism. And skepticism. About government in general throughout the country and throughout both parties are all three parties both the independents Republicans and Democrats. Yeah do lack of trust in governments face that the government is doing what does that people want this is. A trend that has been going on for the past three or four decades now. Decreasing trust in government. Is something that a lot of polls picked up and and at the poll you're referring to at least it would the wording of it looks mean or seems to me is is one that debt debt. Is one that's gonna illicit sort of and and a negative. Sponsor if you will. Many time here asking you do you want unelected. You know appointed people making important decisions that affect your life most people you know are going to say I don't know. And it is the way a lot of people if you think these people as. Bureaucrats right. You have people deal like bureaucrats and people say well no I don't like bureaucrats bureaucracies Japan is a bad word. However if you start to dig down more. You find that. Oftentimes. Eve and new Yorker crowds like that of the street level bureaucrats the police officers and teachers and those sorts of people argue very favorably by people so well a lot of I think what you getting at the question like this is is is. A reflection. Built the words that are used in in in asking. And I think you know pity this trust issue that you talk about the asked a question a poll which of the following words best describe how you feel about Washington angry dissatisfied satisfied or happy. And basically 81% of the respondents said they were either dissatisfied or angry. Right right yeah and and kisses. This is not something that has changed a lot in in recent years I mean to give and that's the deportation between the parties on the fact achieve this goal for a lot of period of time recently had divided government. Here's situation where you have you know unified government four Republicans control the congress and the presidency. But Republicans are not typically ones who who who who who feel positively towards the government. And generally have negative feelings and of course the Democrats. Mention this poll have a very negative feelings given given who controls right. This thought about the deep state there seems to be. A lot of confusion about what it actually is what it mean and so you know there's historical meaning and obviously there's many contemporary meaning some of that word as well. Yeah I mean I mean for a lot of people. If these days. And certainly the way. Those surrounding. President trump seem to talk about it. Is that they're you know these these unelected government officials. You know particularly with in the intelligence community and the Justice Department. They feel that they are doing things secretly. To direct policy. Or two influence do investigations are no investigations of certain people. Based on political. Motivations and and if this is something that. People who were sort of bent towards the to the conspiratorial. Are. Viewpoints. Are gonna pick up on and and more responsive so you'd used you're starting to see a lot more of this. And I think we've seen ever and I think this goes beyond. Sort of the general trend of a lack of trust these these are people saying that and the government is really doing the opposite of why he wanted to do is that there. Not that they are failing to respond but they're they're doing the opposite of what people want. You know what may ordinarily had in the past been looked upon as being maybe. Paranoid. Talking about the deep state. When you look at and what a lot of folks have been saying is that when you look at the text message is between. The agents of the FBI namely struck and page. It doesn't bode well for that organization. In in the manner in which they're talking this to each other about politics in general. And about insurance policies and things of that nature as it relates to some of what's gone on politically. Right I mean any time you uncover these sort of you pull back the curtain and you and you see. You may privy to tune to what they thought were private conversations. You can see that people you know do have political viewpoints. People in the Department of Justice. You know judges have political viewpoints. And the fury if you make privy to that kind of information. We might start try to draw conclusions or draw connections between their actions and and what today. What they believe and I think that's that's what has this been going on here. When you also add to that this additional layer. All of the social networks the ability of the Russians or whoever and just let's say for argument sake it doesn't matter. Where they start to influence the way we think. In the way that we frame issues. Through the social networks and manipulation thereof. And just his latest thing with. The Cambridge group with FaceBook. How much is that fuel this thought as well. Yeah it's I think they did did add some. Wood to boot to the posture here. Yeah. I mean. People or use people who if you if you don't trust the government you know you're you're not trusting. Them to be of good watchdog over the election process so elections system. And and this is just you know more evidences of just support that position I mean. You know since the 1960s the American public has. Started you started in this downward. Trend in trust and faith in government and it in came about to do to. Scandals like Watergate and of course the whole. Vietnam. Period. In which people. Or were found to be doing things sort of a against what they were publicly saying they were doing. And and we have never recovered really yet as the country's those who do you know the more. More of these things in the continue to come out is if it did make those. Attitudes and those feelings Willie hardened. And you know. Or generations poor attitude that this is the degree of cynicism that we you know constantly. When you look at these special counsel structure and how it is revealed itself and ended differing opinions between Democrats Republicans and independents. Does that help fuel this notion as well. Yeah I think so I mean mean Pete people. People Hubble very hard time in the current political context. Every braking problems should say. Seeing things outside that the the the partisan political and everything is viewed this way you ask people. Out in the Bill Mueller investigation. Republicans are extremely skeptical other Democrats or not he can be and you can ask. Mean it's essentially in the FB how the economy's doing. There's a huge huge change. Oh win when tropic cane Christmas that Republicans thought it was a economy was terrible and the analysts and it's doing great and and Democrats. Identifiers. See the economy now doing terrible and so every you know all these perceptions. Our perceptions of everything reality if you will. Our our colored by polarization and and for people who. I think I would take sort of savvy people who look at this. You know it's it's hard not to be hopeful about American politics right now. Because you'd you'd see it being affected in this way. You know and it seems to me that this. Partisan nature in their cutting off their nose despite their faces may be fueling. This and actually. Has eroded the public's confidence at an alarming rate. Yep yep and it and and and and deserves the effect of all of this. It is very difficult for government to get anything done OK and and that's one of the big problems. That you see if if if if the public is is drawn into this polarization. It is very difficult for for either side to act. And that's that's one of the reasons that we have sort of this gridlock. And in Washington and there are a lot of important issues you mean if you're. Now a lot of people say about good government doesn't do anything right conservatives are summer are fond of saying that even conservatives when it gets things done sometimes. They want a change in policy. More reform or alteration of for the current practices and he can't do this in no one trusts. Each other and and and they're they're major consequences. Form four. Four white. When this does this situation that we caps. You know it seems that all roads lead back to. Compromise. And being honest intellectually. As well and compromises is often viewed as a as a dirty word in my among a lot of these interest groups who get their heels. Do again and or unwilling. To allow representatives. Two you know to operate to compromise to come to is to some sort of consensus. And I mean it is strange situation today we have. More educated public that we ever had. We have a public who is more to DN. To politics who knows more about it and 1247. News on the on the TV and radio and and elsewhere on the Internet. But. What debt debt debt means is everyone is involved and and it's it's very difficult for those who actually were the people. Who need to come up solutions to it to come to any compromise. Already doctor Robert Hogan professor of political science at L issue thanks so much for joining us we really appreciate your insight. Already will be right back we wanna hear what your thinking give us a call 2601870. Is there a deep state you tell me when we return. We're talking about a Monmouth University pole that revealed that eight in ten Americans believe that the US government is currently spying on them and six in ten believe that. On elected or appointed government officials have too much influence in determining federal policy what do you think it was a call to success when it's somebody who scuttle on one talk to Mike in Metairie what's that you like. And our good news welcome to show. Are you to comment about the heat's sake morsel of a larger problem I would via creepy caller. Kind of the mistrust. And that's her talk not politician partially. Can chew you blame us more than them. Attribute part talk about how Wear them more educated. We have more tax burden also out more access to. Confirmation bias you know to allow us to have a party won Indian and we can go somewhere that you could find out out of the doubt that things. That just confirm that one opinion if you wanna believe that each state you can argue that you want to believe you know whatever you want we've you can target. You know it just always puzzled me all these acute samples eagle but it will be years. Resemble those of video years ago after Obama was elected or about. Him going to Russia the first time in. Did a Russian court shaking and it was a video on YouTube and all the unit where. All the people. That would believing that the Russian and Czech Obama's camp and watch the whole media inning yeah. It was. The American League actually bringing people out they would do American. Ambassadors or not it was pouring out to make it look like you're shaking every one. We can we can do things like that. Hundred. And it's just it's probably where they took me like I'm looking at it. Really. Happened. And it. Completely. So you know what. If you want to. And you find you won't believe it to be so important. Is to blame ourselves. And point them out. Well I think you're right I think you know the amount of access that we have to information bags of responsibility. On our part. To evaluate both sides of every issue that as opposed to. Just trying to confirm borrow our belief system over and over and over again I think you're you're you're very much correct. You know it's kind of the tendency of of whether or not you watch. CNN or fox right. Well it would and in its. I I tend to be considerate so someone in the middle you know I can be very left on something like bees L server of one in I think I'm. Like most people in the middle so I don't know watch CNN more just. Former news but I do understand that it's it's a political show their pundits on both sides. But I can be on any course we can be used you know. In other things more damaged insert sport to go look at newspaper like tend to more. Connect and watch more. I am idea cellular I look at both I try to pull conservative side liberals side to see both sides of the issue. And before up formulate an opinion and you know try to see what other people think and on both sides of the issue and I think it's I think it's a healthy exercise quite frankly. So it and and and you. He Serbia allegory navigate K yeah so yes like exactly. So we're talking about what 2000 years ago there are some human nature where. It's easier for. To believe in what we perceive as reality and to go in our. The truth I think. Are with take you more responsible because you want something to put. To make confirm your personal. Confine its harder. Like I don't mean to interrupt but I got to get to a hard brake really thank you for Colin in appreciate your insight will be right back after the break we wanna hear target to 601870. Give us a call. This is Newell and WWL we've been talking about a Monmouth University hole. That said that eight in ten Americans believe that their government. The US government is actually spying on the activities of American citizens. And that they further believe that six in ten Americans believe that unelected Orr reporting government officials the bureaucrats. Have too much influence in determining federal policy. Now there's no doubt that president trop is fueled. Some of this thought process. In any number of his. Proverbial tweets in the morning. There's this thought that folks are doing things contrary. To what he is trying to instill in our government day in and day out didn't. In whatever attempts have been made to work with congress and in all fairness to all parties there are some examples that that he points to that can actually. Cause there suspicion. To be race. And on the ready Mazda opinion poll. Do you believe. The deep state is real. Or a bunch of nonsense 68%. Of the respondents say Israel. What do you think it was a call at 26 so. 187. 877. Really wanna know where your thoughts are one whether or not there is this notion of a deep state and a lot of pun dents. Been talking about what is the deep state in the definition of it. And back and 4014 Michael offered an Lofgren a former Republican. US congressional aide. Comment described it as following a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States with a reference. To the consent of the government you and I the voters as expressed through formal political process the elections. In other words when we elect. Candidates that are of a certain philosophical bent. And that is what the mood of the country is. That there is this bureaucracy. That wraps around Washington. DC. Inside the belt there. In that there are able and they have more influence on the course of action it's going to be taken as opposed to the voters. And I'd be interest in the here whether or not you feel that way. Whether or not. When you're reading. The newspaper or hearing the news to what do you draw from that as relates to. Whether or not the deep state actually exist. You know I think will continue to talk about those issues. You know as a relates to this because I don't think that president trump is going to give up and I brought up. With doctor Robert Hogan professor of political science and L issue this notion when you begin to look at the text between. Agent struck an agent Paige. About insurance policies in this and that and everything else. You know it begins that you take on a different. Flavor form many people. Michael offer and Lofgren joins us all on the line now welcome that show Mike. As everything I'll. Only appeared at. A so my. You know where and when we think about this notion of deep. State what does it bring to mind the. I'll probably brings to mind. Not something a little different in the popular notion. It's basically just. And a bomber nation of people. Inside and outside of government. With roughly similar interests. Who worked together again what they want. It's mainly based. On money in the generation money whether it's. Heightened powers well known military industrial complex. Or whether it's Wall Street. Or whether it's Silicon Valley. Tom there's nothing conspiratorial. About it in particular of the people. We were involved this is. The aluminum body its. Now people whose names we know. I'll whether there's government or somebody like Lloyd Blankfein. At Goldman Sachs. Forward Jamie Dimon. Or. Any of the big Silicon Valley. I'll buddy is perhaps. Not quite what the framers of the constitution. And in mind. In terms of self government. Column this is. The way. Democracies. And constitutional government and to be calm. On last. There are popular. Citizen. Participation. In the government. Individual participation that we haven't really can't we get along with voting participation. Rates. In the developed war world. Do you believe that this. And and in your book called the deep state to follow the constitution and the rise of a shadow government. Do you believe that this skepticism. And cynicism. Is what's actually helping drive this notion of the deep state. I'll probably. I tend to be an optimist that I believe. Top people have more control. Than they think they do but they've become demoralized. And apathetic that well nothing dude gonna make any difference. Anyway. Body. That the margin because. We've seen at all place there are close votes. You know Connolly AM as of now has 675. Boe margin. In that district in Pennsylvania. So it does matter. It's simply that people. Have the column. Demoralized. The I saying. Might we got to take a break can you stay with us for a few more minutes. Already were with Mike Lofgren and he is the author of the deep state the follow the constitution and the rise of a shadow government will be back talking with Mike when we return this is new rule on double Dario. Rebecca were talking to Mike Lofgren new the author of the deep state to follow the constitution and a rise of a shadow government. Mike is it really did deep dark secrets or is it more at the apparent things that you know that are out there. That tend to reveal. Certain things why people embrace this notion of the deep state I mean you spent twenty years working in congress as an analyst and so you've interacted with the bureaucracy day in and day out for a long time. But when we think about these things we look at. The situation with Flynn. The situation with. These special agents wished rock in and page. In some of what's going on around the special counsel investigation of those that things are really kind of drive. This notion. On both happens employing site I mean I had. Access to secret information to dispel that really surprised me was not the secret information. It was people like Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson coming to kill 1 fine evening and saying if we don't do. We won't have an economy tomorrow. And it's sort of flashes before one. The whole bubble economies that these guys said it was you know inquiries each day. For the previous several years that we're all camera. Ditto whip called stop that was leaked. I mean there was no deep dark classified. Stuff but they pretended. On the invasion nuclear rock based selective leave leave the lot of the cherry pick stuff to adjust the spa at. You know and of course it turned out to be a disaster. Well most out that it is going on in points site. And I'll tell them that the listeners. You'd think that the NSA. Spying on two and all this sort of thing well yes they have an enormous cable bill. But in the area east and I think mostly in practice. So cleanly because they don't have the time. To worry about what Joseph blow do. This stuff tends to be. Fairly well protected. Through laws and guidelines. As we have seen with Cambridge analytic. And FaceBook and all the others down. In taxes like. Not target. And yet what sex thing. Commercial. Users. People in the corporate world have much more control of your days. And they are using it much more years detriment. Than the government. Not if you wanna talk about that the states is the data mining. Top corporations. Do want you selling your personal. Information without your consent. So in many respects it deep states all about the money. Or the every. And it's funny you know I'll laugh but I can't a leopard myself because you miss sometimes you stare in the obvious in the face and you walk right around. By I mean I think. Besides having. Doubts about. Com. The Iraq War before. The invasion horror. I'd sort of figured this thing going to turn into will be wet but once there. I think the other thing called light in my life. Is never getting on FaceBook. You and me both. Well Mike locker in the yard third. Of the deep state to follow the constitution and a rise of a shadow government thanks so much for joining us we really appreciate spending time with you today. Dollar money will be right back we wanna know what you're thinking about is there a deep stake in your mind give us a call 260187. Near Texas said he 7870. This is new rule under every Dario. We're back and we wanna thank Michael Lofgren for joining us I mean he's written extensively on any number of these issues he's got a New York Times best seller book as well call the party is over how Republicans went crazy Democrats became useless. And the middle class got shafted. He spent the number of years on the hill and and has written extensively about and I apologize for the for the kind of ruffle a lead in bed we didn't expect that every morning at the last second he was able to join us so we really appreciate that. You know we'll continue this conversation. It through the third hour we're going to be talking a little bit we're about. The Austin bomber situation serial bomber. How scary is that. How scary is a city and to think about the effect it. It could be us. And I wanna send out kudos to via first responder community there the collaboration between federal state and local. Law enforcement officials. Job well done. Great result and hopefully we don't face the likes of that anytime soon. Now time for the cash contests here we go.